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                                                                                      £9.99            2004          1405105348      £19.99          2004            1405111127
                                                                                      Fully comprehensive dictionary of nursing      Popular and successful student text
                                                                                      for students, researchers and practitioners.   enables students to improve clinical
                                                                                                                                     practice through analysis, reflection and

                                         £19.99          2000           0632051582    £37.50          2001         0632039981        £22.99          1999            0632052376
                                         Highly successful practical text which       Comprehensive, accessible text of cancer       Practical Guide to all aspects of wound
                                         reflects the importance of understanding     care, focused on clients.                      management for nurses, illustrated in
                                         and undertaking research.                                                                   colour.

                                         £19.99         2002           0632052848     £19.99          2004           0632064331      £19.99          2004           0632064692
                                         Builds and develops the key information      Examines management theory and its             Addresses important professional issues
                                         nurses need in order to understand and       applications in healthcare, with an            for nurses and midwifes, and explores the
                                         undertake qualitative research studies.      emphasis on relating theory to the             impact of clinical governance.
                                                                                      organisation of patient care and effective
                                                                                      management in everyday practice.

£19.99       2004           1405118334   £22.50           2005           1405114576   £27.50           2004           140510161X     £23.99            2002          0632059915
 Guide to introducing and developing     Explores key nursing applications of         Best-selling 'classic' manual on clinical      Discusses how students learn in a range of
 reflective practice in every-day        reflective practice for experienced          procedures for nurses throughout their         different clinical settings and how best to
  practice.                              reflective practitioners.                    careers.                                       facilitate this process.

                                                                                        £22.50          2002            0632055073     £24.99           2005            1405109327
                                                                                        This valuable book is distinctive in that it   An evidenced-based manual of practical
                                                                                        deals with both law and ethics.There is        skills in paediatric care, which builds on
                                                                                        both practical and academic value in           the extensive expertise developed at
                                                                                        knowing 'what the law requires' and 'what      Great Ormond Street.
                                                                                        is right'.

                                           £22.50          2001            0632057513   £22.50          2003            0632064633     £20.99          2003           1405110376
                                           Practical guide to all aspects of wound      Explores the theory and practice of            An essential and accessible guide to legal
                                           management in cancer care, illustrated in    learning disability nursing, with an           aspects of midwifery for all midwife
                                           full colour.                                 emphasis on understanding the                  supervisors, midwives, and midwifery
                                                                                        experiences of learning disability nurses      students.
                                                                                        as they seek to practice effectively.

                                           £17.99         1998           0632050276     £24.99         2004            1405110384      £24.99          2003          1405102349
                                           Concise reference guide for nurses on        Explores the basis of practice                 Focuses on key issues in advanced
                                           preparing and administrating injectable      development, its aims, implementation          practice including supervision, leadership,
                                           drugs.                                       and impact on health care development.         benchmarking and evaluation of

£17.99       2003           140510869X     £24.99           2004           1405105925   £27.50           2002            0632059354    £19.99        2002           1405100958
 Popular student text introducing basic    A practical guide for nurses in imaging      Provides the background theory                 Offers comprehensive coverage of
  concepts in sociology, health, illness   departments and for all clinical nurse       necessary to understand ethical decision       fundamental ideas and perspectives
   and healthcare.                         specialists caring for patients undergoing   making, focusing on the individual nurse's     underpinning the practice of
                                           imaging procedures.                          responsibilities and looking at the wider      contemporary nursing.
                                                                                        issues in relation to patients, colleagues
                                                                                        and society as a whole.