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					HOUSING                                                                                      THE UNIVERSIDAD DEL
We strongly recommend you our Host
Family Program.                                                                              GOLFO       DE   MÉXICO
Oaxaca has a relatively young population
with a lot of students, whose families are
willing to participate in our Host Family
Program opening their homes to foreign

Immerse yourself in the Mexican life-style
and language when you share a home with a
local family.

Discover the warmth and charm of their
family, experience Mexican customs and
authentic cuisine and practice Spanish
language skills on a daily basis in a natural
and spontaneous environment.

If you really don’t like staying in a host
family, you can opt for a youth hostel,
where you share a room with other
international students. The cost of the
youth hostel is not included in the program,
                                                       Oficina de Relaciones
and implies an extra charge.                              Internacionales
                                                      Universidad del Golfo de México
                                                                Rectoría Sur
                                                Norte 5A #807 Col. Salvador Gonzalo García
                                                          CP. 94310 Orizaba, Ver.
                                                     Teléfono ++ 52 7 (272) 106 13 68
                                                                                              CULTURAL IMMERSION
                                                                   AND LANGUAGE PROJECT
                                                                                             JULY 15TH – AUGUST 15TH
                                             WHAT?                                           located in the state of Oaxaca at a distance
Did the international microbe                During the program, you will take Spanish
                                                                                             of 340 kilometres of our rectory in
get to you?                                  classes (3 hours a day, 63 hours all
                                             together). Attention here will be paid to
Are you attracted to Latin America? Do       grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening,       HOW?
you want to get to know Mexico better?       reading and writing abilities. At the end of    Information about the summer project is
Have you always wanted to learn Spanish,     the course, you will take an exam and obtain    available on
but never had the time for it? And above     a certificate.                                  Go to “Admissions” to know more about
all, would you like to spend your summer     Mexican culture, literature and traditions      inscription procedures and fees.
holidays in an interesting, instructive      will be taught to you in Culture classes (1
                                                                                             For further information, contact               the
environment and enjoy culture and            hour a day, classes in Spanish, depending on    International Relations Office (ORI):
traditions?                                  your level).

                                             In afternoons, you are invited to participate     Annelies Kindt
THAN    REGISTER    FOR   OUR    SECOND      in workshops, at the campus or in indigenous      Head of the International Relations Office
                                             villages around Oaxaca City. The workshops        TEL: 00 52 272 106 13 68
SUMMER             PROJECT           IN      consist of producing typical regional             E-mail 1:
                                             handicrafts     (black   pottery),   cooking      E-mail 2:
OAXACA (MEXICO)!!                            regional dishes and dancing (Latin-American
                                             rhythms).                                       HOW MUCH?
                                                                                             Intensive Spanish program – all in:
The summer project at the Universidad del    On weekends, you can do plenty of field
                                             trips and journeys to nature parks,                    € 985 (includes Spanish and culture
Golfo de México provides you, as a foreign
                                             archaeological sites, beaches or cultural              classes, workshops, two field trips,
student, with the opportunity to become                                                             housing in host family, meals, local
familiar with local habits and culture in    centres around Oaxaca. Two “local” trips
                                                                                                    insurance, intercultural events – not
Oaxaca and surroundings, to understand the   are included in the inscription fee and will
                                                                                                    included: international flight and
Mexican way of living and to learn Spanish   be organized by the university (field trips            insurance)
in a natural way.                            to the Zapotec pyramids in Monte Albán and
                                             Mitla, the biggest tree of the world in Tule,   Airport Transportation: € 50
                                             the fortress of Yagul and the market of         Housing in residence (not in family): € 280
The project lasts one month (from July       WHERE?
15th until the August 15th 2008).            Spanish courses and cultural workshops will
                                             be organized at our campus in Oaxaca, one
                                             of the most beautiful cities in the world,