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  A Periodic Newsletter About Youth Sports in Urbana
Volume 2 Issue 1                                        Urbana, Ohio                                       November 2004
 For a color version of this newsletter,     Soccer season a success
 visit www.UrbanaYouthSports.com                                                            A total of 492 children played on 41
                                                                                         Urbana Youth Soccer teams this year. Teams
 In this issue...                                                                        started practicing in August, and wrapped up
 ! Soccer Season Success                                                                 with tournaments in October. The program
                                                                                         notes many accomplishments for the year.
 ! 24 Years of Flag Football                                                                Among the more notable improvements
                                                                                         were new aluminum goals and nets for both
 ! Winter Sports Sign-ups                                                                11U fields and all of the 7U and 9U fields,
                                                                                         and a new concessions stand, located in a
 ! Flag Pole Dedicated                                                                   central location in the soccer complex. The
                                                                                         soccer committee will be evaluating the
 ! Player Highlights                                                                     possibility of replacing all 5U goals yet this
 ! Coach Highlight                                                                          The program also provided new goalie
                                                                                         shirts and balls to all teams. New equipment
Basketball sign-ups                                                                      bags have been purchased and will be put in
   Basketball sign-ups for 2nd and                                                       place next year. A new 25’ flag pole was
3rd Grade Boys and Girls are being                                                       dedicated on October 23rd.
held at the YMCA until November                                                             The soccer committee would like to thank
                                                                                         all who gave this year to make the season a
27th. Enrollment fees are $25 for            Cassie Purdue of 15-U Medicine Shoppe Team. success.
YMCA members and $35 for non-
members.      The season starts
January 8th and runs through
                                             Flag Football approaching 25th year
February 26th.                                  Twenty four years ago, in 1980, Kurt Scott
   The YMCA also is offering                 and friend Bill Moss were sitting on their
cheerleading and baton twirling this         porch, talking and watching the kids across
Winter.                                      the street play football. Bill said “Let’s go
   Basketball sign-ups for 4th, 5th          show these kids some plays.”
and 6th Grade Boys and Girls were               Today, Kurt is still showing those kids
held November 8th and 9th at the             some plays. What started with a handful of
High School.                                 kids on two teams, continued in 2004 with
   Find more information about               104 kids on 7 teams.
these basketball programs on                    “That first year, we told the kids to meet at
www.UrbanaYouthSports.com                    the field at the college and bring your Kurt Scott coaching during Sunday game.
                                             buddies. Seventy-two kids showed up. Bill
                                             coached one team and I coached the other.
Wrestling sign-ups                           He beat me two out of three games that first
    Wr e s t l i n g s i g n - u p s f o r   year,” said Kurt.
elementary students are being held              What is gratifying for Scott is to see the
in November at the Urbana High               kids improve. “Many over the years have
School. There are two programs to            gone on to play good high school ball or
choose from this year. Fees for both         college ball.” He stated that many that once
are $45.                                     played in the program come back later to
    For additional information on            coach or to be a referee.
both programs, go to                            Thanks Kurt, and all those involved in the
www.UrbanaYouthSports.com.                   flag football program, for your time and for
                                             making a difference!                             Kyle Upchurch of the Browns runs ball.

                          “Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius.   A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein.”
                                                    - Joe Theismann, pro football player
                                                                                                               (937) 652-2088
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The Second Half
       Player Highlights of the Month
   Austin Caudill, 10, a fifth                                  Julie Biddle, 11, a sixth grader at
grader at Urbana Local, and son                              Urbana Local, and daughter of Dean
of Steve Caudill and Patti Davis                             and Linda Biddle of Urbana, is
of Urbana, played soccer for the                             playing flag football for the
“Urbana Ace Hardware” team                                   “Oakland Raiders” team this year,
this year, coached by Dan                                    coached by Kurt Scott.              Her
Murdock. This was his seventh                                positions are safety and tailback.
year playing in the soccer                                   This was her first year playing in the
program.                                                     flag football program.
   Asked about his most                                         Asked about her most memorable
memorable moment in soccer,                                  moment in football, Julie said that it
Austin said that it was when he                              was this year when they played the
was 5 years old, he scored a goal                            Steelers, because they had a lot of
on a kick off. “It went straight in                          fast players and she had a lot of stops.
the goal!”                                                      About this year’s team, Julie said
   About this year’s team, Austin                            she is having fun because she has a
said he liked their team work and                            lot of friends on the team. “They’re
work ethic.                                                  all nice, and I like my coach.”
   Austin’s advice to other                                     When she’s not playing football,
players is “Don’t worry so much                              she enjoys playing basketball and
about scoring. Just find someone                             softball. She plays trumpet in the
to pass the ball to.”                                        band at Local.
                                       Austin Caudill           Julie’s advice to other players:                     Julie Biddle
Soccer Post-Season                                           “Never give up!”
Tournament Results
9-U: Ober’s Lawncare
                                                Coach Highlight of the Month
11-U: UrbanaAce Hardware                                                                                at Cincinnati Princeton and high school
15-U: Urbana License Bureau                                                                             boys at Blanchester, a suburb of
           RUNNERS-UP                                                                                   Cincinnati and at Cincinnati Northwest
9-U: Mercy E.R.                                                                                         High School.
11-U: Faith Fellowship                                                                                      One of his most memorable
15-U: Bill McKenzieAuto Sales                                                                           moments playing youth soccer was
                                                                                                        when his coach spent time showing
Completed Brackets and Team Photos                                                                      him how to “bend the ball” when
         are available on                                                                               shooting, a technique he practiced and
  www.UrbanaYouthSports.com.                                                                            used in scoring goals.
                                                                                                            His advice to other coaches is to
Flag Pole Dedicated                             Dan Murdock gives advice during a game.                 “immediately identify the strengths
                                                                                                        and weaknesses of the players on
 On Saturday, October                          Dan Murdock of Urbana does more than coach kids          your roster. From there, create specific
 23rd, Urbana Youth                       how to kick the ball. He coaches them how to play as a        goals and objectives for each
 Soccer dedicated a                       team. He knows the importance of having a group of            and every practice to work on the noted
 new 25 foot flag pole                    kids work together for a common goal. He also knows           deficiencies and further enhance
 at the soccer fields in                  the result.                                                   identified strengths.”
 memory of Andy Barr.                          Dan has had a lot of success in the soccer world, and        “Always make practices fun and
 A n d y ’s c h i l d r e n               it all started when he was 5 years old. That was when he      full of variety without neglecting
 raised the flag for the                  started playing soccer himself, in Cincinnati.                necessary conditioning. Take notes
 first time, and Andy’s                        Since then, he has had plenty of experience. After       during games for areas to work on
 parents, from                            playing in youth soccer recreational and select               during practices. Let your players
 Cincinnati attended.                     programs, Dan went on to play high school soccer at           know that you believe in them and
                                          Cincinnati LaSalles.                                          continually demonstrate how to play
                                               After graduating from high school, he went on to         together as a team.”
                                          play collegiate soccer at the University of Dayton.               Thanks Dan, for giving your time to
                                          After college, he spent time coaching high school girls       coach in our program!

                                  Your source for youth sports information in Urbana!

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