COUGAR Meal Plans by cby79555


Meal Plans
 Mandatory & Voluntary

The   MandaTory Meal Plan
                                                              Any (Dining Dollars) balance left on the meal
  Because cooking facilities are not available to             plan at the end of the fall semester rolls over
  students living in Woodland, Prairie, and Bluff             to the spring semester for use. Any balance
  Halls, purchasing a Cougar Dining Meal Plan is              remaining at the end of the spring semester
  a required component of their housing contract.             is refunded to the student provided there
  Students who reside in the apartments at Cougar             is no outstanding balance on the student’s
  Village or Evergreen can purchase a voluntary meal          university account.
  plan as well.
  Students can choose from two mandatory meal plan options:    It is possible that a student will use all available
                                                               funds on their meal plan. Money can be added
      plan                                                     through the Central Housing Office in $100
               $1370/semester or
      a:       $2740 for the 2009 - 2010 academic year.        (minimum) increments. All money will be
                                                               added at the 60/40 rate (60% to base cost and
                                                               40% becomes Dining Dollars).
      plan     $1890/semester or
      B:       $3780 for the 2009 - 2010 academic year.
                                                               food Purchases
  Plan deTails                                                 Using the Mandatory Meal Plan

  Both Plan A and Plan B mandatory meal plans                 The meal plan participant will be charged 100%
  are 60/40 plans. Sixty percent (60%) of the meal            retail for items purchased at Union Station and
  plan covers some of the operational costs of Dining         Cougar Village Commons Convenience Stores.
  Services. This includes but is not limited to labor,        Convenience and packaged food items are
  supplies, maintenance, and utilities.                       subject to sales tax. This is not a recommended
                                                              or encouraged use of your meal plan Dining
  The remaining 40% (Dining Dollars) of the                   Dollars. Non-food gift items (coffee mugs, coffee
  meal plan balance is available to spend for food            makers, stuffed animals, and gift baskets) cannot
  purchases at campus dining venues. Whenever                 be purchased using meal plan Dining Dollars.
  mandatory meal plan participants purchase made-
  to-order items, the items are charged at 40% of the
  retail cost.                                                There are exceptions to the convenience purchase
                                                              rule. All food and beverage purchases (including
                                                              bottled beverages, ice cream, and convenience
                                                              packaged foods) in Center Court are charged at
                       ExAMPlE:                               40%. Bottled and canned beverages, whole bean
         40% retail cost for a made-to-order meal is:         coffee, and pre-packaged food items at Starbucks
                                                              Coffee are charged at 40% along with all made-
                                       Meal Plan Price        to-order items.
        Retail Price

        $6.00                            $2.40
                             oPeN Your accouNT aNd receIVe aN addITIoNaL 10% BoNus

The VoLuNTarY Meal Plan                                          BeNefITs of a Plan...
  For Cougar Village & Evergreen Residents Only                      coNVeNIeNT
  Residents who live in the apartments at Cougar Village                   Dining Dollars are applied to your
  and Evergreen can purchase the Voluntary Meal Plan. The                  Cougar Card (ID Card) so you don’t
  plan can be purchased in $100, $250, and $500 amounts.                   have to carry cash to pay for your meals.
  The voluntary meal plan is available for made-to-order,            INTeLLIgeNT
  convenience, and packaged food items. Convenience and
  packaged food items are subject to sales tax. Non-food                   You decide in advance what you will
  gift items cannot be purchased on any Cougar Dining                      spend each semester for food, which
  meal plan. Students participating in this option can add                 equals savings.
  money to this plan in $100 increments through the Central
                                                                     Tax free
  Housing Office.
                                                                           Mandatory and Voluntary Meal Plan
  Now Available                                                            participants do not incur sales tax on
                                                                           purchases of made-to-order items at any
                                                                           venue eligible for the plan.
The cougar            PrIVILIges Meal Plan                           refuNdaBLe
  The Cougar Privileges Meal Plan is an incentive meal                     At the end of spring semester, any Dining
  plan for students (residence and commuter), faculty, and                 Dollar balance is refunded provided there is no
  staff. When you deposit a minimum of $100 on your                        balance due on the student’s university account.
  Cougar ID Card, you will receive an additional 10%
  credit ($10) on your account. The card may be used at all
  Dining Services’ venues, as well as Pepsi and Canteen
  vending machines with card readers. Visit the Service
                                                                 We like hearing fromYou
  Center to open your account. For additional information,
                                                                     Dining Services is always striving to improve its
  contact the MUC Business Office at (618) 650-3952.
                                                                     services and offerings. Feedback from customers is
                                                                     the best ingredient in this recipe. Napkin suggestion
  recycling                                                          boards are located in the dining areas of all dining
                                                                     venues. Meal Plan participants are invited to share
  Dining Services has installed bins for paper, plastic,             comments or ask questions regarding the meal plans
  empty aluminum cans, cardboard, and other items.                   by sending an e-mail to: There
  Special beverage mugs are available for reduced price              are plenty of places to satisfy your taste buds. Every
  refills. So pitch in and help the environment.                     campus dining location accepts all meal plans.

                                                                    Be Healthy
                                                                    The staff at Dining Services aims to provide
                                                              eat Well

                                                                    a plentiful array of healthy options and works
                                                                    to improve the healthiness of items by using
                                                                    cholesterol and trans fat free vegetable oils. An
                                                                    appealing selection of low fat, low cholesterol, low
                                                                    carbohydrate, lean protein, high calcium, high fiber
                                                                    foods, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
                                                                    are always available. Students can do a nutrition
                                                                    analysis at the computer located by the Center Court
                                                                    entrance. Information regarding Healthy Options/
                                                                    Cougar Balance from our menu is also posted.
                                                                    Anyone needing assistance with special dietary
                                                                    needs can contact the Dining Services departmentat
                                                                    650-3046 for help with meal planning or specialty
                                                                    food procurement.

                                                                    For more detailed info about Cougar Dining Meal Plans call:
                                                                    Morris University Center (618) 650-5438 or visit the meal plan
                                                                    website online:
                     and on the                                                 Sweet Surprises & Baker’s Nook - Breads, cakes,
                                                                                pies, muffins, desserts, and cookies are baked in-house for
                                                                                maximum sweet tooth indulgence.

                   ProWL Dining locations
                                                                                Cougar Express (Grab N’ Go) - Offers packaged
                                                                                salads, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, soy
                                                                      Cougar milk, ice cream novelties, Pepsi beverages, coffee, juices,
                                                                      ExprEss Crystal light, freshly brewed iced tea, and comfort foods
                                                                                including entrees, soup, and sides.

                                                                                The Grille - Enjoy omelets, pancakes, and Belgian
                                                                                waffles for breakfast. Classic grilled favorites are served
                                                                                hot and made-to-order during lunch and dinner.

                                                                                Chick-fil-A Express - Offers the original breaded
                                                                                chicken sandwich, plus grilled chicken salads, freshly
                                                                                squeezed lemonade, and more of their popular items.

    Auntie Anne’s Pretzels                                           cougar deN
    650-2374 Main level MUC                                                     650-2259 lower level MUC
    Features tasty handmade pretzels, Dutch Ice beverages, and                  The Cougar Den is the purrfect spot on campus to enjoy SIUE
    homemade lemonade.                                                          memorabilia, watch TV, and enjoy time with your friends.

    Starbucks Coffee                                                            Pizza Hut Express - The place to “Gather ‘Round the
    650-5200 Main level MUC                                                     Good Stuff” and enjoy popular items from your favorite
    Starbucks Coffee at SIUE features a full cafe menu, espresso                pizzeria.
    beverages, cyber-connections and scheduled live music.
                                                                                Taco Bell Express - “Think Outside the Bun” and
    Union Station Convenience Store                                             choose from the Taco Bell value menu.
    650-2320 Main level MUC
    Features a large selection of convenience store items for                   Freshëns - Serves refreshing fruit and yogurt smoothies,
    students on the go.                                                         premium hand-dipped ice cream, and soft-serve frozen
                                                                                yogurt treats.
    University Restaurant 650-2465 Upper level MUC
    Features full-service dining in an airy, relaxing environment.              Woodland/Prairie Hall Cart - Main Floor entry area
    Delicious hot, cold, and dessert buffets plus an á la carte                 in Woodland Hall. Grab and go snack choices.
    menu. Open for lunch.
                                                                                Bluff Hall Café
ceNTer courT                                                                    650-1795 near the Art & Design and Engineering Buildings.
                                                                                Sausage sandwiches, hot dogs, desserts, and other
    650-3040 lower level MUC                                                    quick options.
    Center Court is the main dining facility on campus. Many
    choices are available including:
                                                                                Skywalk Food Court
                                                                                650-3402 3rd Floor between Founders and Alumni Halls.
    Entrées - Classic hot á la carte entrees and side dishes,                   Skywalk court offers Buitoni Italian Kitchen entrees, Briar
    from many world cuisines, including daily vegetarian                        Street Deli sandwiches, homemade soups, pastries, and
    specials.                                                                   breakfast items.

    Deli-Panini - Sandwiches, wraps, and paninis; made-to-
    order from top quality meats, breads, cheeses, and veggies.
                                                                     cougar VILLage commoNs
                                                                                Commons Convenience Store & Grill
                                                                                650-2959 lower level Cougar Village Commons Building
                                                                                Pick up grocery and convenience food items or grab a
    Noodle/Pasta - Rice and Asian noodle dishes, egg                            made-to-order, hot off-the-grill favorite.
    rolls, and Italian pasta favorites.

    Garden Patch - A colorful, ever-changing array of fresh
                                                                                • For additional information including venue hours, visit the
    salad ingredients and toppings, prepared salads, and soup
                                                                                Morris University Center website at:
    du jour.

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