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Social Media PowerPoint Decks for JB 4520 at Oklahoma State University

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									Strategy and Tactics of Social Media

Strategy and Tactics
Back to definition of social media  Primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.
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Social Media is a strategy and the tools used are


We build communities with Social Media
What does a community look like? What does a social media site look like?  Just like any other community except it is online

Micro Blogging
Users send brief updates to be viewed by anyone or

by restricted groups which can respond. Submitted via text messaging, IM, email, audio or web site Micro Blogging Text
   

Twitter Yammer (business use only) Jaiku Pownce

Micromedia – non text based micro blogging sites  Meebo  Utters  Posterous  twitpic

The Killer App  Primarily used in United States (45%)  Fill in other shiny pieces of information which make us all go WOW!  What is it?

tweet- a message of 140 characters or less Hashtag - tweets that start with a #  Used for tracking @username is used to reply or send message to that

person and is visible for all the world to see DM user name - direct message

Private conversation between not seen on twitterverse

tinyURL- for URLs longer than 30 characters tweetup- twitter meetup

Setting up Twitter
Name Selection Profile Posting a message

Uses of Twitter
Start conversations with notable peers Share valuable industry news Build your blog audience Stay connected  Conferences  Trade shows  Events, etc. Monitor your reputation
Andy Beal, author of Radically Transparent

Uses Cont’
Research tool Reinforce your personal brand Promote content Extend community (audience) Networking Receive breaking news (as it is breaking) Listen to people and hear what they really think

Know your objective and tweet strategy Be original and useful Every tweet counts, use them well Don’t read every tweet Take ongoing conversations to dm (direct message) Be active Proactively connect with others Offer important information Keep relationships alive

Don’t worry about people who unfollow you Practice makes almost perfect Numbers of followers doesn’t matter  Unless the number of followers does matter Have fun

Tweet Effectively
What should you tweet  what you are doing  what has caught your attention  What you found/think is important  for a cause  all the above How much should you tweet?

Twitter Applications
 Tweetdeck Twhirl PeopleBrowser

Promote your tweets
Aggregation through facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Add Widget to your facebook, blog website, etc. using

Who should you follow
People you already know on twitter via  People who tweet what interests you via

Twitter Tools
Determine what’s popular via Track your tweets/retweets via and Review most popular urls sent via twitter using Review most common retweets using

Tweet them with the hash tag #pradvice and join the


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