Arrival in Glasgow
From Glasgow International Airport there is a bus service (number 905) every 30 minutes from
outside the Terminal Building to the city centre (a journey of 20-25 minutes). A single ticket to
Buchanan Bus Station will cost you £4.50. Taxis are also available and will cost approximately £20.

Within the city there are two main entry points by public transport. These are:
 Queen Street and Central railway stations, bringing passengers by rail from the north and south
    respectively. (Trains from Prestwick International Airport arrive in Central Station).
 Buchanan Bus Station, for coach arrivals from the north and south.
These are within easy distance of the campus, but if you have heavy luggage, taxis are readily
available. All three arrival points are shown on the map of Central Glasgow.

If you are coming by car from the south, follow the M74/M73 until it joins the M8 (Glasgow) and
leave at junction 15, signposted the Cathedral. Turn left onto Cathedral Street by the Destiny
Church building and then right into Collins Street.

Access to your residence
For all residences, keys should be picked up from the Village Office located underneath the Lord
Todd Restaurant in the centre of the Campus Village (number 26 on the John Anderson Campus
map). It is easiest to get to the Village Office by going round the side of Murray Hall, Collins Street
(number 34 on the map).

Access to your room is available from 11.00am on Sunday 24 January 2009. You should
make every effort to arrive during office hours, ie 9.00am to 5.00pm. The Village Office is open
seven days a week.

Early Arrivals
If you need to arrive early, you may book accommodation through:

Euro Hostel, 318 Clyde Street                  Tel: 0044 (0) 141 222 2828
Travel Inn, 187 George Street                   Tel: 0044 (0) 870 238 3320
The Tourist Information Centre                   Tel: 0044 (0) 141 204 4400
Glasgow Youth Hostel                      Tel: 0044 (0) 141 332 3004

Occupancy Agreement Dates
Please note that Occupancy Agreement Dates are standard. If therefore you wish to arrive later
than Sunday 24 January, or leave before Saturday 5 June, you should be aware that you will be
expected to pay the stated amount of rent.

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