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					                                   Cereal Box Project
Name ____________________                                      Period __________

Once you have finished reading your biography, you may do a cereal box report as
your project. Here are the steps to follow:

        1.     Cover a cereal box with colored paper. If you are going to write directly
               on the paper, be sure to use a light shade so your blue or black ink will
               show. lf you are going to type or write your information on another sheet
               of paper then paste it on your box, the background color won't matter.

        2.     On the front of the box, put the person's name and a picture or pictures
               about the person.

        3.     On one side of your box put a time line. You'll need at least 10 key facts
               beginning with the person's birth date.

        4.     For the back of your box, design a game that includes information or
               key words about your person. A crossword puzzle, word find, scrambled
               letters, "Monopoly," etc. would all be appropriate. When possible,
               provide an answer key. Be sure your game is informative!!!

        5.     You will also need a "Fun Facts" "Did You Know," obituary, or summary
               telling about your person. For the most part, the information you share
               here should be different from the facts included in your time line. This
               should go on the back unless you need the entire space for your game. If
               you can't get it on the back, put it on the side opposite your time line.

        6.     Unless you've used the other side as mentioned above, you may
               decorate it as you wish.

                                         Possible Points       Points Earned

Followed directions                              40 points     ___________

Neatness                                         40 points     ___________

Front                                            20 points     ___________

        Game                                     30 Points     ____________

        "Fun Facts," "Did You Know?"             30 points     ____________

Side 1 (Time line)                               40 points     ____________

Total Points                                     200 points    ____________

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