Psoriasis and Mfolia

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					                               Herbal extract M-folia beneficial for the skin

There is no doubting that psoriasis is a debilitating disease that is capable of affecting quality
of life. Many have been affected by psoriasis in one way or another whether it be a personal
experience or through a friend or family member. The National Health Surveyi (Australian
Bureau of Statistics, 2007-2008) showed that there were over 470 000 sufferers of psoriasis
in Australia alone.

The chronic skin condition is characterised by red, scaly patches of dead skin cells forming
and spreading across all areas of the skin’s surface.

Psoriasis can develop at any age and severity of varies from person to person. The cause is
currently unknown, however it is understood that certain factors may trigger and exacerbate
the condition. It has been linked to both environmental and genetic factors.

Usually sufferers are well educated and informed about the disease as they quest to
discover the ultimate treatment. Whilst there is no cure, treatments at present range from the
use of UV lamps to steroid creams and special diets all aiming to ultimately alleviate and
manage the symptoms.

An alternative to conventional medicine rests with homeopathic solutions. Clinical trials have
shown that products containing the herbal extract from the Mahonia aquifolium (m-folia) tree
have shown to be beneficial in the alleviation of symptoms associated with psoriasis and
related skin conditions. Certain studies have shown that products containing the herbal
extract have shown to be able to greatly alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life for
psoriasis sufferers.

The active ingredient in m-folia is derived from the dried bark of the plant’s branches and has
shown to be beneficial for sufferers of dry itching dermatological conditions due to the anti-
fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-proliferative properties of the extract.

Peter Lumsden, lifetime sufferer of psoriasis came across the m-folia products and
comments; “those of us suffering from psoriasis find the symptoms can be quite debilitating. I
am proud to have discovered the M-folia range. These products have made a world of
difference to me and thousands of others”.

M-FOLIA is exclusively available in a range of products including tablets, herbal extract,
ointment, cream, body wash, scalp oil, lotion, conditioner, and shampoo through Lumsden
Health Products Pty Ltd. or 1300 882 506.

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