SUBJECT Submittal of a grant proposal for $60,084 to by bzu20592


									June 21, 2005

Board of Commissioners
Housing Authority of the County of Marin
Marin County Civic Center
San Rafael, CA 94903

SUBJECT: Submittal of a grant proposal for $60,084 tothe U.S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Public Housing Family Self-
Sufficiency program

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Executive Director to submit the attached
grant proposal, and any other required documentation, to HUD under the ROSS
Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency program. This grant proposal is for calendar
year 2006.

SUMMARY: The proposal would continue funding of Marin Housing’s successful
Public Housing Family-Self Sufficiency (FSS) program, which provides services
to families living in Golden Gate Village public housing in Marin City. The
purpose of FSS is to assist residents as they move from welfare to employment
that can support their families. The program includes a five year plan that
participants develop in conjunction with their case managers to reach their self-
sufficiency goals. A key aspect of the program is the establishment of an escrow
account where residents deposit a portion of their earned income in lieu of paying
higher rent. Participants use escrowed funds for educational and job-related

Marin Housing currently receives FSS funds from HUD under this program.
Awards are announced after January 1st.


Executive Director

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