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									                                                                        For Immediate Release
                                                                             December 8, 2005

  GVRD hotels and restaurants encouraged to recycle organic waste
                  New cost-saving program eases pressure on the environment

VANCOUVER – An increasing number of Greater Vancouver hotels and restaurants are doing
their part to protect the environment by adopting an innovative and cost-effective organic waste
recycling program aimed at reducing the 1.1 million tons of organic waste landfill generated from
commercial industrial uses in the GVRD each year – which is enough waste to fill BC Place
Stadium three times.

According to the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA) and the BC and Yukon
Hotels’ Association (BCYHA), the organic waste recycling program could save operators up to
25 per cent in waste management costs once implemented, while simultaneously reducing the
burden on the environment.

BCRFA President and CEO, Ian Tostenson, said organic waste recycling would become
standard industry practice within a matter of time and that the BCRFA is encouraging members
to sign up for the program.

“We’re taking a proactive approach by offering our members a cost-saving incentive to recycle
kitchen waste. It’s a win-win situation for the environment and for our members,” Mr Tostenson

BCYHA Chief Executive Officer James Chase shares those sentiments.

“The 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are being referred to as the “Green Games”, so
now is a pertinent time for our industry to demonstrate leadership and commitment to
environmental sustainability by implementing best environmental practices,” said Mr Chase.

BCRFA and BCYHA member companies who have also implemented the organic recycling
program include the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Capilano Suspension Bridge, The Keg,
Boston Pizza, Capers and Granville Island Merchants.

Fairmont Waterfront Director of Operations, Michael Pye said the organic waste recycling
program made excellent business sense.

“We are committed to this program because it shows that environmental benefits can be
achieved through industry leadership, collaboration and commitment. We’re encouraging
industry members to get on board with this initiative because it’s simple, cost-effective and it
works,” Mr Pye said.

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The Capilano Suspension Bridge has enrolled its four food service operations – the Loggers'
Grill, Canyon Café, Bridge House Restaurant and Canyon House Banquet Rooms -- in the new

“We host people from all over the world and therefore it is important that we are in a position to
demonstrate best environmental practices. The organic waste recycling program is helping us to
do that,” said Capilano Suspension Bridge Director of Food and Beverage, Rocky Ozaki.

The organic waste recycling program is being advocated to BCRFA and BCYHA members
throughout the GVRD and involves an exclusive partnership with waste management company
Smithrite Disposal Ltd.

The program enables kitchen waste to be composted instead of thrown out, delivering
significant environmental benefits such as fewer chemicals deposited on land through the use of
organic instead of chemical fertilizer products, and reduced methane gas emissions into the
atmosphere from unprocessed organic waste.

Acceptable organic materials for composting include soiled paper, waxed cardboard, flowers,
fruits, vegetables, food scraps, bakery discards, meat and bones, poultry and seafood residuals.
Until now, most recycling services have been restricted to paper, cardboard, bottles and some
plastic jugs, with these materials making up the smallest portion of the residual wastes from
restaurants and foodservices facilities.

The BCRFA and BCYHA represent an industry of over 10,000 operators across BC who
contribute more than $7.5 billion annually to the provincial economy. The industry is one of BC’s
largest employers and has created more than 165,000 direct jobs.


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