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                                                              As of May 25, 2009

             International Academy of CIO (IAC)
                 IAC International Forum 2009 &
                  4th IAC General Meeting 2009
 Theme: “Innovative CIO in the Economic & Environment Crises”

                   Dates: June 29 - 30, 2009
     Venue: Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
                  Organized by IAC Thailand

          Supported by APEC e-Government Research Center,
   United nations University International Institute for Software Technology,
 Business Software Alliance, UNESCO UNITWIN on Asia and Pacific Distance/
Multimedia Education Network, Thailand Ministry of ICT and Ministry of Finance,
            NECTEC, College of Innovation, Thammasat University,
            Microsoft, IBM(Tbc), CISCO(Tbc), Symantec (Tbc)

JUNE 28, 2009 @7:00-8:00 p.m. Speakers Dinner (invitation only)

JUNE 29, 2009 8:00-9:00 a.m. Breakfast meeting for International
e-Government Ranking by Waseda University

IAC International Forum 2009:
Morning Sessions 9:30-12:00 a.m.
Welcome Address
           Minister, Ministry of ICT, Thailand
           Prof. Dr. Pairash Thajchayapong, President, IAC, Chairman NECTEC, Thailand
Keynotes Speaker
           Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance, Thailand
           Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, IAC President-elect, Director APEC e-Government
           Research Center
           Ms. Jantima Sirisaengtaksin, Chair, Organizing Committee
           Dr. Pansak Sirirachatapong, Director, NECTEC, Thailand
@12:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. Lunch & Meeting
Lunch meeting of the Advisory board of IOS Book (invitation only)

                                                                As of May 25, 2009

Afternoon Sessions          1:30-5:00 p.m.

@ 1:30-3.00 Panel 1: Economic Crisis and e-Government Program
    Moderator: Mr. Russell Pipe, Editor I-Ways, Journal of e- government
1. Dr. J.P. Auffret, IAC Vice President, Professor, George Mason University
2. Mr. Slavin, Chair, Russian CIO Union
3. Dr. Finger, IAC Vice President , Prof. EPFL, Switzerland
4. Mr. Mukhejee, President, IAC India
5. Dr. Yuanfu Jiang, Director of e-Government Research Centre, China National
   School of Administration (CNSA), PRC
6. Executive from the Federation of Thai Industries

@ 3:00-3:15 coffee break

@ 3:15-5:00 Panel 2: Next Generation e-Government/e-Municipality
    Moderator: Dr. Kamioka, Prof. Hitotsubashi University, VP of IAC Japan

   1. Prof. Yang、Dean, Beijing University China
   2. Prof. Magno, President, IAC Philippines、Prof. La Salle University
   3. Dr. Tien, Standing Vice Chairman of the ICT Steering Committee of the
      Communist Party of Viet Nam
   4. Prof. Suhono, President, IAC Indonesia, Prof. Bandong Institute of
   5. Prof. Dr. Frank Yu-Hsieh Sung, Deputy Minister, Taiwan

@ 5:00-6:30 Meeting for UNESCO University Distance learning
program (invitation only)

@ 6:30-8:00 Welcome Reception

                                                                   As of May 25, 2009
JUNE 30 2009
@ 8:00 a.m. Breakfast Meeting for Advisory Committee of the APEC
            e-Government Research Center (invitation only)

@ 9:00-10:30 a.m. Panel 3: ICT for Global Environment,
                   Disaster Management and e-Government
   Moderator:      Prof. DR. Pongsvas Svasti, Director, College of Innovation,
                   Thammasat University, Thailand
   1. Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Head, United Nations University-IIST Center for
        E-Governance, Macao
   2. Dr. Iwasaki, prof. Waseda University, Japan
   3. Mr. Trin Tantsetthi, Ex-Internet Thailand Executive & Founder of OpenCare,
   4. Mr. Tou Chi Man, Deputy Director, Public Administration and Civil Service
        Bureau, Macau
@10.30 – 10.45 coffee break

@ 10:45-12:00 a.m. Panel 4 Global Agenda-Open standard, IPR,
                   Knowledge Management and Innovations
   Moderator: Mr. Chaicharearn Atibaedya, MD, PTT ICT Solutions,
                   Chair CIO16, IAC Thailand
   1    Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Assistant Director, NECTEC
   2.   Mr. Cook, Asian Senior Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs in
        Southeast Asia, Microsoft
  3.    Representative from CISCO Systems
  4.    Mr. Hardee, VP, Business Software Alliance
  5.    Prof. Mitra, Director, Essex University, UK

@12:00-12:05 a.m. Closing Remarks By Chair, Organizing Committee

@ 12:05 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Lunch & Meeting
  Meeting of the advisory board of International accreditation
  Center (Resource Center) (invitation only)

                                                                                            As of May 25, 2009
@ 1:30-3:30 p.m. 4 IAC General Meeting 2009

Meeting Agenda
1.          Introduction of participants and greeting from the president
2.          Review and approval of agenda
3.          Report from the Secretariat on Activities in 2008/9
4.          International journal and book publication on global e-governance series with IOS Press
5.          Establishment of International CIO University and Training Center
6.          Global Accreditation program (International Resource Center)
7.          Exchange of Information on activities by each IAC chapter
8.          UNESCO UNITWIN Programs on Disaster Management and Distance Learning
9.          ITU related project including CoE training program
10.         Cooperation with APECTEL - results of TEL in Singapore in March 2009
11.         Introduction of New president and Vice presidents
12.         Greeting and Discussing of Next year program (2009-10) from the new president
13.         Strengthening IAC
14.          Other business
15.         Wrap-up Session & Closing Remarks and Meeting with the press
             Prof. Pairash , Prof. Obi , Prof. Auffret , Ms. Jantima

@ 7:00-9:00 p.m. Farewell Dinner for International Delegates
  (Invitation only)
Target Audiences
 - IAC International Forum 2009 (Conducted in English)
      : 20-30 International ICT Executives, CIOs, Academicians and NGOs from
          China, Holland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Macao, Peru,
          Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA, Viet Nam and etc.
      : 80-100 Thai ICT Executives, CIOs, ICT Directors and Academicians from both
          private and public sectors
- 4 IAC General Meeting 2009 (Conducted in English)
      : 20-30 IAC Chapter Members and Invitees from China, Holland, India,
          Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Macao, Peru, Russia, Singapore,
          Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA, Viet Nam, Thailand and etc

                                                                    As of May 25, 2009
@ 01.30-5:00 p.m. IAC Thailand Forum 2009 (Parallel Session)
    Target Audiences: 80-100 Thai ICT Executives, CIOs, ICT Directors and
                          Academicians from both private and public sectors
                                (Conducted mainly in Thai)

01.00 ~1.30          Registration, Tea & Coffee & Networking

                     Addresses by Prof.Toshio Obi, New IAC President
01.30 ~ 1.50         Ms. Jantima Chair, Organizing Committee
                     President, IAC Thailand

01.50 ~ 2.20         Keynote speech by Deputy Permanent Secretary, MICT
                     "Collaboration thru PPP in the Situation of Economic Crisis"

02.20 ~ 2.50         Keynote speech by Exclusive Sponsor Executive
                     "Collaboration thru PPP in the Situation of Economic Crisis"

                     Tea & Coffee & Networking
02.50 ~3.10

03:10~4:30           Panel discussion: "e-City Development" Bangkok, Chiangmai,
                     Khonkaen, Phuket & Pattaya
                     Wrap-up Session & Closing Remarks
04:30 -5:00

JULY 1, 2009 (Optional)
@09:00 – 12:00 a.m. Study & Cultural Visits

Important Information:
- Participants/Attendees are only by invitation with self-support basis of their own expenses,
 including traveling, accommodation and all personal matters.
- Lunches, Receptions, Dinners, where indicated, are provided by the organizer.
- Room Rates with different classes at Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel is ranging from net Thai
 Baht 3,700-6,200 or around US$110-190 per night, an American Breakfast included but not
 including Airport Transfer.
- Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel reservation, by e-Mail to the contact person not later
 than June 15, 2009

Contact: 1. Jirapon Tubtimhin,,
               Secretary General, IAC Secretariat Office,
          2. Pornprom Ateetanan,,
          Gypsum Bldg. Flr.22, 539/2 Sriayudhaya Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
          Tel: 66(2) 642-5009 ext 201, 668(1) 658-4311

                                                                                       As of May 25, 2009
Background Information

           IAC or International Academy of CIO was founded in 2006 in Japan by co-founders included

Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland and Thailand. Member Chapters are gradually evolving to

include economies in all regions such as China, Cambodia, Holland, India, Korea, Laos, Macao, Peru,

Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, UK, Viet Nam, and etc. Its missions includes, firstly to establish academic

standards based on its research on social phenomenon relating to ICT by elucidating the gradual process of

its cause and effect, social and technical relations as well as the framework between the society and ICT on

this Information Age. Secondly, to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among Academy

members, professionals and individuals in academic, business and government professions who are highly

concerned with issues related to CIO. Thirdly, to foster the development of best practices in CIO and CIO

Councils with the goal of furthering good e-Government. And lastly to introduce a global standard of CIO

model by uniting academic resources with practical case studies to strengthen and enhance international

competitiveness of the industry for the new Information Age.

           Activities of IAC include, organizing workshops, conventions, symposia, lectures, seminars and

meetings; conducting academic researches and surveys, issuing publications such as journals and

proceedings; cooperation with related Academies whenever possible to exchange resources and carry out

joint research projects; offering opportunities to young and top scholarly researchers actively engaged in the

field of CIO including postgraduate students; undertaking global projects; and carrying out any other

worldwide activities to accomplish objectives of the Academy.

           IAC member chapters believe that with the IAC’s clearly defined missions and activities, the IAC

will be able to serve CIO community on their continuing efforts for ICT and e-Government development

through an effective collaboration among CIOs, academia and expert parties both in the public and private

sectors. The world ICT development community is now ready to witness this substantial move on CIOs

towards the ultimate goal of building up a unique information society.
           This year of 2009, IAC member chapters have set dates during June 29-30, to gather for the 4

General Meeting in Bangkok, hosted by IAC Thailand. The General Meeting is expected to resolve and

mark-up some milestones for CIO community development including Establishment of International CIO

University and Training Center, Global Accreditation Program as part of International Resource Center,

UNESCO UNITWIN Programs on Disaster Management and Distance Learning and development

programs in joint-collaboration with other international bodies like ITU and APECTEL as for good examples.

In this occasion the “IAC International Forum 2009” will be organized under the theme “Innovative CIO in

the Economic & Environment Crises” which will allow exchange of Information and knowledge on related

programs and activities under the struggling economic situation and the greater concerned environment

among International ICT executives, CIOs, academia and NGOs from China, Holland, India, Indonesia,

Japan, Korea, Philippines, Macao, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA, Viet Nam, Thailand

and etc.

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