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& Meal Plans
                                             Bonus Points and/or Pete’s Points are                  Bonus Points and Pete’s Points are
                                             debit-style accounts of extra money in                 similar in that they can be used like cash
                                             addition to your Meal Plan.                            ($1.00 in points = $1.00 in cash) toward

                                                                                                    food purchases or when you exceed
                                             You need to know that Sodexo is the                    your equivalency amount.
                                             name of the world-class company which

                 YSU Meal
                                             runs most of the dining locations on                   What is the difference between
                                             campus. One of Sodexo’s dining loca-
                                             tions is Christman Dining Commons,                     Bonus Points and Pete’s Points?

                 Plans                       a traditional all-you-care-to-eat dining               You can use meal “swipes” and Bonus
                                             hall. At Christman, one “swipe” of your                Points only at Sodexo locations. Arby’s
                                             YSU ID pays for the entire meal. How-                  Peaberry’s, the Candy Counter, and
                                             ever, at other Sodexo dining locations                 the YSU Bookstore Convenience Store
                                                                                                    cannot accept Bonus Points or meal
What are Meal Plans,                         on campus, you will be able to “swipe”
                                             your card to dine for up to a set amount               “swipes.” Meals or snacks that you pur-
Bonus Points,                                of dollars called “Cash Equivalency.”                  chase at these locations will be deduct-
                                                                                                    ed from your Pete’s Points. You can also
and Pete’s Points?                           If the cost of your food goes over this
                                             amount by a few dollars or cents, Bonus                use Pete’s Points at Sodexo locations.
                                             Points or Pete’s Points can take care of
There are many great places to eat on        the balance. Or you could pay with cash                Pete’s Points can be used at any time of
the YSU campus. To help you enjoy            or credit/debit cards.                                 day—with no limits on how much you
the variety, YSU offers convenient Meal                                                             can spend each day, as long as you do
Plans, Bonus Points, and Pete’s                                                                     not exceed your balance.
                                                  Cash Equivalency                                  Meal Time Zones
Meal Plans are prepaid accounts which
allow you to dine or snack at our many            amounts for each meal “swipe.”                    4 Meals A Day
campus eateries. The plan you purchase                                                              Whatever Meal Plan you purchase, you
                                                         Breakfast = $2.90                          are limited to 4 meal “swipes” a day. You
will be recorded on your YSU ID card. It
                                                          Lunch = $4.80
will track your usage of the program and
                                                          Dinner = $5.60
serve as a form of payment. No need to
carry cash!                                  Example: You go to KC Food Court and
                                             purchase food totaling $5.80 for lunch. A meal
                                                                                                          Meal Time Zones
Choose the plan that is best for you.        will be deducted from your allocation, but you                  Breakfast: 7:00am – 10:30am
Whether you eat three meals a day, or        are over the $4.80 lunch equivalency. You can                    Lunch: 10:31am – 4:00pm
just lunch, dinner, and a between-class      tell the cashier if you want to pay that extra                   Dinner: 4:01pm – 8:00pm
snack—our Meal Plans are designed            dollar in Bonus Points, Pete’s Points, cash, or                Late Night: 9:00pm – Midnight
to fit your eating habits. See the charts    credit/debit cards. You can also choose to use                The schedule for meal plans runs from
below for the many Meal Plan options.        2 meal swipes to cover it (once per Meal Time               Monday breakfast through Sunday late night.
                                             Zone—up to 2 times each day).

     Meal Plans for                                        19              19 Meals Per Week PLUS

                                                                           $100 Pete’s Points
                                                        Meal Plan

                               If you live in a
                             YSU residence hall
                           (excluding Weller
                                                        Meal Plan
                                                                           14 Meals Per Week PLUS
                                                                           $100 Pete’s Points
                                                                           $115 Bonus Points
                         House), your meal
                       plan is included in your
            room and board. At the beginning
      of each semester, you will automati-
      cally be signed up for our most popular
                                                        Meal Plan
                                                                           10 Meals Per Week PLUS
                                                                           $100 Pete’s Points
                                                                           $150 Bonus Points
      plan, the 14 Meal Plan. During the first
      11 class days of each semester, you                                  160 Meals for the Semester PLUS
      may change your plan to any of those
      listed here. To do so, visit the Card
      Office in the Kilcawley Center Staff
                                                       Meal Plan*
                                                                           $100 Pete’s Points
                                                                           $115 Bonus Points
                                                                           For residents of YSU Housing, the Block Plan is only available to residents
      Offices, and bring your YSU ID.                                      who have lived on campus for two full (fall or spring) semesters.

                                                              the times that you eat so that you do
                                                              not run out of “swipes” for any given
        Sodexo Dining Areas                                   meal time. Know that unused meal
      (Use Meal “swipes,” Bonus Points,                       swipes for the week expire Sunday
              or Pete’s Points)
                                                              evening and are forfeited.
               KC Food Court
          Pete’s Place Restaurant
         Christman Dining Commons                             Block Plan
                 Bagel Stop                                   With the Block Plan, you are allot-
                Café a la Cart                                ted a specified number of meals to
               Jazzman’ Café                                  be used during the course of the
                Corner Café                                   semester. As with other Meal Plans,
   If you are eating at any Sodexo location other             you are limited to 4 meal “swipes” a
    than Christman Dining Commons, and want                   day, and 2 “swipes” per Meal Time
     to make sure you spend no more than one                  Zone. The advantage of the Block Plan is
  “swipe,” ask what Combo Meals (main course,                 that your “leftover swipes” DO carry over          Where can I Eat?
    drink and perhaps a side item) are available.                                                                See the list of dining facilities on page
                                                              from week to week. You have access to
                                                              them for the entire semester. Remember,            4. You will be using your Meal “swipes,”
             Other Dining/                                    on the Block Plan, it it your responsibil-         Bonus Points, or Pete’s Points to eat at
            Snacking Areas                                    ity to manage the number of swipes you             any of the Sodexo locations on the YSU
        (Operated by companies other than Sodexo)             use. Be sure that you make them last               campus. For locations not run by So-
               (Use Pete’s Points)                            throughout the semester.                           dexo, you may use your Pete’s Points.
                  Peaberry’s                                  For residents of University Housing, the           Exclusions
            YSU Bookstore C-Store                             Block Plan is only available to residents          Meal Plan participants may select any
           Kilcawley Candy Counter                            who have lived on campus for two full              freshly prepared items on the menu, but
                                                              (fall or spring) semesters.                        prepackaged convenience foods such
                                                                                                                 as bottled beverages, chips, candy,
can use up to 2 swipes per Meal Time                          Your Guests                                        yogurt, trail mix, granola snacks, etc.
Zone. What is a Meal Time Zone, you ask?                      Whatever your Meal Plan, you are                   ARE NOT INCLUDED in this program,
These are four distinct blocks of time when                   permitted to use your available meal               and must always be purchased with
you can “swipe in” for breakfast, lunch,                      “swipes,” Bonus Points, and Pete’s                 Bonus Points, Pete’s Points, cash, or
dinner, and “late night.” Pay attention to                    Points for guests if you wish to do so.            credit/debit cards.

                                                           Anyone who spends a great deal of time on campus may enjoy the convenience of
      Meal Plans for                                       one of the Meal Plans listed here. You might be a resident of an off-campus hous-

                                                           ing facility, a commuter student, or a faculty or staff member. “Swipe” your YSU ID
                                                           to dine—no need to carry cash. If you live in a YSU residence hall, you will use the Resident Meal
                                                           Plans shown on page 2.

      Meal Plan
                            19 Meals Per Week PLUS
                            $100 Pete’s Points                                            Block
                                                                                           Meal Plan
                                                                                                           160 Meals for the Semester
                                                                                                           $100 Pete’s Points
                                                                                                           $115 Bonus Points

       Meal Plan
                            14 Meals Per Week PLUS
                            $100 Pete’s Points
                            $115 Bonus Points                           Cost for               7           7 Meals Per Week PLUS
                                                                                                           $50 Pete’s Points                       Cost for
                                                                      19, 14, & 10        Meal Plan        $60 Bonus Points                      7 & 5 Meals
                                                                    Meals Per Week,                                                          Per Week Meal Plans

                            10 Meals Per Week
                                                                   & Block Meal Plans                      5 Meals Per Week                       $600
                            $100 Pete’s Points
                                                                       $1,290                              PLUS                                 Per Semester
       Meal Plan                                                      Per Semester                         $50 Pete’s Points
                            $150 Bonus Points                                             Meal Plan        $75 Bonus Points

     Pete’s Points
                                                    The Pete’s Points Plan is a prepaid account allowing you to dine or snack at any of our
                                                    campus eateries. Your YSU ID is your form of payment. Plan does not include meal
                                                    “swipes” or Bonus Points. Instead $1.00 of Pete’s Points = $1.00 cash. You choose how

     Plan                                           many points you would like to add to the plan (must be a minimum of $25). Points can
                                                    be added at any time and as many times as wanted throughout the semester. Pete’s                            3
                                                    Points expire at the end of each semester. No refunds will be given.

                                            Where Can I Eat?                              Café a la Cart
                                                                                          Three locations: Beeghly Hall, Cushwa
                                                                                          Hall, and Williamson Hall
                                            At these Sodexo locations, you                Seattle’s Best Coffee® available all day,
                                            can use your Meal Plan, Bonus                 as well as an assortment of baked goods.
                                            Points, and Pete’s Points.                    Other selections: specialty salads, sand-
                                                                                          wiches, fresh fruit and a variety of snacks
                                            KC Food Court                                 and sodas for both breakfast and lunch.
                                            Lower Level, Kilcawley Center
                                            featuring the following options               Jazzman’s Café
                                              Simply To Go: Grab and go salads,           Maag Library, Third Floor
                                              subs, wraps, cookies, muffins, fresh        A stylish coffee bar with espressos, lattes,
                                              fruit parfaits, and more—all individually   cappuccinos, and other coffee-flavored
                                              wrapped for quick and easy service.         beverages—both hot and cold. Your fa-
                                                                                          vorite muffins, cookies, pastries, gourmet
                                              Grill 155°: Delicious grilled sand-         focaccia sandwiches, specialty salads
                                              wiches, fries, and daily specials.          and smoothies.
Frequently Asked                              Freshëns: Fresh fruit smoothies,
Questions                                     frozen yogurt, and milkshakes.              Corner Café
                                                                                          On the Wick Avenue Parking Garage
                                              SubConnection: Custom-made
                                                                                          Pedestrian Bridge
What If I Don’t Use                           submarine sandwiches, wraps, and
                                                                                          Hot Starbuck’s® Coffee and freshly baked
All of My Points?                             hot soup.
                                                                                          muffins and bagels.
Unused points (Bonus Points or Pete’s         KFC Express: All the Colonel’s
Points) expire for everyone at the end        great chicken and side dishes.
of EACH semester. No refunds will be
                                              Pennyguins: Unique and traditional
                                                                                          At these locations, you can use
given, so remember to use all of your                                                     your Pete’s Points only.
                                              pizzas, pastas, and made-to-order
                                              specialty salads.
What If I Run Out of Points?                Pete’s Place Restaurant                       Lower Level, Kilcawley Center.
You can purchase more Pete’s Points                                                       Famous roast beef, and chicken sand-
                                            Upper Level, Kilcawley Center
with a deposit (cash/check/credit) of $25                                                 wiches. Also breakfast, salads, shakes,
                                            Complete breakfast buffet, all-you-care-
or more in the Card Office in the Kilcaw-                                                 and appetizers.
                                            to-eat pizza and salad bar, and other
ley Center Staff Office Monday – Friday
                                            menu options for breakfast and lunch.
8:30am – 4:00pm.                                                                          YSU Bookstore C-Store
                                            Also, dinner service on select evenings.
                                            Outdoor patio in warm seasons.                Located in the YSU Bookstore
Can I Treat My Parents?                                                                   Frozen microwave dinners, fresh brewed
Parents EAT FREE at Christman Dining        Christman Dining Commons                      cappuccinos, hot chocolate, cold Coke
Commons when in the company of their        Located between Lyden                         beverages, cereal, snacks, candy, and
resident students.                          and Cafaro Residence Halls                    more.
                                            Christman is an all-you-care-to-eat
What If I Lose My Card?                     concept, as long as guests remain             Kilcawley Candy Counter
How Can I Get a Temp Card?                  in the dining room. A variety of menu         Lower Level, Kilcawley Center
If you lose your card, you will need to     selections for breakfast, lunch and din-      Large selection of candy, gum, crunchy
stop in the Card Office in the Kilcawley    ner includes fresh baked goods, hearty        snacks, granola bars, energy drinks,
Center Staff Office Monday through          soups, healthy homestyle entrees, deli        bottled water, and sodas. We also sell
Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm. A photo ID is       sandwiches, delicious desserts, an            U.S. postage stamps.
required for this.                          abundant salad bar and fresh fruit. Also
                                            daily “Smart Choice” selections, home-        Peaberry’s Café
                                            made pizza and hot grill favorites.
What If My ID Does Not Work?                                                              Lower Level, Kilcawley Center
Bring your YSU ID to the Card Office in                                                   Espresso, lattes or mochas, delicious
                                            The Time Out C-Store, located within
the Kilcawley Center Staff Office, and we                                                 fresh-baked muffins, and a variety of
                                            Christman Commons, will provide you
will re-encode it for you.                                                                deli-style lunch items.
                                            with a wide variety of pre-packaged
                                            items to help accommodate your late-
                                            night needs.

For restaurant hours,                       Bagel Stop                                               Questions?
please check online at                      Lower Level, Kilcawley Center                    Our staff is
times2dine.ysu.edu                          Freshly brewed Starbuck’s® Coffee,               any Meal P ady to help you with
                                            a complete line of bagels, muffins,                           lan questio
                                                                                            have. Call C              ns you may
                                            wraps, yogurt, homemade cookies,                Office, at 3 risty Cameron, Card
                                            and specialty salads.                           at cjcamero -941-2513 or e-mail he
                                                                                                         n@ysu.edu               r