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									   Tool: Early Childhood Specialist Job Posting

It is useful to provide a collective name for positions in the early learning team. This helps to
ensure applicants are aware that they will not be working in a traditional kindergarten/child care or
family support program. While qualifications will vary among team members the core requirement
to jointly plan and deliver the program applies to all staff members.

                                         JOB POSTING
                            Early Childhood Development Specialist

The (Name) School Board/ (Name) Agency is seeking an Early Childhood Development Specialist
as a member of the early childhood staff team for its (Integration Project Name) at (Name) School.
The successful candidate will plan and implement a high quality early learning, care and family
support program for parents, caregivers and children, pre-natal to six years.

   • Work as part of an early childhood staff team comprised of members with OTC, early
      childhood education and family support qualifications with support from other child and
      family service specialists
   • As a member of the early learning team plan and implement age-appropriate activities for
      children 0-6 yrs that meet regulatory and program expectations
   • Provide high quality programming that promotes optimal child development and positive
   • Model positive adult/child relationships
   • Participate in ongoing program evaluation and research to promote program quality and
      enhance family access
   • Participate in reporting to parents on their child’s progress
   • Outreach within the school’s community
   • Assist children and families to access the range of activities offered at the school and, as
      required, in the community.
   • Maintain up to date records and ensure confidentiality as indicated
   • Contribute to the program’s regular newsletter
   • Maintenance of program space

   • OCT/ECE Diploma or equivalent qualifications
   • Knowledge of Family Support Practice and Principles
   • Knowledge of Emergent Curriculum an asset
   • Second language is an asset
   • First-Aid certificate
   • Cleared Police Reference check

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