8th grade Science 2008-2009 by cby79555


									8th grade Science 2009-2010
Ms. Spottsville

                  Welcome to 8th grade Science!
Daily Required Supplies
1 One Subject notebook
3-Ring binder (1” to 1 ½ “) with loose leaf paper (Make sure binders have pocket
folders inside)

Classroom responsibilities
Be prepared for class
Respect one another’s possessions and space
Golden Rule! Treat others the way you want to be treated
Come to class on time
Follow Science safety rules during lab experiments and activities.

Classroom procedures
Textbooks- We will have a class set of Science books only. Books are not
allowed to go home. If you would like to take a Science book home I will allow
you to check a book out to bring home.

Tardies- 1st tardy teacher-student conference. 2nd tardy call home. 3rd tardy before
or after school detention. 4th tardy Office Referral

Grades- Daily grades will consist of homework, labs, spods and quizzes. Major
grades will consist of tests, projects and class participation.

A "syllabus" is a calendar of classroom events. A syllabus fulfills several
It outlines what we will study each 6 weeks of the school year
It provides the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
It provides a list of keywords and expectations for each unit.

                                      1st Six Weeks Units/Topics

   •   The Universe: Characteristics
   •   The use of light years to describe distances in the universe
   •   Historical scientific theories of the origin of the universe
   •   Lunar and rock cycles
   •   Roles of oceans and climatic changes
   •   Solar, weather and ocean systems
                              Contact Information

Communication is the key to ensure your child's success. My philosophy is that
the student has greater success when the teacher and parent have open
My webpage was created as a communication tool between teacher and parent.
This website will let you know what is going on in class. It will give you
upcoming dates for tests, due dates for homework, and when major projects are
assigned and due.

Please visit www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/ASpottsville as often as
possible. The students are also encouraged to visit frequently.

Parents, please sign below to acknowledge that you have read the welcome letter,
syllabus, and science contract. Please provide an email address so I can email you
praise reports, project information, or any other pertinent information. The best
way to contact me is via email at :
adrianne.spottsville@crowley.k12.tx.us . Remember communication is the key for
your child’s success. We are going to have a great school year!!!

A. Spottsville

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