Community Plan Group Name Sigma Nu Date Submitted November by bzu20592


									                                   Community Plan

                                Group Name: Sigma Nu

                          Date Submitted: November 14, 2008

Name of Group Member to Contact for Liaison Meeting: Teddy Jones

Email Address of Group Member to Contact for Liaison Meeting:

Phone Number of Group Member to Contact for Liaison Meeting: 650-207-5003

Section I: Plan for Success in Fundamental Category

A. Quad Interaction:

         Each fall and spring, Sigma Nu hosts a Seafood party on the back patio of Kilgo
that is open to all Duke students, including quad residents. Although we consider this to
be our biggest and most successful event every semester, we also provide and participate
in other social programming in Kilgo:

   •   April 3rd Commemorative ceremony to unveil bench dedicated to Chris Sanders.
       Attendance: 100
   •   April 12th Seafood. This is our largest on-campus get-together. We grill nearly a
       hundred pounds of shrimp, and scores of burgers and hot dogs, and invite all
       members of the Duke Community to come enjoy a day on the Kilgo Patio with
       the brothers of Sigma Nu. Attendance: 250-300
   •   October 4th Seafood. See above description. Attendance: 300
   •   Various “Pre-Games”: In addition to heavily planned and advertised events,
       Sigma Nu utilizes section as a meeting place for members and many other Kilgo
       residents and Duke students to socialize prior to bigger events or other parties.
       We take advantage of this on average once a week, generally before many of our
       own events (see mixers, date events, and parties at off-campus bars such as Metro

       Sigma Nu also placed a bench in the quad in commemoration of Christopher
Sanders, a brother who passed away in the spring of 2007. This was dedicated in a
ceremony open to all Duke students who knew Chris on April 3rd, and was attended by
many of his friends and people that knew him including Chris’ family.
       Some ideas for future events advertised to all Kilgo residents include a seminar on
the operation behind Devil Delivery Services, which is Duke’s largest student run
business and is run primarily by members of Sigma Nu. This would expand relations
between Sigma Nu and its neighbors, as well as opening up the possibility of interaction
on more than just a social level.
        Finally, an important goal for our chapter is to improve upon Sigma Nu’s
relationship with Brownstone and Roundtable, our neighboring student living groups.
Last semester, Sigma Nu and Brownstone held a barbeque together in a location outside
of Kilgo to expand our social networks, however more effort needs to be made in order to
continue to host more events together, social and otherwise.

B. Membership Experience:

         One of the most important parts of membership in Sigma Nu is the close
proximity of the living quarters. By living in section, in the same hall as all of our
brothers, we are able to collaborate and work together on assignments and test, furthering
our ability to succeed in an academic setting such as Duke. This closeness also provides
a remarkable networking activity, connecting students with both helpful professors for
advising and with career opportunities. Having Kilgo as section also affords upper
classmen brothers who live off-campus a convenient second home, where they can do
schoolwork or seek company during the day.
         Sigma Nu also makes a point of having group-building activities over the course
of the year to build closeness and brotherhood. Listed are some examples of these
* In addition to the listed events, please see Supplemental Category B, Selection 2 below.
All of the events listed in this supplemental section are scheduled for the purpose of
enhancing our members’ social experience by increasing the breadth and depth of their
social interactions through a diversity of creative parties and events.

   •   Brotherhood Golfing Event:
           - Saturday, March 22nd, Hillandale Golf Club
           - 32 members in total participated. Efforts were made to pair new, younger
              members with juniors and seniors in order to promote positive interaction
              between classes.
   •   Paintballing:
           - Sunday, March 30th, Paintball Central
           - 18 members participated in a group team paintballing event in the
   •   Pizza Eating Contest:
           - Saturday, April 5th
           - 30 members participated in teams in an organized contest
   •   Senior Banquet:
           - Friday, April 25th
           - Afternoon dedicated to recognizing graduating seniors for their
              accomplishments and dedication to Sigma Nu. Speeches are made for
              each senior, with the event concluding with the presentation of our
              “Brother of the Year” award.
   •   Executive Board Retreat:
           - Sunday, September 14th
           - The entire executive board of our fraternity (16 members) spent 5 hours at
              our greek advisor’s house to discuss goals and ideas about improving
              leadership and participation in fraternity-sponsored events, activities and
   •   Brother Barbeque
          - Friday, September 19th
          - Nearly all members attended a barbeque dinner at an off-campus residence
              to promote brotherhood and interclass relations.

        We have appointed Brad Welch a position, Brotherhood Chair, specifically for the
purpose of planning such events.
        Being a member of Sigma Nu provides many opportunities to engage in
philanthropy and service-oriented events. A large event that we help to organize and
mandate participation in is the Angels Among Us 5k walk to support brain cancer
research. We also helped distribute tickets for the Durham Jaycee’s Haunted House at
the Durham Bulls Stadium this past Halloween. Sigma Nu alone raised over $500 for the
event, and on Thursday, Oct. 30th provided 22 volunteer workers that all dressed up and
directly participated in the haunted house. This event benefitted various charities in the
Triangle area.
        Finally, Sigma Nu provides LEAD, an nationally recognized program with a four-
year, four-phase program designed to uniquely match members’ developmental needs,
based on their year in our chapter. Not only does this program provide interactive and
constructive discussion workshops each semester, but it also gives each member a chance
to interact with and get to personally know Dave Mainella, our award-winning Greek
advisor who provides mentorship to many of the brothers.

Section II: Plan for Success in Supplemental Categories

Category A Selections                       Category B Selections

1.______ External Involvement_____             1.__________Arts & Culture __________

2._______Social Programming_____               2._________Intellectual Focus_________

B. Supplemental Category A, first selection:

The brothers of Sigma Nu are very actively involved on campus:

IFC Executive Vice President (Michael McHugh)
Senior Gift Committee (Michael McHugh)
Member of Kilgo Executive Council (Ray Caesar)
First-Year Advisory Counselor program participants (Sean Hyberg, Rob Hyberg, Marcus
Brambila, Robert Lehman, Alex Hartman)
Gente Ayudando por Nuevas Oportunidades (Ray Caesar, Marcus Brambila)
Project WAVES Counselors (Brad Welch, Steven He)
Treasurer of Duke University Union: Major Speakers (Robert Lehman)
Officer of International Networking for Duke Microfinance Leadership Initiative (Robert
Duke Engage Programming Committee (Robert Lehman)
CEO, COO, and VP of Expansion of DDS along with many other shareholders and
sponsored workers (Brian Lazarus, Greg Hylant, Toby AuWerter)
Investment Club (Marcus Brambila, Rob Hyberg, Sean Hyberg, Patrick Egan, Conor
Senior Associate Editor of the Chronicle (Matthew Iles)
Vice President of Duke Habitat for Humanity (Sam Payne)
HCEP volunteer (Sam Payne, Patrick Egan, Marc Nelson)
Student Band “Black & Mild” (Hal Brigham and Marion McMillan)
DJ for 88.7 WXDU public radio station (Tyler Watson)
Members of Duke Venture Forward (Zach Graumann, Justin Blumenthal, Michael
Burdick, David Freed, Robert Weinstein, Patrick Egan, Robert Lehman, Conor Tolkin)
Singer in The Pitchforks (Zach Graumann)
Singer in Speak of the Devil (Marion McMillan)
Executive Producer of Smalltown Records (Michael Posner)
Admissions Ambassador (Kraig Knas, Zach Graumann, Michael Burakow)
Players on club hockey team (Marcos Perez)
Players on club soccer team (Alex Hartman, Ray Caesar)
Players on club volleyball (Rob Hyberg, Sean Hyberg)
Players on club golf (Rob Hyberg, Sean Hyberg, Marcus Brambila)
Players on club water polo (Zach Sheinman)
7 Varsity atheletes (Robert Weinstein, Michael Burdick, Nicholas Schilling, Brad Welch,
Will Snyderwine, John Austin, Max Wygod)
        Track & Field Captain (John Austin)

       Membership in Sigma Nu has many benefits beyond social perks. The
involvement displayed by our upperclassmen has encouraged many of the activities that
our brothers contribute to within the Duke and Durham communities. By joining Sigma
Nu, members are exposed to the many opportunities that brothers before them have taken
advantage of, and often times use these examples as a platform for their own
involvement. Sigma Nu’s who are leaders in their own organizations will always recruit
within our brotherhood to promote participation. This not only provides a constant
source of opportunity for members, but also prevents complacency within our fraternity.
For example, Sigma Nu actively recruits new shareholders and employees for DDS
through its strong connections and leadership in the organization. By having such an
expansive network of involved brothers, we are able to promote individuals for positions
around campus with the aid of other members’ prior experience.

C. Supplemental Category A, second selection:

       The brothers of Sigma Nu maintain strong relationships and build new ones
through extensive social involvement with other student living groups as well as the
student body at large. From small themed mixers with one sorority on a Thursday night
to large, inclusive, open-door barbeques outside of Kilgo on a sunny Saturday afternoon,
Sigma Nu takes pride in our dedication to engaging with students outside our fraternity.
Sigma Nu is a diverse group of men with varied backgrounds and beliefs, but we all share
a dedication to contributing to the Duke Community in a positive manner and fostering
healthy relationships with friends, new and old, through our social activities.
Though it’s not comprehensive, the following is a list of some of our social highlights of
2008 thus far:
*Many of the following events are open events, meaning that all members of the Duke
Community are invited. These “open” social events are advertised with inclusive
FaceBook groups, Flyers around campus, e-mails, and word of mouth. For the “closed”
events (like the parents weekend hors d'oeuvres, or date functions) we invite guests with
formal personal invitations, or extend invitations to one (or more) entire student living
**Some of the attendance figures are rough estimates, as we don’t require guest lists or
RSVPs for many of our more inclusive social events.

   •   January – We had a number of recruitment events during the month of January—
       from playing basketball at Wilson to live music performances off-campus, we
       invest a lot of time and effort in creating a positive, constructive recruitment
       process that is fun for everyone involved.
   •   February 14th Mixer with Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Phi; A Valentine’s Day
       themed get-together. Attendance: 150
   •   February 28th Date Function at Metro 8, “Celebrity Couples” themed.
       Attendance: 122
   •   March 24th “Trading Places” Mixer with, and Tri-Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma,
       and the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order. Members of each fraternity and sorority
       dress up as members of each other in a themed event hosted at Metro 8.
       Attendance: 190
   •   March 29th Open barbeque at an off-campus house. Attendance: 150
   •   April 3rd An open fundraising social event at Georges with Pi Phi, for CAPS,
       Duke's psychological counseling service. Attendance: 250
   •   April 5th Lacrosse Tailgate, held at an off-campus location, open to the student
       body. Attendance: 85
   •   April 11th Durham Bulls Mixer with Pi Phi Attendance: 68
   •   April 12th Seafood. This is our largest on-campus get-together. We grill nearly a
       hundred pounds of shrimp, and scores of burgers and hot dogs, and invite all
       members of the Duke Community to come enjoy a day on the Kilgo Patio with
       the brothers of Sigma Nu. Attendance: 250-300
   •   April 18th White Rose. This is our fraternity formal. We spent the weekend in
       Savannah, Georgia. This was a formal dinner followed by a black-tie party at Il
       Pasticcio. Attendance: 98
   •   August 26th Pre-party gathering off-campus and then hosted a themed night at
       Metro 8. Attendance: 300
   •   August 31st BBQ off-campus; mixer with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Attendance: 75
   •   September 1st Pre-tailgate Brunch. Open to all students. Attendance: 50
   •   September 4th Mixer with Pi Phi at Metro 8. Attendance: 200
   •   September 11th Barbeque before hosting well-known hip-hop performer
       Afroman at Metro 8. Attendance: 420
   •   September 12th Mixer at G Loft with Tri-Delta. Attendance: 100
   •   September 13th Techno-rave themed date function party at Sirens. Attendance:
   •   September 18th Mixer with Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tri-Delta, and Pi Phi at an
       off-campus location. Attendance: 200
   •   October 4th Seafood. See above description. Attendance: 300
   •   October 21st Hosted “Black ‘n Mild” concert at Devines. Black n’ Mild is a
       local band formed by a group of brothers in Sigma Nu, who play on and off-
       campus shows. Attendance: 50
   •   October 23rd Hosted “Mike Posner and the Brain Trust” concert at Broad St.
       Café. Mike Posner is a brother of Sigma Nu and a successful hip hop artist in his
       own right. We host Mike Posner and the Brain Trust shows multiple times each
       semester. Attendance: 200
   •   October 24th Metro 8, open party. Attendance: 250
   •   October 25th Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Metro 8, a semi-formal Parents
       Weekend gathering. Brothers of Sigma Nu and their families were invited to this
       event. Attendance: 100
   •   October 28th Blacklight and Highlighter themed mixer with Kappa Kappa
       Gamma at an off-campus house. Attendance: 85
   •   October 30th Themed semi-formal dinner and date-function, Metro 8 Attendance:
   •   November 5th Tri-Delta mixer at 1018 Bar and Grill Attendance: 75
   •   November 13th Hosted “Mike Posner and the Brain Trust” with musical guest
       “Big Sean” at George’s Garage. Attendance: 350
   •   November 21st Winter Semiformal. Dinner and date-function, location TBD.
       Attendance: ~120
   •   December 5th Heaven & Hell themed party at Metro 8. Attendance: ~250.

D. Supplemental Category B, first selection:

    In 2008, Sigma Nu invested thousands of dollars into the local performing arts scene
on and off campus. The following comprehensive list includes some events that were
sponsored, endorsed, promoted, and performed by brothers of Sigma Nu individually. It
also includes individuals who Sigma Nu has supported in their personal artistic
endeavors. An important aspect of our brotherhood is providing encouragement for our
brothers and their personal creative pursuits. In Sigma Nu, members are exposed to a
diverse group of individuals with exceptional talents, and their passion is contagious. For
some members, Sigma Nu is the platform from which they launched their artistic
endeavors; for others, Sigma Nu is a source of networking through which they are
exposed to dozens of on and off-campus opportunities to pursue their artistic curiosities
and passions. But regardless of our direct role in their performance, show, movie, or
recital we always comprise their largest fan section.
   •   October 23rd and November 13th “Mike Posner and the Brain Trust” concerts at
       Broad St. Café and Metro 8. Mike Posner is a brother of Sigma Nu. We host
       Mike Posner and the Brain Trust shows multiple times each semester.
       Attendance: 400
   •   September 9th Black n’ Mild is a student band that consists of brothers Hal
       Brigham and Marion McMillian. We financially sponsored and advertised this
       show, and over half of our fraternity came to support them. Attendance: 100
   •   September 11th As a fraternity, we sponsored, endorsed, promoted, and hosted
       internationally known hip-hop artist Afroman who came and played a concert at
       Metro 8. Mike Posner and the Brain Trust was the opening act. Attendance: 420
   •   October 31st Michael Burakow had the lead role in the student acted and
       professionally directed play Life is a Dream. In support of Michael, 12 brothers
       (the maximum amount of tickets he could reserve) went to watch him.
   •   March 30th Nick Hawthorne, Michael Burakow, and Phil Haus participated in
       the 24-hr Filmmaking Challenge. Dozens of Sigma Nu, from new members to
       seniors, showed up to support their brothers in this challenge.
   •   March 28th Matthew Goijkovich had his senior piano recital, and 10 brothers
       showed up at 9:00am to cheer for him!
   •   Alex Ellinport is a member of DUI, and we always have a good showing of Sigma
       Nu at his performances.
   •   Zach Graumann is a member of the student a cappella group, The Pitchforks.
   •   Marion McMillian is a member of the student a cappella group Speak of the
   •   Small Town Records is a student run record label at Duke of which many Sigma
       Nu’s are active members. Many of these members who have taken leadership
       positions, such as Steven Sunmonu (T ’08), have involved other brothers in Small
       Town Records. One example of this is Steven’s signing of Michael Posner, who
       is currently the Executive Producer.

E. Supplemental Category B, second selection:

         Sigma Nu Nationals provides our chapter with a four-phase member development
program known as LEAD, which is an acronym for “Leadership, Ethics, Achievement,
and Development.” Each phase is different, but all offer benefits to the members. Within
one of the phases, members are trained to facilitate a number of educational workshops
using their experiences as officers and active members in the community. In addition to
training for facilitating educational workshops, the LEAD program includes educational
opportunities for members to learn about fiscal responsibilities and other “real-world”
challenges that face graduating students. Essentially, each phase corresponds to a
different class each year, so every LEAD session (which are mandatory for brothers and
occur 2-3 times per semester, facilitated by our nationals greek advisor, Dave Mainella)
is tailor made to address specific issues and opportunities throughout our members’ Duke
University experience.
         As a fraternity, we provide each member with an annually updated “Sigma Nu
Academic Packet” outlining good professors and recommended classes organized by
subject and major. Sigma Nu also encourages its members to participate in other
intellectual activities as individuals and as groups:

Presidential Panel on Economic Crisis Discussion Group
       • Recently, Sigma Nu organized a group of students to attend the Presidential
           Panel on Wednesday, October 1st concerning our current economic crisis and
           held a discussion session afterward in Kilgo Commons to share opinions of
           the panel. Approximately 20 brothers attended the event.

      • Spanish-speaking brothers of Sigma Nu participate in G.A.N.O., a biweekly
         volunteer tutoring session for struggling Latino children in Durham.

On-campus Research
      • Many of our brothers actively participate in research with Duke faculty in
         topics spanning from microbiology to sociology to electrical engineering.

Real Estate Guest Speaker
       • The brothers of Sigma Nu cooperated with the Young Alumni Development
           Council in organizing a New York real estate guest lecture last March; a large
           portion of our chapter’s brothers attended (~25). The guest lecturer was Peter
           Hauspurg, the father of Phil Hauspurg (Sigma Nu, class of 2008). Peter is
           Chairman, CEO, and founder of Eastern Consolidated Properties, Inc. and
           over 100 Duke undergraduate students attended his lecture.

Dean’s List
       • Over half of the brothers of Sigma Nu have achieved Dean’s List or Dean’s
           List with Distinction.

Academic Awards
      • The Duke University Gamma Chapter of Sigma Nu posted the second highest
         GPA of all chapters of Sigma Nu nationally.
      • Michael Sloyer was awarded Sigma Nu National Scholar of the Year

Appendix I    Description of the Mission/Purpose of the Group

To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth.
To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character.
To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to Sigma Nu Fraternity.

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