2010 -- 2011 Program by randyjewart


									Over the past five years Austin Green Art has grown from one artist's
dream into a stable, but growing non-profit community resource. Most
significantly this year, AGA has secured a five-year lease on a 4,000sf
warehouse and 5,000sf of outdoor workspace, and 20,000sf of sculpture
and vegetable garden space -- centrally located at 35th Street and MOPAC
at the Austin State Supported Living Center. AGA Central provides an
anchor for exhibition, event and workshop programming, as well as the
studio space to produce our public work in the community. Our mission to
inspire, envision and manifest the sustainability revolution is tremendously
enhanced by this resource.

During 2011 AGA will produce eleven major events and exhibits including
our sixth Earth Day festival, our fifth National PARKing Day, and we're
partnering with Luanne Stovall to produce her fourth Harvest Mandala
event. All of our projects are collaborative. To move toward a sustainable
world we start by asking, "how can our creative practice be of service to
the community?" In 2011 we'll continue our partnerships with Sustainable
Food Center, Forest Ethics, Zero Waste Alliance, Save Our Springs
Alliance, Zilker Elementary and more.

In 2009 we started an ongoing partnership with Goodwill Industries by
serving as a jobsite for an at-risk job training program. In 2011 we'll start a
program called Green Art Gateway that provides a paid-internship for four
at-risk artists.
Budget Itemization

What follows is a detailed programmatic and budgetary overview of the 2011 AGA
Project Series.

Introductory general comments are as follows:


      Total Private Support -- $44,100
      Earth Day income from Sponsorship/Exhibit Fee         $26,100
      Harvest Mandala corporate support                     $10,000
      Goodwill support for Green Art Gateway                $5,000
      AGA Board of Directors                                $3,000

      Applicant Cash -- $20,000
      Green Collar, LLC is AGA’s for-profit subsidiary which contributes profits to
      AGA. More info in the overview which follows.

      In-kind -- $48,000
      AGA Central is located on the campus of the Austin State Supported Living
      Center at 2203 W. 35th Street. The 4,000sf warehouse and 25,000sf of
      garden space is leased to AGA through 2014. AGA pays no lease and no
      utilities for the space. This is an in-kind donation worth $4,000/mo.


      Programmatic expense breakdown by categories is given in the overview which
      follows. Of note here is the OTHER category which includes expense
      accounting for vehicles, insurance and a 5% contingency allocation.
                          HARVEST MANDALA                                                 Green Art Gateway
                          OCTOBER 30, 2010                                                October, 2010 -- September, 2011
                          Fiesta Gardens                                                  AGA Central
                          HOPE Market
                          Sustainable Food Center                                         Goodwill Industries
                          Capital Area Food Bank

The Fourth Annual Harvest Mandala event is the creative        Goodwill Industries is committed to partner with AGA in 2011
product of Luanne Stovall. The harvest festival incorporates   to help create a paid internship program specifically for artists
art, music, food donation, and now takes place at Austin’s     who are at-risk due to their educational, economic, or family
newest community garden.                                       backgrounds -- or because they’ve been in the criminal justice
                                                               system. Goodwill can help identify candidates that we believe
The weigh-in of Harvest Mandala 2009 was 875 pounds of         could benefit from the program. Jointly, we will also provide
produce and over 1100 pounds of canned and non-perishable      support services beyond the art program that could involve
food items!!! (The total for 2008 was just over 1700 lbs and   counselling, educational advancement or social services.
the total for 2007 was 475 lbs of produce).                    <www.austingoodwill.org/wds/viva_verde.html>

 Expense                             coordinate site plan       Expense                              planning meeting w/
 admin        $4000                  book musicians             admin        $7000                   Goodwill
 art employee $6000                  book art installations     art employee $24000                  define program scope
 equip rental $1000                  coordinate food            equip rental                         define participant
                                     donations                  supplies     $4000                   support
 supplies     $1000
                                     coordinate promotions      marketing                            define recruitment
 marketing    $5000
 production   $3000                                             production
                                                                                                     market program
 TOTAL        $20000                                            TOTAL        $35000
                                                                                                     select participants
                                                                                                     begin six-month training
Income                                                         Income
COA              $10000                                        COA               $25000
media sponsor    $5000                                         media sponsor     $5000
private          $10000                                        private           $10000
                                                                                                  973 Materials Public Art
                                                                                                  October -- December, 2010
                                                                                                  AGA Central

                                                                                                  973 Materials
                                 OCTOBER - December, 2010                                         Eleanor McKinney
LANDFILL CONCERT                 Jon Roberts
                                 Austin Zero Waste Alliance            AGA’s 2010 Cultural Contract launched a collaboration with
                                 Texas Disposal Systems                Eleanor McKinney and by extension, an amazing concrete
                                 CIty of Austin Solid Waste Services   recycling company, 973 Materials. The company is donating
Perhaps no term more than “throw it away” has harmed our               material for our installation at Flatbed Press, in exchange for
planet more. There is no “away” on this finite planet. AGA              a design and construction oversite for a large-scale sculpture,
envisions a gritty music and art that exposes “away” and               landscape and signage project along FM 973. This is a great
educates attendees about the new movement toward zero                  opportunity to make art that promotes a unique, mammoth
waste.                                                                 recycling operation here in Austin.

Musician and producer Jon Roberts will explore the legal,              <www.elemckinney.com>
logistic and promotional challenges of producing such a
powerful, but unconventional experience.                               PROJECT BUDGET                       PRODUCTION OUTLINE
                                                                        Expense                              photograph site
PROJECT BUDGET                     PRODUCTION OUTLINE                   admin        $400                    measure site
 Expense                            visit local landfills                art employee $1500                   assess usable materials
 admin        $400                  research permitting                 equip rental                         draft design
 art employee $1500                 plan logistics                      supplies     $100                    oversee construction
 equip rental                       research appropriate                marketing
 supplies     $100                  musicians                           production
 marketing                          research appropriate                TOTAL        $2000
 production                         artists
 TOTAL        $2000                 research liabilities               Income
                                    recruit event partners             COA               $2000
Income                              outline event format               media sponsor
                                    plan promotions
COA              $2000                                                 private
                                Art for Sustainability                                      AGA Web Archive
                                                                                            October, 2010 -- April, 2011
                                                                                            AGA Central
                                OCTOBER, 2010 - September, 2011
                                12 non-profit partners                                       Christie Zangrilli
                                12 local artists

                                                                  To further AGA’s impact we need to put the complete
We can drive sustainability for our region by commissioning       documentation of our replicable and inspirational work on-
artists to design works that help the broader community to        line where it can be promoted and accessed by anyone in the
understand the issues and the services provided by local non-     world.
profits. The artwork can be designed to enhance campaigns,
events and fundraising for these organizations.                   AGA has complete photographic, video and media records
                                                                  of all projects, but we haven’t assembled it in a searchable
During the first phase of this program AGA will draft an           on-line database. The artistic and community legacy that this
artist selection and recruitment process that will then lead to   work entails helps to fill out the story of a new kind of
the contracting of 12 artists to produce designs for art          sustainable artistic practice. See attached prospectus.
installations for 12 local non- profits. Contracts will be $1000
each.                                                             PROJECT BUDGET                      PRODUCTION OUTLINE
                                                                   Expense                             assess AGA archive
PROJECT BUDGET                       PRODUCTION OUTLINE            admin        $1200                  design web presentation
 Expense                              draft program goals          art employee $4000                  construct web archive
 admin        $4200                   draft program structure      equip rental                        promote archive
 art employee $12000                  draft artist contract        supplies     $800
 equip rental                         recruit artists              marketing
 supplies     $2000                   contract artists             production
 marketing    $2800                   work w/ artists to           TOTAL        $6000
 production                           identify non-profits
 TOTAL        $21000                  oversee projects            Income
                                      exhibit final projects       COA              $6000
Income                                prepare for 2012 project    media sponsor
COA               $6000               realization
                                                                                                  Aquifer Made Visible
                                                                                                   March, 2011

Free Paper (part 2)                November, 2010
                                   Annette Lawrence
                                                                                                   Jackie Brookner
                                                                                                   Flatbed Press
                                   Flatbed Press                                                   Save Our Springs Alliance
In January of 2009, AGA presented “Free Paper” by Texas art-
ist, Annette Lawrence. The piece comprised exactly 365 days      Years ago Brad Rockwell (then attorney for SOS) told me that
of Annette’s junkmail -- an elegant testament to the passage     the biggest challenge SOS faced in protecting the Edwards
of time and collosal waste. We look forward to seeing what       Aquifer was that “this thing that is as big as one of the Great
Annette has been doing with her junkmail since then! And we’ll   Lakes, is invisible to us!”
be working with our friends at ForestEthics and their Do Not
Mail Campaign.                                                   AGA is proud to launch an annual exhibition devoted to helping
                                                                 us visualize the Edwards Aquifer. Jackie Brookner has been
<www.annettelawrence.com>                                        making environmental art for decades and we’re honored to
<www.flatbedpress.com>                                            have her. http://www.jackiebrookner.net/

PROJECT BUDGET                     PRODUCTION OUTLINE            PROJECT BUDGET                       PRODUCTION OUTLINE
 Expense                            coordinate exhibit            Expense                             coordinate exhibit
 admin          $1200               logistics                     admin          $1600                logistics
 art employee   $2500               draft invite                  art employee   $4000                draft invite
 non-artist fee $500                promote event                 non-artist fee $500                 promote event
 space rental   $800                install work                  space rental   $800                 install work
 travel         $300                coordinate media              travel         $500                 coordinate media
 marketing      $500                                              marketing      $500                 support artwork
                                                                                                      creation@ AGA Central
 supplies       $200                                              supplies       $600
 TOTAL          $6000                                             TOTAL          $8000

Income                                                           Income
COA             $5000                                            COA             $5000
private support $1000                                            private support $3000
                                                                                                   Art @ AGA Central
                                                                                                    June, 2011

Earth Day                   April 20 & 23, 2011
                            Austin Farmers Market
                                                                                                    AGA Creative Team
                                                                                                    Texas Sculptors
                            The Triangle & Republic Square Park

Austin’s Earth Day festival is made unique by its educational,    AGA Central is the CIty’s newest sustainabie art venue. It
cultural and community emphasis. The event is anchored by         features a 4,000sf warehouse studio and exhibit space,
a partnership with the Austin Farmers Market each year. The       4,000sf of outdoor workspace and 22,000sf of vegetable and
green art elements of the 6th Austin Green Art production will    sculpture garden.
expand on interactive sculptural installations, creative kids
activities, dance and music line-up.                              Located at the State Supported Living Center near Camp
                                                                  Mabry, the 90 acre campus is largely unknown by Austin
Art displays emphasize green technologies, material re-use        residents. An exhibit of outdoor green art is the public launch
and community participation.                                      for awareness of this amazing resource.

                                                                  PROJECT BUDGET                       PRODUCTION OUTLINE
                                                                   Expense                             coordinate exhibit
 Expense                             coordinate exhibit                                                logistics
                                                                   admin        $1000
 admin        $2,600                 logistics
                                                                   art employee $3000                  draft invite
 art employee $6,000                 install artwork
                                                                   equip rental $500                   promote event
 equip rental $3,000                 recruit dance, music
                                                                   marketing    $500                   install work
 supplies     $1,400                 line-up
                                                                   supplies     $1000                  coordinate media
                                     coordinate kids activities
                                                                   TOTAL        $6000                  support artwork
 TOTAL            $13,000                                                                              creation@ AGA Central

 Income                                                            COA             $5000
 COA             $10,000                                           private support $1000
 private support $3,000
                                                                                                National PARKing Day

                                    September, 2011                                                    September 16, 2011
Zero Waste Art                      Invitational (Virginia Fleck)
                                    Flatbed Press                                                      AGA Creative Team
                                                                                                       Any Creative Austinite
Frugal artists have been creatively re-using materials for cen-                                        Local Environmentalists
turies, probably. Michelangelo re-used the Duccio block to
carve the David, and Duchamp certainly took found-objects           PARK(ing) Day is based on the directive -- pay a meter; make
to ready-made, whole new levels. Now, re-use is growing             a park. It iis strictly a non-commercial project, intended to pro-
beyond economics to reflect environmental concerns. Wil-             mote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted
liam McDonough is urging the global community to “eliminate         social interactions, generosity and play. HOWEVER, in Austin
the concept of waste.” What does that look like to Austin’s art     it is illegal to use a parking space for anything other than park-
community? How can artists help the community-at-large to           ing.
embrace the potential of zero waste initiatives?                    AGA has interfaced with the ROW Department of the City Per-
                                                                    mitting office for three years to insure a safe and legal event.
<www.virginiafleck.com>           <www.flatbedpress.com>              This takes quite a bit of time and money.
                                                                    Last year we combined PARKing Day with the Weirdest Com-
                                                                    mute Contest. Over the years we’ve hosted scores of parks
PROJECT BUDGET                      PRODUCTION OUTLINE              with artists and environmentalists.
 Expense                             coordinate exhibit
 admin          $1400                logistics
                                                                    PROJECT BUDGET                        PRODUCTION OUTLINE
 art employee   $2500                draft invite
                                                                     Expense                              coordinate exhibit
 non-artist fee $500                 promote event
                                                                     admin        $2800                   logistics
 space rental   $800                 install work
                                                                     art employee $4000                   permitting
 travel         $300                 coordinate media
                                                                     equip rental $1000                   promote event
 marketing      $200                                                                                      install “parks”
                                                                     marketing    $500
 supplies       $800                                                                                      coordinate media
                                                                     supplies     $1000
 production     $500                                                                                      support artwork
                                                                     TOTAL        $14000
                                                                                                          creation@ AGA Central
  TOTAL            $7000
 Income                                                              Income
 COA             $5000                                               COA             $8000
 private support $2000                                               private support $4000
 CIty Installation Series                                             AGA’s For-Profit Subsidiary
                                                September 16, 2011
                                                Christie Zangrilli   Like Caritas’ east side bakery, Austin Green Art owns a for-
                                                                     profit subsidiary. This company allows AGA to provide client-
City Installation Series – This program proposes a series
                                                                     based services that are mission-centric to enhance our
of projects, installed in different public and private locations
                                                                     charitable purpose. Green Collar, LLC employs two project
around Austin. The objective is to create value-added,
                                                                     managers and six parttime facilitators. Four of the parttime
interactive spaces within the urban landscape that also serve
                                                                     employees are at-risk young people who we’ve met through
as artistic highlights to the city. Two of these projects include
                                                                     Goodwill’s Viva Verde Program. Profits from GC flow directly
a “Living Walls” series and a “Micro-Park” Series. Both will be
                                                                     to AGA.
designed to create points of interest and usefulness throughout
Austin’s downtown and neighborhoods.
                                                                     In 2010-2011 fiscal year we anticipate $20,000 from GC for

PROJECT BUDGET                       PRODUCTION OUTLINE              GC has done landscape and art projects for Open Door Pre-
                                                                     school, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, Fonda San Miguel
 Expense                             coordinate exhibit
                                                                     Restaurant and scores of private residences.
 admin        $1000                  logistics
 art employee $2000                  permitting                      Resolution Gardens is a service of Green Collar, LLC that
 equip rental $500                   promote event                   helps people start vegetable gardens. In the next quarter we’ll
 marketing    $500                   install “parks”                 pass our 100th garden since March of ‘09. We’re also working
                                     coordinate media                with Daily Juice Cafe, Wheatsville Food Co-op and the Whip-in
 supplies     $1000
                                     support artwork                 to create a network of urban gardens at people’s homes that
 TOTAL        $5000                                                  supply local restaurants and groceries. Currently, we have a
                                     creation@ AGA Central
                                                                     garden at AGA Central and three home-owner gardens in a
 Income                                                              pilot program selling kale to Daily Juice.
 COA             $2000
 private support $3000

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