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									Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:46 PM
Subject: Happy News

Greetings Members
One of our members Andrew VK2FAJD has made an offer to produce and run
a radio advert on Radio CHYFM in Coffs Harbour for our radio expo.
Andrew works part time at Radio CHYFM and will put together an advert that
he will run over the radio in the week leading up to the show and on the
Saturday before the show on the Sunday.
This is a great offer from Andrew and it will be at no cost to our group.
Thankyou to Andrew for this great opportunity.

On a similar note, Carol VK2FCSR will be placing community adverts on both
TV Channel 10 and Prime TV before the show date to advertise the event. It
will also be on the community notice board on Radio 639AM as well. Carol
has already run successful radio advertising campaigns on Radio 639 AM in
her professional capacity for work and Carol is looking forward to doing this
for our group as well. Carol will also place adverts in the community section
of Coffs Harbour Advocate News Paper.

Of course as well as the above we also have been advertising for months via:-
     Sunday Broadcasts on the local WIA amateur outlet
     VKHam
     Direct e-mails
     Our own web site
     Flyers
     Other web sites belonging to other groups
     Field days
     Word of mouth
     Monthly segments in the VK2 News collum of AR magazine

Gary Ryan VK2ZKT

Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 9:33 AM
Subject: Echo/IRLP system to be off air for two days

Hello everyone,
Just a note to mention that the VK2EVB Echo/IRLP node will be off air for Saturday & Sunday
the 15th & 16th of November to allow uninterupted 2 metre coverage of the Australian Rally
Championships. I have decided to take this oportunity to carry out some overdue system
maintenance so the downtime will not be wasted. The service should recommense
continuious duty on Monday the 17th of November all being well.

73 De Peter VK2EVB

Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 3:44 PM
Subject: Portable/Mobile HF -VHF antennas have arrived
          Bands covered:- 80,40,20,15,10,6,2 and 70cm plus air band !

Greetings everyone.
Great News....
The new portable HF-VHF-UHF mobile, portable antennas have arrived in stock.
I have them for immediate P/U.
I will also have them at the next meeting in Coffs Harbour
If you cannot wait you are welcome to call by to my home and P/U. Just ring before hand.
MNCARG Inc Members Price is $79.00 each. (they retail at other dealers for
up to $149.00 plus postage) !
I am most pleased with the quality of the antenna. It is most suitable for mobile use, stainless
steel radiator 2 section element and a very sturdy loading coil with taps at the bottom. The
mount is a SO239 socket arrangement. I have in stock also the SO239 if you need one ($5.00
The loading coil has heavy duty heatshrink coating and the taps are also heavy duty. The
antenna is rated at 120 watts.
This is the upgraded new version and is ideal for mounting on your vehicle or you can also
use it as a camp site antenna with a ground radial system.
Those that ordered at the last meeting were Andrew, Steve, Kit, Graham,Les and Ron.
If you want one at the specials members price just let me know.


Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 9:43 AM
Subject: Welcome new member

Hi All,

Just a note to welcome David MacNaughton VK2BA (of 6mx & AM fame) to the M.N.C.A.R.G.
David has had a variety of experience in the professional communications field and since
retirement has been heavily into AM valve equipment construction, rebuilding and on-air
 Welcome David,

73 de Peter VK2EVB

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 8:37 PM
Subject: News Update

          MNCARG Inc NEWS
Greetings fellow members.
News from Gary VK2ZKT

I wish to welcome two new members to our group. Paul Drew from Central Bucca and David
VK2BA. Paul is studying to gain his foundation licence and is keen to get on air. David is well
know in the Coffs area and is a keen HF operator with special interests in AM transmissions.
Welcome gentlemen. !

As always all members partners are encourage to come along to all monthly meetings and
join in. We have a good number attending every meeting.
       Our next meeting is Sunday 23 rd November at Coffs Ex Services club for a
          12.00pm lunch in the bistro and a friendly short meeting after. A reminder to bring
          along any photos you have of your radio experiences and any small projects you are
          currently working on for the "show and tell".
       The advertising for our Radio Expo is looking very nice indeed on the front page of
          the WIA web site. It will be on the front page for many more weeks to come to really
          get the message across. When you get the chance have a look.
       Our groups web site has undergone a make over and is really looking sharp. More
          on this further in this news from Jack VK2CJC.
       I am delighted to advise that CREST will also be attending our Radio Expo in
          January, they have indicated that they had a very successful time at our last Expo
          and wish to return for January 2009. We welcome them. They will also be
          representing Mobile One Antenna products as well. This brings the number of
          exhibitors to over 20 attending. Should be a great show. Tell you friends to come
          along. Entry is only $5.00 and all proceeds from this fundraiser go towards our
          repeaters, community events and education activities.
       A reminder to those that ordered the multi band antenna from me at the last meeting
          that the antennas have now arrived and you can pick them up from me at next
          weeks meeting. Price $79.00 each, this is a saving of $20.00 off the retail price I will
          have them at the Expo for. This is a special Members Only price.
       Currently on special from Dick Smith is the 23 amp, 13.8volt switch mode power
          supply that I did a technical review on. This supply is excellent value for money and
          is ideal for HF, no noise and features over voltage, over current and short circuit
          protection. It is on sale for the low price of $79.00 from you nearest Dick Smith shop.
          The sale ends at the end of November. If you want to read the review go to our
          groups web site and follow the links, internal photos are also included in the review.

Till next time

Now news from Jack VK2CJC
I've been carrying out a few adjustments on the groups website.

There's a microphone restoration at-

There is a few new amateur radio movies to download, see the links at the bottom of-

And there's new picture galleries at-

The "members project photos" section is open to all members. If you have a construction
project you'd like to show us all, send in some photos. Don't reduce them to much, 800x600 is
If you have any topical video material in a digital format, get in touch. The movies page isn't
just for my productions, any member can contribute. If you're not familiar with editing and the
various formats, email me, I can do that part.


Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 4:41 PM
Subject: Meeting today was interesting.

Hi All,

The venue this month was the Coffs ExServices Club where a very reasonable priced meal (2
courses $8 ea) was had by all. The meeting that followed was very informative. There was
much interest and discussion on various topics ranging from WIA blunders in advertising, the
Bruxner Park repeater negociations update, the Expo 2009 volunteers & arrangements, to the
new kit for production, the 2 metre Junior Yagi kit.
A foundation license examination request and a mention of coming 70cm ATV transmissions
on 444.250Mhz (channel 16 UHF TV) rounded the meeting off.
A very enjoyable meeting and general chat.

Cya Peter


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