Utah County Employee of the Month for December 2009 by alj19178


									         Utah County Employee of the Month for December 2009
                    Whitnie Tate - Deputy Sheriff II
                            Sheriff’s Office

      I would like to nominate Deputy Whitnie Tate for Utah County
Employee of the Month for December, 2009. Whitnie has worked for the
Utah County Sheriff’s Office for over 13 years. She is currently assigned to
the Judicial Division as a Civil Process Deputy. The Sheriff’s Office is
mandated by law to handle civil process which consists of evictions,
property seizures, sheriff sales, writs, child custody orders, protective and
stalking orders, summons, subpoenas and much more. These processes
can be very challenging and demanding, such as million dollar property
disputes and bitter domestic violence issues. Whitnie has shown time and
time again her competence, great judgement, knowledge and
professionalism when handling these cases. Her reliability and work ethic
gives the Sheriff’s Office great confidence in her ability to manage her
large civil process work load and handle unique and difficult civil

        Whitnie is also a Hostage Negotiator for the Utah County Sheriff’s
Office. She has participated in high risk SWAT standoffs and has been
instrumental in resolving them peacefully. For Negotiators, these standoffs
require intense concentration and a superior ability to communicate with a
hostile individual for hours. Her success has demonstrated her exceptional

      Whitnie is an employee who builds morale with her co-workers and
supervisors. She adds humor and a positive atmosphere to our office. She
shows genuine concern for her co-workers and is always willing to assist
them with their work. She is a true team player. Whitnie has the gift of
working well not only with her co-workers, but the citizens of Utah County
whom she comes in contact with on a daily basis. These include victims,
suspects, business owners, lawyers, and all other individuals and
professions in this county. She represents Utah County in a highly positive
and professional manner and is deserving of the Utah County Employee of
the Month.

Nominated by Sergeant Bob Nelson
Utah County Sheriff’s Office

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