; Lesson 3 - Rahab saved her family
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Lesson 3 - Rahab saved her family


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									Heroes in the Bible Lesson 3: Rahab saved her family
((Joshua 2:1-21; 6-17-25) Objective: To let the children understand that we may not have super ability or super powers but through God’s power, we can do great things.

Today, we are going to have another true story of a super hero in the Bible. This time the story is about a girl called Rahab who saved her entire family. Rahab lived in city called Jericho. Jericho was surrounded by very thick walls. And Rahab’s house was situated on top on these walls. One day, Rahab heard someone knocking on her door, “Knock, knock,”. She opened the door and saw two men. She knew that these men were not from her city, Jericho. She invited them into her home and asked them some questions. Then she realized that these two men were God’s people and they were spies for God. She knew that God was powerful. So Rahab told them that they could hide out in her house for safety. She found a secret hiding place for them up on top of her flat roof. She covered them with flax (it’s like wheat) so that no one would see them. Suddenly, there was another knock at her door. It was a very loud knocking, “Bang, Bang”. Rahab hurried to the door. And it was King’s soldiers! The king was asking about the spies! Rahab quickly told the soldiers that the two spies were gone. So the soldiers believed Rahab and left. Whew! Rahab was so relieved when they left. She ran back up to the roof and talked to the spies. She knew that God was about to let His people take her city, Jericho. Rahab told the spies that all the people were scared of Joshua and God’s people. They knew that God was powerful and had helped His people cross the Red Sea and escape slavery. Then, she asked them to promise her that God’s people would be kind to her since she was kind to them and saved them. The two spies agreed. The two men told Rahab, “You must tied a red cord in your window so that we will know which is your house. Get all your family

to your house. We will not kill anyone that’s inside your house.” So Rahab thanked them and helped them to escape. There was a small window at Rahab’s house. Rahab lowered the two men down to escape from the king’s soldiers using a read cord. Before letting them down, Rahab told the two men to hide in the hills for three days, then go back home. They did this and were safe. Rahab did just exactly what the two men told her to do. She tied a red cord at her window and she went to all her family and relatives – all her uncles, aunties, cousins, everyone in her family to come and stay in her house. Later, God did help Joshua and His people to conquer the city of Jericho. God made the walls of Jericho fall down except for the wall where Rahab house stood. Rahab was saved because she put the red cord in her window. All of God’s army knew that Rahab had helped God and they were kind to her. Because Rahab feared God and believed God, Rahab saved her whole family and all her relatives that came to stay in her house. Rahab by herself cannot save her family and relatives. She has no super powers but God has super powers to save. So children, we can also pray and ask God to save our family – even when they are in danger, God can save them and help them to escape from danger when we pray. So when we are in danger, when we are afraid, who can we ask for help? God.

Prayer Dear Jesus, You are so wonderful and good. You are big and mighty. You are able to help us when we are in danger and save us from all situations. We thank You that we can pray to You and You will hear us and help us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“I thank you for answering my prayer and saving me!” -– Psalms 118:21


DATE: 15 & 16 March, 2008

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