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									                                                                  The Weekly Update
  Education For A Changing World

                                                                                                                       August 2006

                        The Weekly Update is posted on WebParent each Friday for parents to
                        download and print. In order to download the Update and your child’s academic progress on WebParent,
                        registration forms will be issued with the Student-Parent Handbook and should be returned either by fax
                        069-95431920, by post or handed in at Reception.
                        E-mail address, postal address and telephone number changes should be sent to:
                        Printed copies of the Weekly Update will also be available at Reception for collection by those families
                        without internet access.

UPCOMING EVENTS - AT A GLANCE                                       Message from the Director

Thursday, August 24 Open House
15:00 – 17:00h      see details on page 2

Monday, August 28       “First Day” – Grade 5 to 13
08:15h                  see details on page 2
                                                                     Welcome to Year XII at ISF. I hope all of you had as
Tuesday, August 29      “First Day” – Grade 2 to 4                    pleasant and safe a Summer Break as I did. Here at school
08:15h                  see details on page 2                         we have already been at work for some time now in
                                                                      planning for the start of the new school year. Below you will
09:00h                  “First Day” – Grade 1                         find a list of important upcoming events.
                        see details on page 2                        I am pleased to be able to tell you that we have experienced
                                                                      an unprecedented, very high level of student enrolment for
Wednesday, Aug 30       “First Day” – KG1 and KG2                     this coming academic year. Our student roll for August now
08:15h                  see details on page 2                         stands at some 980 students. This is a testimony to the
                                                                      excellence of the SABIS® educational system and the hard
Tuesday, Sept 5         “Back-to-School Night” for parents            work and dedication of our staff. We have made some
19:00 – 20:30h          of Kindergarten and Grade 7 to 13             staffing adjustments to accommodate this high number of
                                                                      students and you will find a full list of our new teaching staff
                                                                      later in this Update.
Thursday, Sept 7        “Back-to-School Night”
19:00 – 20:30h          for parents of Grade 1 to 6                  When you visit the campus you will see that we have made
                                                                      improvements in both the primary and secondary
                                                                      playgrounds for the benefit of our students. Our maintenance
In this Issue:                                                        staff has worked hard over the summer to clean and refurbish
                                                                      the school and a number of areas have been re-carpeted and
Message from Director                                  P. 1-3         painted. We have also installed a new sound system in the
                                                                      Theatre. Improvements have also been made in our
Message from Seconday Co-ordinator                          P.4       Cafeteria and a separate letter from Sodexho will detail them
ISF Student Life Organisation                               P.4       for you.

Message from Marketing                                      P.4       I am delighted to say that our public examination results were
                                                                       again excellent this year. We await some statistics from the
Enclosures                                                  P.5        College Board in the USA and when we have them we will
                                                                       communicate fully our IGCSE; A level and AP results to

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                         1
      This year we will introduce a compulsory School PE uniform               Important Upcoming Events
                                                                            SABIS® BUZZ
       for all of our students. This is to ensure that our students do
       not wear the same clothes for PE and academic classes and               My children have had a very good experience at ISF ––
       to guarantee that the clothing they wear for PE classes is           academically and socially. They complained at first about the
       appropriate. This PE uniform will comprise a pair of shorts           school being “too hard” but soon settled in and appreciated
       and a new ISF PE shirt. Both items will be of a high quality            the structure and knowing what was expected of them.
       and moderate price and will be on sale during the coming
       weeks in our School Clothing Shop.                                                     Monika Zubradt, ISF Parent

    August 24 (Thursday)        “Open House” – from 15.00 to 17.00 h
                                The purpose is to give a chance to parents and students, if they wish, to drop by at their convenience between
                                15.00 and 17.00h to check their homeroom assignments and to look around the building.
                                Upon arrival first locate the student's name and homeroom on the notice board in the Mall just inside the main
                                entrance. Please be aware that when forming homeroom sections at the start of each new school year, first and
                                foremost is the goal to form groups that are equally balanced by the academic achievement level of its
                                members based on the previous year’s performances.
                                Of secondary consideration is the mixture of boys and girls, new and returning, as well as English, German and
                                Korean language levels.
                                Social factors are seldom a factor in forming sections as there are opportunities throughout the day for friends
                                to meet within and between grade/section levels.

    August 28 (Monday)          “First Day” – Grade 5 to Grade 13 at 08.15h
                                Students, upon arrival, should wait for the bell in their designated areas (grades 5 and 6 on the Primary
                                Playground, grades 7 to 12 on the Secondary Play Ground). This First Day will be a full day for everyone –
                                ending at 16.10h.

    August 29 (Tuesday)         “First Day” –Grade 2 to Grade 4 at 08.15h
                                Students, upon arrival, should wait for the bell in their designated area (on the Primary Playground). This First
                                Day will be a full day for everyone – ending at 15.25h.

                                “First Day” – Grade 1 at 09.00h
                                The Grade 1 students and their families will start their First Day of Primary School with a brief traditional
                                German welcome ceremony lasting until 10:00h. During this ceremony Grade 1 students will receive a
                                traditional "Schultüte" which the Parent Network will kindly supply. This is a large conical bag of sweets and
                                school supplies given to children on their First Day of Primary School. Families are invited to join their children
                                for this special occasion on August 31 at 09.00h. The Grade 1 students will have a "normal" school day after
                                the welcome ceremony – ending at 15.25h.
    August 30 (Wednesday)       “First Day” – KG1 and KG2 at 08.15h
                                Students and parents, upon arrival, should wait on the KG playground until called to the classrooms at 08.15h.
                                This First Day will be a full day for everyone – ending at 15.25h (15.05h for KG1).
    September 5                 “Back-to-School Night ” for parents (only) of Kindergarten and Grade 7 to Grade 13 students from
                                19.00-20.30 h
                                This is an opportunity for parents to meet teachers and hear a brief presentation about the curriculum their
                                child/ren will study this school year.

    September 7                 “Back-to-School Night ” for parents (only) of Grade 1 to Grade 6 students from 19.00-20.30 h
                                This is an opportunity for parents to meet teachers and hear a brief presentation about the curriculum their
                                child/ren will study this school year.

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                                      2
Welcome New Teaching Staff
The new teachers joining ISF next school year are:
Name                                            Nationality             Teaching Subject
Ms Jessica Baker                                Australian              Secondary English
Ms Rhonesha Blaché                              American                Upper Primary English & Social Studies
Mr Michael Brophy                               Irish                   Secondary Mathematics & Science
Ms Christiane Brott                             German                  Upper Primary & Secondary German
Ms Donna Brown                                  American                All-School Art & Intensive English
Mr David Clarke                                 British                 Secondary Science & Mathematics
Ms Elisabeth Czekala                            German                  Lower & Upper Primary German
Ms Magdalena duToit                             South African           Grade 1 Class Teacher
Ms Eva García de Mendoza                        Spanish                 Secondary Spanish
Ms Romy Friedman                                Canadian                Secondary Mathematics & Science
Mr Alan Heatwole                                American                All-School Drama & Upper Primary English
Mrs Laura Heatwole                              American                Lower Primary Class Teacher
Mr Christopher Higgins                          Australian              Secondary Mathematics & Science
Ms Ann-Marie Holland                            American                Secondary Geography, History & Economics
Ms Maureen Messer                               German                  INTERN for Intensive English
Ms Nicole Morales                               American                Intensive English
Ms Pamela Newton                                American                Secondary English
Mr Vaulton Reece                                Canadian                Upper Primary English & Social Studies
Ms Fleur Richardson                             British                 All-School Physical Education
Mr Frederick Roessler                           American                Lower Primary Class Teacher
Ms Anne Sawyer                                  American                Upper Primary English & Social Studies
Dr Marco Schickling                             German                  Upper Primary & Secondary German
Ms Diana Schultz                                American                Upper Primary English & Social Studies
Ms Leslie Seelye                                American                Upper Primary English & Social Studies
Ms Marie-Christine Slesser                      British/French          Secondary French
Ms Gloria Solaesa                               Spanish                 Secondary Spanish & Intensive English
Ms Meryl Trinidad                               Canadian                Upper Primary & Secondary Social Studies
Ms Connie Turner                                American                Lower Primary Class Teacher

Parking safety                                                          General Information
Our safety and security regulations governing the parking areas         Student-Parent Handbook
on campus are stated below. These measures are meant to                 The youngest child in each family will be provided with a copy of
separate the vehicular and pedestrian traffic on school grounds.        the 2006–2007 edition of the Student-Parent Handbook at the
The co-operation of parents is requested:                               start of the first week. The students will be told to take this
1.   NO PARKING at any time should take place within the                Handbook home and to review it with their parents.
     fenced area in front of the Kindergarten entrance. Be aware        Parents are kindly requested to read the Handbook, sign and
     that parking is permitted on the right side of the Strasse zur     return the yellow form at the back to Reception within a week.
     Internationalen Schule leading towards the school.
     school campus is via the gate adjacent to the small guard
     booth. This allows better control of who is coming and going
     from the campus for safety and security purposes.
3.   Parents who park on campus are kindly asked to walk with
     their children in-hand to the pedestrian gate using both the
     designated raised walkways between the cars and the zebra
     markings across vehicular roadways.

                  ALL OF US ON CAMPUS.
The exceptional pressure of FIRST-WEEK PARKING will be
greatly reduced if parents would consider using car-pooling or
public transport – if at all feasible – for the first couple of days.

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                           3
Message from the Secondary Co-ordinator                                They also had a chance visit the city and its surroundings and
                                                                       participate in many outdoors activities involving experiential
                                                                       learning. This was the second time ISF was invited to attend this
                                                                       camp and it is always a very positive experience that students
                                                                       greatly enjoyed.
                                                                       They will now be able to share their learned experiences with
                                                                       their fellow students during the SLO Outdoor leadership camp
                                                                       and throughout the year. We hope to send 3 students next year
Summer Reading                                                         so that more can be learned.
Lists of required and recommended summer reading were
provided to all Secondary School students in June. Returning
                                                                       Looking for New Student Life OrganizationTM Senior
students will be tested over the English required reading at the
beginning of the 2006-2007 school year (in September). If you          Prefects
require a replacement copy of the Summer Reading list, write to        The SLO Team still has a few openings for the school year 2006- .                                                    2007. These openings will be announced during the welcome
                                                                       back assembly where application forms will be available. Learn
                                                                       something new and make new friends by joining the SLO Team.

Student Life OrganizationTM                                            Secondary SLO activity registration period
                                                                       The registration period for all Secondary Student Life activities
                                                                       will take place from 30 August to 01 September
Welcome back to ISF                                                    All Secondary Students will receive an activity schedule and an
After a restful summer where students, parents and staff had a         activity sign up form on Wedensday, 30 August and have to
chance to replenish, the entire SLO team would like to welcome         return it to the Student Life by Friday, 01 September.
you back for what promises to be another great school year at          3 activity choices must be made for each day of the week for
ISF. SLO is working on many new projects which will require            selection purposes.
your support. Let’s work together and make this year the best          All Secondary Student Life activities will begin on 11 September.
one yet!!!.
                                                                       Primary SLO Activity Registration Period
2006-2007 SLO Outdoor Leadership Camp                                  The registration period for all Primary Student Life activities will
For the first time this year, the SLO team will have the               take place from 04 to 06 September.
opportunity to attend the first SLO team outdoor leadership            All Primary Students will receive an activity schedule and an
camp. This is offered to all current senior and junior prefects        activity sign up form on at the end of the day on Friday, 01
(over 100 students are in the team this year) and will take place      September and have until Wednesday, 06 September to return
from after school on Friday, 08 September to Sunday, 10                them to the Student Life or at the reception.
                                                                       3 activity choices must be made for each day of the week for
It will take place in a youth hostel in the Taunus and various         selection purposes.
activities on teambuilding, leadership, communication and much
more will be offered. This is a great way to meet students in the      All Primary Student Life activities will begin on 13 September.
SLO team and make new friends.
The cost will be very minimal and transportation, lodging, food
and activities will be included. There are only 50 places available    Message from the Marketing Department
and the first 50 students returning their form to SLO office will be   The 6th Annual Newcomers Festival will take place this year on
selected. Forms will be distributed in each homeroom on                Saturday, September 2nd from 13:00-18:00 at the Hessischer
Monday, 28 August and will also be available at reception and          Rundfunk, Bertramstraße 8, 60320 Frankfurt. This festival was
SLO office.                                                            established for expatriates living in the region to become familiar
Remember, there are only 50 places available so make it fast!!!        with their new surroundings. Exhibitors include local clubs,
                                                                       organizations and services. Musical entertainment, as well as
Student Life Training Camp in Minneapolis                              food and drink reflecting the local gastronomy will also be
This past summer, two students from ISF and members of the             provided. Admission is free. For more information, please visit:
Student Life OrganizationTM, Carmen Rademacher (gr. 12) and  
Nico Prokop (gr. 11), had the chance to attend the Student Life
Training Camp in Minnesota. This is an opportunity for 11              If you haven’t visited us online lately, then perhaps you are not
SABIS® school from the US and Europe to get together and               aware that we have a new design. Special features include a
exchange ideas, share experiences and attend various training          video message from School Director, Angus Slesser and a News
sessions on leadership, communication, self esteem,                    & Events ticker that allows you to navigate directly to the desired
organisation and many more.                                            story. Happy surfing!

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                              4
Enclosed with this Update is a packet of important information
concerning the food catering programme. Please send in the
September menu order form for your child(ren) to Sodexho either
by post or fax before the start of school. An order form is attached
to this information package. If this deadline is not feasible to meet,
please contact Sodexho directly by phone 069 – 37568575 or by
fax 069 – 37568576 as soon as possible.

From Transportation Companies
Please take special notice of the transportation information
enclosed. In trying to provide more service possibilities, we are
pleased to offer you the choice of FOUR taxi companies for the
coming academic year. Understand that these are only a few
options our parents have for transportation to/from school (public
transportation by S-Bahn, car-pooling, private contracting, etc.).
The companies are TAXIBUS Frankfurt, Reisedienst Menexes,
Reisedienst Samstag and PB Mietwagen-Service Ltd.

You will find enclosed detailed information and contracts for each
offer. Please check the zones carefully before filling in the form as
some companies only provide service for certain areas. You may
choose the company best suited to your needs. If you choose to
use either of these service offers, please send your completed
contract directly to the company of your choice as soon as

Other Enclosures
       Supply list
       School Year Calendar
       All School Event Calendar
       School Day Timetable
       Sportverein
       SLO Flyer

Member of the SABIS® School Network                               5

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