Nervous System Word Search _9 by lonyoo


									Nervous System Word Search (9.1-9.12)            Name ________________________________

1. The voluntary muscles are controlled by the _______________________________nervous system.
2. The ____________________________ enlargement of the spinal cord supplies nerves to the lower body.
3. Neurons are composed of a network of fine threads called _________________________________
4. ______________________________are cells found between neurons and blood vessels.
5. Neurons consist of a cell body, axons, and ______________________________
6. The ____________________________________ nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord
7. A nerve impulse starts at the dendrite then travels to the _______________________
8. White matter is composed of axons that are sheathed in ______________________________
9. Once the threshold stimulus is received, _____________________________ channels open
10. The spinal cord originates at the brain, passes through the ______________ magnum and then descends to
the lumbar vertebrae
11. When an ____________________ potential is reached, sodium diffuses inward, and the membrane becomes
12. The junction between two communicating neurons is called the ______________________________
13. The ____________________________________________that stimulates muscles cells is called
14. The _________________________arc refers to a simple nerve pathway that would be involved with
involuntary actions (like knee-jerk, or withdrawal)
15. The __________________________ mater is the outermost layer of the meninges.
16. __________________________________cells help destroy bacterial cells and cellular debris.
17. There are 31 pairs of ____________________________ nerves.
18. Tracts that carry sensory information to the brain are called ________________________________ tracts.
19. Membranes called ________________________________ are located between bone and the soft tissue of
the nervous system.
20. Gaps in the myelin sheath are called Nodes of _________________________________

           R    U    T    R   J    K    C    E    N   T    R    A    L    P   D    Z    T    D
           Q    L    T    Y   G    W    Y    U    E   C    I    T    O    X   A    V    A    B
           F    U    L    D   N    V    G    C    U   M    U    I    N    X   V    A    M    I
           X    M    T    L   I    G    S    Q    R   E    E    M    O    E   Q    N    U    B
           G    B    N    A   D    D    R    I    O   N    D    N    T    S   H    J    I    X
           C    A    I    I   N    R    Q    S    T   I    L    C    K    P   U    S    D    N
           J    R    L    L   E    C    Q    C    R   N    W    W    H    A   R    L    O    Y
           S    E    E    G   C    Q    D    I    A   G    T    O    N    N   E    I    S    N
           E    G    Y    O   S    M    H    T    N   E    O    D    J    Y   F    R    S    V
           T    G    M    R   A    D    K    A    S   S    F    E    S    S   L    B    J    S
           Y    L    Z    C   P    V    R    M    M   V    F    N    J    V   E    I    J    I
           C    A    F    I   U    B    A    O    I   Q    J    D    N    O   X    F    M    W
           O    N    N    M   R    E    N    S    T   X    K    R    E    S   S    O    S    V
           R    I    O    E   T    V    V    A    T   W    V    I    M    L   B    R    Y    N
           T    P    Y    I   D    X    I    F    E   W    T    T    A    T   C    U    J    B
           S    S    Y    R   T    C    E    P    R   U    C    E    R    X   F    E    P    W
           A    W    W    K   O    C    R    I    G   U    X    S    O    U   D    N    M    K
           W    G    W    V   P    O    A    K    M   Y    A    X    F    A   R    U    D    B

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