8th Grade Algebra Ms by cby79555


									        8th Grade Algebra              Ms. Eddy

   The curriculum for 8th grade Algebra students utilizes
mathematical concepts learned in 6th and 7th grades, while
introducing new concepts needed in preparation for high
school. (This class counts as a high school credit, only for
students earning 84% or above. This A or B does count as
part of their high school GPA.)
    One of the most important aspects of any middle school
class is practice. Class work and homework are utilized to
provide this practice; it is essential that all students
complete assignments on time. Keeping up with the pace of
the class is the next most important ingredient for success.
Please encourage your son or daughter to seek extra help as
soon as something is unclear. I encourage you to contact
me with any questions or concerns.


Text: Algebra (Glencoe Mathematics)
Website: www.algebra1.com (wonderful examples and
practice quizzes)

Grading: Quizzes: 20-30%
         Tests:    20-30%
         Class work & homework: 30-50%
         Projects: 0-10%

Course objectives:
 To provide students with a foundation of basic skills
  and operations.
 To master the four content areas as approved by the
  Kentucky Department of Education, KCM and NCM:
        *number sense/computation
        *algebraic ideas
 To develop enjoyment and appreciation of
 To develop techniques for problem solving and
  applying those techniques to a variety of situations.
 To communicate mathematical ideas and information
  using appropriate notation and terminology.
 To recognize, make or apply the connections among
  mathematical concepts to other academic disciplines
  as well as the real world.

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