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					                 Academic Support / Life Skills Enrichment Programs

Agency:      Butte College                                           Phone: 530-895-2509
Program: Service Learning and Volunteerism Program                   Email:
Contact : Magian Smith                                    
Client Description:
Any student who wants to explore the world of ideas, in a practical way through personal experience, while
providing a needed service in their own community.
Services Description:
Service-Learning enriches student learning of course material by moving students from the margin of the
classroom experience to the community. Service Learning is provided as an opportunity for students wishing
to explore connections between community service and classroom learning.

Agency:       Butte County Office of Education                          Phone: 532-5613
Program:      After School Programs                                     Email:
Contact :     Julie Jarrett
Client Description:
BCOE currently serves students at 21 school sites in 10 school districts throughout Butte County. The goal of
the Butte County Office of Education is to serve all students, in Butte County and throughout the state.
Services Description:
Our programs provide extended academic, enrichment, and recreational learning opportunities beyond the
regular school day. School, family, and community partners provide instruction, tutoring, mentoring, and
disguised learning activities that improve academic achievement, students' school attendance, and healthy

Agency:       Butte County Office of Education                          Phone:   532-5745
Program:      Truancy                                                   Email:
Contact :      Lee Wood (Truancy Mediation 9-12) & Sheri Hanni (SARB K-8)
Client Description:
1st through 12thth grade students and their parents who are habitually truant from school.
Services Description:
SARB addresses attendance issues of students and families (grades 1-8) that are beyond the scope of
individual school sites and that have exhausted all school resources.

Agency:        Butte County Office of Education                          Phone: 532-5745
Program:       School Ties Program (McKinney-Vento and Foster Email:   
               Youth Services)
Contact :      Meagan Meloy
Client Description:
Butte County students pre-school through age 21 that are living in homeless situations or foster care.
Services Description:
Educational support services: assistance in enrollment, arranging transportation to the school of origin,
provision of school supplies, assistance in enrolling in before, after, and summer school activities, tutoring,
educational, case, management.

                                     Butte County Office of Education
                          Child Welfare & Attendance - Lee Wood, Administrator
Agency:       Independent Living Services                            Phone: 530-897-6235
Program:      Butte College Foster Kinship Care                      Email:
Contact :     Kathy Lovelace
Client Description:
Independent living skills Training for Youth ages 16-21 and Foster/Kinship Training’s for anyone in the
Services Description:
Topics covered include: Skills Assessment, Life Skills, Money Management, Computer Skills, Health and
Safety, Banking and Budgeting, Survival Skills, Self Esteem Dev., Career Exploration, Financial Aid for
College, Cultural Diversity Issues, and Life Goal Planning. Contact Kathy for class schedule and times.

Agency:       Oroville Union High School District Consortium           Phone: 538-5350 x 122
Program:      Title VII – Indian Education                             Email:
Contact :     Meredith Cramer
Native American students in grades K - 12, with a 506 form on file, who are currently enrolled in OUHSD,
Services Description:
At the elementary level, para educators work with targeted students in classroom setting and/or with
attendance issues. At secondary level, a para educator works with targeted students in both math and
language-art classes. The para educator is also responsible for attendance and/or discipline issues. After
school reading improvement program is available for students in grades 3-12.

Agency:       Oroville Union High School District                    Phone: 538-2330 or 534-1939
Program:      Cal-Safe Program                                       Email:
Contact :     Marsha Miller
Client Description:
Interested students within Oroville Union High School District: Las Plumas High, Oroville High, Prospect
High, Adult Education, Challenge Charter, and Independent Study Programs. Students may include
Pregnant Women, Teen Parents, Those in need of Daycare, Those wanting to graduate, and anyone need help
or with questions or concerns.
Services Description:
Program connects students with the following: Classes, Counseling, Field Trips, Free Childcare, Health and
Nutrition Info, Local Service Agencies, Parenting and Pre-Natal Classes, Supports Groups, and

Agency:        Oroville Union High School District                   Phone: 530-538-5350
Program:       Oroville Adult Education                              Email:
Contact :                                                  
Client Description:
Students in Grades 3-12
Services Description:
This is a fee based reading improvement program . Students will use FastForWord reading software and
develop fundamental language skills, build listening comprehension and language skills, and learn to
associate language sounds with the letters and introduce language structures like grammar and syntax.

                                    Butte County Office of Education
                         Child Welfare & Attendance - Lee Wood, Administrator