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									                  Kirkbampton Parish
                 Community Plan

Map of Parish Boundary
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


The reason for the preparation of the Community Plan is the necessity to inform the
County Council, District Council, Primary Care Trust and all other agencies who
provide services in the North West part of Cumbria about the requirements of the
When any organisation is making policy it now refers to published documents that
have been prepared by all other organisations representing residents of a particular
area before it decides on the policy that it will adopt.
The Community Plan was prepared by way of a questionnaire which was delivered
to every household in the parish in the summer of 2008.
The answers to the questionnaires were analysed and from that it has been possible
to ascertain what peoples requirement are for services.
By the very nature of the way the Plan was prepared it is at best “a snap shot in
time” of the issues that were concerning people on the date that they filled in the
questionnaire. It will therefore be necessary to re-new the Community Plan in five
years time.
If you disagree with any of the items that have
been raised in the Community Plan please
contact Kirkbampton Parish Council who will
pass your concerns to the appropriate
The plan is in two parts, the first part includes a
narrative on the issues and an action plan while
part 2 contains the results of the questionnaire.

                                                                Kirkbampton Church

January 2010    Issue 1                                                        Page 2
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


During the Norman settlement
Kirkbampton was part of the Barony of
Burgh. The Barony was sold in1685 to Sir
John Lowther.

The church in Kirkbampton is dedicated to
St Peter and dates from 1194. It has an
early Norman style of chancel arch.
Stones from Hadrian‟s Wall may have
been used in the construction of the

                                                Kirkbampton Church

The parish is very close to the border with Scotland, during the 16th century this was
wild country and raiding by reivers from across the border was commonplace.

One such raider by the name of Boothill, whose body lies in Kirkbampton church
yard, had his head severed from his body by a Kirkbampton man called Hody.

There are still the remains of numerous defensive works from this period around the
parish. The largest of these was located south of Kirkbampton village on rising
ground commanding an extensive view along the shores of the Solway. It consisted
of a strong enclosure covering more than an acre and it was surrounded by

No evidence of exists on present day maps so the most likely site is at Watchtree
Nature Reserve where construction of Great Orton Aerodrome in 1942 necessitated
the levelling of a large area of land.

January 2010    Issue 1                                                         Page 3
                      Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Issues affecting Kirkbampton Parish

The questionnaire revealed that the people of the Parish are concerned about its
appearance. The majority of respondents thought that everyone was responsible
for protecting the environment. Sixteen people said that they would volunteer for
environmental improvement schemes such as tree planting. Thirty people would be
prepared to take part in a clean-up of the area once or twice a year.

Litter and dog dirt
Litter and rubbish dumping across the Parish
has been highlighted by many respondents.
Dog dirt is a health hazard and it spoils
pavements and verges, it was a concern of
25 respondents.

Twenty respondents considered that the grass verges around the Parish are poorly

Some pavements and public rights of way are neglected or they are in a poor state
of repair reducing people‟s enjoyment of the area.

Utility poles
Utility poles and overhead cables were
considered by 10 out of 33 respondents to
spoil the appearance of the area.

January 2010    Issue 1                                                     Page 4
                      Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Roads and Traffic

Vehicles exceeding speed limits
This is major concern of people with 71% stating it was a problem. Residents are
aware that a significant number of vehicles travel in excess of the prescribed speed
limit and that nothing is being done about it.

22 out of 45 people are in favour of speed indicators while 19 want speed cameras.
16 people think additional signage would help while 13 want traffic calming zones.
Speed humps were the choice of 6 people

Danger spots on roads
Overall 56% of respondents thought that there were danger spots on the roads in
the Parish these include, parked cars in the centre of Kirkbampton, speeding in Little
Bampton and on the main road at Oughterby.

In particular, the discontinuous pavements in Kirkbampton are a danger because
pedestrians proceeding along the village must either step into the road or cross
over, the danger is more pronounced when this is combined with vehicles exceeding
the speed limit, one third of respondents considered this to be a serious problem
and 13% thought it was a danger.

State of repair of roads
3 respondents considered them to be in a good state
of repair, 23 thought they were okay but an
overwhelming 43 thought they were in a poor state of

Street lighting
While many respondents (63%) considered that the street lighting was satisfactory
26% thought it was poor. 37% thought more street lighting was required while 53%
said no more lights were needed. Regarding the location of more street lights the
main road at Kirkbampton and Little Bampton village in general were identified.

Cycle paths
To consult with interested parties about the viability of obtaining a cycle route or
lane alongside the main road.

January 2010      Issue 1                                                         Page 5
                     Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


Police presence
People generally felt that there was little crime in the Parish, however when asked to
describe the service offered by the Police in the area 4.5% thought it was good,
22.5% thought it okay while 24% though it poor, the remainder did not know. In
general 65% of 55 replies thought that the Police presence was too light.

97% of 70 respondents do not know who their community police officer is.

Local Services

Primary/community health care services
While most respondents never had any difficulty getting to health care facilities such
as hospital, doctor‟s surgery, chemist, dentist, optician etc, a significant number said
they would use locally provided health care services.

Public Transport and Communication

Bus service
Of those people who use the bus service 42% considered it essential and 27%
thought it was important to the community. The bus routes to and from the area
only meet the needs of 14% of the 58 respondents.

Broadband connection
26% of the 27 respondents could not get a broadband connection at their property
because of where they live.

Young People

Lack of activities
The survey showed that the majority of people who responded thought that there
were not enough appropriate activities for young people of all ages in the Parish.


The question “If money was no object what do you think would improve living in the
parish?” received many suggestions, a sample being:

Suggestion                                   Number out 82 replies from 72
Shop                                         11
Pub                                          11
Youth club                                   6
Post Office                                  5
Buses to all villages                        5
Park                                         4
Kirkbampton – good public transport          4

January 2010    Issue 1                                                           Page 6
                                                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


Theme          Issue                               Action                                     Priority   Timescale   Lead Body                     Monitored by

Environment    There is concern about litter,      There is a need to provide doggy           Low        1 to 2      Allerdale Borough Council     PC
               rubbish dumping and dog dirt.       bags and place litter bins in worst                   years       Harry Dyke(CEO)
                                                   affected areas.
Environment    The appearance of the area is       Carry out regular maintenance such         Low        1 year      ABC - Harry Dyke(CEO)         PC
               spoiled by poorly maintained        as cutting and removing litter.
               verges within villages.
Environment    The enjoyment of the area is        Repair or up-grade pavements and           Medium     1 year      Cumbria County Council        PC
               spoiled by the poor state of        public rights of way to an acceptable
                                                                                                                     Jill Stannard (Acting CEO)
               pavements and public rights of      state.
Environment    The appearance of the area is       Put the overhead cables                    Low        5 to 10     United Utilities              PC
               spoiled by utility poles and        underground.                                          years
               overhead cables within villages.
Roads and      Vehicles exceeding the speed        Police to increase speed checks.           High       1 year      Cumbria Constabulary and      PC
Traffic        limit within built up areas is                                                                        CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting
                                                   Paint speed limit on roads.
               potentially dangerous.                                                                                CEO)
                                                   Provide permanent speed indicator

Roads and      A major danger spot is identified   Provide pavements.                         High       1 to 2      CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting   PC
Traffic        as the lack of pavements                                                                  years       CEO)
               particularly on main roads in

Roads and      The state of repair of the roads    Carry out repairs.                         Medium     1 year      CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting   PC
Traffic        in the area is considered poor.                                                                       CEO)

Roads and      There is a complete lack of cycle   Investigate the possibility of providing   Medium     5 to 10     ABC - Harry Dyke(CEO)         PC
Traffic        paths within the parish             cycle paths within the parish.                        years

January 2010   Issue 1                                                                                                                                    Page 7
                                                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Roads and        Parked cars obstructing              Enforcement of law regarding driving    High     1 year     Cumbria Constabulary and      PC
Traffic          pavements is considered to be a      on pavements.                                               ABC - Harry Dyke(CEO)
                 danger to pedestrians.

Roads and        There are areas within villages      Request CCC to carry out light          Low      1 to 2     CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting   PC
Traffic          where the street lighting is poor.   measurements to confirm levels meet              years      CEO)
                                                      statutory requirements.
Community        There is little consultation about   Produce a Community Plan.               Medium   1 year     KPPWG                         PC
                 the needs of the community

Community        Many people feel that police         Increase police presence and advise     Medium   6 months   PC – John Lightowler          PC
                 presence is too light and few        community police officers name and                          (Clerk) and Cumbria
                 know the name of the                 contact details in parish magazine.                         Constabulary
                 community police officer

Local Services   Some people find it difficult to     Arrange for surgeries to be held in     Medium   1 to 2     NHS                           PC
                 get to primary care providers        Kirkbampton Village Hall on a regular            years
                 and who like these services to       basis.
                 be available locally

Public           The bus service is important to      Carry out survey to establish what      Low      2 to 5     CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting   PC
Transport and    the community although some          the timetable should be.                         years      CEO)
Communication    people find the timetable poor

Public           Some properties within the           Improve broadband provision to more     Medium   2 top 5    BT                            PC
Transport and    Parish cannot obtain a               remote communities.                              years
Communication    broadband connection
Young People     There is a lack of activities for    Provide more local activities for       Medium   1 to 2                                   PC
                                                                                                                  CCC - Jill Stannard (Acting
                 young people of all ages up to       young people. Encourage local                    years      CEO)
                 the age of 16years.                  agencies and volunteers to provide
                                                      services.                                                   ABC - Harry Dyke(CEO)

January 2010     Issue 1                                                                                                                             Page 8
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Pub at Little Bampton note utility poles

Kirkbampton Parish

Kirkbampton Parish is a small parish of
some 470 people living in approximately 200
dwellings, located in the county of Cumbria
between 6 and 8miles west of the city of
Carlisle. The parish extends over about 5
square miles.


The parish includes the villages of Kirkbampton, Little Bampton and Oughterby,
together with the hamlets of Flat, Studholme and Ploughlands.

Neighbouring parishes include Burgh by Sands, Kirkbride, Aikton and Great Orton.

Local services for the parish are provided by Allerdale Borough Council which has
its headquarters in Workington, which is 35 miles from the parish. The nearest
council office is in the market town of Wigton.

Kirkbampton Parish is wholly within the Parliamentary Constituency of Penrith and
the Border

There is one public house located at Little Bampton and one church at Kirkbampton.

January 2010    Issue 1                                                      Page 9
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

The main business in the parish is farming.

Baling straw.

Other businesses include a garage, building contractors, landscape gardeners and
computer services.

The majority of people commute to their place of work outside the parish.

The school in Kirkbampton provides pre-school and nursery facilities and primary
education. The school serves the local community as well as providing education
for children from further afield.

Beef Cattle.

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is three things:
      It is a document setting out what local people value in their community, and
       what they would like to change.
      It is an Action Plan for projects to achieve local aspirations with local people.
      It is a process which the community goes through, a process which has its
       own value quite apart from the document it produces.
In November 2000 the Government‟s Rural White Paper „Our Countryside –The
Future‟ launched the concept of Community Plans and outlined their purpose which
was to:
      set out a vision of what is important.
      find how to preserve valued local features and to map out the facilities.

January 2010    Issue 1                                                            Page 10
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

      which the community needs to safeguard for the future.
      identify key facilities and services
      set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how distinctive
       character and features can be preserved.

Background to Kirkbampton Community Plan

In 2007 Kirkbampton Parish Council held a public meeting to introduce the concept
of the need to develop a Community Plan.
Community Plans have no formal status but they can
be used to influence a wide range of organisations
that provide services and funding to rural
The Parish was to be involved with creating a
Community Plan along the lines of those produced by
other parishes throughout Cumbria.

                                                       Sculpture at Fingland Reserve

At a subsequent meeting people were asked to volunteer to form a new
independent group to develop the Community Plan and Kirkbampton Parish
Community Plan Working Group was formed to produce a Community Plan to
highlight local needs and aspirations, with a view to developing and implementing
local projects/services to improve the quality of rural life.
The role of Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan Working Group was to raise
awareness of the purpose of Community Plans, to design a questionnaire to send
out to all households in the parish to ascertain the views, needs and aspirations of
local people.
The Group used the information collected to prepare and publish a Community Plan
for Kirkbampton Parish.
In early 2008 Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan Working Group prepared a cost
estimate for the production of the Community Plan and submitted to Cumbria
County Council in March 2008. The application was approved in May 2008.

January 2010    Issue 1                                                        Page 11
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Apart from funding from Cumbria County Council contributions were also made by
the Parish Council
A Community Plan questionnaire was developed and distributed to 200 households
within the Parish. There were 72 returned questionnaires which equates to
approximately 36%. This is about average of parishes in England.
All the information from the questionnaires has been used to develop the
Community Plan.

Oughterby Green.

The whole of Kirkbampton Parish Plan can be viewed online at:

January 2010    Issue 1                                                    Page 12
                               Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

Analysis of Replies.

The total number of completed questionnaires collected was 72.

The analysis of the responses is shown below. The answers include those where
there was a zero returned mainly to show that such requirements or facilities do not
exist within the parish. Some questions include comments made, but these are
limited to those that it is felt add constructively to the Plan.

Contents of this section

1. HOUSEHOLDS ................................................................................................................. 14
2. ENVIRONMENT ................................................................................................................ 18
3. ROADS and TRAFFIC ...................................................................................................... 20
4. COMMUNITY .................................................................................................................... 22
5. LOCAL SERVICES ........................................................................................................... 26
6. PUBLIC TRANSPORT and COMMUNICATION .............................................................. 33
7. CHILDRENS‟ FACILITIES ................................................................................................ 36
8. GENERAL ......................................................................................................................... 38

January 2010            Issue 1                                                                                            Page 13
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


1.1. Where do you live?

                 Flat             1
        Kirkbampton                                                                                     47
       Little Bampton                       9
            Longrigg          2
          Oughterby                             10
         Ploughlands      1
          Studholme           2

There were 72 replies to this question.
1.2. How many people in your household including yourself are in the
following age groups?

              0-4yrs      5-10yrs          11-15yrs    16-18yrs   18-25yrs   25-60yrs   60-75yrs       75+yrs
   1             6                6             8          2          6         10         7             8
   2             1                5             4          0          4         33         11            2
   3             0                0             0          0          1         2          1             0

1.3. What is the main form of transport used by household members?

                        Adults attending              Adults not in       Students Aged     Children up to
                              work                       work                  16+                16
On foot                                5                   3                   0                   1
By bicycle                             2                   1                   0                   0
By motorcycle                          0                   0                   0                   0
By bus                                 1                   1                   1                   6
By car                                43                   20                  1                   2
Other                                  4                   0                   0                   0
Not applicable                         2                   0                   2                   0
1.4. Do you live in?

             House                                                                             51.4%
         Bungalow                                                                         47.2%
   Purpose built flat    0.0%
       Maisonette        0.0%
             Bedsit      0.0%
      Mobile Home        0.0%
         Sheltered       0.0%
             Other         1.4%

There were 72 replies to this question.

January 2010         Issue 1                                                                           Page 14
                           Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

1.5. Is your home?

            Being bought with a mortgage                                 35.7%
       Part of a shareholding co-operative     0.0%
   Shared equity part-owned part-rented         1.4%
               Rented and tied to your job     0.0%
  Rented from an RSL/Housing Association        1.4%
                       Rented from a Local     0.0%
                          Privately rented        2.9%
                           Owned outright
                                     Other      1.4%                                  57.1%

There were 70 replies to this question.
1.6. Which of the following amenities does your property have?

 Central heating in all rooms                                                            62
    Central heating in some              7
            Mains electricity                                                                64
                   Mains gas         1
             Mains Drainage                                               48

1.7. How well do the following amenities in your home meet your needs?

                                    Adequate      Not adequate   Don't know           Replies
Cooking facilities                   100.0%                                             71
Laundry facilities                   100.0%                                             71
Bathroom                             100.0%                                             71
Toilet                               98.6%               1.4%                           70
Garden/yard                          95.8%               4.2%                           71
Bedrooms                             97.2%               2.8%                           71
Off road parking                     92.9%               5.7%      1.4%                 70

1.8. Does your property have any of the following energy saving features?

          None of these      0
           Solar energy       1
  Cavity wall insulation                                   32
 Lagged hot water tank                                              49
         Loft insulation                                                         61
     Secondary glazing          2
         Double glazing                                                                 70
          Triple glazing        0

January 2010       Issue 1                                                               Page 15
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

1.9. Which of the following, if any, is a problem in your home?

     Poor heating/inadequate hot water                 1
                      Flooding / Drainage                      3
   Electrical wiring/too few plug sockets                           4
                                Plumbing           0
                         General disrepair         0
                           Wall-tie failure            1
                Draughty windows/doors                                      6
                             Leaking roof              1
                                     Noise                              5
                     Damp/condensation                                                    10

There were 31 replies from 20 respondents.
1.10. What sort of home would you like?

                      Bungalow                                                  41.2%     56.9%
                              Flat        0.0%
                     Maisonette           0.0%
      Residential/nursing home            0.0%
  Housing adapted for disabilities        0.0%
              Sheltered housing           0.0%
             Supported housing            0.0%
                          Bedsit          0.0%
                          Other             2.0%

There were 51 replies to this question.
1.11. How many bedrooms do you need?

                      1               2
                      2                                        14
 Bedrooms             3                                                                   29
                      4                                9
                      5           1
                 Over 5       0

There were 55 replies to this question.
1.12. If cheaper housing were available would those members of your family
that have moved away from the parish be likely to return?

            34.0%                                      31.9%                        34%
There were 47 replies to this question.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                                    Page 16
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

1.13. Are any members of your household living with you because they
cannot find or afford alternative accommodation of their own?

               12.1%                            87.9%
There were 66 replies to this question.
1.14. Are you concerned about any of the following?

            Poor air quality        4
        Poor water quality              5
   Litter/rubbish dumping                                                26
           Dog dirt/fouling                                         25
                  Flooding          4
              Traffic Noise             5
                Stray dogs                  6
                     Graffiti   1

There were 75 replies from 37 respondents.
1.15. Would you prefer to keep the weekly collection of general rubbish from
your home?

               95.8%                            4.2%
There were 71 replies to this question.

1.16. Do you think there are enough specific play areas near you?

               60.9%                            39.1%
There were 64 replies to this question.

January 2010         Issue 1                                                  Page 17
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


2.1. Do you feel that any of the following spoil the appearance of this area?

                         Utility poles                                        10
  Poorly maintained paths/pavements                                                  14
            Poorly maintained verges                                                             20
                Untidy gardens/yards                        4
         Poorly maintained properties                   3
                  Boarded up houses                 1

There were 52 replies from 33 respondents.
2.2. Would you say that any of the following are a serious problem in your

                 Uneven pavements                                 13
                 Poor street lighting                        11
                  Lack of cycle paths                        11
           Discontinuous footpaths                                     16
       Motorbike riding - Joy riding        2
           Traffic travelling too fast                                                          39
   Nowhere to park/illegal parking              3
                        Traffic noise               4
  Lack of safe places to cross roads        2
                        Heavy traffic                       10

There were 111 replies from 49 respondents.
       The roads in this parish are a disgrace, but no-one, apparently seems to want to
        know or do anything about it.
2.3. To what extent do you think should the following be responsible for
protecting the environment in this area?

                    Completely              Partly                   Not                              Replies
                                                                                   Don't know
                    responsible          responsible             responsible
Residents              28.6%                69.0%                   0.0%             2.4%               42
 community             15.8%               71.1%                       2.6%          10.5%              38
The Council            46.2%               51.9%                       0.0%          1.9%               52
                         5%                  1%                        0%             4%                42
Everyone               53.2%               40.4%                       0.0%          6.4%               47

January 2010        Issue 1                                                                              Page 18
                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

2.4. Would you be prepared to become involved as a volunteer with
environmental improvement schemes, such as tree planting?

             27.3%                              72.7%
There were 66 replies to this question.
2.5. If the answer to above was 'Yes', where would you like to see trees

                               School field               14.3%
  Near Kirkbampton c/w preservation order                 14.3%
                Large areas of public grass               14.3%
                                Flat Green                14.3%
                              Finglandrigg                14.3%
                   Depends on permission                  14.3%
                                Anywhere                  14.3%
                               Don't know                                  28.6%

There were 9 replies to this question.
There were other comments regarding trees and where they could be planted.

      Anywhere they can go, trees are wonderful and are very beneficial to the
       environment both locally, nationally & globally.
      In the school field as replacements for those that have been vandalised.
      On the green at the Flat.
      In existing nearby woods with a preservation order on existing trees for nesting birds
       and red squirrels.

2.6. Would you be prepared to take part in a clean-up of the area once or
twice a year?

           44.8%                              32.8%                        22.4%
There were 67 replies to this question.

January 2010      Issue 1                                                            Page 19
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


3.1. What do you think about the state of repair of the footpaths such as
across open land and pavements in this area?

                   Good                   6
                    Okay                                                            27
                    Poor                            11
 There are no local paths                           11
             Don't know                                  13

3.2. What do think about the state of repair of the roads in this area?

                   Good          3
                   Okay                                   23
                    Poor                                                       43
             Don't know      1

3.3. Do you think there are any major 'danger spots' on the roads in this area?

            56.5%                             32.25%                   11.25%
There were 62 replies to this question.
3.4. Where are the major 'danger spots' on the roads in your area?

                 Centre of Kirkbampton                   2
     Dangerous driving in Kirkbampton                    2
                 Garage in Kirkbampton                             4
      Lack of footpaths in Kirkbampton                                     5
             Main Road in Kirkbampton                              4
           Near School in Kirkbampton                          3
            Parked cars in Kirkbampton                   2
          State of road in Kirkbampton          1
             Syke Road in Kirkbampton           1
       West end of Kirkbampton village                   2
       Kirkbampton to Oughterby road            1
        Mud on road in Little Bampton           1
            Speeding at Little Bampton                   2
                        Bend at Outerby         1
     Crossroads for Wigton at Outerby           1
      Fisher Gill Crossroads at Outerby         1
                  Main Road at Outerby                   2
                    Road at Ploughlands         1
  Studholme to Finglandrigg Lane bend           1
                      Studholme Bridge          1

There were 38 replies to this question.

January 2010       Issue 1                                                          Page 20
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

3.5. Is speeding traffic a problem in your area?

             71.0%                             27.5%                            1.5%
There were 69 replies to this question.
3.6. If the answer to the previous question was 'Yes', what measures would
you like to see used?

 Speed indicators shows vehicle speed                                                    22
                         Speed cameras                                              19
                        Additional signs                                   16
                  Traffic calming zones                           13
                          Speed Bumps                  6

There were 76 replies from 45 respondents.
Speed Cameras[sic] (Indicators). Already in operation on a 10 weekly cycle, to little effect.
3.7. How would you describe the effectiveness of street lighting in this area?

     Good                     Okay              Poor            None                Don't know
     27.1%                    35.7%            25.7%            10.0%                 1.4%

There were 70 replies to this question.

3.8. Do you think more street lighting is needed in your area?

             36.8%                         52.9%                                10.3%
There were 68 replies to this question.
3.9. Where in your area do you think more street lighting is required?

                              Back roads   1
                        Holly Bush Farm    1
               Kirkbampton Main Road                                            6
                 Kirkbampton Outskirts     1
               Kirkbampton Side Roads      1
         Kirkbampton to Thurstonfield                                  5
  Little Bampton at Bottom of village      1
              Little Bampton – General             2
      Little Bampton on Village Green      1
                                   None            2
                      Studholme Bridge     1

There were 22 replies to this question.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                              Page 21
                         Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


4.1 Whilst living in your present home have you had a major disagreement
with your neighbours about any of the following issues?

  Fences/walls between properties          5.6%
                Behaviour/attitude        3.7%
                          Children       1.9%
                          Animals        1.9%
                       Car parking       1.9%
                             Noise        3.7%                                                 85.2%
         No major disagreements
                            Other        1.9%

There were 54 replies to this question.
4.2. Do any of the following make it difficult for you to visit friends or relatives
who live outside this neighbourhood?

   Family/friends live too far away                                                 31.0%
  Caring for an elderly/sick person            3.4%
    Lack of support with child care                     10.3%
                            No time                                    20.7%
                  Cost of transport                                                 31.0%
           Lack of public transport                                                             41.4%
          Lack of private transport            3.4%
                              Other                     10.3%

There were 44 replies from 29 respondents.
4.3. Do you play an active part in any of the following groups?

                         Sports/social club                             14.3%
                          Place of worship                                                             37.1%
                      Youth activities/club                     8.6%
                                Village Hall                            14.3%
            Parent and toddlers/play group                                  17.1%
               School governing body/PTA                                    17.1%
  Self-help/support group/pressure group              2.9%
      Local Neighbourhood Watch scheme                          8.6%
            Residents'/tenants' association      0.0%
                                      Other                                            25.7%

There were 51 replies from 35 respondents.

January 2010       Issue 1                                                                              Page 22
                          Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

4.4. Which of the following have you done in the past twelve months?

             Done some voluntary work                                                            52.5%
  Stood for election in any organisation                       12.5%
              Attended a public meeting                                                  45.0%
                         Signed a petition                                       35.0%
    Contacted a Member of Parliament                   7.5%
             Contacted a local councillor                                25.0%

There were 71 replies from 40 respondents.
4.5. Have you ever been consulted about any of the needs of your local

               43.3%                                       56.7%
There were 60 replies to this question.
4.6. Which of the following is a problem in your area?

   Conflict between young and old         0
                               Graffiti   0
                 Poor street lighting                            12
                          Car parking                      9
           Traffic travelling too fast                                                             37
   Gangs of youths hanging around                 3
    Theft of and from cars/vehicles           2
                                Noise         2
       Vandalism to property/cars             2
                             Burglary     0

There were 67 replies from 44 respondents.
4.7. Which of the following bother you at all in your area?

  Broken paving stones pavements                    6.9%
                      Traffic noise               5.2%
              Dog noise and mess                                        25.9%
                 Noisy neighbours         0.0%
                    Street lighting                                    24.1%
                    None of these                                                                53.4%

There were 67 replies from 58 respondents.

January 2010         Issue 1                                                                       Page 23
                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

4.8. How many times has anyone attempted to break into your home in the
last 12 months?

None                                        98.5%
Once                                         1.5%
Twice                                        0.0%
3 or more times                              0.0%

There were 67 replies to this question.

4.9. Where do you and your family members usually park your car(s) at night?

              On the street outside my home         3
  On the street some distance from my home      0
                             On the footpath        2
                                  In a garage                      24
                       On my drive/property                                 52
                                        Other   1

There were 82 replies from 69 respondents.
4.10. How many times has anyone deliberately damaged or defaced your
home or property in the last twelve months, including your vehicle?

None                                       97.1%
Once                                       2.9%
Twice                                      0.0%
3 or more times                            0.0%
There were 69 replies to this question.
4.11. Do you have any special locks or other security devices in your home to
protect yourself against crime?

             74.2%                                      25.8%
There were 66 replies to this question.
4.12. Do you suffer as a result of any of the following anti-social behaviour?

                Racism     0.0%
    Victimising people     0.0%
              Violence     0.0%
    Nuisance to others                                                  50.0%
          Verbal abuse                                     25.0%
           Threatening …   0.0%
            Vandalism                                      25.0%
                Graffiti   0.0%

There were 4 replies to this question.

January 2010      Issue 1                                                        Page 24
                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

4.13. How would you describe the service offered by the Police in this area?

        Good                        Okay             Poor        Don't know
        4.5%                        22.7%           24.2%          48.5%
There were 66 replies to this question.
4.14. Do you think the police presence in this area is:

  About right                                   32.7%
    Too light                                                          65.5%
   Too heavy       1.8%

There were 55 replies to this question.
4.15. On average how often do you see the police in this area?

     Several times a day    0.0%
    Once or twice a day     0.0%
   Once or twice a week        2.9%
  Once or twice a month      1.4%
  Several times a month      1.4%
             Hardly ever                                               63.8%
                  Never                        29.0%
             Don't know      1.4%

There were 69 replies to this question.
4.16. Do you know who your community police officer is?

                2.9%                        97.1%
There were 70 replies to this question.
4.17. Do you think your area needs a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

        Yes                          No       Already got one    Don't know
       30.8%                        13.8%          18.5%           36.9%
There were 65 replies to this question.
4.18. Would you be interested in joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

        Yes                          No       Already a member
       50.0%                        37.9%           12.1
There were 58 replies to this question.

January 2010      Issue 1                                               Page 25
                    Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


5.1. Have you used any of the following services in the last twelve months,
and if so, how would you rate them?

                                                                    Number of
                  Good        Okay         Poor        Not Used
Home care          2.7%       0.0%         0.0%         97.3%          37
Meals on
                   0.0%       0.0%         0.0%         100.0%         35
Respite care       0.0%       0.0%         0.0%         100.0%         35
Day centre         0.0%       0.0%         0.0%         100.0%         35
                   2.9%       2.9%         0.0%         94.3%          35
Aids and
                   0.0%       2.9%         0.0%         97.1%          35
Support from
                   0.0%       5.6%         0.0%         94.4%          36
social worker
services           0.0%       0.0%         0.0%         100.0%         35
Education         26.3%       0.0%         2.6%         71.1%          36
Other social
                   2.6%       5.3%         0.0%         92.1%          35
5.2. How would you rate access for disabled people in the following places?

                                                                    Number of
                  Good        Okay         Poor        Not Used
                  3.9%       15.7%         25.5%        54.9%          51
mobile shops
                  28.3%      19.6%         2.2%         50.0%          46
Village Hall      70.7%       8.6%         0.0%         20.7%          56
                  56.0%      12.0%         0.0%         32.0%          50
Ramps on
footpaths for
                  11.8%      19.6%         15.7%        52.9%          51

January 2010    Issue 1                                                Page 26
                        Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.3. Are you caring for an elderly or long-term sick or disabled person on a
regular basis?

               7.5%                                92.5%
There were 67 replies to this question.
5.4. What sort of things do you do for them?

             Bathing/toilet                               2
                   Dressing                               2
                Housework                                 2
                   Cooking                                        3
                  Shopping                                                 4
                   Feeding        0
  Getting around the house                1
    Friendship and support                                2
                  Trips out                                       3
                     Other                1

There were 20 replies from 6 respondents.
5.5. On average how many hours a day does this involve?

   1-2 hours                3-4 hours         5-8 hours       9-16 hours       17-24 hours
       0                        2                 3                0                1
There were 6 replies to this question.
5.6. If you receive support as a carer where does this support come from?

          Social Services                      1
           Carers' group      0
                  Partner                                                        3
   Other family/relatives                                                        3
     Friends/neighbours       0
         Voluntary group      0
                   Other      0

There were 7 replies from 4 respondents.

January 2010       Issue 1                                                           Page 27
                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.7. Which, if any, of the following would make life easier for you as a carer?

                              More money                                       3
        More support from Social Services              1
          Someone to share the work with     0
                 More time off from caring             1
             Better advice and information             1
                More aids and adaptations    0
                   A carers' support group   0
  Greater recognition of the work involved   0
                                    Other    0
                                     None                                      3

There were 8 replies from 6 respondents.
5.8. Do you ever have any difficulty getting to the following?

                                                                   Number of
                      Often         Occasionally      Never
Hospital              6.5%               8.7%         84.8%           46
Doctor                8.2%              12.2%         79.6%           49
Chemist               4.4%              11.1%         84.4%           45
Dentist               4.3%              10.9%         84.8%           46
Optician              2.5%              10.0%         87.5%           40
Chiropodist           3.1%               6.3%         90.6%           32
                      4.8%               0.0%         95.2%           21
medical               3.8%               3.8%         92.3%           26
5.9. Which of the following primary/community health services would you use
if they were available locally?

GP/health centre                                           62.2%
Health visitor/community nurse                             22.2%
Dentist                                                    62.2%
Family planning                                             0.0%
Ante-natal clinic                                           0.0%
Baby/child health clinic                                    4.4%
Community midwife                                           0.0%
Counselling/community psychiatric nurse                     0.0%
Chiropodist                                                28.9%
Optician                                                   55.6%
There were 45 replies to this question.
5.10. Are you registered with an NHS dentist?

              44.1%                                55.9%
There were 68 replies to this question.

January 2010      Issue 1                                                          Page 28
                           Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.11. If you are not registered with an NHS dentist why is this?

             Never seen the need        2.8%
         Have not got round to it       2.8%
        No dentist close enough         2.8%
  Dentist not taking new patients                11.1%
       Cannot afford the charges          5.6%
             Use non NHS dentist
                          Other                  11.1%

There were 36 replies to this question.
5.12. On average how often do you visit the dentist?

       Every six months                                                        77.1%
   Every twelve months                 14.3%
          Less than this      2.9%
                  Never         5.7%

There were 70 replies to this question.
5.13. On average how often do your children visit the dentist?

      Every six months                                                                 87.1%
  Every twelve months           6.5%
         Less than this         6.5%

There were 32 replies to this question.
5.14. Do you ever have difficulty paying for dental treatment?

        Often               8.2%
  Occasionally               9.8%
        Never                                                                           82.0%

There were 61 replies to this question.
5.15. How easy is it to get from your home to the following facilities?

                                                      Very       Don't      Not
                   Very easy           Okay                                              Replies
                                                     difficult   know    applicable
Village Hall          72.7%            21.2%          3.0%       0.0%      3.0%            66
Local school          67.8%            13.6%          3.4%       0.0%     15.3%            59
Mobile Library        46.0%            12.0%          2.0%       18.0%    22.0%            50
Mobile Post
                      46.2%            15.4%          1.9%       11.5%    25.0%            52
Work                  55.8%            23.1%          5.8%       0.0%     15.4%            52
                      25.0%            20.5%          6.8%       6.8%     40.9%            44

January 2010       Issue 1                                                                Page 29
                     Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.16. How easy is it to get from your home to the following facilities?

                                            Very         Don't           Not
                 Very easy       Okay                                                   Replies
                                           difficult     know         applicable
Supermarkets       29.9%         52.2%     13.4%         0.0%           4.5%              67
Local shops        22.4%         44.8%     15.5%         1.7%          15.5%              58
Post Office        25.0%         45.0%     20.0%         0.0%          10.0%              60
Bus stop           41.9%         19.4%     19.4%         3.2%          16.1%              62
                   38.7%         21.0%      12.9%        8.1%          19.4%              62
5.17. Which clubs or community centres do you use? Include those outside
of the local area. i.e. Wigton

Aspatria RUFC                        1     Kirkbampton Village Hall                14
Beavers                              1     Morton Manor Carlisle                   3
Burgh School                         1     Morton Pool                             1
Carlisle - Botcherby CC              1     None                                    13
Carlisle - St Herberts               1     NTCT                                    1
Carlisle Bridge Club                 1     Oulton Village Hall                     1
Carlisle Health Club                 1     Rugby Club, Wigton                      1
Carlisle Rambling Club               1     Silloth Golf Club                       2
Christian Youth Club Carlisle        1     Tennis                                  1
Dalston Junior Football Club         1     Wetheral                                1
Dalston Village Hall                 4     Wigton CC                               1
Inglewood, Wigton                    1
There were 54 replies to this question.
5.18. Would you like the facilities of the local school to be made available to
the local community outside of school hours?

           27.6%                          20.7%                           51.7%
There were 58 replies to this question.

January 2010     Issue 1                                                                Page 30
                        Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.19. How important is/are the schools to the local community?

  Very important                                                                                  81.5%
        Important                 13.8%
   Not important       1.5%
      Don't know        3.1%

There were 65 replies to this question.
5.20. How important is pre and after school care to your choice of school?

            Extremely important                                                           34.0%
  Good to have, but not essential                                                                  40.4%
           Would not consider it                  6.4%
                     Don’t know                                         19.1%

There were 47 replies to this question.
5.21. Which of the following would you use for advice or information?

                       Internet                                                                       43
                         Police                               15
             Place of worship                 7
            GP/Health centre                                                    25
                     Town hall                7
         Social Services office           5
                Housing office      1
                   Village Hall                          13
      CAB/Local advice centre                                      18
                        Library                                                      29

There were 163 replies from 60 respondents.
5.22. Do you think you get adequate information about local services?

              65.2%                                      34.8%
There were 66 replies to this question.
5.23. If a local service was available to advise people, would you use it?

            49.3%                                    13.4%                                   37.3%
There were 67 replies to this question.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                                                Page 31
                         Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

5.24. Where do you usually do your food shopping?

   At local shops include mobile shop                   17
          At a city centre supermarket                          29
       At an out-of-town supermarket                                            48
                      On-line shopping             12
                                 Other      2

There were 108 replies from 70 respondents.
5.25. Do any of the following cause you problems when shopping locally?
This includes Wigton.

  Not enough shops/poor range of shops                                                43.60%
                  Poor choices in shops                                33.30%
                              High prices       3.80%
                Difficult to get to shops                            30.80%

There were 63 replies from 39 respondents.
5.26. Do you think the local shops offer a good choice of food and other
goods and that they are reasonably priced?

            44.8%                               27.6%                    27.6%
There were 58 replies to this question.
5.27. If there was a shopping service for the elderly & disabled, would you
use it?

            12.0%                               48.0%                    40.0%
There were 50 replies to this question.
5.28. How often do you go into Carlisle?

      More than 3 times                                                       40.0%
        2-3 times a week                                20.0%
            Once a week      0.0%
  Less than once a week                            17.1%
                   Never         2.9%

There were 70 replies to this question.

January 2010       Issue 1                                                              Page 32
                        Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


6.1. Would you be prepared to car share, or participate in a Voluntary Social
Car Scheme?

             11.9%                                 56.7%                                   31.3%

There were 67 replies to this question.
6.2. What is the main form of transport that you use?


                     2.9%            1.4%          0.0%            1.4%           0.0%           1.4%

       Car           Bus         Walk              Cycle           Taxi          Other     Not applicable

There were 69 replies to this question.
6.3. What is the main form of transport that is used to take your children to


                                                    0.0%           0.0%           0.0%

       Car           Bus         Walk              Cycle           Taxi          Other          Not

There were 50 replies to this question.
6.4. What is the main form of transport that you use to travel to work?


                 0.0%        0.0%           6.8%           1.7%           0.0%      1.7%

      Car        Bus         Train          Walk           Cycle          Taxi     Other        Not

There were 59 replies to this question.

January 2010     Issue 1                                                                                Page 33
                         Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

6.5. Do you regularly experience transport difficulties in getting out of this
parish to other places?

               11.5%                                   88.5%
There were 61 replies to this question.
6.6. How would you rate the availability of public transport?

                                                                               Number of
    Good                Okay                Poor         Don't know
    1.5%                12.1%               74.2%             12.1%               66
6.7. How important is the bus service to your community?

            Essential                                                                        42.4%
           Important                                                   27.3%
       Not important                 4.5%
   Do not use the bus                                                 25.8%

There were 66 replies to this question.
6.8. How do you rate the following aspects of the bus service?

                     Good               Okay             Poor          Don't know          Replies
Route                28.8%              21.2%           15.4%            34.6%               52
Timetable             0.0%               9.6%           57.7%            32.7%               52
Reliability          10.2%              22.4%           18.4%            49.0%               51
Cost                  8.3%              16.7%           25.0%            50.0%               48
                     14.3%              26.5%           2.0%              57.1%              49
of drivers
                     6.1%               12.2%           34.7%             46.9%              49
Bus stops            15.7%              25.5%           21.6%             37.3%              51
6.9. If you never or almost never use the bus, why is this?

    I use other public transport            4
      I prefer my own transport                                                                   45
          Bus stops inconvenient                   9
               Bus takes too long           4
               Bus is not reliable                 9
           Drivers are unfriendly      1
  Routes do not meet my needs                                  19
                            Other                        15

There were 106 replies from 64 respondents.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                                          Page 34
                         Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

6.10. Do you think that the bus routes to and from this area meet your needs?

            13.8%                            55.2%                             31%
There were 58 replies to this question.
6.11. Would you be prepared to take part in a local community transport/taxi

              7.8%                           57.8%                         34.4%
There were 64 replies to this question.
6.12. If a local voluntary transport scheme was in place, would you?

           Contribute to the running costs             19.0%
                      Use it as a customer                                             52.4%
  Contribute your time and/or your vehicle                                38.1%

There were 21 replies to this question.
6.13. Do you already have, or are able to get, broadband in your property?

              68.2%                            31.8%
There were 66 replies to this question.
6.14. If you do not have broadband in your property, why is this?

                           I don't want it                                     22.2%
             It's too expensive to install                             18.5%
               It's too expensive to rent                      14.8%
  I cannot get it because of where I live                                              25.9%
                              Don't know                                               25.9%

There were 27 replies to this question.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                             Page 35
                         Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


7.1. For how many hours a week do you currently make use of any of the
following kinds of childcare?

    Social services nursery
        Education nursery
            Private nursery
         Friend/neighbour                                                              0-4 hours
                                                                                       5-9 hours
      Out-of-school group
                 Play group                                                            10-14 hours
               Play scheme                                                             15-19 hours

                                0          2              4           6     8     10

                                               Number of Children
7.2. Do your children participate in any of the following activities?

   Before/after school clubs                      13.5%
      Holiday play schemes                     10.8%
                 Youth clubs                      13.5%
             Church groups             5.4%
         Uniformed groups                        13.5%
        Sports clubs/teams                                    21.6%
             Not applicable                                                             62.2%

There were 37 replies to this question.
7.3. Are you concerned for your children's or other peoples’ safety in any of
the following situations?

                    At home         2.7%
  Travelling to/from school                          16.2%
            Out in the street                                             35.1%
  In local park/play ground                    10.8%
    In the city/town centre                       13.5%
                  Elsewhere         2.7%                                                56.8%
              Not applicable

There were 37 replies to this question.

January 2010        Issue 1                                                               Page 36
                     Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

7.4. Are there enough appropriate activities for younger children, between the
ages 0-5, in the area?

           11.3%                          32.1%                   56.6%
There were 53 replies to this question.
7.5. Are there enough appropriate activities for young people between the
ages 6-11 in the area?

            7.7%                          44.2%                   48.1%
There were 52 replies to this question.
7.6. Are there enough appropriate activities for young people between the
ages of 12-16 in the area?

            1.8%                          50.9%                   47.4%
There were 57 replies to this question.
7.7. Are there enough appropriate activities for children in your area?

Ages 0-5            62.5%        Ages 0-5          51.9%   Ages 0-5          96.3%
Ages 6-11           12.5%        Ages 6-11         33.3%   Ages 6-11          0.0%
Ages 12-18           25%         Ages 12-18        14.8%   Ages 12-18         3.7%
          Replies 8                       Replies 27                Replies 27

January 2010     Issue 1                                                    Page 37
                           Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


8.1. If money was no object, what do you think would improve living in this

                                   Youth club                        6
                             Swimming Pool           2
                              Street Lighting        2
                                         Shop                            11
                                           Pub                           11
                                   Post Office                   5
                                          Park               4
                                      Nothing        2
                    Little Bampton – Shop        1
         Little Brampton - Kids Play Area        1
            Kirkbampton - Traffic calming        1
            Kirkbampton - Street Lighting            2
  Kirkbampton - Sound proof village hall         1
        Kirkbampton - Road re-surfacing          1
      Kirkbampton - Pedestrian Crossing          1
  Kirkbampton - Litter Free Countryside          1
   Kirkbampton - Good Public Transport                       4
                Kirkbampton - Cycle Paths        1
   Kirkbampton – Children’s Playground           1
                               Hedge cutting     1
                    General - Better roads               3
                         Garden allotments       1
                       Field left to set aside   1
                Facilities for young people          2
                                  Don’t Know     1
                             Carlisle By-Pass    1
                                          Cafe   1
                         Buses to all villages                   5
                               Bus to Wigton     1
                               Bus to Carlisle           3
                  Ban HGV's from Villages        1
                   Activities in Village Hall            3

There were 82 replies from 72 respondents.

January 2010         Issue 1                                             Page 38
                       Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

8.2. What events have you attended in the last two years at Kirkbampton
Village Hall?

Advent Lunches                           1       Harvest Supper                  1
Art class                                1       Lent Lunch                      7
Bingo                                    5       Lunches                         2
Blues Evening                            2       Mother and Toddler              4
Bowls                                    2       Musical events                  3
Car Boot Sale                            10      None                            8
Ceidlhi                                  1       Parish Council Meeting          3
Charity events                           2       Community Plan Meeting          3
Children‟s parties                       3       Pilates                         1
Christmas Lunch                          1       Plant Sales                     8
Christmas Sale                           1       Plays                           4
Church events                            6       Quiz Night                      2
Coffee Mornings                          1       School events                   9
Craft Fair                               2       Shows                           3
Elections                                1       Social events                   1
Family events                            7       Summer Fete                     4
Fashion Show                             15      Table Top Sale                  2
Friday club                              2       Tea Pots & Plants               1
Fund raising events                      1       Thursday Club                   3
Garden Day                               5       Various                         2
Good Friday Service                      1       WI events                       7
There were 150 replies from 72 respondents.
8.3. Are disabled facilities / accessibility provisions within the parish

If not, what and where would you like changes made?

                         Unsafe Roads         4.3%
               Ramp access to Church          4.3%
   Pavement -obstructed by parked cars        4.3%
                            Pavement              8.7%
                    Footpath Required         4.3%
                           Don't know                                            52.2%
                   Cycle path required        4.3%
                             Adequate                        26.1%

There were 25 replies to this question.

      The roads are not safe for wheelchairs, mobility scooters. There should be a foot or
       cycle path fenced but running beside the road all the way to Carlisle.
      Request made to L.A. to lower pavement at school entrance to no avail.
      Difficult to walk through village because of cars parked on pavement.
      Ensure pavements are cleared of parked vehicles.

January 2010      Issue 1                                                            Page 39
                            Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan

8.4. Why do you live in the parish?

     Village Community         1
                    Views      1
          Suitable home                                8
  Pleasant environment                         6
         Personal Choice                                        20
         Peace and quiet                               8
      Needed bungalow          1
  Near to chosen school                4
            Near Carlisle              4
                 Location                  5
               Irrelevant      1
            Convenience            3
       Community Spirit                    5
           Close to work                           7
     Close to amenities        1
              Birthplace                           7

8.4. Does anyone in your household use a public telephone?

               6.0%                                    94.0%
There were 67 replies to this question.
10.5. Do you have any other comments you wish to make about any of the
issues covered in this survey?

Kirkbampton - Events needed in Village Hall
Kirkbampton - No bus shelter
Kirkbampton - No community transport
Kirkbampton - No crossing
Kirkbampton - No crossing patrol
Kirkbampton - No dog warden
Kirkbampton - No facilities for children
Kirkbampton - No facilities for teenagers
Kirkbampton - No shop
Kirkbampton - Speeding
Kirkbampton - Unreliable bus service
Little Bampton - Keep roads clear / safe
Little Bampton - Maintain village green
Little Bampton - Shelters for school bus
Oughterby - Cutting Village Green
Waste of time

There were 31 replies to this question.

January 2010       Issue 1                                           Page 40
                     Kirkbampton Parish Community Plan


      Many of the questions were irrelevant to this area and therefore difficult to choose
       an answer from the choices given.
      The bus service - have tried to use but buses have been so unreliable have given
      No timetable at bus stop and no shelter for school children either.
      Lack of facilities for older teenagers to meet indoors.
      Lack of play area (football pitch, proper cricket pitch etc) for children to meet,
       problems for children not being allowed to play at school without problems being
       caused by rowdy behaviour, noise disruption. Area at school too small for football
       match for teenagers etc.
      Dog mess on pavements for small children who walk to school. Installing dog litter
       bins has only helped people who already scooped, has not encouraged other dog
       owners to use them.
      Village hall - since new hall was built, don't think it is used as much as old one.
       Used to have local pantomimes and more going on with community, new hall
       activities dropped off.
      Speeding through village of most traffic, surprisingly it is parents taking and
       collecting children from school.
      There are a lot of activities for children in the area, but all need transport to get there
       in Carlisle, Dalston etc.
      Without a shop there is no heart to the village. Events, classes, societies in Village
       Hall during day for people at home would help

January 2010     Issue 1                                                                  Page 41

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