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                                                                                                                     Fall 2005

 3...Selling Your Residence?          The Pros and Cons of Living in an
 4...Play Tennis for Life
 5...Skin Cancer Can Kill
                                      Active Adult Retirement Community
                                                                             By Larry W. Hayes
 6...Fly Fishing for All Ages
 7...Looking for a Job?               (Note: For this article, the writer toured The
 8...Get Active at Campbell           Villages in San Jose, Rossmoor in Walnut
 9...New Dog Park Coming              Creek, Trilogy in Rio Vista, Sun City in
                                      Lincoln, Oakmont Village in Santa Rosa and
 10...Baby Boomers Seek Help          Summerset in Brentwood.)
 11...Join the Peace Corps
                                        What attracts people over 55 to
                                      active adult retirement communi-
Newsbriefs                            ties like The Villages?
                                        Is it the active, carefree lifestyle?
 Changing Demographics                The gated 24/7 security? The free-
   If you thought Santa Clara         dom from yard work and mainte-
 County was only for the young,       nance? The desire to be with people
 think again. Over 295,000 people     of your own age sharing common
 age 55 and over live here out of     interests?
 a population of 1,682,585. San         These age-restricted (55+) com-
 Jose alone has over 185,000          munities are in reality exclusive
 residents 55 plus. The Villages in   country clubs with social and
 San Jose has the largest concen-     recreational activities that rival
 tration of people over 55 in the     many vacation resorts.
 entire Bay Area—over 4,000.          A Look at The Villages                            Photo supplied by S.R.Hinrichs, resident
 Source: U.S. 2000 Census Bureau                                                        of The Villages
                                        Established in 1967 off San Felipe
                                      Road in the Evergreen District of                650 to 2500. The medium price of
 Upscale Campbell                                                                      all properties is $500,000.
                                      San Jose, The Villages is the only
   The revitalized city of                                                               The Villages is actually 12 villages
                                      active adult retirement community
 Campbell has suddenly become                                                          or districts with each village hav-
                                      in Silicon Valley.
 “trendy” and upscale with 51                                                          ing its own distinctive architectur-
                                        Over 4,300 residents live here in
 homes sold in 2004 at a million                                                       al style.
                                      2,309 condominiums and 227 single
 dollars or more. Only 13 at that                                                        Property prices range widely
                                      family homes scattered throughout
 price tag were sold in 2003.                                                          from village to village depending
                                      the secluded and scenic 550 acres.
   Thirty of the 51 upscale homes                                                      upon size, style, age and location.
                                        But if you’re looking for an inex-
 came from one new housing                                                             For example, the Valle Vista Village
                                      pensive retirement home, you may
 development: Chamberlain                                                              condominiums are built on a hill
                                      have to move to Florida or Kansas.
 Courts at Hacienda and San                                                            featuring panoramic and breath-
                                        Resale prices of condos and sin-
 Tomas Aquino Rd. The average                                                          taking views of nearby Silver
                                      gle family homes at The Villages
 price of those two-story homes                                                        Creek Country Club and other
                                      range from $290,000 to over
 was $1.5 million.                                                                     vista points.
                                      $900,000 with square footage from
  These newer, larger properties           nestled up against the Diablo        likely to hear about serious illnesses
sell for $900,000+ when placed on          Mountain range on the site of a      and death
the market. Older and smaller              former wine-growing estate             “There are a lot of rules and regu-
properties like the condos in            • Common interests and special         lations,” said Emil Pisarri, a six
Cribari and Montgomery Villages            bonding with residents due to        year resident who is both a golfer
are priced from $290,000+.                 age restrictions                     and tennis player. “Sometimes it
  Although people don’t move to          • Peace of mind with gated, 24/7       prevents you from doing what
The Villages expecting home appre-         security. People “look out” for      you’d like to do or slows you down
ciation, property values have              each other                           while waiting for permission.”
approximately doubled in the past        • 18-and 9-hole USGA-rated golf          “However, the positives out way
seven years, according to real             courses, 6 tennis courts plus 4      the negatives by a big margin.”
estate broker Carla Griffin, 62, who       swimming and hydro massage              Moving here or anywhere is a
has lived there for five years.            pools                                life-changing decision not to be
  “I feel really safe here because of    • Activities galore. Over 100 clubs    taken lightly or quickly. Do your
the gated, 24 hour security. That          and activities from fitness pro-     homework and tour at least one
gives me peace of mind,” said              grams to golf to swimming            other adult retirement community
Griffin. “Since living here, I’ve        • Carefree, “get up & go”              such as Rossmoor in Walnut Creek
established wonderful relationships        lifestyle—a time to enjoy life       or Summerset in Brentwood.
with many people my own age.”            • Rated as one of the top 25 active       When touring, inform your real-
  The average age at The Villages is       adult retirement communities         tor that you’d like to talk to some
approximately 62 and dropping,             in the U.S.                          of the residents. Ask them what
according to Griffin. Younger
adults in Silicon Valley are selling
their million dollar homes and            “It’s a slice of heaven,“ said Ursula Gibson, 72, a five
moving in, says Griffin. Thanks to        year resident. “There’s something to do all the time and
Prop 13, many buyers pay the              it’s easy to make friends. I never get bored here.”
same property taxes as before.
 “The Villages is a totally different
                                         The Cons                               they like and don’t like. No place
world away from the noise and
                                         • Not inexpensive. Property            is perfect and don’t expect every-
stress of Silicon Valley,” added
                                            prices mirror the high cost of      one to be happy or friendly.
Griffin. “It’s play time at this stage
                                            housing in Silicon Valley              Before you buy, carefully read
of our lives.”
                                         • Ever increasing, monthly home-       and understand the homeowner’s
  The championship golf course is
                                            owner’s association dues rang-      Community Rules & Regulations
the centerpiece at The Villages but
                                            ing from $450 to $750               (CRR). Know what the rules are,
contrary to the popular perception
                                         • Living in a remote, isolated area    and if you can live with them.
that everyone retired plays golf,
                                            may be a curse as well as a           If you don’t like following rules
only about 20% of the residents
                                            blessing. It’s a long drive to      or dealing with a certain amount
actually play. Golfers pay nominal
                                            favorite restaurants, shopping,     of politics and bureaucracy that
green fees.
                                            theaters, family/friends and jobs   comes with living in a home
  There are plenty of other things
                                         • Strict rules & regulations on        owner’s association, this may not
to do to keep active, including
                                            what you can and cannot do          be the place for you.
tennis, swimming, hiking, riding
                                            such as make exterior home            Don’t feel pressured to buy the
stables, fitness centers, dances,
                                            repairs without approvals or        first property that you see or like.
bridge, club parties, arts & crafts.
                                            have guests stay over 30 days       While no new properties are being
  However, if you’re thinking of
                                         • Strange as it sounds, it may be      built at The Villages, approximately
moving to The Villages, here are
                                            “too quiet” for some. Many          250 resales (10%) appear on the
some things to consider:
                                            adults prefer some noise in         market every year.
The Pros                                    their lives, plus the excitement      If you’re interested in a tour of
• Beautiful, scenic, private golf           and synergy of being around         The Villages, contact a local realtor
  & country club exclusively for            people of all ages, especially      that specializes in these properties
  active adults 55 and over                 children                            such as B & A Realtors, San Jose
• Very quiet, secluded location          • Because of the high concentra-       at 408.274.8766
  that few people know about               tion of seniors, you’re more
                                                                                                    ActiveOver50    2
Nearby Active Adult                  Selling Your Residence?
Retirement Communities
                                     Beware: You May Have a Tax Bite
The Villages Golf & Country
                                                 By Mervin Roberts, CPA, Roberts Accountancy Corporation
Club, San Jose www.thevillages-
Rossmoor, Walnut Creek                                                          If the property was inherited,
925.988.7700                                                                 the original cost basis is the “fair                                                             market value” at the death of the
Summerset Palms, Brentwood
                                                                             party from whom the property
925.513.7913 www.summerset-                                                  was inherited. This includes the                                                                    death of a spouse.
                                                                                Generally, property held in joint
Trilogy at Rio Vista, Rio Vista
                                                                             tenancy by a husband and wife
                                                                             can be considered “community
Sun City Lincoln Hills, Lincoln                                              property” and get a full “stepped
800.483.4834                                                 up basis” (fair market value at the
Oakmont Village, Santa Rosa                                                  date of death).
707.539.1611 www.oakmontvil-                                                    Accordingly, the surviving                             What happens, tax wise, on the          spouse has a new basis in the
Upcoming Del Webb projects         sale of a personal residence?             property called a “substituted                      First, what is considered a per-        basis.” If the property is sold
                                   sonal residence? A house, town-           within six months of the date of
Willow Shores, Stockton
                                   house, condo, mobile home, boat,          death, by the surviving spouse,
summer 2006 888.622.9322
                                   house trailer or RV may qualify           the sales price may be used as
Copper Ridge, Los Banos                                                      the substituted basis.
                                   as a personal residence. You can
winter 2006 866.469.9322                                                        If the residence is acquired by
                                   have only ONE primary personal
Woodbridge, Manteca                residence at any time.                    gift (not inherited due to the death
fall 2006 877.922.9322               The next important information          of the donor) the basis in the hands
Upcoming Trilogy projects          that a taxpayer must keep track           of the donee is the same as the                of is “basis” or “cost basis” of the      basis in the hands of the donor.
                                   property.                                 You can add the cost of improve-
Central Coast, Nipomo
                                     The cost basis of your original         ments to the property made subse-
fall 2005 800.685.6494
                                   purchase of a home is the pur-            quent to the date of acquisition.
                                   chase price plus certain costs in            How to calculate gain on the
   Tax Tips                        escrow such as title fees, escrow
                                   fees and title transfer taxes.
                                                                             sale of a personal residence? The
                                                                             sales price from the escrow settle-
                                     If you bought and sold any per-         ment statement, or Form 1099-S,
California Ranks 17th                                                        is the starting point. This amount
                                   sonal residence(s) prior to May 7,
in Taxes Nationwide                1997 and deferred the gain on the         is reduced by the expenses of sale;
  If you think California taxes    sale by going up in value, you            i.e., commissions, title fees and
are high, try New York. Its        have what is referred to as an            other selling expenses out of
residents pay the most taxes in    “adjusted basis.” For years prior         escrow or paid by the seller(s)
the country—$130.79 per $1000.     to 5/7/97, the adjusted basis was         incident to the sale.
Second highest? Maine—$130.16.     reported on Form 2119 as a part              Now you deduct your cost basis
Californians pay $106.01.          of your individual income tax             of the property to arrive at the
  The least taxed state?           returns.                                  gain (or loss) on the sale of the
Tennessee at $83.89. Our neigh-      If the Form 2119 was not com-           property.
bors: Oregon—$90.93; Washing-      pleted, it’s necessary to calculate          Is the gain taxable? Possibly. A
ton —$100.90; Nevada—$101.20;      the adjusted basis through the            taxpayer can exclude from income
Arizona $104.47. (Taxes based on   history of all the purchases and          up to $250,000 (a single taxpayer)
personal, sales and excise.)
                                   sales of personal residences before       or $500,000 (married taxpayers
Source: CNN/Money
                                   5/7/97.                                   filing a joint return) of the gain

                                                                                                     ActiveOver50   3
                                                                                                            from the sale of a personal
  Tennis Ranks as Excellent Way to                                                                     residence. The qualifications for
  Burn Calories, Meet People and Have Fun                                                              this exclusion include:
                                                                                                       • The individual(s) must have
                                                                                                          owned and used the home as a
                                                                                                          principal residence for at least
                                                                                                          two out of the five years prior
                                                                                                          to the sale. The two years do
                                                                                                          not have to be consecutive
                                                                                                       • Neither spouse may have sold
                                                                                                          a home, and used the exclusion,
                                                                                                          more than once every two years
                                                                                                         What does this all mean for the
                                                                                                       preparation of your income tax
                                                                                                       returns? A sale of $250,000 or less
                                                                                                       for a single person or $500,000 or
                                                                                                       less for a married couple or a gain
                                                                                                       that is less than your exclusion
                                                                                                       amount isn’t reported in your
                                                                                                       returns. However, you need to
Sunnyvale’s SM3.5 team (19-3) won the District Championship this year at Sacramento and finished 3rd   keep these records in your files in
in Northern California out of 107 teams.
                                                                                                       case the IRS or Franchise Tax
  Playing tennis is good for your                    Contact info: Sunnyvale Tennis                    Board of CA audits your returns.
heart, body and soul. And it’s a                     Club, 800 Rossett Drive, Sunnyvale                  Losses on the sale of a personal
sport that you can play until your                   408.732.2130                                      residence are not deductible in
knees give out. People in their                                   your tax returns. Gain in excess of
50s, 60s, 70s and 80s play the game                    Why play USTA tennis? “To                       the exclusion amount is a capital
for competition, to have fun and to                  improve my game and to meet                       gain subject to Federal tax at the
keep in shape.                                       and play against different people,”               rate of 15% generally. California
   Health benefits include the burn-                 said Shirley Mock, of Palo Alto.                  will collect taxes at whatever tax
ing of calories, lowering of blood                   “I love the team camaraderie and                  bracket you fall into to a current
pressure and relieving of stress.                    competition. If I didn’t play tennis,             highest rate of 9.3%. You must
  An average-sized man playing                       I’d age fast!”                                    give the title company a Form
an hour of tennis burns about 420                      Said Ben Chui of Cupertino, “It’s               593-C to claim exemption from
calories during doubles and 600                      all about meeting new people and                  withholding taxes payable to the
for singles. A 135-pound woman                       forming friendships, sometimes                    State of California when you sell
burns 330 calories during doubles                    for life. Getting regular exercise                a personal residence in California.
and 420 for singles.                                 outdoors is very beneficial. USTA                   Consult your tax advisor or
  You’re never too old to take up                    gives me the chance to play com-                  preparer about how these matters
tennis. Ask a friend to teach you or                 petitive tennis at different levels in            affect you and your particular
sign up for tennis lessons at your                   different leagues which improves                  situation.
local Parks & Recreation Center.                     my game and the opportunity to
Most communities including                           meet more people.”                                Roberts Accountancy is a full service local
Campbell and Sunnyvale offer                           For information on competitive                  CPA firm in Santa Clara County. Their
                                                                                                       motto is “Large enough to serve, small
tennis lessons.                                      tennis for people over 50, check
                                                                                                       enough to care.” Merv Roberts has over
  With over 1000 members, the                        out USTA’s Northern California                    40 years of accounting experience with
Sunnyvale Tennis Club is the                         Section at                    both national and local CPA firms.
largest Community Tennis                             USTANorCal has been promoting                     408.559.3337
Association in the United States,                    tennis for 50 years and has over
offering both recreational and                       34,000 members, including com-
                                                                                                       “If we live a hundred years idle,
competitive tennis in USTA                           petitive leagues and tournaments
                                                                                                       without energy, better to live one
leagues. Several of its teams have                   for men and women over 50, 60
won National championships.                          and 65+.                                          day of steadfast energy.”
                                                                                                                               ActiveOver50          4
Health Tips                            Skin Cancer Can Kill. Protect Yourself.
                                                                  By Mindy Tanner, M.D.

Check Your Skin
   Pay close attention to moles                                               public awareness, improved
and other marks on your skin.                                                 diagnostic technology and longer
The most common sign of skin                                                  life spans have contributed to
cancer is a change on the skin                                                the diagnosis of more cases.
such as a growth or a sore that                                               Regardless, the numbers continue
won’t heal. If you notice any                                                 to increase (4% in 2003) and are
unusual changes on any part of                                                alarming
your body, have a doctor check                                              • Including invasive and non-
it out.                                                                       invasive melanoma, 1 in 37
                                                                              Americans have a risk of devel-
Live Longer                                                                   oping melanoma in their life-
  Committing to an active and                                                 times
 healthy lifestyle is likely to                                             How to Protect Yourself
extend your life.                      One of the major reasons people
                                                                              The American Academy of
  As little as 30 minutes of         love living in Silicon Valley is the
                                                                            Dermatology recommends that
moderate physical exercise a         weather with abundant sunshine
                                                                            everyone practice these sun pro-
day and reducing fats in your        300 days of the year. When we go
                                                                            tection guidelines—even when
diet can make a big difference       outside, however, we’re exposed
                                                                            the sky is overcast or cloudy:
in how long you live and look        to the sun’s rays which eventually
                                                                            • Wear a broad-spectrum sun
young.                               take their toll on our skin.
                                                                               screen with a Sun Protection
                                     Unprotected exposure over time
                                                                               Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher
Vigorous Workouts                    increases our risk for skin cancer.
                                                                            • Avoid outdoor activities when
  Men can reduce their risk of       While most skin cancers appear
                                                                               the sun’s rays are the strongest
developing Parkinson’s disease       after age 50, the sun’s damaging
                                                                               between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
50% to 60% with vigorous exer-       effects begin early in life.
                                                                            • Follow the ‘Shadow Rule’—
cise, according to health studies.
                                                                               if your shadow is shorter than
For women, however, the link         Some sobering facts:
                                                                               you are, you’re likely to burn
between exercise and Parkinson’s     • More than 50% of all new cancers
                                                                               because the sun’s damaging
is not statistically significant.      diagnosed are skin cancers and
                                                                               rays are at their strongest. If you
Source: Time magazine                  over 1.3 million new cases will
                                                                               can’t see your shadow at all, you
                                       be diagnosed this year in the
                                                                               should not be in the sun
Socializing Helps                      U.S. alone. There are more new
                                                                            • Seek shade whenever possible
  Being around people is good          cases of skin cancer each year
                                                                            • Wear quality sun-protective
for your mind and body, accord-        than the total of new cancers of
                                                                               clothing and accessories, includ-
ing to a Harvard University            the breast, prostate, lung and
                                                                               ing sunglasses and caps
School of Public Health survey.        colon combined
                                                                              If you’re over 50 and spend
  Social past times like bingo,      • 80% of new skin cancers will be
                                                                            extended periods of time outdoors,
card playing and dances are            basal cell carcinoma, 16% will be
                                                                            you’re at risk to develop some form
equally as important as exercise       squamous cell carcinoma and 4%
                                                                            of skin cancer in your lifetime. When
in leading healthy lives.              will be melanoma. Melanoma
                                                                            going outdoors, I highly recom-
                                       is responsible for 77% of skin
                                                                            mend that you apply sunscreen
Losing Weight                          cancer deaths. In the U.S., one
                                                                            and wear a cap to protect your
  What are the best exercises          person dies every hour from
                                                                            face and neck. There are lots of
for losing weight? Swimming,           melanoma
                                                                            “shade caps” on the market but
biking, jogging and walking.         • The incidence of melanoma is
                                                                            the one that I like best is called
But you need 45 minutes of             increasing. Since 1930, there has
                                                                            the “ExtremeShade” cap made by
sustained exercise three to five       been a 2000% increase in the
times weekly to show results.          occurrence of melanoma. Greater

                                                                                                ActiveOver50    5
                                                                                                       It looks like a regular ball
  Profile: Ron Wong                                                                             cap but is made with specially
  Fly Fishing: A Sport for All Ages and Gender                                                  treated fabric that blocks 98% of
                                                                                                the harmful rays from the sun. It
                                                                                                has fold-out side shade flaps and
                                                                                                a pull out neck-length shade flap,
                                                                                                providing protection for your
                                                                                                neck, ears, face and head. Clip-on
                                                                                                visor extenders help protect the
                                                                                                sides of your face and eyes.
                                                                                                   After a decade of treating skin
                                                                                                care problems, I realize there are
                                                                                                many reasons why people do not
                                                                                                use sunscreen protection regularly.
                                                                                                It’s either not convenient, too
                                                                                                “messy” or they don’t perceive
                                                                                                they will be out in the sun for
                                                                                                very long…or a variety of other
                                                                                                   As much as 70% of our sun
Like many fisherman, Ron releases his catch to fight another day.                               exposure may be “casual” expo-
                                                                                                sure… the accumulation of all
Age: 67                                               “I’ve walked for miles searching          the minutes we are in the sun
Height: 5’ 7”                                         for trout in New Zealand streams.         throughout our normal days—not
Weight: 150 lbs                                       Wading against strong currents            the hours we purposefully choose
Residence: Lives in Los Altos with                    requires a lot of strength and            to be in the sun. Individuals, who
wife Alice                                            stamina. After a day of casting           only wear sunscreen when they
Occupation: Works part time at                        heavy flies for stripers in the           choose to be in the sun for an
the Caddis Flyshop in Belmont.                        windblown San Joaquin Delta,              extended period of time, are leav-
Retired engineer and corporate                        my arm feels like it’s falling off.”      ing their skin largely unprotected
planner/treasurer.                                    Challenge: Fly fishing takes lots         and increasing their risk of skin
Background: “After I retired at 58,                   of practice to be really good. “I’m       cancer.
a friend said: ‘now that you have                     still learning how to ‘read water,’          Unfortunately, most people
plenty of time on your hands, why                     select the right fly, make the perfect    ignore the risks of sun exposure
don’t you take a fly casting lesson                   presentation and set the hook at          until they either see the aging
with me?’ Little did I know that it                   the right time without losing a ‘hot’     effects on the skin or have devel-
would become a wonderful hobby                        fish. I love to tie the flies I use and   oped their first skin cancer. Skin
and lead me to some of the most                       get great satisfaction when a fish        cancer can kill but is often curable
beautiful scenery in the world.”                      is fooled by one of my creations.”        if detected and treated early. Baby
  Fly fishing has taken Ron to far                    Benefits: “Fly fishing has intro-         boomers, especially those living
and often remote locations includ-                    duced my wife and me to many              in places with abundant sunshine,
ing Argentina, Russia, New                            new and enduring friends. It’s            need to protect themselves all
Zealand, Canada, Patagonia, New                       very relaxing and a fun hobby.”           year round.
York, the Florida Keys, Hawaii                        Getting started: You’re never too
and Montana, as well as numerous                      old to learn how to fly fish. Women       Mindy Tanner, M.D., is in private practice
streams and lakes in Northern and                     are also discovering and enjoying         and is the Medical Consultant for Derma-
Central California.                                   the popular sport. For information,       Fend in Los Altos. She can be reached at
Exercise: “Fly fishing is fun, chal-                  contact The Caddis Flyshop in   
lenging and great exercise,” he                       Belmont. or
said. “It involves as much exercise                   650.508.0727. In the south bay,
                                                                                                “No act of kindness, no matter how
as a lot of other sports, including                   contact Upstream Flyfishing in Los
                                                                                                small, is ever wasted.”
USTA tennis which I play regularly                    Gatos.
for fun and competition.”                             or 408.354.4935.                          —Aesop

                                                                                                                       ActiveOver50      6
Work Tips                             Over 50 and Looking for Work?
                                                                   By Elizabeth Caselton,
                                                                   Silicon Valley Recruiter
Retirement Myth?
  Popular wisdom from Wall
                                                                               and more frequently “job hop” to
Street and financial experts is
                                                                               quickly move up the ladder are
that you need 70 to 80% of your
                                                                               expensive to the employer who
pre-retirement income to avoid
                                                                               has a sizeable investment in a new
becoming a charity case.
                                                                               employee. You should seek a job
  “Not true,” according to Fred
                                                                               with a company that values the more
Brock, author of “Retire on Less
                                                                               stable, mature, proven employees.
Than You Think: The New York
Times Guide to Planning Your                                                   Seek Temporary Work
Financial Future.”                                                               Many experienced, well qualified
  His reasoning is that people                                                 candidates can find temporary
today see retirement as another                                                work, often referred to as consult-
career or job than staying at                                                  ing or contract work, more easily
home doing nothing. Financial                                                  than they can find a regular full-
planners fail to emphasize the        Whether you’ve lost your job,
                                                                               time position.
value of “cutting expenses” and     re-entering the workforce or get-
                                                                                 Studies have indicated that tem-
working beyond age 65.              ting progressively unhappier with
                                                                               porary contract help is on the rise
  Reducing expenses may mean        your current job or career in
                                                                               now, so you might wish to explore
a simpler, downsized life and       general…you may be asking:
                                                                               these opportunities within your
maybe, a move to a less expen-      • How do I compete with the
                                                                               discipline where your experience
sive part of the country. In           younger workers?
                                                                               and knowledge are in demand.
Wichita, Kansas, you can buy        • Is it too late to begin a new career?
                                                                                 Often, temporary work leads to
good homes for under $100,000.      • Is the job market ever going to
                                                                               a full-time position, especially if
You can get a new, 2500 square         get better?
                                                                               you impress your boss.
foot home with basement for           The answer to the last question
under $250,000 near Overland        seems to be yes. The job market is         Keep Learning
Park, Kansas, an upscale com-       slowly improving and as a                    Whether or not you’re seeking
munity. That same home would        recruiter here in Silicon Valley, I’m      a new direction in your career or
go for over $1 million in Silicon   seeing many more people over 50            just trying to re-enter the work
Valley.                             going back to work.                        place after retiring, it’s very impor-
  There are two free websites         Now what about competing                 tant to continue your education.
 that expose the exaggerated        with younger workers? Here’s                  No one is too old to learn and
estimates of retirement needs:      what you have going for you and            continuing your education may and              what you need to capitalize on             lead you to a new career direction.           when seeking a new job:
                                    • Your valuable knowledge and              Tailor Your Resume
Work Until You Drop                    experience means less training            Your resume is meant to profile
  85% of baby boomers say they         needed                                  your skills, experience and train-
want to do some kind of work        • Your maturity translates into            ing. But the employer is looking
for as long as they live. Many         better decision making                  for the employee who will benefit
plan to work past traditional       • Your stability and patience are          his company most on the job.
retirement age due to necessity        attributes that translate into a          Describe what you can do for
or choice. They need the money         more stable, reliable worker            the company and your accomplish-
and realize that their current        Stability in your life, perhaps          ments for other companies, in
savings may not sustain them.       owning a home, and established             addition to the skills and attributes
The stock market’s slow recov-      roots in the community is a big            you bring to the table.
ery from its dramatic drop of a     plus for the employer who is                 As a recruiter, I’m screening on
few years ago has forced many       looking for a reliable employee.           behalf of my client company for
retirees back to work.                Those who are young, impetuous           those candidates who offer

                                                                                                    ActiveOver50   7
                                                                                          the right mix of talent, experi-
  Get Your Body and Mind in Shape                                                    ence, skills and education that fills
  at the Campbell Adult Center                                                       the needs of the client for that
                                                                                     particular job.
                                                                                       The resume that describes what
                                            adult center is approximately 75 to      the candidate is capable “of learn-
                                            80, the demographics are changing        ing” or a description of the candi-
                                            as “baby boomers” learn about the        date’s “career goals” is not usually
                                            vast array of fitness activities         relevant in whether or not he/she
                                            including strength training, body        is a good fit for the job at hand.
                                            conditioning, pilates, aerobics, yoga,     I advise my candidates to begin
                                            line dancing and lap swimming.           the resume with a summary of
                                              Plus you can sign up for tennis,       their skills and attributes that are
                                            basketball, badminton, volleyball        relevant and beneficial to the
                                            and more through the Campbell            company and the specific job
                                            Recreation Department located on         description they are applying for.
                                            the same campus, formerly the              It’s a little more work but
                                            Campbell High School.                    addressing what you can do to
Diane Ehler, of San Jose, practices Yoga.     (You can also work out on your         meet the needs of the job and the
                                            own at the new outdoor Fitness           employer you’re applying to will
   Fitness? Wellness? Financial             Zone at the Community Track              pay off with more interviews and
and educational programs?                   Center which is free for the general     your next job.
The Campbell Adult Center has               public. The Fitness Zone consists
it all and much more.                       of 12 stations with many different       Elizabeth Caselton is a Silicon Valley
   Although small in actual square          exercise options including strength      recruiter and owner of Marcom Choices
footage, the Campbell Adult Center          training, cardiovascular training        Staffing Company, specializing in executive
is big in the number of programs            and core strengthening.)                 search and contract placements for profes-
and services offered to adults over           “We focus on wellness at the           sionals in high tech marketing, corporate
                                                                                     communications and sales. 650-851-9055
50. Members also enjoy full use of          Campbell Adult Center,” said
the multiple services of the entire         Kathy Whitcomb, senior services
30-acre Campbell Community                  supervisor. “Our classes in
Center complex.                             strength training and aerobics
   For its size, Campbell offers            are very popular as well as the            Job Opportunities
more programs and services for              line dancing.”                             for the 50-plus Worker
adults over 50 than any other city            “So are our twice monthly day          • Over 16 million Americans
in the West Valley area which is            and overnight trips we sponsor             over 55 are working or seeking
one reason why it’s so popular.             throughout Northern and Mid                work today
   Registered adult membership              California with such activities as       • Older Americans make up 10%
totals over 1400, not counting              wine tasting, gambling at Indian           of the workforce but account for
those who take advantage of the             casinos and attending theater in           22% of the nation’s job growth
many social services offered                San Francisco.”                          • Older workers are getting new
throughout the year, including:               “People come to the Campbell             jobs at an annual rate of 4.1%,
• Monthly blood pressure checks             Adult Center not only to keep              double the .8% rate in the
• Health insurance counseling               their mind and body in shape,              general population
• Homeowners and renters                    but to socialize as well,” said          • By 2015, the number of employees
   assistance                               Whitcomb. “Being around other              over 55 will reach 31.9 million
• Income tax assistance                     people keeps you active mentally           compared to 18.4 million in 2000
• Employment/housing referrals              and socially. It is one of the secrets   • Extensive research shows NO
• Long term care counseling                 of living longer, happier and              relationship between age and
• Notary public                             healthier.”                                job performance
  Nearly 85% of its members are             Contact info: Campbell Adult
female. Ages range from 50 to 101.          Center, 1 West Campbell Ave.,              Source: Protective Aging in the 21st
                                                                                       Century by Robert Knechtel,
Although the average age at the             #C-33, Campbell 408.866.2146

                                                                                                            ActiveOver50       8
     Tidbits                             Los Gatos Creek County Park
                                         Dogs Get Excited!
Learn for Fun                            New Park Coming Just for Them
   No tests. No homework.
If you want to learn just for
the pure fun of it, check
out SJSU’s Osher Lifelong
Learning Institute (0LLI)
for people 55 and older.
   Classes in arts, history,
current events and more
are taught by distinguished
emeritus faculty, scholars
and professionals in the field.
  An annual membership fee
of $300 entitles you to take
nine courses per year.
   For more information, contact
Oma Morey, program director,
at 408.519.1279 or email:
                                      Raja patiently waits for his own park.
  Also, you can take classes
at the Osher Lifetime Learning
                                        Dogs—and their owners—are              Los Gatos and west San Jose.”
Institute at Santa Clara
                                      jumping for joy to learn that a           The City of Campbell and the
                                      dog park is scheduled to open in         Santa Clara County Parks and
Call 408.554.2382 or email:
                                      December at the Los Gatos Creek          Recreation Department were the Visit the Lifelong
                                      County Park in Campbell.                 driving forces to get the park built.
 Learning Institute website
                                        Passionately requested by dog          Campbell agreed to provide the
                                      lovers for years, the new one-acre       majority of the funds. Jim Beall’s
                                      dog park will be located north of        office representing District 24
Thinking of Moving?
                                      the casting ponds within the Los         contributed $50,000 and the city
  Check out these websites
                                      Gatos Creek County Park, an 80-          of Los Gatos $25,000. Private
before you move:
                                      acre urban park encompassing six         donations were also received. The—Excellent
                                      percolation ponds. Park entrance         County will maintain the park.
site for retirement planning
                                      is at the intersection of Dell and         “We have a Boston Terrier and
throughout the U.S. Compares
                                      Hacienda Ave. in Campbell off of         we can’t wait for the park to
not only cost-of-living data but
                                      Winchester Blvd.                         open,” said Charm Bianchini, a
information on housing, crime,
                                        This will make the third dog           San Jose resident. “Our dog, Raja,
education, economics, health
                                      park within the Santa Clara              has so much fun running free and
and climate.
                                      County Park network. The other           playing with other dogs.”
 Also, visit www.retirementliv-
                                      dog parks are located at Hellyer            Park admission is free at all to compare taxes in
                                      County Park, San Jose and Ed             Santa Clara County Parks to those
different states. Because of the
                                      Levin County Park, Milpitas.             age 62 and over.
incredible variations in property
                                        “People keep asking when will
taxes, it’s very hard to tell which                                            Directions: The best way to enter the park
                                      the dog park open,” said Lisa
state is the least expensive. You                                              is from Winchester Blvd. Go east on
                                      Petersen, senior engineer for the
may be surprised to learn that                                                 Hacienda Ave. to the stop sign at Dell. Park
                                      City of Campbell. “Everyone’s so         hours are from 8 a.m. to sundown. For latest
California ranks 32 in per-capita
                                      excited to finally have a place to       and compete information about the dog park,
property taxes.
                                      take their dogs off leash, especially    visit
                                      for residents living in Campbell,

                                                                                                       ActiveOver50      9
      Tidbits                         Baby Boomers Seek Help
                                      for Their Parents and Themselves
Follow the Money
  People over 50 have 50% of
the nation’s disposable income;                                            crisis mode by 2020. We must plan
75% of the nation’s financial                                              now for the coming aging popula-
assets and 80% of its savings                                              tion explosion and start providing
and loan accounts.                                                         the necessary services.”
   The total net worth of people                                             Senior specialists at COA provide
over 50 is five times that of                                              daily information on programs,
other Americans. Those 65+                                                 eligibility, availability and proce-
enjoy twice the discretionary                                              dures on how to obtain particular
income of people 25 to 34. In                                              services. Their mission is to help
the 1990s, the net worth of                                                seniors remain independent and at
households headed by people                                                home as long as possible. Funding
over 60 grew 30%, double the                                               is provided by the Federal and
national average.                                                          State agencies.
--Retire on LESS Than You Think
                                      Sooner or later, you’ll be glad      COA Services Include:
by Fred Brock
                                    you know about the Council on          • A comprehensive 144-page
                                    Aging (COA) Silicon Valley for           Senior Services Directory that
Cash Out Life Insurance?
                                    Santa Clara county. If not for your-     lists and explains all community
  If you’re 65 or older, you
                                    self, for your parents.                  based services available in Santa
may not need your whole life
                                      Last year, COA received over           Clara County including:
insurance policy anymore. Find
                                    40,000 requests for information        • Care Management & Home Care
out how much money you’d
                                    and assistance on programs to          • Education & Employment
get if you cash out (cash value)
                                    help seniors, family members,          • Emergency Assistance & Security
the policy.
                                    caregivers, disabled adults and        • Financial & Legal
  It might make better sense to
                                    organizations concerned with           • Food & Nutrition
spend or invest the money. Check
                                    people over 50.                        • Health Care & Wellness
with your financial advisor and
                                      “One third of the people looking     • Housing
do what is right for you.
                                    for help are baby boomers seeking      • Insurance
                                    information for their parents,” said   • Recreation
Discounts Galore                    Lorraine Larson, director of market-     Expert help is available by
  Good news. It seems that          ing, Council on Aging. “At some        phone to help connect and
nearly everyone offers some kind    point, we need to deal with the        assist seekers with services
of discount for those over 50.      truth about our aging population       locally, statewide and nationally.
  But you have to ask according     in Santa Clara county. We’re get-      To obtain a copy of the Directory,
to Joan Ratter Heilman, author      ting older, not younger.”              call 408.296.8290 and ask for
of “Unbelievably Good Deals…”         “Five years from now, our 55-        Information and Assistance.
  Nearly all U.S. hotels offer      plus group grows to 350,000 from         Editor’s note: check out the
some discount for older travelers   300,000 while the 20-39 year olds      impressive website at www.silicon
ranging from 10% to 50%,            shrink to 265,000 from 280,000,”, listing
depending upon the hotel, time      she said. “The 55-plus then doubles    useful information and resources
of year and age of the guest.       and triples up through 2040 while      about life issues, caregivers, assistive
  So do restaurants, airlines,      the 20-39 group declines. As our       devices as well as news around
cruises, vacation travels,          baby boomers retire and age, they’ll   the world. The library contains
recreation, events and much         dramatically change how we view        more than 30,000 articles produced
more. Check out local discounts     our aging population.”                 by leading experts in the fields of
at           “Unfortunately, our leaders          aging and disability.
  Words of advice: shop around      don’t get it. We’re heading for a
for the best deals.

                                                                                                 ActiveOver50    10
Housing Tips                           You’re Never Too Old to Join the
                                       Peace Corps and See the World
Rich Invest in Real Estate
   Nearly 43% of millionaires
under 54 look to real estate
investments to help fund their
retirement, up nearly 50% of
retirees relying on this asset
today, according to a Northern
Trust Corporation survey.
  However, the majority expect
to rely upon 401(k) savings,
Social Security, individual
retirement accounts, stocks         Armenia voltunteer Diane Gomez with locals in an outdoor market.
and bonds for the golden
years. — Wall Street Journal          You’re never too old to serve in                  awareness.
                                    the Peace Corps. In fact, the Peace                   Presently, 7,733 volunteers serve
Exodus to Sacramento                Corps today is actively recruiting                  in 72 countries including Jamaica,
  When you think of Sacramento,     people over 50.                                     Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ghana,
do you think of a lively inner        President Jimmy Carter’s mother,                  South Africa, Fiji, Romania,
city? Sacramento is rated as one    Lillian, served two years in India                  Georgia, Jordan, Morocco, China,
the “60 Cheap Places to Live”       at age 68. The oldest Peace Corps                   Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines,
according to            volunteer was Arthur Goodfriend                     Mongolia and Thailand.
  Refugees from Silicon Valley      of Honolulu. He was 86 upon                            “The Peace Corps was a life-
continue to pour into the area      completion of service.                              changing experience for me
by the truckloads. In 2004,           Chuck McBeath, 82, and his wife                   then and now,” said Silas Jue, a
Sacramento experienced some         Marcia, 80, just completed their                    Sunnyvale resident who served in
of the fastest property prices      sixth Peace Corps assignment in                     India from 1966-68. “It made my
in the nation. Up 23% with a        Kenya. They previously served in                    life deeper, broader and better. I
medium home price of $349,000.      Lesotho, Jamaica, Namibia, St.                      relive the experience every day
You can bet that 2005 prices will   Lucia and Cote d’lvoire.                            and even after 40 years, still main-
be much higher.                       In 2004, 456 people over 50 (6%)                  tain contact and close friends with
                                    served as Peace Corps volunteers in                 many of my former colleagues.”
Reverse Mortgages a Bust?
                                    25 countries. In 1966, only 135 (.9%)                  Peace Corps is a two year com-
  Only 13% of older homeowners
                                    people over 50 were in the Peace                    mitment sometimes in the country
have expressed interest in
                                    Corps out of 15,556 volunteers.                     of your choice. All living expenses,
reverse mortgages, according
                                      When serving overseas being                       including excellent health care, are
to a survey for the National
                                    older is an asset as most develop-                  paid for during your tour of duty.
Council on the Aging.
                                    ing nations respect age and wis-                    Plus each volunteer receives $6000
  Here in Silicon Valley, the
                                    dom. No single age group in the                     upon completion of assignment.
equity that homeowners 62 or
                                    Peace Corps has more to offer in                       For information, visit
older have in their homes is
                                    terms of experience, maturity and          or call the
substantial and could be used
                                    demonstrated ability.                               Peace Corps regional office in
to keep retirees in their homes.
                                      Since the Peace Corps was                         San Francisco 415.977.8800 or toll
  Why the lack of interest? Fear
                                    founded by President John Kennedy                   free: 1-800.424.8580.
of losing their homes and deplet-
                                    in 1961, more than 178,000 volun-
ing their children’s inheritance.
                                    teers have served in 138 host                         Note: Our publisher Larry Hayes served
Plus the fees are high—7% to                                                            two years in Madras, India as a Peace Corps
                                    countries working in areas such as
11% of the home’s value. For                                                            teacher. “It was the most challenging, pro-
                                    business development, education,
information on reverse mort-                                                            found and enduring experience of my life
                                    youth and community develop-                        and gave me the best gift of all—my wife,”
gages, contact your local bank.
                                    ment, agriculture, business, health                 said Hayes who married an Anglo-Indian
                                    and HIV/AIDS prevention and                         while in Madras.
                                                                                                               ActiveOver50      11
 Welcome to ActiveOver50                                                    Chuckles
 A New Publication for Active People
 Over 50 Living in Silicon Valley                                          Perks of Being Over 50
                                                                           • There is nothing left to
                                                                             learn the hard way
  ActiveOver50 is a new publica-      mation to help people over 50 to
                                                                           • Things you buy now won’t
tion written for people over 50       simplify and lead more rewarding
                                                                             wear out
who are working, seeking work,        and richer, active lives.
                                                                           • People call at 9 p.m. and ask:
thinking of retiring or leading         We solicit your suggestions and
                                                                             “Did I wake you?”
active, retired lives in Silicon      encourage you to tell us what
                                                                           • You can eat dinner at 4 p.m.
Valley.                               you’d like to read about in future
                                                                           • You enjoy hearing about other
  People today are staying active     issues. Please email me at
                                                                             people’s operations
well into their 50s, 60s, 70s and
                                                                           • You can live without sex but
beyond. They are not ready for        or write to me at ActiveOver50,
                                                                             not your glasses
the rocking chair.                    P.O. Box 321209, Los Gatos, CA
                                                                           • Your secrets are safe with your
  For those of us living in Silicon   95032.
                                                                             friends because they can’t
Valley, the problem today isn’t the
                                                                             remember them either
lack of information, but too much
                                                                           • No one expects you to run—
information that isn’t relevant to                  Larry W. Hayes
where we live, work and play.                       Publisher
                                                                           • In a hostage situation, you’re
  The mission of ActiveOver50 is
                                                                             likely to be released first
to deliver useful and local infor-
                                                                             —Source: unknown

     Special introductory price: $10. That’s $6 off the basic rate.
     YES! Send me 1 year (4 issues) of ActiveOver50 for only $2.50 an issue—
     and save 38% off the cover price. Mail this form today.
     Send no money now—we’ll bill you later.




     Please complete and mail this form to ActiveOver50, P.O. Box 321209, Los Gatos,
     CA 95032. Or call 408.921.5806 to subscribe today.

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