3rd MUNICIPAL ACCESSIBILITY PLAN

1.   Municipality Participating in this Plan

     The Corporation of the Town of Halton Hills
     1 Halton Hills Drive
     Halton Hills, ON L7G 5G2

2.   Key Contact

     Debbie Edmonds, Accessibility Plan Coordinator
     (905) 873-2601 ext. 2332

3.   Population

     51,300        As of 2004 Town of Halton Hills (Economic Development)

4.   Municipal Highlights

     Settled since the early 1800’s, Halton Hills is an amalgamated community
     located just northwest of Toronto. There are two urban centers, Georgetown and
     Acton, which are surrounded by a natural area (Esquesing) with three hamlets –
     Stewarttown, Norval and Glen Williams. In addition, the settlement clusters of
     Limehouse, Hornby and Ballinafad, Ashgrove and Whaley’s Corners form an
     integral part of the rich history of Halton Hills. The 401, 25 and 407 Highways
     border Halton Hills providing easy access to any center.

     Exciting cultural and community events, such as the Spring Arts Open House
     (Williams Mill), Georgetown Farmers Market (Saturdays, June to mid-October),
     Canada Day Celebrations (Glen Williams), and Acton and Georgetown Fall Fairs
     are held throughout the year. Many residents and visitors appreciate the natural
     beauty of the Willow Park Ecology Centre and Lucy Maud Montgomery Garden
     in Norval. The Limehouse Conservation area forms a picturesque section of the
     Bruce Trail as part of the Niagara Escarpment. In 1974, these communities were
     amalgamated to form Halton Hills and the municipal leadership of the
     Corporation of the Town of Halton Hills.

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5.   Town Services

     The Town is responsible for the delivery of the following services:

     •   Town Roads
     •   Economic Development
     •   Court Administration
     •   Town Parks and Facilities
     •   Recreational Programming
     •   Library Services
     •   Fire Protection and Prevention Services
     •   Planning
     •   Development Financing
     •   Human Services Planning
     •   Building Permit Processing
     •   Licensing
     •   ActiVan Transportation Services

6.   Executive Summary

     The Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, was proclaimed on September 30,
     2002. Its goal is to improve access and opportunities for people with disabilities.
     The Act provides for the establishment of a Committee of Council to be involved
     in identifying, removing and preventing barriers within the municipality. The new
     Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 received Royal Assent on
     June 14, 2005 requiring municipalities to continue to improve accessibility in the
     community in order to meet their obligations under the Act.

     The Town of Halton Hills meets the requirements of the Act through the
     preparation and implementation of an annual Accessibility Plan. This is the third
     plan (2005-2006) prepared by the Halton Hills Accessibility Advisory Committee.

     The Town recently appointed two new members to the Halton Hills Accessibility
     Advisory Committee also referred to as HHAAC. The Halton Hills Accessibility
     Advisory Committee is a Committee of Council that reports directly to Council.
     Staff representation from each department provides support to the Committee.
     As required by the ODA, HHAAC is instrumental in the development and
     evaluation of the effectiveness of our Accessibility Plan.

     HHAAC is committed to working with staff and the community to develop
     standards that reflect the community’s needs. Halton Hills Council seeks the
     input of the Committee in establishing criteria for current and new policies and
7.        Committee Members

          The members of the Halton Hills Accessibility Advisory Committee are:

           • Councillor Moya Johnson – Chair
           • Mayor Rick Bonnette (Ex-officio)
           • Garry Gore, Citizen Member
           • Chris Kenopic, Citizen Member
           • Wayne MacDonald, Citizen Member
           • Kathleen Williams, Citizen Member
           • Bill Leslie, Citizen Member
           • Jerry Ford, Citizen Member
           • Maria Smorong, Citizen Member
           • Michelle Lowe, Citizen Member
           • Judy Fewster, Citizen Member

     8.      Working Group Members and contact information

Working Group
                           Department                    Contact Information
                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2365
Terry Alyman               Recreation & Parks  

                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2501
Jane Diamanti              Library             

                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2210
Simone Gourlay             Purchasing          

                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2313
Rick Henry                 Engineering & Public Works

                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2332
Debbie Edmonds             Clerks              

                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2296
Bruce MacLean              Planning
                                                         (905) 873-2601 ext 2113
Bob Meads                  Fire
                           Building, Zoning &            (905) 873-2601 ext 2388
Henry Tse
9.    Methods Used to Identify Barriers

      The Committee and the Working Group Members used the following barrier-
      identification methodologies:

Methodology                        Description                  Status
Disabled Persons   The Committee reviewed the Disabled          The Committee
Parking Study      Persons Parking Study by the IBI             completed its review
Review             Group, a detailed study of existing on-      in 2005.
                   street and off-street parking for disabled
                   persons making several of their own
                   recommendations for improvements to
                   Town-wide parking including proposed
                   amendments to the Parking By-laws.
HHAAC Facility     The Committee has toured all of the          Completed 2005
Audit Survey Tours town-owned facilities conducting facility
of Town-owned      pre-audit surveys for each. The details
facilities using   of the common barriers to accessibility
Accessibility      identified by the Committee and
Checklists created recommendations for removal are
by the Canadian    contained in a comprehensive report
Standards          that will be available in January 2006.
Association and
Ontario Human
Community            HHAAC is hosting a Community Open          To be held on Monday,
Outreach             House to promote awareness of the          December 5, 2005.
                     work of the Halton Hills Accessibility
                     Advisory Committee to the community
                     on or about the International Day of
                     Disabled Persons.

Staff/Consultant/    The Halton Hills Accessibility             On-going
Vendor               Committees’ hands-on approach to
Delegations and      barrier removal and prevention often
Presentations        results in common sense, low-cost, and
                     creative solutions. Staff has consulted
                     the Committee by attending Committee
                     meetings to gain valuable insight and
                     input into decision-making. Works and
                     Engineering, Parks and Recreation
                     staff, the Executive Director of the
                     Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
                     and organizers for a Rick Hansen
                     Wheels in Motion event addressed the
                     Committee as delegations in 2005.
Conference          Members of the Committee attended          June 2005
Delegates           the Access II Ontario Conference and
                    Halton Region’s Joint Accessibility        November 2005
                    Advisory Committee Meeting to learn
                    new ways to identify barriers and
                    prevention of barriers through
                    examination of site plans.
News Column         The Independent provided space in the      Monthly throughout
                    Health Matters Section of the              2005
                    newspaper for a monthly column on
                    accessibility. This provides a forum for
                    community awareness and also for
                    disabled persons in the community to
                    contact the Committee with accessibility
                    issues and barrier identification. In
                    particular, the Committee received input
                    regarding sidewalk and intersection
                    conditions hazardous to wheelchair and
                    power chair users.
Public              Members of the Committee addressed         April 25, 2005
Presentations       Council at the Public Meetings
                    regarding Transit and heard from others
                    in the community such as Seniors
                    experiencing similar accessibility

      The following is a list of Committee meetings held to develop the 2006
      Accessibility Plan for Halton Hills:

         •   February 9, 2005
         •   March 9, 2005
         •   March 23, 2005
         •   April 13, 2005
         •   May 11, 2005
         •   June 8, 2005
         •   August 31, 2005
         •   September 14, 2005
         •   October 12, 2005
         •   November 23, 2005
10.    Barriers Identified and acted upon in 2005

Barrier and Type        Strategy for removal/prevention                    Status
1. Closed-              Throughout 2005, HHAAC discussed the               Completed-
   Captioning of the    needs of the deaf, deafened by injury or           Recommendation
   Town of Halton       disease, and hard of hearing and their             HHAAC 2005-
   Hills Council        inability due to lack of closed captioning to      0009 was adopted
   Meetings –           participate in local politics particularly local   by Council on
   Communication        Council meetings. The Chair represented the        October 3, 2005.
   Barrier              Committee at meetings with the Mayor and           Closed-Captioning
                        executives of the Cogeco Cable company. A          of Council
                        Committee member made a compelling                 commences in
                        presentation to Council through Sign               November 2005.
                        Language Interpreters.
2. Retrofitting the     The Committee identified a number of               Completed-
   Civic Centre-        physical barriers in a facility pre-audit at the   November 2005
   Physical             centre of government, the Civic Centre. A          Doors to be
   Barriers             large wide new sidewalk ramp replaces the          completed
                        only small one that was often blocked by           December 2005
                        parked vehicles and a second alternate ramp
                        has been installed at the main entrance to
                        the Civic Centre. New sliding doors replace
                        the large entrance doors that were heavy,
                        cumbersome, and difficult for anyone to open
                        and not accessible to wheelchair users. The
                        main General Information counter inside the
                        main entrance is now fully accessible.
                        Accessible desk stations are located in the
                        lower level.
3. Business             Requirement included that the premises of a Passed June 28,
    Licensing By-       business is accessible to persons with           2005.
   law – Policy/        disabilities by reducing or eliminating barriers
   Attitudinal          in accordance with any other Act.
   Barriers             Availability of a licence for Accessible
                        Taxicabs and Drivers. Requirement for
                        Driver Sensitivity Training. Incentive for a
                        first plate free for accessible taxicabs.
4. Implement full       The Town installed its first TTY phone at the      To be completed
    local TTY/TDD       Civic Centre in 2004. TTY Pay phones are           December 2005
telephone features at   being installed in 3 other Town facilities in
Town Facilities-        2005.
5. Accessibility        The first mandatory staff training workshop        To be completed
   Awareness            presented by the Coalition for Persons with        December 13,
   Training for         Disabilities of Halton Peel                        2005
  staff- Attitudinal   opens minds to a basic understanding of the
  Barrier              different types of disabilities, barriers faced
                       by persons with disabilities, how to prevent
                       barriers, language and terminology, and the
                       effects of the home, work, and community
6. Transit Review-     Full consultation with the Works and          Completed June
   Activan Policy      Engineering on the Transit Report, “Improved 13, 2005
   and Procedures      Access to Public Transit for Persons with
   and Accessible      Disabilities” proposing less restrictive
   Taxicab             requirements for using the Activan, to be
   Services-           available to all persons with all types of
   Transportation      disabilities including ambulatory passengers,
   Barrier             expanding hours and areas of operation to
                       include evenings and weekends, and more
                       options such as subsidized taxicabs to get
                       disabled persons where they want to go and
                       when they need to get there.
7. Website Email       An accessibility email address was set up to      Completed May
   and Content         receive suggestions or comments from the          2005 and ongoing
   Improvements        community. Accessibility in Action News
   Informational       column articles and photos from the
   Barrier             Independent along with the Municipal
                       Accessibility Plan were posted on the
8. Information and     1st Joint Annual Meeting with the Region,         Completed –
   resource sharing    Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Halton Hills to     November 10,
   between the         discuss common issues and work on joint           2005
   municipalities of   initiatives in future.
   Halton Region –
   Information and
9. Accessibility       1st Community Open House and Public          To be completed
   awareness in        Forum to give community a chance to meet     December 5,
   Community –         the members of the Committee and to          2005.
   Communication       communicate their accessibility concerns and
   Barrier             feedback regarding the 2006 Municipal
                       Accessibility Plan.
  11.      Summary of Actions to be completed in 2006

            Through the adoption of an Accessibility Plan the Town of Halton Hills will
            continue to strategically identify, remove and prevent barriers. In preparation of
            the third municipal accessibility plan, the Town of Halton Hills relied on the
            expertise available through the members of the Accessibility Committee,
            consultants, and staff to develop resources where needed and to facilitate
            short-term and long-term project planning priorities.

            HHAAC members and Council recognize the importance of meeting the
            obligations under the Act, and will work diligently to strike a balance between
            stakeholders’ priorities, town priorities and resources. Community outreach
            initiatives and utilizing facility audits will enable the Committee to continue to
            make well-informed decisions.

 Action                           Resources       Costs                     Target
 1. Develop a 5 Year              Coordinate                                April 2006
    Plan for barrier              with Working
    removal based on              Group
    the Facility Audit
    upon completion
    In early 2006.

. 2. Retrofitting priorities as   Coordinate      $45,000.00                April to December
     identified in the            through Clerks to retrofit priority items 2006
     consultant’s Facility        and Facilities as identified in the
     Audit                        Staff          HHAAC Facility
                                                 survey, Consultant’s
                                  Coordinate     Facility Audit, and Safe
    Power and                     with Public    Sidewalk Review.
    Wheelchair Users              Works and
    Safe Sidewalk                 Traffic
    Review (Repair/
    of Hazards and
    related Traffic
    Barriers/Urban Braille
    Initiatives).                                                                         /Cap.
                                  Coordinate      $5,000.00 for portion of May 2006
    Overhaul of Town’s            through the     the total cost related to
    website with                  Information     accessibility
    accessibility features        Technology      enhancements.
   to assist persons with   and Clerks
   disabilities; an         Departments.
   proposed by PRODS
   and the Corporate

                              Coordinate                              December 2006
3. Continue to train staff to                $4,000.00 to hire
   better understand and                     Peel/Halton/Dufferin
   assess disability issues.                 Coalition for Persons
                                             with Disabilities to
                                             conduct 3 more
                                             Awareness Workshops
                                             for permanent staff.
4. Closed-Captioning of     Clerks to co-    $16,000.00 to fund the March 2006 to
   Council Meetings         ordinate with    on-going service of    December 2006
                            Finance and      closed- captioning of
                            Cogeco           Council meetings

5. Business Licensing                                                 March 2006
                            Coordinate       $2,000.00 for public
   By-law requires “the
                            through Clerks   relations and printed
   premises of a
                            Department       promotional materials
   business to be
                            Licensing        to educate businesses
   accessible to
                            Section          on the accessibility
   persons with
                                             requirement of the new
   disabilities” in
                                             Business Licensing By-
   accordance with the
   new Municipal Act.

6. Continue to              Coordinate       $1,000.00 for            March 2006
   implement                with             Complementary
   recommendations          Engineering,     “$5000. Maximum
   contained in the         Purchasing,      Fine” signs @ $7.80
   Disabled Persons         and              per unit.
   Parking Study            Enforcement      Amendments to
                            Departments      Parking Control By-

  7. Accessibility            Coordinate     $2,500.00 to hold 2    April 2006-
     Training                 through the    Accessibility Training September 2006
     opportunities            Clerks         Workshops for small
     for Business             Department     businesses including
.    Community                with the       advertising costs to
                              Chamber of     help them meet the
                              Commerce       requirements of the
                              and B.I.A’s.   Business Licensing By-
                                             law and Bill 118.

 8. Community Outreach                                               June 2006 for
                              Coordinate     $2,500.00 to host a
                                                                     National Access
                              through Clerks Special Community
                                                                     Awareness Week
                              Department     Event (i.e. Rick
                                             Hansen Wheels in
                                             Motion event) including
                                             Rental, Advertising,
                                             and Public Relations-
                                             Promotional Costs

 9. Host annual Awards        Coordinate     $1,000.00 for         December 2006
    Ceremony Community        through the    advertising costs.
    Open House to             Clerks
    recognize accessibility   Department
    achievements and in
    honour of the
    International Day of
    Disabled Persons

 10. Awards of Merit          Coordinate     $1,000.00 for the     December 2006
     for Making               with Clerks    award(s) and
     Accessibility            Department     advertising of the
     Improvements to a                       Award Program.
     Business in Halton                      (3 Categories-Most
     Hills                                   Accessible Place of
                                             Business Award,
                                             Improvement Award,
                                             Best Customer Service
                                             to Persons with
                                             Disabilities Award

11. Annual Joint Meeting    Coordinate                            To be determined in
                                           ($0.00 in 2005- funded
    with the Region and     with Region of                        2006.
                                           by Region of Halton)
    four Halton area        Halton
    municipalities to       Accessibility
    discuss common          Advisory
    issues.                 Committee

 12.     Monitoring Progress

         Through meetings or other contact the Coordinator will remind Working Group
         members of their responsibility to implement the initiatives under the plan. Staff
         will continue to consult the members of HHAAC by appearing as delegations at
         HHAAC meetings to ensure accessibility has been addressed.

 13.     Annual Accessibility Plans

         Town Council and the HHAAC Committee are committed to achieving an
         accessible community for all residents of Halton Hills through its annual
         Accessibility Plan.

         In 2005, the Halton Hills Accessibility Advisory Committee started a new
         monthly column featured in the Independent entitled “Accessibility in Action”
         written by Committee members.

         The Committee was on the move in 2005, and continued to survey and audit
         the remaining town-owned facilities. Committee members acquired a wealth of
         information, expertise, and knowledge through the experiences of other
         municipalities by attending the Access II Ontario Conference held in Burlington
         this year and also the First Annual Joint Accessibility Advisory Committees’ of
         Halton Region meeting.

         Changes to practices, policies, and by-laws took place. The Business
         Licensing By-law was passed requiring the premises of a business to be
         accessible to persons with disabilities in accordance with the Municipal Act and
         Bill 118. The Committee reviewed the Disabled Persons Parking Study with
         recommendations to amend the Town’s parking control by-laws. HHAAC was
         at the forefront during the Transit discussions at public meetings. Active
         participation as delegations at Council and consultation with the Public Works
         and Engineering staff, resulted in the new report entitled “Improved Access to
         Public Transit for Persons with Disabilities”. Accessibility Awareness training
         for front line staff commences in December.
The landscape began to change at the Civic Centre with the installation of the
first building retrofits at the Civic Centre. Residents will see a new accessible
counter, new wheelchair ramps, and new automatic sliding doors at the main
entrance, accessibility desks in the lower level and automatic door openers in
the Georgetown Seniors Centre.

As changes to the physical environment started to appear throughout 2005, a
historic and larger success occurred in October when Council adopted the
Committee’s recommendation to fund closed captioning of Council meetings
making this the first small town in Ontario to undertake such an ambitious
accessibility initiative.

Town Council and the Halton Hills Accessibility Advisory Committee took very
progressive steps in 2005 showing a strong commitment to achieve an
accessible Halton Hills. The foresight shown to remove barriers ‘sooner rather
than later’ is necessary to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all
residents as the number of disabled persons is steadily increasing with an
aging population.

The year 2005 was a year of Accessibility in Action in Halton Hills setting the
stage for greater future achievements and initiatives in the coming year.

 A copy of the plan is available through the Clerks Department and the
Town’s website. Requests to have the plan printed using a larger font
size may also be made through the Clerk’s Department.

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