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					Cross Country Ski Location

Although noted more for downhill skiing, there are a few areas near Tokyo where good back country
ski touring can be found. The information given below is for four areas where IAC has led trips in the
past. If you are interested in more extreme mountain skiing, contact IAC Alpine. Equipment for back
country and telemark skiing (and ski wax etc.) can be bought at Tamaki sports in Kanda - JR Kanda
Stn. West Exit. turn right out of the exit and walk for about 30m - Tamaki Sports is on the left side of
the street - ph. 3252-9241.

Nikko, Tochigi-ken Blue Map 31

Getting There:
From Asakusa Stn. to Tobu Nikko Stn. on Tobu Nikko line1270 yen (kaisoku). Then by bus (going to
Yumoto Onsen) from Tobu Nikko Stn. to San Bon Matsu (三本松)1hr10m1400 yen. A Nikko free pass
which covers the return train fare and unlimited buses for 4 days is available at Asakusa Stn for 5600
Main cross country trails all start at Hotel Astoria and loop around. Also possible to ski along the
hiking trails in Senjo-ga-hara (but don't go on the marsh itself) By following the trails it is possible to
ski down to Ryuzu no taki waterfall. Good for beginner or intermediate.
The trails around Hotel Astoria are 1km, 3km, 5km and 10 km. and are not perfectly groomed, but
good enough to use skis without edges.

Senjo-ga-hara Sanso - Minshuku, no bath, 7000 yen pp 0288-55-0173
Pension Artistic Western style, great food, bath, professional photographer runs it, 8500 yen pp 3
person/room ph:0288-55-0704
Hotel Astoria - hotel with onsen 11000 yen pp with onsen ph: 0288-55-0585

Ski Rental:
San Bon Matsu Chaya boots up to 29.5 cm 0288-55-0525/0287 Also have minshuku information
Hotel Astoria - see above for info.

Other possibilities:
Skiing the roads over to Oze or Kinugawa - need experience plus all the gear food etc. See March 94

Yatsugatake Nagano-ken Blue Map 17

Getting There:
From Shinjuku to Chino (JR Chuo Line - Azusa 2hr45m Y3800 if buying kaisuken - group of 4
tickets). From Chino to Miruhen Hiroba by taxi 30 minutes - 5600 yen per taxi
From Miruhen Hiroba ski uphill to Mugikusa Toge and the lodge. From the lodge follow the road then
turn right into the forest to go to the ponds and marshes. Maps of the ski trails are available at the
lodge. For more difficult skiing, follow the hiking trails. Skis with edges are definitely a good idea.
(i.e., back country touring or telemark skis)

Accommodation and Ski Rental:
Mugi-kusa Hutte 7000 yen pp, no bath, 0266-67-2990/0266-78-2231
When leaving Chino Stn. phone the hut and they will meet you at Miruhen Hiroba with snow mobiles
to take your packs etc., and bring the rental skis down to you so you can ski up the road to the lodge.

Asahi Bandai National Park Fukushima-ken Blue Map 33
Getting There:
Shinkansen from Tokyo Stn. to Fukushima Stn. From there by Taxi to Azusa Ski jo at Takayu Onsen
(高湯温泉). From there take the ski lifts up the hill then follow trail 7 (shown on map) to Goshikinuma
(about 3hrs walk in the summer uphill!). The map shows a few huts there. From Goshikinuma follow
the trail back to the main road at Jododaira (浄土平).
Taxi needs to be booked - Fukushima Taxi 0245-45-1919

Azuma Koya, owner Endo-san ph 0245-91-3186 other contact - Onsen 0245-91-3173
Keio Hut 0245-91-1155 Food and bedding available.

There is no ski rentals etc. for this trip. All participants must have all their own gear. A 5 day trip was
written up in March 94 newsletter. More information about trails around the hut are available at Azuma

Zao, Yamagata-ken, Blue Map 37

Getting There:
Shinkansen from Tokyo to Yamagata Stn. From there take a taxi to Bodaira Kogen (坊平高原). There
may also be a bus available to Bodaira Kogen from Yamagata Stn...

Hutte Heidi (0236)-79-2042 8000 yen per night w2 meals, 4500 yen w/o meals. Information available
on where to go is available at the hut. Zao is famous for the Snow Monsters, trees which are completely
covered in snow.
Pension Mura (village) has many other pensions - book early (i.e., 2 months before)

Ski Rentals:
Available at Hutte Heidi 2500 yen per day. Telemark skis are available - highly recommended. Skins
are not available, but if you have your own skis, might be a good idea to get some for climbing uphill -
not essential but makes the trip much easier.

Togakushi Kogen, Nagano Map 12

Getting there
From Ueno to Nagano by Asama Express 3hrs
Nagano to Togakushi Taxi/bus 40m/1hr
Tokyo - Togakushi Ski Bus 10,000 yen return, Eagle Kanko ph. 3251-3341

Youth Hostel Yokokura ph (0262)-54-2030 lots of Ryokan and Minshuku are also available.
Ski routes are in the lower forest near Okusha Iriguchi bus stop. Cedar grove lines trail up the hill to the
Okusha temple. There is also a good downhill skiing area nearby. Togakushi has lots of basket shops
and temples.

Sugadaira, Nagano

Getting there
From Ueno to Ueda by Asama Express 2.5hrs
From Ueda to Sugadaira (Mine no Hara Kogen) Bus and Taxi 1hr.

Pension Kinoko (Mushroom) 8000 yen include. 2 meals - has ski rental -ph 0268-74-2350
The area is a mix of slopes and flat bits (golf courses). It is possible to ski up (bring skins) the main
slope 300m to an elevation of 2000m and then ski down past the Pension and two or three more ski
hills to route 406. There are 6 courses for a total of about 60 km. Some courses require a guide. The
pension owner will also provide some guiding services. Great views of the Northern Alps.

Other Possibilities:
Gakken Sports Mook publishes in Japanese XC Ski Course Guide (XC スキーコースガイド) which
lists about 20 areas accessible from Tokyo for cross country and telemark skiing. Should be available in
larger bookstores.
Some of the areas listed which IAC has lead hiking trips to include:

      Mt. Bandai - the area around Goshiki-numa and Lake Hibara-ko (Blue Map 33)
       Accommodation at the youth hostel.
      Shiga Kogen - Nozawa onsen. Course follows a hiking trail. Plus lots of downhill skiing. This is
       one of the sites of the 1998 Olympics.
      Myoko Kogen
      Norikura Kogen
      Hakuba Minekata - opposite side of train line from downhill ski area.

Also check the Youth Hostel Handbook, which lists all the youth hostels in Japan that have access to
cross country and downhill ski courses.

Compiled by Peter Simmons

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