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One of the main reasons why many marketers did not
manage to make a single sale online is because they are not
driving enough traffic to their websites.

Traffic generation is one of the most important aspects as far
as making money online is concerned. The reason is this –
You can have a fantastic website with a fantastic offer, but if
no one knows about it, your website is non-existent, and
there’s no way you can generate any sales.

There are 2 types of traffic generation types available – paid as well as free. Both
work equally well in my personal opinion. In this post, I’m going to share with you 5
free traffic generation methods that work very well for me (and I’m sure it will work
very well for you too).

1. Social Bookmarking

There are many social bookmarking sites available on the Internet (the most popular
ones being Digg, Propeller, where you can submit your website to (and
by doing so, you can possibly allow your website to reach out to a wide community of
people around the world). If the content in your website is interesting enough, you
will have a surge of visitors visiting your website to read your content.

This is the reason why it is extremely important to conduct a thorough research to find
out what your prospective visitors are interested in, before you actually start writing
the contents for your website.

2. Article Writing

Many people think that they need to be as good as an English professor to write
articles on the Internet. This is not true.

As long as you know how to write in simple English, you will be able to write articles
on the Internet. And besides, there’s no need for you to write very long articles – All
you need is to write articles about 200 to 300 words long, and you can do it in within
10 to 15 minutes if you are writing something that you have a good knowledge about.

Once you have written the articles, you need to submit them to the various article
directories. Some of the top article directories that I recommend you submit your
articles to are Ezine Articles, Go Articles, and Articles Base.

How you can drive traffic to your website with articles is through the author’s bio in
each article that you submit. So, as long as your article is interesting and informative
enough, people will definitely click on the link that you have in the author’s bio to
check out your website (because they want to read more articles written by you).
The above is a screenshot showing you how a typical author’s bio would look like (as
highlighted in a red rectangular box). An author’s bio can typically be found at the
bottom of the article.

3. Social Networking

There are many social networking websites you can join (such
as FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter) where you can meet up with like-minded people
from all over the world.

Let’s say, you have a website about dog training – You can look for dog lovers in
these social networking websites, connect with them and get to know which areas
about dog training they are interested and need more information in. With this
understanding, you can then provide the requested information in your website base
on your knowledge of the specific topic.

As long as you are not a persistent salesman (where you try time and again to promote
products and services to them), and show them that you are sincere in sharing
information, you can be sure that they will visit your website regularly – And that’s
free traffic for you.

4. Forums

How you can get traffic from forums is that you must first participate in it. If you are
new to the forum, start off by responding to forum posts created by others. Try to help
out fellow forum members with problems that they are currently facing.

As long as your forum posts are beneficial to the fellow forum members, they are
going to regard you as an “expert” in that area, and will want to check out your
websites to learn more from you (you can include a link to your website in the forum
signature, which will appear at the bottom of every forum post you submit), as well as
your product recommendations.
The above screenshot shows you how a typical forum signature would look like
(highlighted in a red rectangular box).

This is one method of free traffic generation that works extremely well for many

5. Web 2.0

You can make use of Web 2.0 platforms (such as Squidoo and HubPage, which are
free to sign up and use) to create mini-sites to share some information in the area
where your website is based on.

There are step-by-step instructions to guide you along to creating your first Squidoo
lens and HubPage hub – All you need to do is to just simply “fill in the blanks” and
you’re done!

The following screenshot shows you how a typical Squidoo lens, as well as a
HubPage hub, looks like:

 Layout Of A Typical Squidoo Lens             Layout Of A Typical HubPage Hub
So there you have it. I’ve just shared with you 5 free traffic generation methods that
work. I’ve been using these 5 methods myself and they worked great in helping me
drive massive, targeted traffic to my websites, and I’m perfectly sure these 5 methods
will work for you as well.

If you are just starting off, what I can advise is that you pick and choose 1 traffic
generation method that you feel most comfortable with and start working on it until
you see some traffic coming into your website before moving on to the next traffic
generation method.

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