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HIV - AiDS by drsachin



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									Hiv – Aids : Decreased cd4 Cells,Weight : Ayurvedic Hope

There are still some fields of health problems,in which though there is enough medicine advancement but that problems remain unchallanced . HIV , AIDS is one of the question .Anti retroviral therapy have its own limitations & side effects . Ayurveda have fundamental – safe answer & solution to this problem . Role of ayurvedic treatment for HIV , AIDS is not only to controll infection but to improve imunity also . We diagnose by ayurvedic principles & advise : Constitution specific 1) Diet - Lifestyle Management 2) Herb powder & Tablets 3) Balancing Panchakarama Therapies By balancing root cause &cellular detoxification one can achive stability of his health,increase their cd4 count – body weight , decrease viral load , very easily .Thats why many no. of patients world wide satiefied by this fundamental approach of safe & effective ayurvedic medicine & therapies Pelase visit clinic Dr Sachin

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