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2009 Readers' Choice Awards
Top Cities

Asia's number one city this year, Ubud, is home to just over 8,000 inhabitants who, unsurprisingly
perhaps, earn the highest score of any destination—city or island—for Friendliness. Meanwhile,
Florence, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, San Francisco, and Vancouver continue dominating their respective
regions. Sydney once again claims top honors among all cities for the eighth straight year.

Asia                                                      6.   Cuzco, 77.7
    1.    Ubud, 82.5                                      7.   Montréal, 76.7
    2.    Bangkok, 82.2                                   8.   Oaxaca, 75.3
    3.    Hong Kong, 81.3                                 9.   Toronto, 71.9
    4.    Chiang Mai, 80.9
    5.    Kyoto, 80.2                                 AFRICA + MIDDLE EAST
    6.    Singapore, 79.6                                1. Cape Town, 82.4
    7.    Shanghai, 75.9                                 2. Jerusalem, 75.3
    8.    Jaipur, 74.2                                   3. Beirut, 71.7
    9.    Tokyo, 72.9                                    4. Tel Aviv, 70.9
    10.   Hanoi, 69
United States                                            1. Florence, 84.6
    1. San Francisco, 84.8                               2. Rome, 82.4
    2. Charleston, South Carolina, 83.1                  3. Venice, 81.1
    3. Santa Fe, 81.6                                    4. Barcelona, 80.8
    4. New York City, 81.3                               5. Salzburg, 80.8
    5. Chicago, 81.2                                     6. Vienna, 80.4
    6. Honolulu, 79                                      7. Bruges, 80.3
    7. Carmel, 78.9                                      8. Paris, 80.3
    8. Savannah, 78.2                                    9. Siena, 78.8

The Americas                                          AUSTRALIA + PACIFIC
    1. Vancouver, 82.3                                   1. Sydney, 86.9
    2. Buenos Aires, 81.9                                2. Melbourne, 79.1
    3. Québec City, 81.4                                 3. Queenstown, New Zealand, 77.5
    4. Victoria, British Columbia, 80.6                  4. Christchurch, New Zealand, 73.7
    5. San Miguel de Allende, 79.6
Ubud, Favorite Tourism In Asia Conde Nast Traveler Version
8 January 2010

During the 2009 Conde Nast Traveler (a travel magazine published by the United States) quietly and
without publicity has conducted an assessment of tourist locations in Asia and the results announced at
the travel magazine in the January 2010 edition has been put ubud as most favorite tourist attractions in
Asia surpassed 8 other attractions in asia like Bankok, Hong Kong, Chiangmai, Kyoto, Singapore,
Shanghai, Jaipur and Tokyo

As a village, Ubud has been able to make itself as an international village. Various kinds of art, culture,
no traditions, and unique characteristics of communities and geographical areas are able to make this
place became a favorite place to be visited by tourists abroad.

This visit is like a drug ubud tranquility for its visitors. This is as reinforce the inherent philosophy of this
ubud name. Palm based historical look Markandya Purana, Ubud own names transcribed from the word
"ubad" (drugs). This is which is the basis and guidelines for leaders and the entire community to make
Ubud as a drug in search of peace and inspiration to everyone who came to this village.

Potential benefits of territory, customs, culture, art and community characteristics Ubud became one of
the Ubud attraction to visit and continue to differentiate it from other regions in tourism, cultural
tourism to promote Ubud, which directed the development of tourism and the preservation of local
culture imbued with Balinese Hinduism as part of the national culture. Besides supported by the
geographical conditions / areas, such as terracing rice field, Monkey forest area, Puri Ubud and Ubud
market, as well as museums and art shop, art life of the community is the main attraction. Show art
ranging from the art of dance, painting, gambelan can be witnessed at any time.
It is not wrong if the Conde Nast TRAVELER magazine this puts ubud as the most favorite tourist
attractions in Asia, much more recently the area became a place for EAT PRAY LOVE movie starring Julia
Robert is able to better raise the image of the Ubud area itself.

Bali News,

Ubud, A Best City in Asia
01 February 2010

Ubud has been appointed as one of the icon in Bali and famous throughout the world and in 2009, Ubud
has been selected as A Best City in Asia based on since Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Ubud has reached
82,5 score from the total polling 25.000 magazine reader. The local community of Ubud has celebrated
this wonderful moment at Puri Agung Ubud which mostly called by Puri Saren or Ubud Palace on
Saturday night 30 January 2009.

Award Celebration
The reward celebration has been signified by presenting the Award from Conde Nast Traveler Magazine
representative Aloysius Purwa to the representative of Ubud community which is deputized by the
Regent of Gianyar, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati. Ubud has been appointed as A Best City in
Asia according to this magazine version that this assessment based on six categories assessment those
are atmosphere, cultures, hospitality, accommodations, restaurants and shopping.

This assessment is absolutely out of prediction from all communities in Ubud. In 2009, Ubud has reached
top position and defeated Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Hongkong. The highest score jacking up
acquirement assess of Ubud is come from the hospitality. This statement is come from steering
committee of this celebration event, Pande Sutawan.

The Conde Nast Traveler Magazine representative from Bali Tourism Board, Aloysius Purwa who read
the welcome speech from Vice President of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine Establisher, Crish Mitchell,
state that he clad to the Ubud Society cause of this highest achievement and the open mind to the
magazine reader who has visited Ubud. The otherside, the representative of Ubud Society also comment
that during voting execution in 2009 as a Best City in Asia, Ubud has passed Bangkok that reached 82.2
points, Hongkong with 81.3 points, Chiang Mai with 80.9 points and Kyoto with 80.2 points. It is really a
happiness surprise and under name of Ubud communities, I would like to thank very much for all visitors
who has visited Ubud and chosen this tourist place as a best city that they have been visited, say the
doyen of Ubud Palace, Tjokorda Putra Sukawati.

Before the celebration event of Ubud as A Best City in Asia Award executed, the components from the
tourism of Ubud consisted of Ubud Hotel Association (UHA), Indonesia Hotel Association (PHRI) and
work together with local government of Gianyar Regency have conducted a small meeting on 23 January
2010 that is an evaluation and improvement to perform the best for all Ubud visitors.

Gianyar Regent, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati also said that what the Ubud was achieved as a
hard worked from the entire Ubud communities and of course the sacrifice from the predecessor to put
the high values that make Ubud looking like now.