Research project Choose one of the following ideas Choose one of the following systems projects Choices must be approved by your teacher A one to two page summary sheet is required – the present by cby79555


									Research project- Choose one of the following ideas
Choose one of the following systems/ projects. Choices must be approved by your teacher.
A one to two page summary sheet is required – the presentation method is your choice and can
include poster, slideshow , video clip, diagram or activity. A website may be used to assist.
Digestive: food processing and absorption
        Power point presentation following entire digestive track
        List and describe major parts of system
        Distinguish between mechanical and chemical digestion
        Describe how and where absorption occurs on a cellular level
        Presentation time range: 5 - 7 minutes.
Muscular/ skeletal: internal and external movement, support and protection
        Build a movable model of a human joint
        Include the following parts:
           o Muscle                                              o Tendons
           o Bone and Cartilage                                  o Ligaments
        Create a key that indicates each part and explains, in paragraph form, the function of
           each part of the joint
        Presentation time range: 3 - 5 minutes
        Teach grade 5 students the basics of the muscular/ skeletal system with a visual and
           worksheet that goes along with the visual
        Function of system
        Parts and function of each part
        Presentation time range: 13 – 15 minutes
Reproductive: Gamete production and delivery
        Create a power point presentation of gamete production
        Describe the function and forms of a gamete
        Describe how meiosis works (gamete formation)
        Describe the development of the organs where gamete production takes place
        Presentation range: 5 - 7 minutes
Endocrine/ circulatory: long term communication and control
        Choose a gland and explain how and from where it receives and sends chemical
           messages in essay form with appropriate visuals within the text of the essay
        List and describe the major functions of the gland
        List the chemical messengers this gland receives and sends
        Describe how the chemical messages are transported and how long do they take to
        Describe what happens at the target cells
        Presentation range: 3 minutes
Immune: protection against disease
        Poster of the immune system response to pathogen invasion
        Must reveal the chain of events that takes place when a pathogen enters the human
           body with detailed explanations of each step in paragraph form
        Each step must include visuals of cells and proteins involved in immune response;
           minimum visuals:
           o Lymphocytes (B & T)
           o Memory cells
           o Macrophage
           o Antigens & antibodies
        Presentation range: 5 – 7 minutes
Nervous: rapid control and communication
       Choose a part of the sensory system and create a visual the explains how it turns
          external stimuli into electrochemical signals
          o Skin: touch
          o Ear: hearing
          o Nose/ tongue: smell/ taste
       Include an outline/ explanation of nerve cell communication: electrochemical signals
       Presentation range: 3 – 5 minutes
Excretory: elimination of wastes
       Research paper on affects of long term alcohol exposure to the kidneys, describe the
          following in your paper:
          o Filter
          o Resorption
          o Concentration
          o Problems with the system due to long term alcohol exposure
       Presentation range: 3 minutes
System Integration
       Create a full body drawing of the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems
       Include a key that indicates parts and function for each system
       Key must include details of function in paragraph form
       Indicate points where systems are integrated and an explanation of how they are
       Presentation range: 3 - 5 minutes
       Create flash animation that visually shows how the respiratory, digestive and
          circulatory systems work and function together
       Animation should include various forms of informative writing that explains the
          function and parts of each system and how they are integrated
The project will be assessed as 30% of your term 1 mark.

Due Date: November 16th,2009
Bibliography requirements
 At least five sources, Websites must be exact ie NOT “Google”
 No Plagiarism
 2 of those sources must be books found in our library
 Must use proper bibliographic format

Resources: Web
The Incredible Human Body – Nat Geographic

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