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					                                     Spelling Matrix
Theme:                             Number:            Name:
You Must choose activities that total up to 50 points. Attach each assignment to the back of this
matrix and put an X in the box (s) you choose to do. All Assignments are due Friday morning
before the test. You can only do one activity from each square.
                                                                                       Fraction Words
                                                                                     Write your words as
                                                               Telephone Pad
                                                                                      fractions, based on
                                                              Write each word in
                                                                                         the number of
                                                              numbers. Find each
 5 points

                                                                                            vowels to
             Write your words 10     Choose an “Activity     letter on a telephone
                  times each            1” Exercise          keypad and write the
                                                                                          For example:
                                                                                        dog = 1 vowel, 2
                                                                number for each
                                                                                      consonants, so the
                                                                                       fraction would be
                                                                                        Home Pretest:
                                                                                      Have a parent give
                                                                                        you a pretest at
                                    Create a word search                              home. Make sure to
             Use each word in a
 15 points

                                     with an answer key.                              have them sign the
              sentence. Correct                               Choose an “Activity
                                     Don’t forget to use                               correct box below
                 spelling and                                    2” Exercise
                                        grid paper and                                 when finished! No
               grammar count!
                                    include a word bank.                             signature, no credit!!
                                                                                         Also attach the
                                                                                         pretest to this
                                     Write a mnemonic
                                      sentence to help
                                     remember each of                              Locate your words in
              Use your spelling
                                    your spelling words.                             the newspaper or
              words to write a
                                      Each letter of the                            magazine articles.
               short story. You
 25 points

                                     word should start a      Write the definition  Cut out the words
              must use all 20 of
                                    word in the sentence.    for each word in your and paste them to a
             your spelling words
                                       For example, an                list.          separate sheet or
             and three challenge
                                     mnemonic sentence                             you may cut out the
             words and highlight
                                     for the word throw                            articles and highlight
                                     might look like this:                              your words.
                                    Ted has rented one

                                   I have given my child their Home Pretest:

                             Parent Signature:
                    Creative Spelling Ideas
                “Activity 1” Exercises (5 points)
                                      Only choose one
1. ABC order-       2. Rainbow         3. Backwards    4. Scrambled         5. Surround
Write your          Words –            Words -         words –              words –
words in             Write your        Write your      Write your           Write your
alphabetical        words in three     words forwards, words, then          words on graph
order               colors             then backwards. write them           paper and
                                                       again with the       outline in color.
                                                       letters mixed
6. Pyramid          7. Reversed        8. X words –    9. Other             10. Choo-choo
words –             words –            Write two words Handed –             words –
Write your          Write your         having one      If you are right-    Write the entire
words adding or     words in ABC       common letter   handed, write        list end-to-end
subtracting one     order –            so they criss-  with your left,      as one long
letter at a time.   backwards          cross.          or vise-versa.       word, using
the result will                                                             different colors
be pyramid                                                                  of crayon or ink
shape.                                                                      for different

               “Activity 2” Exercises (15 points)
                                      Only choose one
 1. Silly            2. Picture         3. Ransom        4. Words-in-        5. Bubbles –
 Sentences –         words -            Words -          words –             Draw your
 Use all your        Draw a picture     Write your       Write your word     words in bubble
 words in ten        and write your     words by         and then write      form.
 sentences           words in the       cutting out      at least 2 words
                     picture.                            made from

 6. 30 Second        7. Secret          8. Create a
 Words –             Agent Words        code –
 Write a TV          –                  Write out a
 commercial          Number the         code and
 using all the       Alphabet from      convert your
 words from your     1-26 then          words to that
 list.               convert your       code.
                     words to a
                     number code

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