Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Board - Tic-Tac-Toe Story Assignment Board

					                Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling Assignment Board

        Picture Words                       Sound Words                        Wacky Words

Draw a picture. of each             Use a tape recorder or your        Use textured materials to spell
spelling word and write the        computer to record your words       your words. Trace them on
word next to the picture.          and their spelling. Then, listen    sandpaper, write them in
                                   to the tape and check to see that   shaving cream, spell them with
                                   you have spelled all the words      Alphabits cereal or invent your
                                   correctly.                          own wacky way to practice
                                                                       your spelling words.

        Clap Snap Clap                    Spelling Squares                   Back Rub Spelling

Say a word and clap once.           Write your spelling words on     Draw the letters to the spelling
Snap as you say each letter in     graph paper. Put one letter in    words on someone’s back.
the word. Say the word again       each box. Tall letters
as you clap once again. Can        (h,k,f,t,d,l,b) go up 2 boxes and
also be varied with clap stump     low letters (y,g,q,p,j) go down 2
clap. Clap and say. Stump each     boxes. Trace around the words
letter and clap and say the word   with straight lines using a
again.                             crayon or marker to see the
                                   shape of each word.

     Spelling Word Finds              Word Processing Practice                Sentence Writing

Create a Word Find using           Use the computer to type the        Write your spelling words in a
Puzzlemaker at                     spelling words. You can make        sentence in your notebook or
http://puzzlemaker.                it fun by using different fonts,    type the words in a sentence on
school.discovery.com/              colors or sizes.                    the computer. Underline each
index.html                                                             spelling word.
Make 2 copies. Make one into
an answer key and use the other
for a friend or classmate.

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