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					                      BEVERAGE INDUSTRY IN THAILAND
                      BEVERAGE INDUSTRY                                                                                                        2

 DAY ONE                 MONDAY, 26 MAY 2008                                                Mr. Suriya ONMONGCOL
8.00    Registration & Morning Coffee                                                       Client Service Consultant
                                                                                            TNS Worldpanel
9.00    Chairperson’s Opening address                                                       Suriya joined TNS Worldpanel Thailand in 2006 focusing on the Fast
                                                                                            Moving Consumer Goods industry. Merging his knowledge of
        Mr. Joseph HENRY                                                                    communication and market research, he offers in-depth local as well
        Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder                                                as balanced global perspectives to industry trends. He specializes in
        Vivaldi Public Relations                                                            the Beverage, Snack and Staple Food markets, where he works with
        Joseph Henry first arrived in Thailand in 1996 to take up the position              some of Thailand’s top manufacturers. Using TNS models and business
        of Marketing Manager for Tiffany and Co. Joseph has in-depth                        solutions, Suriya has established market benchmarks, determining
        experience in corporate communications, public relations, marketing,                and comparing success rates for New Product Launches and is
        events and branding. His corporate and marketing communications                     establishing himself as an industry expert.
        experience has included his work with the following list of blue-chip
        clients: Rolex, American Standard, Qatar Airways, Chivas Regal,             11.15   BEVERAGE INGREDIENTS UPDATE: ADDING
        Alcatel-Lucent, Pernod-Ricard, Pan Pacific, MTV, Lufthansa, Tourism                 CONSUMER VALUE, ADDING BEVERAGE INGREDIENTS
        Authority of Thailand, Nike, Sun Microsystems, 7-Eleven, FedEx and
                                                                                              Overview of beverage ingredients and beverage
                                                                                              ingredients’ suppliers
9.15    GLOBAL AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENTS AND                                                  What are innovative beverage ingredients in the market?
        TRENDS OF THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY                                                       Crucial legal concerns on beverage ingredients
          Overview of global beverage market and beverage                                     Exploring market opportunities for ingredient - added
          market in Asia                                                                      beverages
          Consumer trends and implications for beverage                                       Key recommendations on how to really provide added
          producers                                                                           value to consumers by adding beverage ingredients
          Emerging innovative beverage products
                                                                                            Mr. Porntep RASSAMEESANGPETCH
          Growing markets and segmentations
                                                                                            Category Manager
          Highlighted beverage player movements
                                                                                            South East Asia & South Asia Markets
        Mr. Philippe CHAN                                                                   National Sales Manager for Thailand & Indochina
        Asia Manager                                                                        Cargill Texturizing Solutions, Cargill Siam Limited
                                                                                            Porntep has 17-years’experience in application technology and commercial
        Canadean                                                                            food and beverage industry, after Food Science & Nutrition graduation. He
        Philippe Chan is Canadean’s Asia Regional Manager with over 15                      has a strong background in food flavorings and food ingredients in various
        years’ research experience. His specialization is in China and Asia                 applications. Additionally, he also has sound understanding in food operation,
        beverage markets and has managed wide ranging projects with leading                 particularly food safety. He has also contributed to various social activities
        players in the industry. He regularly contributes to the media as well              in education, technology, and business; for example, as a Vice-chairman
        as conferences around Asia. Prior to joining Canadean, he spent 9                   and Secretary-general of Thai Business (Vietnam) Association when he
        years in various research roles including HSBC Asset Management.                    was based in Vietnam, as a Vice President of Faculty of Science,
        His family is also closely involved with the wine & spirit industry in              Srinakarinwirot University, Thailand etc.
        China including the distribution of imported wines with JIMA, the largest
        wines & spirits distributor in China.                                       12.00   Lunch

10.00   Morning Refreshments & Networking                                           1.30    PACKAGING AND ITS INFLUENCE ON CONSUMERS’
                                                                                            PURCHASING DECISIONS
10.30   CONSUMER LIFESTYLES AND KEY IMPLICATIONS                                              Global and regional trends in beverage packaging
        FOR BEVERAGE SEGMENTATION IN THAILAND                                                 What drives consumers’ decisions?
          Key findings in current consumer lifestyles                                         Does packaging matter?
          Looking beyond Thailand: Consumer lifestyles in                                     Beverage packaging in the Thai market
          consumer trend setting countries                                                    Future trends and perspectives
          Prospective consumer behaviors and implications to
          beverage industry                                                                 Mr. Matthias ENSTE
          Potential beverage segmentation and innovation                                    Director Marketing and Business Development
          influenced by needs and consumer lifestyles                                       Cluster Marketing CBAS
                                                                                            SIG Combibloc Ltd.
        Ms. Vivien DEMERRE                                                                  Matthias Enste has spent most of his working life in the beverage
                                                                                            industry. After finishing an apprenticeship as a brewer he took a degree in
        Group Account Director                                                              Brewing Science at the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan.
        TNS                                                                                 He holds a second degree in International Business Administration from the
        Vivien has over 18 years of experience in marketing and research,                   University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden, Germany. Matthias started
        both in the Philippines and Thailand. Her past work experience includes             his business career as Area Sales Manager for the Doehler-Group and
        market research for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (specializing in                     moved on to become Key Account Manager for one of the biggest container
        personal care products), trade, political and government sectors. During            glass manufacturers in Germany. In 2003 he joined SIG Combibloc to
        the years with TNS, Vivien has accumulated her expertise in                         become Product Manager for combishape and was appointed Head of
        Automotive industry, in addition to her wealth of knowledge and                     Product Management within Global Marketing in 2005. In mid-2006 Matthias
        intelligence in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Finance and Banking                  moved to Bangkok, Thailand to become Director Marketing and Business
        industries.                                                                         Development for SIG Combibloc Asia Ltd.
       FOR BEVERAGE PRODUCTS IN THE GROWING HEALTH                                  DAY TWO                  TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2008
       - CONSCIOUS SOCIETY                                                        8.30    Morning Coffee
          Key functional ingredients in Thai land and other Asian
          markets                                                                 9.00    Chairperson’s Opening address
          New innovative ingredients for product differentiation
                                                                                          Dr. Pisuth LERTVILAI
          Future trends
                                                                                          Regional Marketing Manager, Thailand & Indochina
                                                                                          Rovithai Ltd. (DSM Nutritional Products)
       Mr. Peter LIU
       Market Development Manager
                                                                                  9.15    JAPAN BEVERAGE INDUSTRY, A CASE STUDY FOR
       DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
       Peter, as a pharmacist by training, has been involved in the marketing             THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY IN THAILAND
       of value-added ingredients in Asia Pacific for over 9 years. He has
       spent 5 years managing DSM’s human nutrition business in Australia                 The Japanese beverage industry is well-known for its
       and New Zealand, gaining vast experience working with food and                     high competition, advanced development, and its wide
       pharmaceutical manufacturers. Most recently, he has been appointed                 range of product segmentation. Through long years of market
       to develop the weight management business in Asia Pacific.
                                                                                          research experiences of Intage Inc. the mother company in Japan,
3.00   Afternoon Refreshments                                                             the presentation will introduce the background, current
                                                                                          situation, as well as future trends of the Japanese beverage
3.30   CASE STUDY: KEY SUCCESS FACTORS FOR NEW                                            market, which would be one good example for Thai marketers to
       PRODUCT INTRODUCTION IN THE COMPETITIVE THAI                                       compare and adapt to their own situation.
       BEVERAGE MARKET                                                                    It will also cover some good case studies of marketing
         Understanding consumers’ minds : The first step for                              strategies of certain types of beverages including beer and
         introducing new products                                                         canned coffee, the latter of which was first introduced to the World
         Taking notes of practical triggers and barriers for product                      by a Japanese! Although the beverage industry in both countries
         introduction in the Thai market and how to avoid them                            may vary in several aspects, lessons from the Japanese market
         How to develop successful launch campaigns to                                    will be useful to the Thai marketers.
         designated target groups                                                         Mr. Kiyomi MIYAUCHI
         Post-introduction evaluation and measurement                                     General Director
         What needs to be done to achieve long-lasting products                           Intage (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
         in the market                                                                    Mr. Miyauchi started his research career at Intage Inc., Tokyo, Japan,
                                                                                          in 1983. During these 25 years at Intage, he was involved in various
       Ms. Preechaya TAWEEWAT                                                             aspects of research work such as customer service, sales & marketing,
                                                                                          planning & analysis, etc., and was assigned to work with several
       Marketing Manager
                                                                                          leading Japanese companies including one in the beer industry. He later
       Mineral Water and Juice Division                                                   was promoted to Global Research Department, and then was responsible
       Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd.                                                      for the global business of Intage. In April 2008, he was transferred to look
       Preechaya Taweewat received her Degree in Business Administration                  after the new branch in Bangkok, Intage’s first branch in South-East Asia,
       from Assumption University, and Marketing from The University of the               as General Director of Intage (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
       Thai Chamber of Commerce. She was firstly involved in the beverage
       industry in 1995 at Foremost Dairies (Bangkok) Limited and moved           10.00   Morning Refreshments & Networking
       to Thai Pure Drinks Limited (or Thai Namthip Limited at present) in
       1999 as Sales Manager-Food Service then Sales Manager-Immediate            10.30   RISING TRENDS ON FUNCTIONAL/ HEALTH
       Consumption before joining Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd.
                                                                                          BEVERAGES IN THE THAI MARKET
                                                                                             Emerging of Functional/Health Beverages segment, the
                                                                                             Functional/Health Beverages, profile update
         How do modern retailers promote beverages today
                                                                                             Regulatory concerns for the industry and a
         Cross channel promotion trends
                                                                                             pertinent way out
         Attractive sales promotion media for attracting customers
                                                                                             Comments on how to work with this industry for healthier
         Reviewing POS strategies for boosting sales
       Mr. Frederic ETIENBLED                                                             Dr. Pisuth LERTVILAI
       Managing Director                                                                  Regional Marketing Manager, Thailand & Indochina
       Hypertrade Group                                                                   Rovithai Ltd. (DSM Nutritional Products)
       Frederic Etienbled is the Managing Director of Hypertrade Group, a
                                                                                          Dr. Pisuth Lertvilai works for Rovithai Limited, an affiliate of DSM
       Retail Experts Firm. One of the group’s companies, A3 Retail (Thailand),
                                                                                          Nutritional Products, a Life Science based company in the Netherlands.
       provides a full coverage on all retail media brochures and promotions
                                                                                          He is currently taking care of Thailand and Indochina markets, including
       in Thailand. A3 Retail (Thailand) has grown a unique expertise in POS
                                                                                          Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos PDR and Cambodia. Dr. Pisuth has also
       and Promotion strategy.
                                                                                          served various positions in a number of associations and institutes in
                                                                                          food and pharmaceutical industries. These include, among others,
5.00   End of Day One                                                                     lecturer in public and private universities, Director of Food Science and
                                                                                          Technology Association (FoSTAT), President of Health Food and
                                                                                          Supplements Association (HFSA), and Executive Committee Member
                                                                                          of the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Association (IADSA).
11.15                      SOFT DRINKS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES IN ASIA                                         2.30   COMMUNICATION UNDER REGULATIONS, THE
                           PACIFIC                                                                                 POWER OF HIGH VALUE IDEA
                             Reviewing the current regional scenario in soft drinks                                  Legislation effect - challenge tha a brand must face
                             Analyzing the changing consumer preferences and                                         Less is more - idea liberation within communications
                             consumption patterns in soft drinks                                                     limitations
                             Recent product innovations in soft drinks                                               High Value Idea - coping with challenges through power
                             Recommendations for driving future growth for soft drinks                               of ideas

                           Ms. Nupur SHARMA                                                                        Mr. Sora KAITKANARAT
                           Research Analyst                                                                        Vice President, Strategic Planning & Research
                           Euromonitor International                                                               Lowe Worldwide (Thailand) Ltd.
                           Nupur Sharma has a wealth of research experience, spanning across various               Sora spends every breath in his career generating communications
                           fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries including Packaged Foods,                  strategy for over 60 brands from diverse categories like food and
                           Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages, Household Care and Disposable                    beverage, telecommunications, housing and preperty, personal care,
                           Paper Products. At Euromonitor International, Nupur heads a team of country             household care, electronic goods, banking, cosmetic and more. He
                           analysts and has established good contacts with the leading FMCG companies.             currently leads communications strategy for all Thailand Unilever
                           She also regularly contributes her expert FMCG opinions to various trade press          brands at Lowe, AIS corporate and AIS GSM, Sony Cybershot, TCEB,
                           and industry publications.                                                              as well as Global Communications for THAI Airways International.
                                                                                                                   Sora has dual Master degrees in Mass Communications and Leadership
12.00                      Lunch                                                                                   Mangement / Marketing from the US and is currently pursuing a Ph.D.
                                                                                                                   in brand strategy.
                           INDUSTRY                                                                         3.15   Afternoon Refreshments
       Panel Discussion:

                              Linking customers’ needs in the innovation creating                           3.45   SOLID GROWING TRENDS AND DYNAMIC
                              process to deliver value                                                             STRATEGIES IN THE COFFEE MARKET
                              Organizational structures and supports to drive innovations                            Reviewing dynamic coffee market in Thailand
                              Exploring key drivers for product innovations                                          Changing of consumer behavior & preferences on
                              How to achieve successful marketing for product                                        regular coffee to new offering product benefits
                              innovations                                                                            Evolution of new innovative coffee products
                           Moderator:                                                                                Monitoring on 5-year battle between recent big players
                                                                                                                     and energetic rookies
                           Ms. Joy SMITHANGURA, Director
                           Equirnox Research                                                                       Mr. Ouychai RANGCHAIKUL
                           Panalists:                                                                              Vice President - Marketing
                                                                                                                   Universal Food Public Company Limited &
                           Mr. Pratchya HEMSUCHAI
                                                                                                                   Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited
                           Head of Technical & Manufacturing
                                                                                                                   Ouychai Rangchaikul is a hands-on corporate marketer who has
                           F&N Dairies (Thailand) Ltd.                                                             long expertise in food & beverage and FMCG. Prior to joining Universal
                                                                                                                   Food Public Company Limited (UFC), he worked at Green Spot
                           Mr. Vitoon SILA-ON, Vice President                                                      (Thailand) Ltd., King Power International Co.,Ltd., Tipco Food Public
                           Business Development & Restaurant Marketing                                             Company Limited, Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Ltd.
                           S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited
                                                                                                            4.30   EFFECTIVE BRANDING STRATEGIES AND THE
                           Mr. Graham HITCHMOUGH, General Manager
                                                                                                                   POWER OF DESIGN WITHIN THE BEVERAGE SECTOR
                           Blue Marlin Brand Design (Asia) Co., Ltd.
                                                                                                                     How the world is changing: why design matters now
                           Dr. Pisuth LERTVILAI                                                                      more than ever
                           Regional Marketing Manager, Thailand & Indochina                                          Visual branding: a fresh approach to brand definition
                           Rovithai Ltd. (DSM Nutritional Products)                                                  Translating consumer trends and using customer
                           Joy Smithangura has over 10-years’experience in market research,                          insights to drive effective packaging design
                           focusing on Qualitative Research. She currently runs Equirnox, a specialized              Tools for effective new product development
                           Qualitative agency catering to international clients and large local
                           organizations. Joy has been constantly engaged in numerous studies within                 Strategies for success: best practices for bringing
                           the beverage market spanning across various types of drinks for leading                   your brand to life at point of purchase.
                           companies, in Thailand and across Asia Pacific.
                           Pratchya Hemsuchai has 35-years’experience in manufacturing and food                    Mr. Graham HITCHMOUGH, General Manager
                           technology. He is currently a Nestle Technical management member                        Blue Marlin Brand Design (Asia) Co., Ltd.
                           seconded to F&N to ensure a smooth transition and operation after the                   Graham joined Blue Marlin Brand Design – based in Bangkok - in
                           business hand over of canned liquid milk, chilled and UHT product from                  January 2007 where he works with clients such as Tesco Lotus,
                           Nestle to F&N In Feb.1, 2007. At F&N Dairies (Thailand) Ltd., his areas of              Unilever, Ostospa, Sara Lee and Nestle. Prior to this, he spent 10
                           responsibilities cover the entire technical and manufacturing operations                years workig with graduated from Oxford University and spent 10
                           including R&D , which are operated in 3 factories of canned liquid milk,                years working in advertising with Ogilvy & Mather, London and
                           chilled dairy and beverages and UHT milk.                                               WCRS, then, Loyalty Management UK, where he discovered the
                           Vitoon Sila-On received his Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Food                       power of design to shape brands. Then, he joined London-based
                           Administration from Boston University, USA and an MBA from University of                design agency Coley Porter Bell.
                           North Carolina, USA. Currently, he is proactively leading many businesses
                           under S&P umbrella, one of reputable local restaurant and bakery chains
                                                                                                            5.15   End of Conference
                           in Thailand. Vitoon started the brand BLUECUP COFFEE which is increasing
                           its reputation in growing fresh coffee sector.
Dear Executive,

The Thai beverage industry continues to expand its dynamic and promising trends, while competition is becoming more intense
through the synergized results of many driving factors: product development and innovation, players’ entrance and movement, changing
consumers’ lifestyles and attitudes towards healthiness, etc. Despite the economic situation of the previous year, which shook consumers’
confidence and purchasing power, beverage players have been proactively driving their strategies to respond better to consumers’ needs,
while seeking additional opportunities to grow in new product segments, enabling them to compete with existing competitors, as well as new
entrants. Moreover, some, especially alcoholic drinks, are facing further key regulatory restrictions on advertising - part of government counter
measures to curb alcohol consumption.

Meeting Challenging Trends…
To drive winning strategies, it is more crucial than ever for strategic players in this fiercely-competitive industry to understand what’s going on
inside this industry and anticipate upcoming trends to prepare their strategies in advance and prevent them from being left behind by the
competition. Besides domestic market trends, international trends and developments are also becoming increasingly significant drivers in the
Thai market. Powerful globalization forces and borderless media intrusions have resulted in many previously far-apart countries becoming
decidedly closer. Populations in other countries are now easily able to view, imitate and quickly adopt people’s lifestyles and fashions in other
trend-setting countries. For example, Japan is one of the more outstanding case studies that key practitioners in the Thai beverage market are
currently paying keen attention to.

Thriving on Innovation…and Driving Successful Marketing and Sales Strategies…
Innovative products, predominantly value-added by packaging and beverage ingredients, are highlighted by this industry, as seen in the many
product categories; functional beverages, soft drinks, fruit juices, coffee, etc. However, to successfully commercialize beverage innovation on the
market, a company must also prepare a holistic strategy that supports this goal, by fully understanding consumers’ requirements, corporate
infrastructure, branding, communications, sales, and distribution strategies.

The 5th Beverage Industry in Thailand Forum…
To support the continued growth and high competition of the industry and overwhelming demand for this conference, Asia Business Forum has
once again specially designed ‘Beverage Industry in Thailand 2008’ for all strategic players in this arena to update global & regional trends,
changing consumer lifestyles and current booming sectors. Practical recommendations and tips on sales, branding, and communications will
also be shared. This conference is committed to be a platform for examining a variety of viewpoints from a gathering of international experts,
leading Thai players, experienced analysts, and hands-on practitioners to help develop proven strategies for winning in the competitive arena
and driving growth.

PS. This market is dynamic. New entrants are coming. The competition climate is hotting up. The winning position rests with those people and
organizations that can ride the trends with successful strategies in the promising and challenging beverage battle.

                                        TOP REASONS WHY THIS IS A NOT-TO-BE-MISSED CONFERENCE:

      Foresee global and regional trends and learn from case studies from the Japan beverage market
      Take advantage of beverage ingredients and packaging data as key drivers of new products and growth for beverage products
      Understand changing consumer lifestyles to innovate products that fit their needs and lifestyles
      Watch out for specific circumstances in promising sectors; functional beverages, soft drinks and coffee
      Grasp proven and essential strategies for driving growth through points of sales (POS), communications and branding strategies
      Hear real business cases and practical tips on new product introduction strategies
      Exchange your ideas in panel discussion on ‘Thriving on Innovation for the Beverage Industry’ with various background
      panelists, from players, branding agencies and beverage ingredients experts.
      Lastly… cultivate invaluable opportunities to network with high-profile decision makers from manufacturers, traders, packaging
      suppliers, beverage ingredients suppliers, communications agencies, brand agencies, key analysts, and many more.

   This conference has been specially developed for key decisionmakers & senior executives including:
      Presidents/ CEOs/ MDs/ GMs                        Marketing Directors/ Managers
      Business Development Directors/ Managers          Research Directors/ Managers
      Sales Directors/ Managers                         Commercial Directors/ Managers
      Distribution Directors/ Managers                  Merchandising and Category Directors/ Managers
      Logistics & Supply Chain Directors/ Managers Advertising & PR Directors/ Managers
      Market Research Directors/ Managers               Strategic Planning Directors/ Managers
   And those who are committed to drive growth in the promising beverage industry in Thailand of these organizations;
      Producers Bottlers Distributors Retailers Beverage Packaging Suppliers Beverage Ingredient Suppliers
      Logistics & Supply Chain Providers Advertising & PR Agencies Market Research/ Consumer Research Provider
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