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									Smith Street Community Plan – Framework for Action
In 2009, the Yarra City Council conducted an extensive community engagement project
to develop a ‘vision’ and ‘framework for action’ for the future of Smith Street.
Participants included representatives from Aboriginal organisations, the broader
Aboriginal community including the Parkies, community agencies and organisations,
State and Federal Government, Victoria Police, local businesses and the local
community. The result, after much consultation, creative conflict and debate, is the
Smith Street Community Plan – Framework for Action (the Plan).

The Plan will guide Yarra City Council and its many partners in working towards the
vision developed during the project. The Plan is cognisant of the Smith Street Structure
Planning process and shares many of the same aspirations.

The following Vision has been developed from the work of the participants in the Smith
Street Community Engagement Project over a number of consultations and
engagement activities.

The Smith Street of 2030 will:

•    value and protect the diversity of the street: its Indigenous and multicultural
     people, its different uses, its various services and facilities, its heritage and
     multiple, concurrent histories;
•    engage people in a wide range of different cultural and artistic expressions that
     help to celebrate the street and its people, and spark imagination, understanding
     and connection to the area;
•    embody a mix of “local, eclectic, welcoming and inclusive” street life, and be a
     good place to live, visit and do business, is safe and feels safe and is attractive
     and well cared for;
•    have updated facilities, including a community cultural centre, that are vibrant,
     relevant and beautiful, and respond to the needs of groups that have been under-
     serviced in the past and the Indigenous community in particular;
•    have better health and wellbeing outcomes for all people in the street and provide
     health-giving environments, health-giving opportunities for work and leisure, and
     outreach services that support good health and wellbeing;
•    value and protect the natural environment and endeavour to introduce more
     green and natural features to the area, and promote conservation behaviours;
•    have a vibrant and diverse economic environment with suitable employment and
     training opportunities available to local residents. Local enterprise, in 2030, will
     be supported and fostered by government and the community; and
•    offer a place where community members can actively participate in public life and
     decision making, and work constructively and creatively with their Council as well
     as other partner agencies and departments on a shared plan for the community.
Themes - Smith Street Community Plan
The key themes for the community as developed through the engagement project in
2009 are represented as follows:

Theme One

Community Belonging & Strengthening: celebrating the different peoples and
experiences represented in and around Smith Street, working in ways that will not
exclude people, building resilience amongst the most marginalised community
members, honouring people’s contributions to participatory and consultative

   we will respect and advance a sense of ‘belonging’ that includes:

           •   connection
           •   inclusion
           •   a sense of family/history/self/place
           •   comfort
           •   identity
           •   a place where you can be yourself;

   we want to help people find common meaning;
   we will promote a love for the name Smith Street and what it means;
   we will work to foster deeper understanding of, and awareness of,
   Aboriginal culture;
   we will avoid exclusion of low income community members and retain
   businesses that can cater for all; and
   we will value people knowing each other, awareness, embracing and
   understanding differences.
Theme Two

Health and Wellbeing: protecting the health of chronic drinkers, addressing people’s
needs in health and housing, and developing a health-giving environment in Smith

   we want to ensure that the Smith Street environs will protect and support
   health and wellbeing;
   we want a harm minimisation approach to alcohol and drug use in Smith
   we do and will acknowledge that there are other health issues aside from
   those that are drinking-related;
   we will seek to answer the broad questions of “whose health?”;
   we will advocate a perspective on health that is holistic -- physical,
   social, emotional, environmental;
   we want more comprehensive alcohol and drug outreach services; and
   we want information dissemination as a critical means to
   facilitate/empower through knowledge.

Theme Three

Sustainability: greening the street, making it and the community more environmentally
sustainable, protecting the social fabric of the area and ensuring that it doesn’t become
impossible for a range of people to live in the area, and being a place people can afford
to do business:

   we will seek to address, within our influence, the concerns about
   gentrification and the pressure on lower income residents;
   we will advocate to minimise the impacts of traffic and congestion;
   we will work to include more green space and green features in Smith
   Street; and
   we will seek to avoid exclusion of low income community members and
   retain businesses that can cater for all.

Theme Four

Arts and Culture: promoting local arts, creating celebrations for, and in, the street and
for, and with, the communities here, installing art works, celebrating and sharing the
cultural make-up of the community, providing opportunities for cross-cultural education,
fun and sharing:

   we will advocate for public art (multicultural);
   we will seek to celebrate Indigenous culture with an annual festival (e.g.
   ‘be careful where you put your feet ‘cause under the pavement, Koori
   history sleeps’);
   we will strive to help create a sense of place through activities that
   celebrate local identities across all cultures; and
   we will embrace local and outsider contribution and participation in the
   arts and culture activities.
Theme Five

Image and Amenity: making the street a more attractive place to visit, do business
and gather, cleaning up the physical environs of the street and repairing damage in a
timely way, and projecting a positive image whilst maintaining the unique character of
Smith Street:

   celebrate the histories of Smith Street – people, places and memories
   are all a part of ‘heritage’;
   beautify the street (e.g. by removal of graffiti/tags and other cleaning);
   reflect the calm, comfort, heritage of the street and protect from further
   address safety via image, amenity and ‘ownership’ of the street;
   reflect the history of migration and the multicultural profile; and
   support people getting around and navigating the street (e.g. with signs
   and directions and information).

How we will work together
In addition to the themes that emerged from the community engagement process there
were also clear views on how to work together to create the changes envisioned.

Holistic View: taking a coordinated and holistic view to providing services in ways that
are: creative; synergistic and efficient; and ‘lateral’ in their application with partnering
across sectors and between agencies. This is an over-arching theme that should
influence others to:

   work as a coalition to improve service coordination;
   work with conflict and the clash between the positive and negative
   aspects of the street, acknowledging it rather than denying it exists;
   explore public/private partnerships to promote employment opportunities
   and vocational training; and
   take advantage of synergies (e.g. around Charcoal Lane and MAYSAR in
   Gertrude Street and the partnerships that support the Billabong BBQ and
   the outreach services to the Parkies).
Smith Street Community Plan – Framework for Action

The Framework for Action that follows takes the work of the Smith Street
Community Engagement Project, as well as the views and work developed
collaboratively by the participants and the consultant, to determine what can
be achieved, with what resources and by which agency/partner.

Not all of the content of the vision is within the scope of Council’s powers or
resources, e.g. the business community will need to partner and take a lead
in some of the economic aspirations, and the State and potentially Federal
Governments will need to continue to fund appropriate services.

Within these practical constraints however, there are a multitude of
opportunities and the action plan aims to capture these so they can be
negotiated (with the nominated players) in order to achieve the desired

The actions table uses the following symbols:

  champion/s                          timing
$ funding sources                     connection to other

The table arranges actions into themes, however, many actions run across
multiple themes. For practical purposes these are not all notated, but the full
consultants report makes these connections in detail.

YCC = Yarra City Council

DHS = Department of Health and/or Dept Human Services
Theme: Health and Wellbeing                       Success will look                 Who, How,
                                                  like…                             When?
Work collectively to realise the                    the establishment of the           MAYSAR, YASN,
vision of a Community Cultural                      cultural centre in the          services, YCC,
Centre, based initially at MAYSAR                   MAYSAR facility with            (Community
                                                    appropriate re-design work      Planning and
and reflecting the following
                                                    completed to facilitate new     Advocacy,
                                                    uses;                           Planning, Economic
                                                    secure funding for              Development).
  Aboriginal governed;                              operational and program
  built on community development                                                    $ Aboriginal Affairs
  principles;                                                                       Victoria funds the
                                                    achieving the mandate of:
  creating Indigenous employment;                                                   architectural
                                                    “providing and promoting
  central point for community to access                                             design work and
                                                    physical, social, emotional
  services and activities; and                                                      refurbishment.
                                                    and spiritual well-being of
  versatile spaces that can be flexible and                                         Victorian State
                                                    Aboriginal women, men,
  meet different needs (as detailed in the                                          Government.
                                                    youth & children of the
  Addendum in some detail – for example a                                           Partnership
                                                    Melbourne metro region”;
  learning centre, culture-reviving activities,                                     funding from COY
                                                    MOUs for outreach services
  space for children, referral/access to                                            Community Grants
                                                    among relevant local
  accommodation and health services, etc;                                           for programming?
                                                    services (YASN to be a
                                                    mechanism for this?);           $ DHS continue
                                                    expanded enterprise             funding outreach
                                                    opportunities for the           program.
                                                    Aboriginal community;
                                                    expanded arts and culture           Yarra Municipal
                                                    opportunity for the             Public Health Plan
                                                    Aboriginal and non-             (MPHP)
                                                    Aboriginal community to be      NJC and YCC to
                                                    involved in; and                lead advocacy and
                                                    improved cross-cultural         negotiation with
                                                    understanding and               state govt for more
                                                    knowledge.                      coordinated sector.

                                                                                       NOW onward
                                                                                    (ongoing over 5
Auspice a ‘shop local’ campaign.                    better retention of Smith         YCC,
                                                    Street traders due to           Traders/BOSS
                                                    expanded retail
                                                                                    $ Community
                                                                                    Enterprise funding?
                                                    cohesive ‘branding’ along
                                                    the street; and                    SOON (1-2
                                                    expanded enterprise             years)

Expand the shop local activity with                 affordable, fresh food to          YCC, NYCH,
the establishment, longer term, of a                promote good health in          MAYSAR,
central and permanent                               Smith Street;                   Traders/BOSS,
                                                    better retention of Smith       Friends of the
food/arts/Koori market that is:
                                                    Street traders due to           Earth, Cultivating
                                                    expanded retail                 Community
       co-run by the community if possible;
       sheltered and accessible;
                                                    creative partnerships           $ Community
       visible and well promoted; and
                                                    between local agencies and      Enterprise funding?
                                                    local traders with in-kind      in kind, grants
                                                    link to Office of Housing and     Yarra Municipal
                                                    Cultivating Community to        Public Health Plan
                                                    extend market gardens to        (MPHP)
                                                    promote fresh food
Theme: Health and Wellbeing                 Success will look                Who, How,
                                            like…                            When?
                                              production and explore local      NYCH, MAYSAR,
                                              enterprise options; and        Office of Housing,
                                              expand social enterprise       Cultivating
                                              opportunities.                 Community
                                                                               Both now and
                                                                             Later (2-5 years)

Develop comprehensive information             people needing help, are          YASN as a
resources:                                    referred to the right place    coordinating
                                              (in a crisis and otherwise);   mechanism, YCC
      fridge magnet guide to services for     expanded network of            (Community
      use by business, community;             ‘shopfront presences’ (e.g.    Planning and
      services booklet;                       the visitor centre,            Advocacy,
      bi-annual forum;                        Collingwood Community          Planning, Economic
      shopfront presence (e.g. MAYSAR);       Information Service, etc);     Development),
      business pack with fact sheets and      and                            NYCH,
      info;                                   information updated            Homeground,
      community handbook;                     regularly (e.g. via the bi-    VAHS
      service seeker website.                 annual forum).
                                                                             $ Funding
                                                                             partnership NJC in
                                                                             kind, YCC
                                                                                Yarra Municipal
                                                                             Public Health Plan

                                                                                 NOW ONWARD
                                                                             development over
                                                                             5 years)
Local Law 8                                   protect vulnerable people      $ NJC, YCC,
                                              through MOU with Police        Victoria Police
Post project note:                            using other successful local   Funding
                                              government models as           partnership and in-
The City of Yarra introduced LL8 in
                                              appropriate;                   kind
December 2009 and it will be activated 1
                                              continue Cultural Awareness
Jan 2010. Council is working to develop       Training for Police and           Victoria Police,
an effective way to monitor the impacts       examine how local Aboriginal   YASN as a
of the law including an independent           people can be engaged in       coordinating
evaluation.                                   the delivery;                  mechanism, YCC
                                              evaluate the impacts of LL8    (Community
                                              on vulnerable community        Planning and
                                              members.                       Advocacy,
                                                                             Planning, Economic

                                                                                Yarra Municipal
                                                                             Public Health Plan
                                                                             (MPHP), Economic
Theme: Image, Amenity and                        Success will look               Who, How,
       Sustainability                            like…                           When?

Make streetscape and amenity                       a streetscape that is           YCC (Planning
improvements to improve the                        welcoming, consistent,        and Economic
environment of Smith Street.                       attractive, sheltering,       Development)
                                                   comfortable, safe and well
                                                                                 $ Funds already
                                                                                 committed via:
                                                   Street trees planting and
                                                                                 Smith Street
                                                   water sensitive urban
                                                                                 Structure Plan and
                                                   design projects for the
                                                                                 Tourism Strategy.
                                                   area; and
                                                   commitment of capital            Smith Street
                                                   works funding to              Structure Plan and
                                                   implementing the Smith        Municipal Strategic
                                                   Street Structure Plan         Statement (MSS),
                                                                                 Yarra Tourism
                                                                                 Strategy guide the

                                                                                    NOW and
                                                                                 ONWARD (ongoing
                                                                                 over 5 years)
Establish a “Visitor Centre” (real or              a sense of welcome for          YCC (Planning
virtual) that can play multiple roles,             visitors;                     and Economic
including:                                         a visible and easy to find    Development)
                                                   ‘one stop shop’ for
                                                                                 $ Funded via the
      engage visitors in activities;                                             Tourism Strategy
                                                   creative partnerships
      be a launching point for local tours and
                                                   between local agencies          Yarra Tourism
                                                   and local traders with in-    Strategy
      provide information; and
                                                   kind supports
                                                   (information, etc.) and
                                                   consider role of CCIC in         LATER (3-5 yrs)
                                                   provision of information to
                                                   this community, (NB some
                                                   state funding is from AAV)
                                                   through the upcoming
                                                   evaluation project.
Build heritage/local story ‘signifiers’            improved understanding           YCC (Community
into the footpaths as part of a walking            of local cultures, heritage   Planning and
tour (e.g. may be permanent or                     and histories; and            Advocacy, Planning)
                                                   visually interesting and
temporary art works).                                                            $ Structure Plan?
                                                   unusual street art.
                                                                                 Grants? Capital
                                                                                 Works program

                                                                                    LATER (3-5

Develop a symbolic reference to the                improved understanding           YCC (Community
multicultural community and their                  of local cultures, heritage   Planning and
contribution to Smith Street through               and histories; and            Advocacy),
                                                   visually interesting and      Neighbourhood
public art.
                                                   unusual street art.           Renewal,
                                                                                 $ ? Grants, Capital
                                                                                 Works Program

                                                                                    SOON (1-3 yrs)
Theme: Community Belonging                    Success will look                 Who, How,
       and Arts and Culture                   like…                             When?
Establish a mentoring/welcome                   new people in the                  MAYSAR and
program as part of the community                community are made              YCC (Community
cultural centre operations.                     welcome and are given           Planning &
                                                support settling in to the      Advocacy) plus
                                                area;                           other agencies,
                                                people needing help are able    Community
                                                to access peer support and      mentors.
                                                will be referred to the right
                                                                                $ Community
                                                place (in a crisis and
                                                                                Enterprise funding?
                                                otherwise; and
                                                consider role of CCIC in this      SOON (1-3
                                                community.                      years)

Create a series of digital Indigenous           multimedia arts product.           MAYSAR, ACES
stories and extend the Plaques.                 improved understanding of       and YCC
                                                local Indigenous culture,       (Community
                                                heritage and stories;           Planning and
                                                Preserving the historical       Advocacy),
                                                knowledge and memories of       Community
                                                Elders by combining             members
                                                traditional oral storytelling
                                                                                $ NJC, COY
                                                with modern digital forms.
                                                Up-skilling Indigenous Youth       SOON(1-3 yrs)
                                                in photography, filmmaking,
                                                editing and other digital
                                                storytelling techniques.

Stage a Smith Street festival over a            improved understanding of          YCC(Community
week that would have:                           local cultures, heritage and    Planning and
                                                histories;                      Advocacy), BOSS
      traders having shopfront displays and     visually interesting and        and Gertrude
      activities;                               unusual street art; and         Traders’
      exhibit (e.g. photos, art);               celebration and promotion of    Association,
      street demonstrations;                    local culture, shopping,        Agencies (MAYSAR,
      link to the City of Darebin Koori         community, etc.                 etc), Arts Victoria,
      Market?;                                                                  Community
      a smoking ceremony;                                                       members, Victoria
      a walking tour;                                                           Police
      fun consultative activity;                                                $ Arts Victoria?
      flags and banners; and                                                    Community
      performance art and music.                                                Grants?
                                                                                VicHealth grants?

                                                                                   SOON (1-3

Develop a symbolic reference to the           As above in the Image and         As above in the
multicultural community and their             Amenity theme                     Image and
contribution to Smith Street.                                                   Amenity theme
Theme: Holistic Approach                    Success will look                   Who, How,
                                            like…                               When?
Develop an on-going Community                 improved understanding of            YCC
Planning Group for Smith Street that          local aspirations, values and     (Community
would play a role in:                         needs for a wider range of        Planning and
                                              community members;                Advocacy) to
                                              expanded opportunities for        facilitate initially
      liaison and accountability between
                                              skill development and             (with eventual
      different sectors interested in the
                                              enterprise (as researchers /      handover to
      future of Smith Street (community,
                                              facilitators) opportunities for   community)
      ATSI organisations, Council,
                                              the Smith Street
      business, agencies, investors);                                           $ In kind
      mediating complex “public interest”                                       contributions from
                                              improved cross-sectoral and
      issues in non-adversarial, problem-                                       partners
                                              cross-cultural understanding
      solving oriented ways; and
                                              and knowledge; and                   The on-going
      reviewing and updating the Smith
                                              expanded range of                 development and
      Street Community Plan periodically
                                              community engagement and          monitoring of this
      using community facilitators.
                                              community decision sharing        Plan with links to
                                              opportunities for the Smith       Smith Street
                                              Street community to be            Structure Plan and
                                              involved in.                      Municipal Strategic
                                                                                Statement (MSS)
                                                                                and the Yarra
                                                                                Municipal Public
                                                                                Health Plan (MPHP)

                                                                                   SOON (1-3

     Thanks to project participants and reference group members:
     Lead consultant Andrea Cook and the team of facilitators;
     Aboriginal Elders;
     Councillors of the City of Yarra;
     Agency and Organisation representatives;
     The Yarra Aboriginal Support Network;
     The Aboriginal Advisory Group;
     Reference group members;
     State and Federal Government representatives from FaHCSIA, DHS, NJC, DPCD,
     AAV and local members for Parliament;
     Victoria Police;
     Business on Smith Street representatives;
     Residents and other community participants;
     The Parkies; and special thanks to:
     Denise Lovett, who sadly passed away in August 2009 and
     Lorina Lovett, who has picked up the mantle of her mother’s leadership.

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