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									Title                                          Author

1984                                           Orwell, George
A Farewell to Arms                             Hemingway, Ernest
A Game Of Thrones                              Martin, George R. R.
A Prayer for Owen Meaney                       Irving, John
A Suitable Boy                                 Seth, Vikram
A Tale of Two Cities                           Dickens, Charles
A Town Like Alice                              Shute, Nevil
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn                       Smith, Betty
All Quiet on the Western Front                 Remarque, Erich Maria
All the Sweet Promises                         Elgin, Elizabeth
American Gods                                  Gaiman, Neil
Anna Karenina                                  Tolstoy, Leo
At swim-two-birds                              O'Brien, Flann
Atonement                                      McEwan, Ian
Baroque cycle                                  Stephenson, Neal
Behind the scenes at the museum                Atkinson, Kate
Birds Without Wings                            De Bernières, Louis
Birdsong                                       Faulks, Sebastian
Bleak House                                    Dickens, Charles
Bourne Trilogy                                 Ludlum, Robert
Brideshead Revisited                           Waugh, Evelyn
Bright Day                                     Priestley, J. B.
Busman's honeymoon                             Sayers, Dorothy L.
By Grand Central Station I sat down and wept   Smart, Elizabeth
Captain Correli's Mandolin                     De Bernières, Louis
Catch 22                                       Heller, Joseph
Chocolat                                       Harris, Joanne
Cold Comfort Farm                              Gibbons, Stella
Crime and punishment                           Dostoevsky, Fyodor
Dark Winter                                    McNab, Andy
Dead Famous                                    Elton, Ben
Dracula                                        Stoker, Bram
Dune                                           Herbert, Frank
Emma                                           Austen, Jane
Enduring Love                                  McEwan, Ian
Fever Pitch                                    Hornby, Nick
Fiesta                                         Hemingway, Ernest
Flowers in the attic                           Andrews, Virginia
Frankenstein                                   Shelley, Mary
Frankie and Stankie                            Trapido, Barbara
Frenchman's Creek                              Du Maurier, Daphne
Gaudy Night                                    Sayers, Dorothy L.
Girl With A Pearl Earring                      Chevalier, Tracy
Gone With the Wind                             Mitchell, Margaret
Goodnight Mister Tom                           Magorian, Michelle
Gormenghast                                    Peake, Mervyn
Great expectations                             Dickens, Charles
Guards Guards                                  Pratchett, Terry
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire            Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban       Rowling, J. K.
High Fidelity                                  Hornby, Nick
History of Western Philosophy                 Russell, Bertrand
House of Leaves                               Danielewski, Mark Z
Illusions                                     Bach, Richard
Invisible Monsters                            Palahniuk, Chuck
Jane Eyre                                     Brontë, Charlotte
Join Me                                       Wallace, Danny
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell               Clarke, Susanna
Jude the Obscure                              Hardy, Thomas
Labyrinth                                     Mosse, Kate
Lady Windermere’s Fan                         Wilde, Oscar
Letters and Papers from Prison                Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Lolita                                        Nabokov, Vladimir
Lolly Willowes                                Townsend Warner, Sylvia
Memoirs of a Geisha                           Golden, Arthur
Middlemarch                                   Eliot, George
Mill on the Floss                             Eliot, George
Miss Garnet's Angel                           Vickers, Salley
Mort                                          Pratchett, Terry
Mrs Dalloway                                  Woolf, Virginia
Night Watch                                   Pratchett, Terry
Nights at the Circus                          Carter, Angela
No Second Chance                              Coben, Harlan
North and South                               Gaskell, Elizabeth
Northern Lights/ His Dark Materials Trilogy   Pullman, Philip
Not Fade Away                                 Dodge, Jim
On the Road                                   Kerouac, Jack
One Hundred Years of Solitude                 Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Oryx and Crake                                Atwood, Margaret
Oscar and Lucinda                             Carey, Peter
Our Mutual Friend                             Dickens, Charles
Pale Fire                                     Nabakov, Vladimir
Paradise Lost                                 Milton, John
Perfume                                       Süskind, Patrick
Persuasion                                    Austen, Jane
Pride and Predjudice                          Austen, Jane
Reaper Man                                    Pratchett, Terry
Remembrance of things past                    Proust, Marcel
Riddley Walker                                Hoban, Russell
Right Ho Jeeves                               Wodehouse, P.G
Scoop                                         Waugh, Evelyn
Shikasta                                      Lessing, Doris
Shogun                                        Clavell James
Shopaholic Abroad                             Kinsella, Sophie
Sick puppy                                    Hiaasen, Carl
Slaughterhouse-five                           Vonnegut, Kurt
Sophie's World                                Gaarder, Jostein
Soul Music                                    Pratchett, Terry
Strong Imagination                            Nettle, Daniel
Susan's Diary to Nicholas                     Patterson, James
Tender Is The Night                           Fitzgerald, F. Scott
The Age of Innocence                          Wharton Edith
The Alchemist                                 Coelho, Paulo
The Alteration                                Amis, Kingsley
The Bell Jar                          Plath, Sylvia
The Bible                             Many!
The Catcher in the Rye                Salinger, J.D
The Cavern                            Saramago, José
The Color Purple                      Walker, Alice
The Colour of Magic                   Pratchett, Terry
The Crow Road                         Banks, Iain
The Da Vinci Code                     Brown, Dan
The Decameron                         Boccaccio, Giovanni
The End of the Affair                 Greene, Graham
The Fall (La Chute)                   Camus, Albert
The Far Pavilions                     Kaye, M. M.
The girl who loved Tom Gordon         King, Stephen
The God of Small Things               Roy, Arundhati
The Golden Gate                       MacLean, Alistair
The Grapes Of Wrath                   Steinbeck, John
The Great Gatsby                      Fitzgerald, F. Scott
The Handmaid's Tale                   Atwood, Margaret
The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy   Adams, Douglas
The Life of Pi                        Martel, Yann
The little white horse                Goudge, Elizabeth
The Lord of the Rings                 Tolkein, J.R.R
The Lovely Bones                      Sebold, Alice
The Magic Faraway Tree                Blyton, Enid
The man who ate the 747               Sherwood, Ben
The Meaning of Liff                   Adams, Douglas
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress          Heinlein, Robert
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd           Christie, Agatha
The Odyssey                           Homer
The Perks of Being a Wallflower       Chbosky, Stephen
The Picture of Dorian Gray            Wilde, Oscar
The Power Of One                      Courtenay, Bryce
The Princess Bride                    Goldman, William
The Secret History                    Tartt, Donna
The Shadow of the Wind                Ruiz Zafon, Carlos
The Sign of Four                      Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
The story of Lucy Gault               Trevor, William
The Three Musketeers                  Dumas, Alexandre
The Time Traveller's Wife             Niffenegger, Audrey
The Van                               Doyle, Roddy
The View From The Mirror              Irvine, Ian
The Wasp Factory                      Banks, Iain
The Waves                             Woolf, Virginia
The Wind Up Bird Chronicle            Murakami, Haruki
The Wizard of Earthsea                LeGuin, Ursula
This Alien Shore                      Friedman, C. S.
Titus Groan                           Peake, Mervyn Laurence
To kill a mockingbird                 Lee, Harper
Ulysses                               Joyce, James
Vernon God Little                     Pierre, D. B. C.
War and Peace                         Tolstoy, Leo
Waterland                             Swift, Graham
Watership down                        Adams, Richard
Wizard's First Rule   Goodkind, Terry
Wuthering Heights     Brontë, Emily
Wyrd sisters          Pratchett, Terry

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