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Lesson 1 - Jesus is our Friend


									Theme: Who Do You Say I Am? Lesson 1 – Jesus is our Friend
(John 4:1-30; 39-42) Key Concepts: Jesus will always be our Friend! He is our Friend whether we are likeable or not. We can also be a friend to others. How many of you like to have friends? (Wait for response). Do you have friends? Do you like your friends? Do you like to make friends with children that you don’t like? Most of us like to make friends only with people we like. And we don’t like to make friends with people we don’t like. Well, Jesus is not like that. Jesus wants to be a Friend to everyone. He wants to be my Friend and He wants to be your Friend today. Today our story is about Jesus meeting a woman at a well one day. One day Jesus and His disciples arrived in Samaria, they stopped in a town called Sychar (S•eye•car). It was about afternoon and Jesus was very tired. He sat down by a well while His disciples went into the village to find something for them to eat. While Jesus’ disciples were away, a Samaritan woman came to the well to get water for her home. A well is a deep hole in the ground that you can get water from. The woman came to the well to fill her waterpot with water to take back to her house. She was someone that no one liked. She had done some things that were not very nice. Nobody wants to talk to her. But Jesus stopped to talk to her! Jesus knew that she needed to know about God’s love and He wanted to tell her. Jesus knew that she needs a friend. He wanted her to know that He can be her friend. The Samaritan woman was so surprised that Jesus would talk to her and want to be her friend. She believed Jesus and so she ran all the way home to tell everyone in her town that Jesus came from God and that He was in their town! She ran to tell even to those people who did not like her. She wanted to be like Jesus. Jesus offered to be her friend when no one liked her. So she wants to learn to make friends with people she don’t like as well. And so the people saw the change in her and they believed what she said. And all the people ran out to meet Jesus! And they, too, believed in Jesus when they saw that Jesus wants to be their friend too.

Jesus also wants to be your friend. Do you want to be friends with Jesus? See children, Jesus was a friend to someone that no one liked. You can be like Jesus! You can be a friend also to someone you don’t like or to someone that no one likes. We can all learn to be friends to everyone who needs a friend.

Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for being my friend and You will always be my friend. Help me to be like Jesus to be friends with someone that no one likes as well. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Name: ________________________________

DATE: 3 & 4 May, 2008

I want to be a friend to all others just like Jesus is my Friend.

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