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To Whom It May Concern:

You would be wise to hire Nicole Raisch. This young woman is a leader, a task-master, and
creates joy.

We first hired Nicole for a three-month internship, collaborating on public relations and
marketing projects for one of our clients, Great Shape! Inc. – an international non-profit. She
quickly began managing her own projects and deadlines, training the other interns, and living
up to the title “go-to girl.” Thankfully, Nicole agreed to stay on for her entire senior year.
Thanks to her enterprising attitude and attention to details, Great Shape! Inc. has brand new
content for its website, a new system in place to communicate with 2,000 donors, volunteers,
and the media, and a new file labeled “how to” which trains team members to carry out all
kinds of tasks (technology, social media, video, etc).

Nicole leads by example. She doesn’t ask her team members to take on any job she isn’t
already working on herself. Nicole managed several groups at Gonzaga University and here
at Let It Shine, she recognized the skill set remains the same no matter what project –
whether leading her volleyball team to nationals or teaching new interns how to pitch a story
to the international media – it’s all in the organizational system, the passion, and the details.
She’s blessed to understand all three.

We’ve really appreciated Nicole’s ability to make us laugh, calm nerves with her self-
depreciating manner, and bring light into the office. I pray she finds her way back to Let It
Shine, as we’d love to put her to work when the time is right.

It’ll be excited to see where Nicole lands. We know she will “do good, for good.”


Lucinda Kay
Let It Shine, Owner/President

  Let It Shine  (509) 325- 3623  
                        2617 W. Dell Drive Spokane, WA 99208

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