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									                                                                         PRESS RELEASE

Paris, 8 April 2008

Launch of a unique Dictionary on Social Protection and Insurance of Persons

A dictionary that contains to this date close to 25 000 French, European and
international abbreviations and acronyms is now available by subscription on Internet.

This online dictionary, published by Éditions Repères cardinaux, is a work tool for
professionals in the areas of social protection and insurance of persons, and for those active
in human resources.

Just a few clicks of a button provide a unique form of access to a treasure of information.
The search engine of the dictionary will help the user instantly learn what an abbreviation or
an acronym stands for and find or identify those that are related to a certain subject by
putting in a combination of key words or applying a search filter. Online regular updating
avoids having to buy and to wait for a revised printed edition or CD-ROM.

The dictionary is available on the website 100 % Abrégés since 25 March 2008 :

                  DAPE : a bounty of abbreviations and acronyms

DAPE stands for « Dictionnaire des sigles et acronymes : Assurances de personnes,
Protection sociale et leur Environnement ».

There is a proliferation of acronyms and abbreviations in the sector of social protection and
insurance of persons and knowledge of these is essential to communicate. A product that
gathers these acronyms and abbreviations is finally available.

Abbreviations and acronyms abound in the professional world…

Abbreviations and acronyms – regardless of whether they are original or ordinary – are a
must in professional jargon … and it is not easy to identify and memorise the meanings of
them all.

From FRENCH to MISS, BABIES and TREND, and touching upon FACE and HANDS… all
these are examples of how inventive abbreviations have become.

About the author

From 1993 to 2006, Lydia Povie worked as a legal expert in social protection and insurance
of persons. She has also published several articles in the Revue française des affaires
sociales, the Revue de droit sanitaire et social, the Revue internationale de l’économie
sociale and the Revue belge de sécurité sociale. She has moreover co-authored a practical
guide on insurance of persons. In 2007, Lydia Povie established the company Repères

Contact press : Lydia Povie, Repères cardinaux
                    (33) 06 87 67 30 43

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