Unit Plan by lonyoo


									Introduction: This is going to be a Health and Art unit centered on moods and feelings in the
book Today I feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis.
   I.        Analyze Learners-
         The students in my classroom are in the first grade ranging in age form 6-7. My students
         have a normal classroom setting. There are no special needs or skills needed for this unit.
         My students have learned basic skills in Kindergarten that will help them figure out
         vocabulary and definitions.
   II.       State Objectives
   WV CSOs (Content Standards and Objectives)
    HE.1.3.2 Demonstrate healthy ways to act on feelings.
    HE.1.5.2 Identify a variety of feelings and recognize the verbal and non-verbal cues
     associated with each.
    TEC.1.1.1 Use a keyboard to input information using letters, numbers, arrow key, and
     delete key; begin to use left/right hand position.
    VA.1.1.7 Make three-dimensional objects using various media to communicate ideas,
     experiences, and stories.
    VA.1.5.3 Recognize and compare artwork that evokes different feelings.
        RLA.1.1.17 Increase amount of independent reading.
   III.      Select Methods, Media and Materials
               The book, Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee
               The book, Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
               Paper
               Pencils/Crayons/ Markers
               Books to read independently
               Worksheets
               Stapler
               Construction paper
               Google eyes
               Pipe cleaners
               Any other products that could be used for puppet hair or facial items
               Paint
               Mural Paper
   Web sites
       Make your own word search- http://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordsearch/ -
         This website lets you put in as many words as you want and it makes them into a
       Teachers.Net- http://teachers.net/lessons/posts/1528.html -This web site has lesson
         plans for any topic that you would have.
       PBS Kids-Barney- http://pbskids.org/barney/children/coloring/index.html - This
         site gives you lots of coloring sheets and ideas for children.
       PBS Kids-Dragon Tales-
         http://pbskids.org/dragontales/dragon_songs/song_ord.html - This site has many
         activities that you can use but I especially like the song section. I’m using the silly
         song from this site.
IV.   Utilize Media and Materials
      This unit will be taught by introducing the children to the unit topic that they will be
  learning about. This topic will be focusing on the expression of moods and feelings. The
  unit goal is to mix a regular schedule up with a new topic. I will introduce the children to
  new information that will help them with their everyday situations. Many children go
  through tough times and they need to know that all of their feelings are normal.
         Day one: I will read the book Today I feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My
          Day by Jamie Lee Curtis aloud to the students. We will spend time discussing the
          book. We will discuss things like when the book was written, who the author is
          and what the book might be about. Then we will discuss the student’s reaction to
          the book, how they liked it and the feelings that they have. As each child finishes
          with today’s activities they will do independent reading.
         Day two: I will read the book Silly Sally by Audrey Wood aloud to the students,
          and discuss the fluency and expression I used. I will have the children read aloud
          one page and use fluency and expression to show emotions. We will do a
          vocabulary activity and practice writing the vocabulary words. We will do our
          unscramble puzzle that I made at http://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordsearch/ .
          I have a coloring sheet the children can color as well. As each child finishes with
          today’s activities they will do independent reading.
         Day three: I will read one of the books again, children’s choice. We will do a
          matching sheet consisting of faces and emotions. I will go to
          http://pbskids.org/dragontales/dragon_songs/song_ord.html and let the children
          hear the silly song from the Dragon Tales. I will have clown print offs from
          http://pbskids.org/barney/children/coloring/index.html and let the children color
          them and make them whatever emotion they would like. As each child finishes
          with today’s activities they will do independent reading.
         Day four: We will begin to write our own book in class. Each child will take a
          blank sheet of paper and draw themselves with a specific emotion. The child will
          name and label the emotion (i.e. Sad Sam). After naming the picture the child will
          then go to the computer and type a label stating their name to glue onto the page.
          Then I will take the children to the school library to pick out a new book to read
          on emotions. Then I will read the book to them. As each child finishes with
          today’s activities they will do independent reading.
         Day five: Together as a group we will paint a large tree on mural paper (five feet
          or so). Talk about how this is our friendship tree and we want to fill it with leaves.
          Leaves are given to children when you see them being a friend to someone else, a
          friend to our classroom environment. The leaves are pre traced by the teacher and
          kept in an envelope near the tree so there are always available. The leaves are
          very special and only a few are given each day. When they receive a leaf the
          teacher will write their name, why the got the leaf and the date. The children will
          love it. They will show their leaves to their parents and talk about them to each
          other. I think it will be a very positive influence in my class room. I found this
          idea from http://teachers.net/lessons/posts/1528.html. As each child finishes with
          today’s activities they will do independent reading.
         Day six: We will use our bulletin board to do our activity. As each child takes a
          turn spinning the arrow, it will land on an emotion. The children must then state
          the emotion and act it out. We will reread Silly Sally and act out the book. I will
          read another book that we had got from the library on emotions.
         Day seven: I will reread any of the children’s emotion books and we will begin on
          our puppets. Each child will make a puppet that expresses them and then the child
          will name the puppet. Each child will receive little or no direction so it will not
          alter the outcome. As each child finishes with today’s activities they will do
          independent reading.
V.    Require Learner Participation
      I can keep the students interested in several different ways. I think using books are a
      great way for children to understand. Books make it easier to teach a unit plan by
      making learning more fun. I have many fun activities planned to keep the children
      active and interested. Children love it when teachers make learning fun. The children
      will also take a sense of pride and accomplishment by making their own books and
      also by getting to act out different moods. I used fun activities for the students so
      they would not be distracted easily. We could even extend our lessons into another
      day by letting the children put on a puppet show with the puppets they made.
VI.   Evaluate and Revise
         The students will be evaluated by making their own book about emotions. The
      children will practice matching words and emotions and acting out moods from our
      bulletin board. The children will have fun coloring, doing a puzzle, and our friendship
      tree. The children will learn vocabulary and word identification.
         I will be using day ones assignment to evaluate HE.1.5.2. I will be using day twos
      assignments to evaluate, coloring pages for HE.1.5.2 and VA.1.5.3 and independent
      reading for RLA.1.1.17. I will use day threes assignments to evaluate HE1.3.2,
      HE1.5.2, and RLA1.1.17. I will use the assignments on day four to evaluate
      Tec.1.1.1, He.1.5.2, and RLA1.1.17. I will use the assignments on day five to
      evaluate VA.1.5.3 and RLA.1.1.17. I will use the assignments on day six to evaluate
HE.1.3.2 and HE.1.5.2. I will use the assignments on day seven to evaluate VA.1.1.7
and RLA.1.1.17. The funniest project of all would be the making of our feelings
puppets. Each day the children will receive class participation grades also.

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