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					   WBHS POLICY:

            To approve and support a staff development programme to enhance the educational
            opportunities of students and improve the capabilities of all staff.

        To adopt, on the advice of the Professional Development Committee, a staff development
        programme which specifies clear outcomes and methods for achieving these.

  A. Whangarei Boys’ High School is fully committed to the concept of staff development, because
     it is seen as the most effective means of allowing staff to reach their potential for the benefit of
     the students they teach and manage, and themselves personally.

        1. This Policy has as a focus, the concept of Staff Development to enhance student learning.
           Every effort should be made to implement this policy with minimum disruption to class

        2. In the annual review, each Faculty Head will be required to give to the Professional
           Development Committee, a copy of their Professional Development goals/requests (prior to
           the end of the year) for the new year.

        3. In deciding on the methods of achieving goals, the following methods of Professional
           Development should be considered.
               i) Within the department - arising from the “Appraisal” round.
               ii) Guidance from Headmaster and DP/AP re: Staff Development
               iii) School-based in-service courses.
               iv) Regional in-service programme.
               v) National in-service courses. These are advertised in the Education Gazette, and
                    staff should be encouraged to apply.
                vi) Courses for which staff are nominated from areas outside the school’s jurisdiction.
                    Application for release should be made to the Professional Development
               vii) Subject conferences
               viii) Visits to the other schools that have certain access, staff or departments of
                    particular strength. Application should be made to the in-service co-ordinator.
               ix) Staff should be supported to sit relevant extra-mural papers.

        4. Finance for staff development is a budgetary element approved by the Board of Trustees.

        5. The monitoring of staff professional development will be carried out by the Staff
           Professional Development Committee made up of chairperson selected by the Headmaster,
           with other members of the committee being made up of one elected Support Staff member
           and one elected teacher from each Faculty. Assistant teachers will be encouraged to be on
           the committee. The elected members will be chosen at the last Faculty meeting each year.

        6. Specifically the committee’s function will be:
           a) To decide on participation in regional in-service courses.
           b) To decide on the provision of school-based in-service courses.
           c) To present a detailed budget of funding for the following year and submit it to the
                Board of Trustees for approval.
           d) To decide, using given criteria, the distribution of funds allocated.

WBHS Policy: Professional Development - Personal Goals & Objectives                                    1
           e)   To receive an evaluation report from course members.

           7.   All staff who undertake Professional Development (including Support Staff)
                regardless of where the funding for the PD comes from, must apply to the PD
                Committee to get approval to undertake the PD.
           8.   All staff on completion of their PD course/activity will complete the PD feed-back
                form. A copy will be lodged with the PD Committee Chairperson and another with
                their HoD/HoF – a report will also be presented at the first Department meeting after
                the PD.

  B.   Staff training and development must be on-going and the principles, practices and resources
       are to be seen as a cycle of Professional Development.

  C.   Induction of Beginning teachers and New Staff.
       All new teaching staff new to the school under-take a one-day orientation programme before
       the start of the year. (Assistant Principal to co-ordinate and run).

           i) Beginning Teachers
           In addition to the appraisal system, all beginning teachers are to receive advice and
           guidance in year one and two. The organisation of this is the responsibility of the Teacher-
           in-Charge Year 1, 2 teachers (who delegates supervision of the teacher to a particular Head
           of Department or Faculty). Advice and guidance take the form of:
                1. Tutorial / A regular programme with the Teacher-in-charge Year 1, 2 teachers,
                    assisted by Headmaster.
                2. Supervision of lessons.
                3. Classroom visiting.
                4. Personal counseling.
                5. Lesson critiques - must be two per term by supervising teacher(s).
                6. Tai Tokerau training course.
           At the end of the two years, the suitability of the beginning teacher will be assessed under
           headings, specified in the registration document, which refer to fitness to be a teacher.

           ii) New Teaching Staff
           In the case of new assistant staff, who are professionally experienced advice and guidance
           will be informal and will involve the Heads of Department/Heads of Faculties and
           departmental staff.
           In the case of senior appointees, advice and guidance will be provided by other senior staff
           and management.

           iii) New Support Staff
           Advice and guidance for new Support Staff will take the form of:
                     To be shown around the school, and introduced to staff members.
                     To be familiarised with the systems and functions of the particular section
                     employed in.
                     To be made aware of health and safety requirements/procedures.
                     To be given full support and training in the operation of all equipment that they
                     will be using.
                     To initially meet at least once each week with their direct senior to discuss any
                     problems and gain support, guidance and advice.
                     To be made welcome by all staff members and to be made to feel part of the
                     school team.
           Any new appointee of the Support staff will, after three months, have an interview with the
           Executive Officer (who has overall responsibility for all Support Staff) that will cover any
           concerns that would assist their continuing in the position or otherwise.

WBHS Policy: Professional Development - Personal Goals & Objectives                                  2
  D.   Criteria for funding of Professional Development
       All criteria must be linked into the goals and objectives of the school as a whole. Departmental
       goals must be given priority within this. Any professional development must benefit students
       through any or all of the following areas:

                    Curriculum                                )
                    Classroom management                      ) Priority given to
                    Teaching strategies                       ) where they fit into
                    Administration, including support staff   ) School Goals.
                    Environment                               )
                    Improved quality of support staff         )

       Cases will be looked at individually, but in general terms there will be a ranking as follows:
       1.   Not negotiable changes that must take place - e.g. Framework, ABA, Curriculum
            changes, NCEA.
       2.   Classroom management, teaching methods, curriculum development (includes subject
       3.   Personal development - management/administration/training, etc (with special reference
            to new MU holders/HOD’s), (includes management/administration conferences).
       4.   Keynote speakers that will benefit staff.
       5.   Tertiary papers - up to 50% reimbursement of tertiary fees (to a maximum of $500) upon
            passing a paper/course that relates directly to teaching/administration.

             Any reimbursement will be on the basis of actual and reasonable expenses, supported by
             receipts or tax invoices, providing prior approval has been given by the Professional
             Development Committee.

  E.   Professional Development of Headmaster, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principals and
       Executive Officer
       A separate budgeted amount to be set aside annually to meet the Professional Development
       needs of the above five staff members, to allow them to undertake Professional Development
       outside of their curriculum area (i.e. Management PD etc)

       Regular ongoing curriculum-based PD for the DP and AP will be applied for through the
       Professional Development Committee in the same way as all other staff.

                                                   POLICY ORIGINALLY WRITTEN:             KIR, WIL 5.10.00

                                                              APPROVED BY BOT:                    16.11.00

                                                                      REVIEWED: KIR, BLO, WAR 24.10.03

                                                                RATIFIED BY BOT:                  18.11.03

                                                                REVIEW by PD Committee:           31.10.06

                                                                      APPROVED BY SMT:             8.11.06

                                                                        RATIFIED BY BoT:          21.11.06

                                                           REVIEWED BY: KIR, ELL, PD Comm         30.10.09

                                                         APPROVED BY SMT:                         2.11.09

                                                          RATIFIED BY BoT:                       17.11.09

                                                        TO BE REVIEWED BY:                       17.11.12

WBHS Policy: Professional Development - Personal Goals & Objectives                                     3
WBHS Policy: Professional Development - Personal Goals & Objectives   4