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					                    MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY
                                  SCHOOL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
One Year Advanced Diploma Course in Bioinformatics
                 The One Year Advanced Diploma Course in Bioinformatics is being offered at
the Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics, School of Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj
University from 1996. Bioinformatics is an emerging area arising from the demands of
information analysis and management in the areas of biology and biotechnology. The growth of
computer science and biotechnology in the country and other parts of the world has spawned
research groups and industries. Bioinformatics, which involves diverse aspects of molecular
modeling, macromolecular sequence analysis, online database access, bibliographic searches and
software development is relevant and useful for the researchers to do the topical and profitable
         The successful completion of rough draft of the Human Genome Sequence and
sequences of several other eukaryotic genomes has paved the way for a new dimension in
bioinformatics in the Genomics and Proteomics era in Biotechnology. The effective use of
bioinformatics tools for applications and analysis in the Genome-Proteome area is expected to
create significant job opportunities in India. Against this backdrop the Distributed Information
Centre, elevated as a Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics at the School of Biotechnology,
Madurai Kamaraj University is conducting an Advanced Diploma Course in Bioinformatics
keeping in mind a better interaction between University research/man-power training and
industrial R & D. The course is funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
Course Objectives:
         Students having knowledge of Life Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences will
be given an integrated outlook of bioinformatics and will be trained so as to be able to
             a) cater to the information needs of the researchers in life sciences;
             b) comprehend and utilize existing computer software in Life Sciences;
             c) offer computing skills to develop or extend software for sequence analysis,
                 database management and molecular modeling;
             d) utilize their skills in school, college and research libraries to provide scientific
                 support; appreciate and participate in research work involving life sciences and
                 the molecular level and
             e) function as effective, information analysis in industries, especially in those
                 involved in biotechnology research and development.
         A M.Sc., degree (with minimum 50% marks) in Physical or Mathematical or Life
Sciences or Computer Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Biophysics,
Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Computer Science or equivalent),
M.Sc (Agri.) or M.Tech., or M.B.B.S. degree of a recognized Indian or Foreign University.
Selection Procedure:
         Applicants will be selected on an all India basis. Due to variations in marking system
followed by different institutions all over India, all applicants who secured 60% of marks and
above in their post graduate degree will be called to write an entrance examination. Candidates
are screened based on their ranking at the entrance examination and will be called for a personal
interview. GATE or NET qualified candidates will be given additional advantage. Final
selection will be based on entrance examination (80%) and personal interview (20%). All
candidates need to under go the selection procedure.
Choice of Examination Centre:
         The entrance examination will be conducted at Chennai and Madurai, depending on the
number of candidates opting for these centres. Excepting Madurai centre, other centres may be
cancelled if a minimum of 30 applications are not received for each centre. The date and venue
allotted will be intimated individually by post. The candidates should indicate two centers along
with its code out of the list of centres given below. The third choice of centre will be exclusively
Madurai. No change will be permitted and no correspondence in this context will be entertained.
                  Name of the Centre                     Centre code
                  1.        Bangalore                       BGL
                  2.        Chennai                         CHE
                  3.        Hyderabad                       HYD
                  4.        Madurai                         MDU
                  5.        Trivandrum                      TVM
Guidelines/Course outlines for Entrance Examination:
         The question paper for Entrance Examination will be divided into two main parts. It will
be of 2 hours duration.
         PART A will have objective type questions at the level of +2 and degree level carrying
         a total of 50 marks. This will have questions from Life Sciences, Physical Sciences,
         Computer Sciences and Mathematical Sciences.
         PART B carrying the 30 marks will cover questions up to Master’s degree level from
         the areas indicated below: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Biochemistry,
         Biotechnology, Computer Science and other equivalent disciplines.
Fellowship for students:
         Students selected will be eligible to receive a consolidated stipend at the rate of Rs.
5000/- per month.
         The reservation of seats for SC/ST and other categories is in accordance with the rules of
the Central Government.
Number of Seats:
         There will be an equal proportion of Industry sponsored and open competition
candidates. However, if the required number of industry candidates is found unavailable or
unsuitable, open competition candidates will be selected. The maximum number of students per
year is ten.
         Industries/Hospitals/Companies can sponsor candidates who have to be regular
employees. The sponsored candidates will have to submit their applications through the sponsor
along with a bonafide order of appointment from the Industry. The company/Industry can
sponsor only one candidate at a time per year. The company sponsoring the candidates shall
remit Rs. 60,000/- by demand draft in favour of Co-ordinator, Centre of Excellence in
Bioinformatics, School of Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University towards student
fellowship fees at the time of admission. The candidates selected under sponsored quota will
also have to remit their regular fees at the time of admission as indicated in the prospectus.
Sponsored candidates will have to go through the selection process as for other candidates.

Mode of Application and other Information:
        Prospectus and application can be downloaded from the “
and” website from 17.05.2006. Xerox copy of the downloaded
application may also be used.
1.Candidates shall affix passport size photographs in the application intended for the Registrar
and the Scientist-in-charge and also in the Hall Ticket. A Gazetted Officer or the Principal of the
college last studied shall duly attest the photographs. The hall ticket appended in the application
should be enclosed with the original application intended to the Registrar. The original
application shall be sent to The Registrar, Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy, Palkalai Nagar,
Madurai 625 021 along with the Demand Draft for Rs. 500/- drawn in favour of The Registrar,
Madurai Kamaraj University and the Xerox copy to The Co-ordinator, Centre of Excellence
Bioinformatics, School of Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 625 021.
Two self-addressed stamped envelopes for Rs.10/- each (to be enclosed in the original copy
only). The application should be made in the candidate’s own handwriting. Applications, which
are incomplete/defective, in any respect, will be rejected.
        The Demand Draft should have been obtained after the date of notification (17.05.2006)
and before the last date for receipt of filled-in application (17.06.2006).
        Note: Cheques, postal orders, money orders and cash will not be accepted.

2. The candidates provisionally selected for admission after the interview will be informed
individually by post and they need to be prepared to join the course at the stipulated time.

3. Candidates provisionally selected will have to submit the following certificates in original at
the time of joining.
        Statement of marks/grade certificates and provisional certificate.
        Conduct certificate from the head of the institution last studies.
        Transfer/Migration certificate
        Community Certificate
        Sponsorship certificate, if any
        Such other certificates, as may be required by the University.
Fees Payable:-*                                                            In Rupees
                 a.      Tuition fee                                       2500.00
                 b.      Laboratory fee (per semester)                     3000.00
                 c.      Library fee                                        500.00
                 d.      Magazine fee                                        50.00
                 e.      World University Service                            10.00
                 f.      Games fee                                          120.00
                 g.      Students Aid Fund                                   10.00
                 h.      Examination Stationery fee                          90.00
                 i.      Identity card                                       25.00
                 j.      Youth activities                                    35.00
                 k.      Admission fee                                       55.00
                 l.      Infrastructure facilities development fee          500.00
                 m.      Caution Deposit (refundable)                       350.00
                 n.      Contingency                                        600.00

                or as fixed by the University from time to time.

Note:- The fees should be remitted into the following Accounts at the State Bank of India,
Palakalai Nagar Branch, Madurai 21.
        Caution Deposit               MKU A/C. No: IV
        Students Aid Fund             MKU A/C. No:III
        All other fees                MKU A/C. No: I

    4. Provisionally selected candidates should immediately pay the fees and special fees as
       prescribed for the whole year. Provisionally selected candidates who do not pay their
       fees within the time specified on the admission intimation will forfeit their seats.
General Information:
   5. Filled in applications along with the examination fee received after the last date will be
      summarily rejected. Queries regarding receipt of applications in the University Office
      will not be entertained.

    6. Students who have passed the examination of other Universities shall produce the
       provisional eligibility certificate obtained from the Madurai Kamaraj University. Till the
       University grants recognition, such admissions shall be provisional.

    7. Any change in the address should be intimated immediately to the Co-ordinator, Centre
       of Excellence.

    8. In all communications addressed to the University, a Xerox copy of the application
       should be sent for any enquiries.

    9. The University is not responsible for any delay or loss in postal transit.

          a. Separate hostel facilities are available for men and women candidates in the
             University campus.

            b. The nature of the course may require the students to take up hostel facilities,
               however, for hostel accommodation the candidates are advised to approach the
               respective wardens separately.

    11. TA/DA will not be paid to the candidates appearing for entrance examination /


            a. Last Date for the submission of filled in application       - 17.06.2006
            b. The date of entrance examination                            - 08.07.2006
            c. The date of interview                                       - 25.07.2006

        Palkalai Nagar                                                     REGISTRAR
        Madurai 625 021.
                        Madurai Kamaraj University
          (to be filled-in by the Candidate in his / her own hand writing legibly in ENGLISH only)
                          Bioinformatics Centre, School of Biotechnology
APPLICATION FORM FOR ADMISSION TO One Year Advanced Diploma course in                   Bioinformatics
                                                 FOR THE YEAR 2006 - 2007               Space       for   affixing
S.No.      Entrance Test Centres                        Only two Preferences            passport size photograph.
1          Bangalore - BGL                              1.                              The applicant should sign
                                                                                        on the top of the
2          Chennai    - CHE                                                             photograph.           The
3          Hyderabad - HYD                                2.                            attesting officer should
                                                                                        sign at the bottom of the
4          Madurai    - MDU                                                             photograph and affix the
5          Trivandrum - TVM                               3. MADURAI – MDU              office seal

1.      Name of the Applicant

        (In Block letters in English only) (As
        per the University Certificate)

2.      Address to which
        communication is to be
        sent with District, State
        and Pin code Phone No.


3.      Place of Birth and District              4. Date of Birth (in Christian era)

5.      Sex *      Male          Female          6. Nationality

7.      Religion                                 8. Community *        OC        BC      Reserved

9.      Name of the qualifying
        Post Graduate Degree
        with Subject

10.     Percentage of marks                      Maximum Marks        Marks obtained    Results Awaited
        (Up to two decimals)

11.     Special Category                                 Sponsored      Non Sponsored

Whether sponsored by Industry / Organisation? If so, furnish details and enclose the necessary
sponsorship certificate.
12. Any other information deserving special consideration,
    such as qualification in National Level Exams viz.,
        NET/ GATE /UGC / CSIR etc. (enclose evidence)
                       * Tick (     √ ) the appropriate Box in Column Number 5, 8 and 11
13. Name, address with pincode,
occupation and monthly income of the
Parent / Guardian
14. Demand Draft Particulars                     Name of the Bank
                                                 DD Number
14. Enclosures                                   Xerox copies of the following certificates should
                                                 be enclosed and ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES
                                                 NEED NOT BE SENT
                                              i. a) Marks Statement / Grade,
                                             ii. b) Community Certificate for reserved category
                                             iii. c) Two self-addressed stamped envelopes for
                                             iv.     Rs. 10/- each
                                             v. d) Demand Draft
I certify that the statements under items 1 and 4 made by the applicant whose photograph is
affixed in this form are correct

Place:                                                 Signature of the certifying officer with office seal
Date :
                                DECLARATION BY THE APPLICANT
I declare that the entries made by me and the documents submitted in support of the information
furnished by me in the application form are true in all respects and in case any entry or information or
document is found to be false, this shall entail automatic cancellation of my admission besides
rendering me liable to such action as the University may deem proper. I note that my admission to the
University and my continuance on its roll are subject to the provisions of the University Statutes,
Ordinances and other Rules and instructions, which may be issued from time to time.
I shall abide by the rules of discipline and proper conduct, which may be framed in this regard.

Place:                                                 SIGNATURE OF THE APPLICANT


Particulars given above are correct and I declare that my son / daughter will abide by the rules of the
University, if admitted.

Place:                                                  SIGNATURE OF THE PARENT / GUARDIAN
                            Madurai Kamaraj University
                  One Year Advanced Diploma course in Bioinformatics

                                                                            REGISTER NUMBER

                       This is to certify that the signature of Thiru/Tmt/Selvi

  ___________________________________________________                             Space for affixing
                                                                                  passport          size
  appearing for the One Year Advanced Diploma course in Bioinformatics            photograph.       The
                                                                                  applicant      should
  ENTRANCE TEST given below is attested by me.          The photocopy of the      sign on the top of
                                                                                  the      photograph.
  above candidate is also attested by me.                                         The attesting officer
                                                                                  should sign at the
                                                                                  bottom      of     the
                                                                                  photograph         and
                                                                                  affix the office seal
 Specimen Signature of the candidate _______________________

Place:                                                    SIGNATURE OF THE IDENTIFYING OFFICER
                                                                                 (With Office Seal)

         Address of the Candidate to be filled by the Candidate
                               Sponsorship Certificate

I declare that the candidate is sponsored by me is a regular employee and
his stipend amount of Rs. 60,000/- (Rs. Sixty Thousand only) will be sent in
the name of Co-ordinator, Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics, School of
Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 625 021 at the time of
admission.       I am also enclosing the proof of appointment indicating the
duration of employment.

Station:                          Signature of the Sponsoring authority

Date and Seal:                    Name of the authority: