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					<@liz`afk> ok <@liz`afk> meeting time? <@cbk> yeah <@cbk> who has something they would like to discuss? <@cbk> I have a few things. Any other? <@Jurgen> hi <@liz`afk> hum.. i'll think i just wiev out this1 <@Jurgen> cbk wanna start or let me? <@liz`afk> im tad tired <@cbk> you can go ahead Jurgen <@liz`afk> slept ~2h in 2days or summit :D <@Jurgen> so I think we need to figure out goals for our galaxy <@Jurgen> if we wanna be a top gal or fortress or just a normal galaxy <@Jurgen> we did quite ok today in the end, but suppose too much of the responsibility was on me/cbk I can not waste this much time for long <@Jurgen> others need to step forward also <@Jurgen> cbk does share my thoughts I think <@liz`afk> heh dunno if u r talkin about calcing defence <@liz`afk> i think every1 should do taht for themselves <@liz`afk> and be around to do it <@liz`afk> ofc there r times when we cant be online <@liz`afk> and i suppose it's easier that a same person from 1 alliance <@liz`afk> takes care of his team m8 * BlueSpider ( has joined #lizardsnest * P sets mode: +o BlueSpider <@liz`afk> doesn't mean i have trouble sorting others <@liz`afk> if we get incoming <@liz`afk> but easier when u got direct connection to that alliance/dcs <@cbk> I agree with both of you on what has been said untill now <@Jurgen> ofc. it would be easier for everyone if I just handled everything and suppose in the past I would, but I simply have no time/motivation to do that anymore for long period at least <@Jurgen> but to the point.. do we wanna be a top gal or just to play around? <@liz`afk> question would be is our goals changed all of the sudden? <@liz`afk> i atleast play ftw if i have every1 else on board <@liz`afk> that's not a 1 man's task i suppose <@liz`afk> is sum1 losing motivation then? <@Jurgen> Sjor, elusion, eizi, Bream, cbk? <@Bream> time is only thing i may lack <@Bream> coz of damn work =( <@cbk> my reason for asking for this meeting is that I expected ppl to put in a real effort <@Bream> also DCing takes lots of time at mornings, just figured that on saturday <@liz`afk> hum... elusion is l8 or missing the meeting btw? <@liz`afk> i'll call the guy <@liz`afk> gc should participate in a gal meeting atleast :/

<@cbk> and by a real effort I mean AT THE VERY LEAST being awake during incomings and work with their alliance on stuff <@cbk> hmm <@cbk> my reason for asking for this meeting is that I expected ppl to put in a real effort * @Bream agrees <@cbk> and by a real effort I mean AT THE VERY LEAST being awake during incomings and work with their alliance on stuff <@cbk> that was how I should put those two lines :-) <@cbk> I told from the very beginning that I would not have time to DC in gal and I was told it would be np <@cbk> but from what I have seen untill now it has been VERY needed <@cbk> untill now this gal has proven to be no better than the average of the gals I have had during my time in PA <@cbk> and tbh I had expected more <@liz`afk> got sms from cool he's going to be abit l8 <@liz`afk> but he's coming <@liz`afk> callin elu now <@liz`afk> maybe we should hold a few mins? <@cbk> we can do that. I have to pick target in 3 mins anyways :-) <@BlueSpider> me too <@liz`afk> i got a tp going as well it seems <@liz`afk> :S * coolrules ( has joined #lizardsnest * P sets mode: +o coolrules <@coolrules> work helled me upo <@coolrules> miss much? <@BlueSpider> no <@BlueSpider> we postponed a lil biy <@BlueSpider> bit <@coolrules> :P <@coolrules> did u get my sms liz? <@liz`afk> yeah <@coolrules> gud gud <@liz`afk> ur not much l8 anyway <@liz`afk> but where's elusion ? <@liz`afk> called <@liz`afk> no answer * @Sjor is back <@cbk> well if elu is not here he has to read up <@Sjor> yepp <@cbk> but tbh not even being here at a meeting that has been announced for several hours is not good either <@cbk> It's much like the effort put in when we get incomings <@cbk> too much ppl drinking too much and doo often <@cbk> and even when knowing we will get incomings for sure <@cbk> I thought we would play this round hardcore <@cbk> but untill now I have only seen a few ppl stepping up to it <@cbk> and lets get the shit into the open: <@cbk> Liz you must go to bed earlier and get up to be here more hours when we have incomings instead. No reason to stay up untill insane hours just to go to bed after a few hours of the incomings

<@cbk> Elu just gotta step up in general <@liz`afk> erm cbk <@liz`afk> we had most incs already <@liz`afk> when i went to bed today <@liz`afk> that was like 11am my time <@liz`afk> or summmit <@liz`afk> i don't think we had too many launched anymore afterwards <@cbk> well if it was 11 you were VERY inactive during the last few hours of your time awake <@liz`afk> dunno i had 4 / 5 waves and tried to sort out defence out gal <@liz`afk> coz it was impossible to get covered in glx at that point <@cbk> I know you were up all night, but the serious effort in gal is when the inc are starting to come down towards the eta 5 barrier <@liz`afk> but true i didn't calc any1 elses incs lastnight <@cbk> well I do not really expect you to do that <@cbk> you had plenty of inc yourself <@cbk> I just want you to sleep a bit more in the nights <@liz`afk> my eta5 barrier was way preached when i went to bed <@liz`afk> well eta3 or 4 anyway <@cbk> and get up earlier to stay up more constantly <@liz`afk> well i was thinkin of sleepin tonight yeah <@liz`afk> :D <@cbk> elu just gotta step up <@liz`afk> elusion needs to start gettin online when called <@cbk> his effort on the day we knew we would get inc was horrible. He sad a big sorry and that it would not happen today <@cbk> imo I didnt see much improvement today (besides the fact that he was not drunk) <@cbk> BlueSpider, you simply gotta turn on that phone... <@cbk> when you are here you are easy to work with and have nice fleets and know your shit, but when you are not here, all those things kinda doesn't matter <@cbk> Bream. There is no such thing as giving up. The other day you proved that you are capable of getting nice defense. Was a very nice job you did that day. However today you were lacking badly (you have given a good reason though) <@Bream> ok cbk <@Bream> im sorry, wont repeat that <@cbk> no worry... you had lots of incomings <@liz`afk> he did? :D <@cbk> you had low moral and could see no end to it, but you keept going and you proved that you could do well <@cbk> yes the first time we had incomings <@liz`afk> ah <@liz`afk> okay <@cbk> or hmmm maybe it was the second <@cbk> the other day b4 the rollback <@Jurgen> yeh <@Bream> i have one time-related problem which i cant completely solve

<@Bream> on saturday i was only one DCing for allaince so i felt little bit overriden <@cbk> yeah that is perfectly understandable <@Bream> finally i got replacement <@Jurgen> he didn't get much deff for you today thoz :D <@cbk> The main thing is that this gal was supposed to aim for #1, but untill now I have not at all seen enough effort from main ppl of the gal <@cbk> I do not even say that those ppl should put that effort into the game <@cbk> but then we have to review if it is really #1 we aim for <@cbk> I said from the start that I do not want to DC in gal <@cbk> I can stretch myself to DCing for me and eizi since we are both in the same alliance <@cbk> and when DCs find def they tend to give priority to the ppl who work with them <@Jurgen> the one I miss most tbh is elusion... I left him handle the cluster alliance.. he was supposed to be our main man as gc, but he doesn't show up during incoming at mornings he doesn't reply to phone nor come to galaxy meeting :S <@cbk> However I simply cant find the time to DC for much more ppl in the gal <@Jurgen> suppose same for me <@liz`afk> every1 should be there to calc their own inc <@Jurgen> sjor seems to be quite capable of taking care of himself.. I seem to get massive incomings myself and I can handle those <@cbk> I agree with you Jurgen, but even if he stepped up I am unsure that this gal has what it takes <@Jurgen> true <@Jurgen> what about jer? <@Jurgen> eizi etc? <@liz`afk> I'm used to gettin fleets in and letting other ppl sort/calculate themselves <@liz`afk> but it doesn't work that way anymore <@liz`afk> don't got the access to such fleets nor contacts to our various allies <@cbk> eizi has been great to work with <@Sjor> Jurgen and cbk have to thnak u for all <@Sjor> also for all the def <@cbk> always comes online and knows his shit <@eizi> guys, tbh, all those rounds i played pa i was never more than average <@Sjor> of all of u <@eizi> but i work best when get told what to do <@cbk> eizi you have showed no lacking this round <@eizi> i need coords and ships and that way i work best <@cbk> it's fair thing <@eizi> so i am depoending on someone making the dirty dc work <@cbk> tbh. I am sure I could get this gal to function 100% if I could just get like 10 more hours every day... Mother time unfortunately doesn't answer my calls though :-( <@Jurgen> I feel exactly the same

<@Sjor> im here as much as i can i will try to help more when incs come <@liz`afk> I let elusion GC so he'd take some of those tasks from the rest of us <@cbk> At least for my part I will have to say that I will put in slightly less effort the coming time... <@liz`afk> and he was more than willing to do it <@liz`afk> I think in the coming times we r gonna get seriously less incomin <@liz`afk> or well atleast the nearest of near future ;) <@Jurgen> dunno <@Sjor> yes asc has serious problems <@Jurgen> somehow I think they want to crack us <@cbk> liz I am sure you are right, but it doesn't change the attitude of the gal in general <@Sjor> also our fleets start to look good <@Jurgen> since they have ppl who know what me and liz are capable off (organizing attacks stuff) <@cbk> we might get less incomings for a while, but if nothing drastic changes, then when we get serious incomings in the future we will still be owned <@Sjor> true <@Jurgen> could someone make a log of this meeting btw and send it to elusion? <@BlueSpider> well, as I said before i am trying to do my best with the little time I have to play * @BlueSpider is too old already <@Jurgen> how old are you BlueSpider? <@cbk> BlueSpider, the main thing is that you have to have your phone on <@cbk> we will call you when we really need you <@BlueSpider> 40+ <@cbk> I guess we are all too old to have enough time to really play <@Jurgen> suppose you can decide wether you keep your phone on then ^^ <@Jurgen> but yea I understand <@BlueSpider> hehe, tnx for comprehension <@cbk> tbh. it is no shame if we admit that we are not capable of #1 gal spot <@cbk> all of us seriously lack time <@cbk> we have plenty of skill in this gal, but no time <@Jurgen> well I still think we are capable of it <@Jurgen> we will grow exponentially if we get a couple nights without incoming [2 3:45] <@Sjor> worst is we could do it with bit more activity <@Jurgen> the thing is that ppl need to be online when we get incoming <@cbk> but Jurgen it would take that some of us simply gives up his life to PA :-) <@liz`afk> btw... where does jer stand in all this <@Jurgen> we've known about these incomings and still ppl go to drink etc.

<@liz`afk> I think we r either ignoring him fully or he's totally absent from the meeting <@liz`afk> but suppose he's part of the glx <@Sjor> jerome <@cbk> I guess we have to discuss his situation a bit <@Jurgen> suppose it is a hard one :S <@cbk> I like jerome a lot, but we should at least take the discussion of if he should leave or not <@liz`afk> I don't have problems having asc in the glx as long as he's got the same goal as the rest of us <@Sjor> as said we can have a very good round, even top spots, i will try my best and do fleet starts to be of use <@liz`afk> I think it's up to jerome if he wants to play and stay or give up and go <@liz`afk> he got pwned pretty good today <@cbk> yeah he got owned badly today <@liz`afk> that's not acceptable :S <@coolrules> he casn wlays come back from it :p <@Jurgen> suppose I'm still learning this new pa a bit, but I'll improve all the time also however I wont be able to do things like today and sunday on daily basis <@liz`afk> he had every chance to run <@cbk> yeah I wonder how he managed to run fleets <@cbk> Jurgen you have a job too to take care of <@cbk> after all we are too old to put all our life into pa <@cbk> this is not r9 or r13 :-) <@Jurgen> my job is not a problem really <@cbk> ohhh <@Jurgen> I work at evenings <@Jurgen> and we don't get incoming at those times <@cbk> true <@eizi> lucky you <@eizi> i got to be out of house 7 gmt <@Jurgen> however I'm living with my gf :D <@cbk> well what do we do with jerome then? <@Jurgen> suppose she doesn't liek me being up every single night <@eizi> and wont come back until 7pm gmt <@cbk> should we have some discussion with him about the situation? <@Jurgen> suppose we should <@Jurgen> btw. does coolrules have an alliance? <@Sjor> did some1 sms him? <@Jurgen> Sjor: no idea <@Sjor> if not we put him in nd <@cbk> no cool has no alliance atm <@Sjor> than we are all safe <@Sjor> :D <@Jurgen> I think we should put coolrules to rock <@Jurgen> BlueSpider could maybe help with that <@Jurgen> I really doubt nd would attack us again near future <@Sjor> our race combo is nice too <@Sjor> i wouldnt pick our gal as roid target <@eizi> still someone did :P <@Jurgen> we used to be fat ^^

<@Sjor> that was personal <@Jurgen> and we will again <@eizi> aye <@Sjor> 11 6 disbanded btw <@Jurgen> really? :0 <@Sjor> take a look <@Sjor> Caj is now in 11:1 <@Jurgen> haha <@Jurgen> already <@Sjor> 5 as there now <@Sjor> :D <@Sjor> asc <@coolrules> guys 2 secs my comp has a update restart <@Sjor> ok <@coolrules> and its going to do it wherther i want it to or not <@coolrules> fs <@liz`afk> yeah 2 asc gals exiled themselves <@coolrules> be back in 2 mins <@Sjor> they wanted to have top gal :) <@Sjor> but deal <@Sjor> if we get caj in gal we exile :) <@cbk> lol <@liz`afk> ;D

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