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Centre for Applied Language Research:
Postgraduate Programmes in Applied Linguistics /
English Language Teaching

Would you like to develop your career in applied lin-            • MA English Language Teaching
guistics / English language teaching?
                                                                 • MA Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
At Southampton we offer a range of postgraduate
                                                                 • MA Applied Linguistics Research Methodology
professional and academic Study opportunities which
are relevant for UK, EU and international students:              • MPhil/PhD in applied linguistics / ELT
To discuss the programmes please contact: Dr Alasdair Archibald, Linguistics PG Coordinator
Telephone +44(0)23 80592621; email aa3@soton.ac.uk. Visit www.lang.soton.ac.uk
Centre for Applied Language Research:
Postgraduate Programmes in Applied Linguistics /
English Language Teaching

Centre for Applied Language Research                   Research programmes

All of our applied linguistics/ ELT programmes are     Admissions Tutor: Dr Andrea Reiter
associated with this active research centre which      Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 5412
hosts a range of funded research programmes on         Email: air@soton.ac.uk
second language teaching and learning, as well as
running a visiting speaker programme and national      MPhil/Phd programme in Applied Linguis-
/ international conferences. For further details see   tics / ELT
                                                       At Southampton there is an extensive programme
                                                       of research in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, lan-
                                                       guage acquisition, and language learning and teach-
                                                       ing. Staff offer doctoral supervision in English and
                                                       other world languages; language and identity; lan-
                                                       guage policy and language rights; second language
                                                       acquisition; second language teaching and learning;
                                                       English for academic purposes; and autonomy / indi-
                                                       vidualisation in language learning. There is a lively co-
                                                       hort of graduate students from many countries,
                                                       who receive formal training in research skills appro-
                                                       priate to their needs and also take part in the many
                                                       activities of the Graduate School of the Faculty of
                                                       Law, Arts and Social Sciences.

                                                       Integrated PhD in Applied Linguistics / ELT
                                                       From October 2008 the Centre will be offering
                                                       a new integrated 4 year programme which com-
                                                       bines structured coursework, professional skills
                                                       development and an original research thesis in any
                                                       area of applied linguistics / ELT.
Taught programmes

MA English Language Teaching
Admissions Tutor: Dr Alasdair Archibald
Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 2621
Email: aa3@soton.ac.uk

                                                         MA Applied Linguistics for
This programme provides a focused route for              Language Teaching
English language professionals who wish to develop
advanced knowledge and skills in the English lan-        Admissions Tutor: Dr Alasdair Archibald
guage curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. You           Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 2621
will have the opportunity to reflect on your pro-        Email: aa3@soton.ac.uk
fessional experience and update your theoretical
and pedagogical knowledge.                               This MA programme provides an opportunity for
                                                         advanced study in applied linguistics/language in
You will study contemporary approaches to cur-
                                                         education, including an element of research train-
riculum, assessment and pedagogy, with opportu-
                                                         ing for language teachers and other graduates
nities to follow specialist interests, such as learner
                                                         with applied language interests. The programme is
autonomy and English as an international language.
                                                         relevant to language professionals with varied in-
Overall, you will develop a deeper understanding
                                                         terests operating both in the UK and internation-
of the theory and practice of English language
                                                         ally, possibly in an EFL context.
teaching and gain the skills required to challenge
current professional practice, to innovate, and to       You will become familiar with the principles under-
undertake a range of leadership roles in English         lying the analysis and description of language, as
language teaching.                                       well as current theories of language learning, lan-
                                                         guage in use and language in education. You will
Course Structure
                                                         develop a comparative perspective on language
Core Units: Communicative language teaching;
                                                         education policy and practice, learn the skills
Curriculum and pedagogy for English language
                                                         needed to challenge professional practice and un-
teaching; Description of language; Research skills
                                                         dertake research and innovation in a range of ap-
                                                         plied language fields.
Plus four option units from a list which normally
                                                         Course Structure
includes: Assessment of language proficiency; Au-
                                                         Core Units: Description of language; Language
tonomy and individualisation in language learning;
                                                         in society or Second language learning; Research
Discourse analysis; English as an international lan-
                                                         Skills (dissertation); Research and enquiry in ap-
guage; Language for specific purposes/syllabus de-
                                                         plied linguistics 1;
sign; Language in society; Second language learning;
Language teacher education; Research and en-             Plus three optional units from: Assessment of lan-
quiry in applied linguistics 1; and Writing and writ-    guage proficiency; Autonomy and individualisation
ten language.                                            in language learning; Communicative language
                                                         teaching; Curriculum and pedagogy for English lan-
Plus a 15,000 to 20,000-word dissertation.
                                                         guage teaching; Discourse analysis; English as an in-
                                                         ternational language; Language for specific
                                                         purposes/syllabus design; Language teacher educa-
                                                         tion; and Writing and written language.
                                                         Plus a 15,000 to 20,000-word dissertation.
MA Applied Linguistics
(Research Methodology)
Admissions Tutor: Professor Rosamond Mitchell
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2231
Email: r.f.mitchell@soton.ac.uk

This programme is intended as a foundation for
doctoral study. It provides thorough training in re-
search methodology for candidates interested in
pursuing a career as a researcher or lecturer in
applied linguistics, sociolinguistics or language ac-
Participants who successfully complete this pro-
gramme will exit with an MA degree. The pro-
gramme is also recognised by the ESRC as the
first year of a 1+3 doctoral programme leading to
the award of PhD.
                                                        Why Southampton?
Course Structure
Core Units: Research and enquiry in Applied lin-
                                                        • Languages was awarded the highest grade
guistics 1; Research and enquiry in applied linguis-
                                                          of 5* in the most recent national Research As-
tics 2; Description of language; Quantitative
                                                          sessment Exercise in 2001.
methods and statistical processes; and Second lan-
                                                        • Facilities are excellent, including specialist lan-
guage learning or Language in society.
                                                          guage facilities, dedicated postgraduate
Plus three units from a list which normally in-           study areas and an outstanding computing
cludes: Language in society; Second language              and library infrastructure.
learning; Small group/classroom interaction; Dis-       • Full details of the staff team and their
course analysis; Philosophical issues in educational      research interests are available at
research; Statistical data analysis; Action research;     www.lang.soton.ac.uk/profiles/stafflist.htm
and Ethnographic research.
Plus a dissertation.
                                                        Find out more

                                                        To discuss the programmes please contact:
                                                        Dr. Alasdair Archibald
                                                        Linguistics PG Co-ordinator
                                                        Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 2621
                                                        Email: aa3@soton.ac.uk

                                                        Apply online: