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									                                                            Volume 9    December 2007

                    UNK Volleyball team hosts
                  “Think Pink,” Dig the Cure .. 2

                    Nova Southeastern Uni-
                 versity Student-Athletes host
                 a “spooktacular” time for local
                 youth .......................... 3

                 NCAA CALENDAR OF
               UPCOMING EVENTS .........    9
                                                       Life Skills

Education Services as a department is set up to identify issues,       HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY
create solutions and provide leadership that enhances the develop-               Health and Safety
ment of youth, student-athletes and athletics professionals. The                 Drug Testing
various goals will be achieved through relevant and engaging pro-                Injury Surveillance System
gramming, membership education, financial assistance and on-                     Nutrition and Performance
going community connections.                                                     Sports Medicine Handbook
                                                                       COMMITTEE LIAISONS
The department focuses on assisting the student-athlete and the                  Division I, II and III Student-Athlete Advisory Commit-
integration of the intercollegiate athletics experience and the mis-             tees
sion of higher education. The foundation of Education Services is
                                                                                 Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports
based on the development of the student-athlete well-being while
                                                                                 Committee on Women’s Athletics
promoting the value of the student-athlete life experience. Educa-
                                                                                 Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee
tion Services addresses educational programming, grants and
awards, health and safety and committee liaisons. The global top-                Executive Committee Subcommittee on Gender and Di-
ics branch off into specific areas of concentration:                             versity Issues
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING                                                          Executive Committee Life and Work Balance Working
          First Team Mentoring Program                                           Group
                                                                       The immediate goals are to enhance education and youth outreach
          Stay in Bounds
                                                                       programs designed to address student-athlete leadership develop-
          CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
                                                                       ment, gender issues, health and safety and sportsmanship issues.
          Gender Equity & Issues Forum
                                                                       This is an exciting time in Education Services because we are im-
          NCAA Women’s Coaches Academy                                 proving education programs aimed at student-athlete health and
          NCAA Leadership Conference                                   well being, as well as mentoring programs for future student-
          Division I Regional Leadership Conference                    athletes.
          Division II Leadership Academy
          Division III Student-Athlete Leadership Conference
                                                                                      Robert Vowels
          Apple Conference                                                            Vice President for Education Services
          Coaching Education
          National Student-Athlete Day                                                Mr. Vowels began his duties as Vice President in
GRANTS & AWARDS                                                                       August 2007. He is very supportive of the
          Health and Safety Speakers Grant Program                                    CHAMPS/Life Skills program and looks forward
                                                                                      to meeting all of the CHAMPS/Life Skills coordi-
          Choices Grant Award
                                                                                      nators at the 2008 CHAMPS/Life Skills Confer-
          NACWAA/HERS Grant Program
                                                                                      ence in Kansas City, Missouri.
          Woman of the Year
          Sportsmanship Award

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                                                     Think Pink
                                    By Susie Williams, Assistant for Compliance
                                        University of Nebraska at Kearney

Number one regionally ranked University of Nebraska at Kearney              Through the “Dig for the Cure” program, volleyball programs
helped do their part to “Dig the Cure” when it hosted University of         have helped raise more than $108,000 for the Foundation over
Colorado-Colorado Springs on October 27, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. Univer-          the past four years. Susan G. Komen for the Cure was estab-
sity of Nebraska at Kearney volleyball team and the Susan G. Komen          lished in 1982 by Nancy Brinker to honor the memory of her
Foundation have teamed up in an effort to raise awareness and funds         sister, Susan G. Komen, who died from breast cancer at the age
to help fight the cause of breast cancer.                                   of 36. Today the foundation is an international organization
                                                                                                        with a network of more than 75,000
Both teams wore pink t-shirts made and                                                                  volunteers working through local
donated by Dmilaco’s Sports Fashion                                                                     affiliates and events like the Komen
screen printing, pink shoe laces during the                                                             Race for the Cure to eradicate breast
warm-up and game. UNK Coach of the                                                                      cancer as a life-threatening disease.
Year and Head Coach Rick Squiers, Assis-                                                                Together with its affiliate network
tant Coach Doug Tabbert, Graduate Assis-                                                                corporate partners, and generous
tant Samantha Harvey, as well as the                                                                    donors, the Komen Foundation has
UCCS coaches all wore pink for the event.                                                               raised more than $740 million for
                                                                            the fight against breast cancer. For more information, call the
In addition to the UNK Lopers volleyball team wearing pink, all offi-       National Toll-Free Breast Care Helpline at 1-800 IM AWARE
cials (including the line judges) wore pink polos, the fans wore any-       or visit
thing pink from hats to shoes and received free admission into the
game. The Athletic Training, Athletic Department staff and table            Thank you to all of those that participated in the UNK event
workers all wore pink. UNK Athletic staff tried to incorporate as           and all those that participate internationally to help raise aware-
much pink as possible, so we used pink promotional balls that were          ness about breast cancer.
thrown out to the crowd, pink golf ball for a promotion, breast cancer
balloons and handed out 200 carnations to the first 200 women that
came to the game.

     Mount Saint Joseph College Benefits from NCAA
                 Health and Safety Grant
                    By Erin Pauley, Assistant Volleyball and Assistant Track and Field Coach
                                          Mount Saint Joseph College

On Thursday November 1, 2007, Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD, from the National Institute for
Fitness and Sport, spoke in front of student-athletes at the College of Mount Saint Joseph. The
College of Mount Saint Joseph is an NCAA Division III affiliated school located in Cincinnati,
OH, and is a member of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. MSJ was able to bring
Ms. Fink on campus through a grant provided by the NCAA Health & Safety Group to the
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

The title of the presentation was “Nutrition for Peak Performance: What MSJ Athletes Need to
Know!” Ms. Fink discussed topics surrounding the importance of nutrition, the benefits of
healthy eating, and the proper foods and fluids to consume as an athlete. Her presentation in-
cluded statistics, case scenarios, and attainable examples of healthy eating and drinking for
athletes in college. Informative handouts accompanied the presentation.

The MSJ sector of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, along with Student-Athlete Advisory
Committee, hope to bring various speakers on campus in the future in order to benefit the student-athlete.

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Full Circle
By Carmen Leeds,
Associate Director of Athletics/SWA
Emporia State University
Two student-athletes and one Faculty Athletic Representa-
tive from Emporia State University packed their bags and
headed to the NCAA Division II Leadership Academy in
Fall 2006. Megan Grisell (softball) Cameron Babb (track
and field) and John Rich (FAR) sharpened their leadership
skills and came back with an action plan to make a differ-
ence in the Emporia community.

Fast forward to January 2007 and the first implementation of
their hard work begins: CSI (Community and Student In-
volvement). When you look in the crowd at Emporia State             The student-athletes were nervous at first and unsure how to dance to
athletic events, you see a large contingent of senior citizens      this different style of music. However, once the student-athletes
cheering for the Hornets. The leadership conference three-          reached out and asked the seniors to dance they realized the seniors
some wanted to give back to the senior citizens of Emporia          were eager to teach them a thing or two. Many seniors wanted to “set-
for their support of the Hornets. The CSI team started visit-       up” these student-athletes with their grandchildren. As the night pro-
ing senior citizens in their homes to help with tasks that          gressed, the seniors wanted to learn from the student-athletes. Sud-
could easily be taken for granted when you are young and            denly, the student-athletes and seniors were dancing together to the
able. Yard work, snow shoveling, light cleaning and light           Electric Slide and cotton-eyed Joe. As the event came to an end, many
moving were services offered.                                       student-athletes mentioned that they hoped someone would have a
                                                                    similar event for them when they were older.
In April 2007, the first Senior Citizen Prom –“Take a Step
Back in Time”- took place. Relationships with senior centers        The circle was completed when the student-athletes looked into the
and assisted living communities were formed to plan this            stands and saw seniors cheering their hearts out for “their” student –
new event. Many businesses in the Emporia community                 athletes. The student-athletes saw the benefits of the time they spent
donated money and services to help make the event special.          working for, dancing with or talking with seniors in the Emporia com-
The best part of the event was the opportunity for the student      munity. The connection has been made and hopefully will be contin-
-athletes to interact with the senior citizens. Student-athletes    ued as seniors attend games and student-athletes visit homes to offer a
were stationed at the doors to welcome the guests with an           helping hand and dance the night away on another Spring night.
arm and escort or a wheel chair if needed. Once upstairs in
the ballroom, the guests were given corsages and offered
healthy snacks. Student-athlete hosts were seated at each
table to talk with the guests as they took in the sights of twin-
kle lights, candles and rose pedals. The music reminded the
guests of earlier times and memories.

Halloween Boozaar
By Reyna Gilbert
NCAA Compliance Coordinator & CHAMPS/Life Skills Coordinator
Nova Southeastern University

                            In an effort to create a fun and safe     activities which included a bounce house, face painting, making your
                            Halloween environment and connect         own mask, pumpkin toss, Dr. Jekyll’s Lab, and pictures with NSU’s
                            with the campus community, the            mascot Razor the Shark. Members from each of the athletic teams
                            student-athletes of Nova Southeast-       adorned costumes and volunteered at each “scary” station. Dr.
                            ern University (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)       Jekyll’s Lab was a big hit and used peeled grapes, cooked spaghetti,
                            hosted the second annual Halloween        and Vienna sausages to create the feeling of eyeballs, brains and
                            Boozaar. The event took place on          fingers. Although rain put a damper on a portion of the festivities,
Saturday October 27th prior to the NSU Women’s Soccer game            the event was a success and the Sharks hope to have an even bigger
vs. Florida Southern College. Local youth soccer teams were           turn out at next year’s event.
invited to attend the Boozaar and support Sharks Soccer. The
event was free and provided local youth access to a variety of

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                              GATOR HOOPSTERS
                                VOLUNTEER AT
                            JANET POMEREY CENTER
          Provided by San Francisco State University Sports Information Office

San Francisco State University Gators’ men’s basketball team        The Gators, under the direction of head coach Bill Treseler, spent the
spent their Thursday afternoon making 60 people’s day at The        afternoon playing games, dancing, and interacting with the members
Janet Pomerey Center. “SF State provides volunteers to us year      of The Janet Pomerey Center. “Sharing basketball within our com-
round and this is another way that the university is involved in    munity is always exciting, but going over to the Pomerey Center was
the community,” said The Janet Pomerey Center Director of           a great experience for us,” said Treseler. “We are always learning
Development Patrick Sayres. “Coach Bill Treseler approached         and the athletes we competed against today taught us a lot,”
me about this idea of the Gators coming over for an afternoon of
basketball and I thought it was a great idea,” added Sayres.        “This was a very positive moment for me and the team,” said SF
                                                                    State junior guard Alex Thomas. “This is great to interact with
The Janet Pomerey Center is a nonprofit organization founded in     groups from the community and I am looking forward to doing more
1952 in San Francisco that provides therapeutic recreation, vo-     events like this,” added Thomas.
cational rehabilitation, child and adult development, and respite
care programs for children and adults with disabilities. The mis-   SF State freshman guard Phoenix O’Rourke said, “This was a great
sion of center is to provide recreation and vocational opportuni-   experience for us as a team.” “It was a great bonding session for us
ties for people with disabilities through programs and services     as well as the members of the Pomerey Center,” noted O’Rourke.
that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement,
and lead to greater independence.                                   Added Gator senior guard/forward David Van Someren, “I really
                                                                    enjoyed this afternoon we were able to give something back to the
                                                                    community,” “It just shows us how we should not take things for
                                                                    granted and enjoy every minute of our lives.”

    The article, Torero Networking Night in the April 2007 newsletter was written by Brianna Koucos, University of San Diego,
    with contributions by Robyn Fortney.

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CHAMPS/Life Skills on Campus
Adelphi University Women’s Volleyball Player Anna Gabbard Talks About Her Experience with
the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program on Her Campus.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills program was first implemented on                        In March of 2007 we worked in conjunction with Alumni Rela-
Adelphi University’s campus in August of 2006. As a member of                  tions to send female student-athletes to the Women in History
the Executive Board I have watched as more and more student-                   celebration at the Garden City Casino. There were six very suc-
athletes become involved on campus through the program. We                     cessful female graduates of Adelphi at each of the two celebra-
have worked with many other affiliations on campus to help build               tions. As part of the CHAMPS/Life Skills group we organized for
the character of student-athletes.                                             two female student-athletes from each team to attend at least one
                                                                               of the events.
The CHAMPS/ Life Skills Program has helped develop our stu-
dent-athletes into well-rounded individuals and prepares them to               Also in April of 2007, we again worked with Alumni Relations as
face the challenges of the world that we live in. This area also               they hosted Sports and Life After It. For this event we arranged for
encompasses elements such as the support of a well-balanced                    two student-athletes from all of the Adelphi athletic teams to at-
lifestyle for student-athletes, emotional well-being, leadership,              tend this event. The students really seemed to relate well to the
p e r s o n a l g r o wt h a n d d e c i s i o n - m a k i n g s k i l l s .   former athletes. There was a question and answer session then it
                                                                               went into a meet and greet afterwards.
Last year, we participated in the Black History Month Celebra-
tion hosted by the Athletic Department. The Fifth Annual Black                 Personal Development of our student-athletes is very important to
History Month Celebration took place on Saturday, February 24,                 the success of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program. Through my
in the University Center. This was the most successful event to                experiences with this program, I was able to take on more initia-
date, bringing back over 200 students, alumni, staff and friends to            tive roles in my personal life. I started in this program as a fresh-
celebrate student-athletes of color at Adelphi.                                man and was amazed at the many doors of opportunities that it
                                                                               opened for me. I was able to meet more upperclassmen who were
The Multicultural Alumni Chapter honored Gregory Johnson and                   able to give me positive feedback on residential life. I filled out the
Dr. N. Gerry House was the keynote speaker. The Salvation                      applications to become a Resident Assistant which help defray the
Army of Hempstead, New York and its Double Dutch team per-                     cost of living on campus and was accepted. I look forward to
formed. The raffle prizes raised $412, with all proceeds going to              Adelphi student-athletes taking advantage of this wonderful pro-
the Salvation Army.                                                            gram and to continue our success by working in correlation with
                                                                               other organizations on campus.

Sober Bowling Night
By Matt Carr, Men’s Golf Team, Carthage College

In support of Alcohol Awareness Week, Carthage College hosted                    SAAC bowling night has become an annual tradition in support
the Annual SAAC Sober Bowling Night. All Student-Athletes                        of Alcohol Awareness Week. This year was the best turnout,
from both the men’s and women’s teams were invited to share in                   with nearly 200 student-athletes in attendance. All of the student
the fun festivities. It was an opportunity for all student-athletes to           -athletes were very appreciative and only had good things to say
share in a sober experience and become aware there are many                      about the night and how much fun they had. All in all, it was a
other ways to have fun rather than consume alcohol. The evening                  night of fun, without alcohol, and very competitive bowling
was filled with pizza, fun & bowling.                                            between all Carthage College athletic teams.

Our student-athletes arrived at 9:00p.m and stayed until
12:00a.m. All student-athletes came dressed in Carthage gear.
Some teams, such as the men’s cross country team, actually
dressed up in their uniforms. Others chose to paint their faces
with Carthage red and black. There were awards handed out to
the team with the most team spirit. There were also awards for
best and worst bowlers. Coaches of most teams came to enjoy the
night, as well as our athletic director, Dr. Bonn.

“It was a lot of fun. We actually used it as a team-building pro-
gram too. It was a chance for the freshmen to really get to know
everyone,” said Matt Carr, captain of the men’s golf team.

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Before It’s Too Late
By Holly K. Sheilley, Assistant Athletic Director for Student Development/Championships
University of Louisville

As part of our Card Creed Events this year, we focused one session on addressing depression and suicide. Consider the following facts:

         Seventy-seven percent of the college juniors surveyed reported feeling depressed either “frequently” or “occasionally” during the
         past year, compared to sixty-one percent who reported those feelings when they first entered college. (UCLA, 2004)

         The number of students who rate their emotional health as either “below average” or in the “bottom 10%” more than doubled (from
         6 to 14%)
         between their freshman and junior years. (UCLA, 2004)

         About one-third of college students (32%) report that stress impedes their academic performance. 15% report that depression and
         anxiety are impediments to their academic performance. (ACHA, 2004)

Jan and Mark Ulrich, who tragically lost their son Nathan when he committed suicide, were the speakers for the night. Nathan was a basket-
ball player at a Division I institution who had recently been injured and subsequently did not have his grant-in-aid renewed. This type of trag-
edy could happen on any of our campuses. Student-athletes not only have the pressures of academics, being away from home, and other pres-
sures familiar to all students, but they have the pressures that are unique to athletics.

We began the night by Jan and Mark sharing their story through video (can be seen at
NathansStory/index.html). Then Jan and Mark spoke about warning signs and how to get help. At the end of the night, I was able to share
with our student-athletes how we can provide help to them or others they know who may be suffering from depression or other issues. Al-
though this is a tough story and a difficult topic, I believe it was definitely worth the lives we might have changed that night.

   Message from the NCAA’s Agent, Gambling and
       Amateurism (AGA) Department
By Adam Kindschy,
NCAA Enforcement

The regular season has ended, student-athletes are starting to gear-up    The AGA staff reminds all student-athletes,
for final exams, and winter weather is creeping its way into the fore-    coaches, and administrators that knowingly providing information
cast. This can only mean one thing; post-season football is on its        pertaining to the status of their teams and teammates for purposes
way. This is always an exciting time to be associated with collegiate     of wagering is expressly prohibited by NCAA Bylaw 10.3. The
athletics and student-athletes.                                           provisions of Bylaw 10.3 are applicable on and off-campus. Also,
                                                                          under Bylaw 10.3, participating in “Bowl Pools”, or any other type
With increased media coverage of football programs and athletics          of football pool, where an entry fee is required and a prize is
departments throughout the next month, it is important to remember        awarded is a violation of NCAA legislation. Finally, placing a wa-
that media personnel are not the only people who are increasingly         ger involving anything of “tangible value” constitutes gambling
interested in individuals associated with collegiate athletics. More      activity under NCAA legislation; even if the wager for something
specifically, bookmakers, gamblers, and casinos are revving up their      seemingly trivial, such as dinner after the game or a t-shirt.
college football activities in an effort to capitalize on the extreme
amount of money changing hands during the holiday season.                 The AGA staff strongly advises all student-athletes, coaches, and
                                                                          administrators to review NCAA legislation pertaining to sports wa-
Bookmakers, gamblers, and casinos are looking for any type of infor-      gering. Upholding Bylaw 10.3 is vital in the membership’s quest to
mation that can give them an edge over their competitors. Many            protect the integrity of competition and the student-athletes,
times, the first place that individuals associated with sports wagering   coaches and administrators at NCAA member institutions. For more
will look at to gain an edge is student-athletes. Having a student-       information please visit
athlete who is a “mark” or an “associate” on-campus provides a re-
markable, and ILLEGAL, advantage to a gambler.

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                       Meet Your CHAMPS/Life Skills Advisory Team Members

 The NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program staff works with an advisory team to help with pro-
 gramming initiatives and planning for the annual Orientation and Continuing Education Con-
 ferences. The 13 member advisory team is made up of a diverse group of coordinators repre-
 senting all NCAA divisions from different regions of the country. They are an important link
 between what is happening on campus and how the NCAA national office can support the ef-
 forts of the CHAMPS/Life Skills coordinators.

Full Name: Marchelle Rene Lane.                                           Favorite movie: I have a top five in no particular order:
                                                                          “Right Stuff”, “Dirty Dancing”, “The English Patient”,
Nickname: Cricket.                                                        “Bring it on”, and anything by Alfred Hitchcock.

Institution: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.                   Favorite dessert: Tiramisu.

Hometown/State: Alexandria, Virginia.                                     Favorite quote:
                                                                          "People don’t care how much you know until they know how
Years working with CHAMPS/ Life Skills: Ten                               much you care."

High school/college sport played: Track/Field and Cheerleading

Sports and activities currently involved in: Running, Yoga

What does being a member of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Advisory
Team mean to you?
I am so excited to be a part of such a creative, progressive group. To
have the opportunity to work with individuals who are so passionate and
committed to the philosophy of CHAMPS/Life Skills is an honor. It
makes my heart happy to think that I will be a part of shaping and con-
tinuing the success of the program. Look out NCAA CHAMPS/Life
Skills Advisory Team.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite way to spend free time: Shopping.

Favorite book: The last book I read usually becomes my favorite. I just
read The Man Watching by Tim Crothers.

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Full Name: Rebecca Ahlgren-Bedics

Nickname: Becky

Institution: NCAA

Hometown/State: River Forest, Illinois (just west of Chicago)

Years working with CHAMPS/ Life Skills: 13- ohmygosh!

High school/college sports played: Softball at the University of Dayton

Sports and activities currently involved in: Chasing our 2 year old around!

What does being a member of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Advisory Team mean to you? I have the best seat in the house when it
comes to Advisory Team meetings. As Life Skills Coordinators, you must know that your representatives are working very hard for you.
The initiatives and programs that benefit Life Skills Coordinators and student-athletes across the country don’t come out of thin air- they
are created, discussed and debated by this very talented and dedicated team of your peers. They are amazing!

Favorite food: Can’t miss mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Favorite professional athlete: Curtis Pride

Favorite way to spend free time: Any place that there is a beach!

Favorite book: Right now, Good to Great by Jim Collins- but it changes frequently!

Favorite song: “Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

Favorite dessert: (See favorite food!)

Favorite quote: “A decade after the average athlete graduates, most everyone will have forgotten when and where he played. But every
time he speaks, everyone will know whether he was educated.” -Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, University of Notre Dame

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                                Upcoming Calendar Events/ Due Dates

2008 NCAA Convention, Nashville, Tennessee                                                 January 10-14, 2008

DUE: Health and Safety Speakers Spring Grant Application                                   January 15, 2008

DUE: NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Nominations (Fall Sports)                               January 17, 2008

APPLE Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia                                              January 18-20, 2008

NCAA Conference Intern Seminar, Indianapolis, Indiana                                      January 24-26, 2008

APPLE Conference in Phoenix, Arizona                                                       January 25-27, 2008

NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Leadership Conference, Irving, Texas                     January 25-27, 2008

DUE: Division II Strategic Alliance Matching Grant Enhancement Program                     February 1, 2008

DUE: NCAA National Student-Athlete Development Conference Nomination Forms (submitted)     February 8, 2008

CHAMPS/Life Skills Orientation Conference (for new coordinators), Kansas City, Missouri    February 3-5, 2008

CHAMPS/Life Skills Continuing Education Conference, Kansas City, Missouri                  February 5-7, 2008

DUE: Division III Ethnic Minority and Women’s Internship Grant                             February 15, 2008

DUE: Choices Grant Award                                                                   February 15, 2008

NCAA Division II Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                            February 15-17, 2008

DUE: Division III Strategic Alliance Matching Grant                                        March 3, 2008

DUE: NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Nominations (Winter Sports)                             March 20, 2008

DUE: NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Nominations (Spring Sports)                             May 15, 2008

                      For more information on grants and programs, please visit
             (Select scholarships and Internships or select Leadership Conferences for Student-Athletes.)

Questions or comments regarding the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program of NCAA National Leadership Conference?
                       Please e-mail: Becky Ahlgren-Bedics at or
                                 Curtis J. Hollomon at

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