S TO C K TA K I N G                                                                                   TIME
                                 In this first issue of yet         copy which we hope will save              In this issue
FOR THE SIXTH                    another new year, with
                                 "resolution"     reasonably
                                                                    a lot of trouble.
                                 fresh in many minds, it                                                 CLIVE WOODS
                                 seems timely to announce           Distribution is monitored
                                 interesting developments –                                           Plus
                                                                    with availability to local peo-
                                 by way of an appraisal of                                               A NEWCOMER’S VIEWS

                                                                    ple always the priority. Of
                                 how this publication defines       course, we welcome our             Plus
                                 the two words Community            many other readers; visitors,        FRIENDS OF COLLEGE
                                 and Newspaper.                     and people of no small influ-        Plus
                                                                    ence – but their attention
NEWS YEAR                        It is extremely important that
                                 readers feel involved with the
                                 Sentinel to the extent of what
                                                                    makes it all the more impor-
                                                                    tant that we give them a
                                                                                                            ALL OUR USUAL
                                 is nowadays known as 'a            realistic 'inside view''.
                                 sense of ownership'. Conse-
                                                                             Reporting                setting department as well as
CONCERT SEASON                   quently, 'the team' will be out
                                                                                                      writing articles, while Roger
                                 and about more in future           We hope, "with all contribu-
  AT St PAUL'S                   asking for people's thoughts
                                                                                                      Clarke remains our ace re-
                                                                    tions gratefully received" to     porter and interviewer in ad-
                                 on local current affairs           do more in the way of report-     dition to taking responsibility
St. Paul's Church, Kirkgate,     (particularly those on which       ing events after they have        for distribution.
Shipley, (the parish of          the wider press presents only      happened. One role which
which extends into the Vil-      an outsider's view) and put-       the Sentinel has always un-       Your participation is always
lage) launches a season of       ting them, with names where        dertaken, so relevant to our      welcome. Oh, and my role? :
monthly Friday evening           desired, in the paper. Mean-       special setting, is the recall-
                                 while, this newspaper will         ing of history. Now, we like            James Duncan, Editor
concerts on January 25th
with a visit by the popular      have a more visible presence       to think we can combine
Miscellany. Billed as "A         at various public gatherings       these aspects in an even
light hearted concert by         and plans are being drawn          more exciting way because,
serious musicians", the
                                 up for some special Sentinel       with copies going into the        ROGER CLARKE
                                 events; of which more news         Saltaire Archive, we are re-      OUR MAN ON THE TELLY
programme will include
                                 as it develops. One particu-       cording history, for readers
"song, cabaret and even a        larly exciting venture here        of the future, as it happens.     Locks and Quays, the series
hint of Music Hall" and          will be take production "onto
promises "an evening to                                                                               made by 'Centini' for ITV,
                                 the streets", using a laptop to               Theme
beat the winter blues".                                                                               comes to the screen this month
                                 let everyone see - and be                                            on Thursday evenings at
Forthcoming       attractions                                       One theme runs clearly
                                 physically part of – how the                                         7.30pm, with the episode fea-
include an organ recital by                                         through all the points above:
                                 Sentinel is put together.                                            turing Saltaire – and well
the accomplished Stephen                                            This newspaper is by no
                                 There are all sorts of great                                         known personality Roger
Mott (Feb 22nd), and a                                              definition a tourist brochure.
                                 initiatives being undertaken                                         Clarke - due to be broadcast
                                                                    If we tend to take a positive
celebration of early vocal       by various different bodies in                                       on 17th. Although we all
                                                                    view of most things, that is
and instrumental music           Saltaire and the point has                                           learned a lesson about over
                                                                    because we are a community
under the heading 'Pastime       been made more than once                                             enthusiasm from the BBCs
                                                                    of positive people. The role of   visit last year, and although
with       Good       Com-       that a little more 'networking'
                                                                    the Sentinel is to present to     there is already a disappointing
pany' (March 14th).              might benefit all. While the
                                                                    anyone who is interested The      'leak' that Roger will not be
Tickets for the concerts,        Sentinel needs to retain its
                                                                    Village as Villagers see it.      appearing in his much loved
                                 independence, it also needs
which begin at 7pm, cost                                                                              role of the Revd. Cowan, there
                                 to be recognised by all as a                   Team
£5 (accompanied children                                                                              is a strong likelihood that our
                                 vehicle potentially at their
under 12 free) and can be        disposal. So this year Pamela      The Sentinel is put together      star reporter will be seen as
reserved      by     ringing     will be inviting all likely par-   by a small, dedicated team:       himself in shots of the canal
595416. The season con-                                             Pamela Reynolds brings her        bank. "We recorded for about
                                 ties to join our 'e-mailing
tinues until May and Senti-                                                                           thirty minutes there," says
                                 list', so that they will receive   technical expertise, already
nel readers will be kept fully                                                                        Roger,       who     promises
                                 a regular reminder of our          familiar to visitors to the
                                                                                                      "Autographs later".
informed.                        deadline and a pro forma for       Village Website, to the type-

                          WHATEVER IT IS – SAY IT IN THE
      OR use the form to be found on the website:                FEBRUARY 08 deadline: 20th JAN
                                 Roger Clarke's SALTAIRE FOLK SPECIAL                           Following Clive’s funeral at
                                                                                                Nab Wood, there was an
                                 In January, 2007, Clive Woods was featured in this col-
                                                                                                equally well attended Wake at
                                 umn. It was difficult to “interview” Clive, who was
                                                                                                Victoria Hall. Memories and
                                 most at home discussing the Salt family history, or the        anecdotes were shared, and
                                 pressing issues of the day which affected the Village. He      gave us all a poignant picture
                                 was surprised that anyone would be interested in him as        of the personality of this
                                 an individual. He always set himself to one side in order      unique figure in our commu-
                                 to focus on the issues which he was passionate about. A        nity. Clive's nephew John
                                 good example came after he suffered his stroke, when he        and niece Jackie talked affec-
                                 was amazed by everyone’s reaction to his illness. He was       tionately about his intellectual
                                 deeply touched by the concern which was shown, accept-         abilities, and of his huge heart
                                 ing with feigned resignation that he “had” to report           and passion for his work.
                                 every day to Anne and Roger at the Information Centre,         Friend of 44 years, Larry
                                 where a special chair was reserved for him, “just to make      Anderson reminded us that
R E M E M B E R I N G            sure that I’m still alive,” and laughing that he’d scared      Clive was always different
                                 Phil Fluke, who also kept a close eye on him, by forget-       from the herd. For example,
CLIVE WOODS                      ting to let him know that he’d be away in Wakefield do-        as a 17 year old student he
About     eighty     people      ing some historical research. He refused to acknowledge        dressed like a middle aged don
gathered at Nab Wood             the severity of his illness, dealing with his residual symp-   in tweeds and cardigans
Crematorium on the cold          toms with impatience because they got in the way of his        (nothing changes then!). He
but bright afternoon of          work. When I asked him about the consequences of his           also fought a duel in an hon-
Monday, December 10th            stroke, his reply that it was “a year’s lost research” re-     ourable cause (the rights of
2007 to bid farewell to Clive    flects his single minded approach to his life in Saltaire.     black South Africans), with
Woods, who died on                                                                              real swords – and won. Phil
November 22nd aged sixty-
                                 Clive was first and foremost a historian, totally dedicated
                                                                                                Fluke recalled how Clive and
one.                             to making an accurate and authenticated history of the
                                                                                                he travelled all over Britain
                                 Salt family and the Village. His view of history was that
Aware     that     he    was
                                                                                                and abroad with Phil and his
                                 it is simply a record of what men and women do in their        harmoniums.         Clive often
addressing a very mixed          lifetimes, and by this token Clive “made history” with
audience, in terms of faith,                                                                    acted as a hurdy-gurdy man,
                                 his efforts to conserve and protect Saltaire in the 1980s      as well as being chief Harmo-
The Revd. Paul Breeze,           and 90s.
minister of Saltaire United                                                                     nium Shifter. Eddie Lawler
Reformed          Church,        I asked him about the essential qualities of a local histo-    recalled Clive’s alternative hu-
conducted the service with       rian. “Curiosity, a refusal to accept received opinion, and    mour. When a party conver-
a degree of religiosity which    being prepared to go to any lengths to discover a new          sation turned to earliest
few would dispute was            connection” was his prompt reply. These qualities suited       memories, Clive claimed to be
appropriate to the occasion.     his personality well. He was his own man, with very            able to remember the moment
                                 definite ideas about most subjects. He was also tenacious      that he was born. He said
He     was     not    totally                                                                   that his first words on entry to
                                 and obstinate, sometimes to the exasperation and frustra-
convinced, he said, by                                                                          the world were “Oh, no – not
those who claimed that           tion of his friends and colleagues when he neglected
                                 himself rather than giving up on an enquiry. He would          again!” Richard Freeman of
Clive had been a Humanist.
                                 follow any lead to make connections, usually resulting in      the Shipley Glen Tramway
Clive may have turned his
                                 him having a number of interconnected strands of re-           talked about Clive’s seclusion.
back on organised religion
                                 search at any given time. Clive was a weaver of ideas,         Frustrated by an inability to
but there remained about
him a deep spirituality and      and his unfinished product was always going to be a            contact Clive (no doorbell,
there was good reason for        perfect understanding of the enigma which was his great        phone or computer), Richard
all, notwithstanding the                                                                        bought him a mobile phone.
                                 hero, Sir Titus Salt. As a result, conversations with Clive
sadness which united them                                                                       After a week or so, Clive
                                 were usually long and convoluted as he was constantly
at his death, to celebrate                                                                      switched it off – he said that
                                 sidetracked by fascinating side issues. It was his passion
with thanks the goodness                                                                        the problem was that people
                                 for his subject which drove him on, and which made him
with which he had touched                                                                       were ringing him up and dis-
                                 so engaging.
their lives. Following the                                                                      turbing his life – “so this is the
simple, but very moving          Inevitably, like most single minded people, he was seen        last call”, and he never
service, a large number of       as a little eccentric. I thought that I was taking a risk      switched it on again. Contri-
those present proceeded to       when I broached this with him, but to my surprise he           butions from the floor in-
Victoria Hall (see column 4,     took it as a compliment. He noted that Sir Titus had been      cluded one from a fellow book-
opposite) at the invitation of   similarly single minded, and his other great hero,             shop owner who recalled
Clive's relatives, who had       Charles Waterton, a naturalist, (and a friend of Sir Titus)    Clive’s    generosity    towards
travelled from Lancashire        was certainly an eccentric. It was his brilliance and thor-    other traders, providing poten-
and further afield.              oughness as a scientist which Clive so much admired, as        tial competitors with informa-
                                 well as his rather unorthodox methods. Waterton was            tion and carpentry skills to
As     they      left   the
crematorium, many paused         also an accurate and keen observer of animals. Clive           help them with their busi-
at the coffin, on top of         commented that “his description of a three toed sloth          nesses. Messages had also
which was a photograph of        almost brought me to tears”.                                   been received from Denys Salt
Clive sporting a magnificent     These heroes had another appeal – their quirky sense of        and Lord Wallace of Saltaire,
auburn beard which, it                                                                          both acknowledging Clive’s
                                 humour, which Clive shared with them. At a personal
seems, he had cultivated                                                                        contribution to Saltaire. De-
                                 level, that is the impression of Clive that I treasure the
for some competition or                                                                         nys      described     him      as
                                 most, when his face relaxed into a grin with mischievous
other in 2003.                                                                                  “irreplaceable”, and none of
                                 and child-like humour, and I could see the thing which
                                                                                                the gathering would disagree
[Photo courtesy of Richard       Clive had most difficulty in seeing - that so many people
                                                                                                with that. Roger Clarke
Heald]                           loved him for himself.
     SALTS                           FIRST IMPRESSIONS                                   DAVID FORD'S
                        RACHEL NOBLE, who moved into the Village a few                 SALTAIRE BOOKSHOP

      MILL              months ago, shares her observations: I don’t think I’m
                        speaking out of turn, when I say that Saltaire is a
                                                                                          217 Bingley Road
                                                                                        Open Mon-Sat. 10– 5
Opened 1853 and still   strange little place. A bit like stepping back in time,       Late opening Thurs. till 8
                        but still having to access to a 24 hour supermarket           New and second hand books
   Open Every Day
                        and an off-licence. The reason why I feel it is particu-       EVENTS THIS MONTH
  Attractions include   larly strange however, came to me when reading an                 Thurs, Jan 24
    SALT’S DINER        article claiming that a fifth of people don’t know the            Bob Swindells,
                        names of their neighbours. The article was demon-                children's author.
  Cafe in to the        strating that community spirit as we know it, no longer
                                                                                           Winner of the
     Opera              existed, but I think Saltaire is living proof that it is
                        alive and well. Some communities are led by a major
                                                                                          Carnegie medal.
 SALTAIRE HIS-                                                                         £2.50 for adults includes
                        employer (Bourneville, Port Sunlight), or by a shared
                                                                                       a glass of a wine. 50p for
TORY EXHIBITION         goal (Greenham Common) but Saltaire seems driven by
                                                                                         under 16s, includes a
                        a pride for the place we’re living in. The fact that the
     1853 Gallery                                                                       cup of squash or juice.
                        village is a UNESCO World Heritage site certainly gives              Tel. 589144
  AND MUCH MORE         Saltaire an identity, but the community aspect of the
                        village extends to more than simply Sir Titus’ buildings
                        and a sense of history.
   01274-531163         Projects such as the Advent Calendar, Saltaire Festival            MAGIC
                        and Village Society seem to show that residents have a            NUMBER THREE
                        real sense of passion for where they live and for those
 VICTORIA               they share it with. The Heritage Trail, part of this            2 Victoria Road
                        year’s festival demonstrated this even further – Saltaire
   TEAROOMS             residents were happy to invite complete strangers into             01274 587313
                        their homes, offer them a cup of tea and talk about art       Fantastic organic food and
 8 Victoria Road        - and a lot of people took them up on the offer. I think       coffee, art, crafts, gifts.
                        there are few places that generate such a feeling of
    Open Daily          passion and unity.
   01274-823092         Saltaire is talking of going carrier-bag-free. Many other
                        towns and villages have also raised this as an inten-
                        tion, but I think Saltaire has a real chance of achieving         79 Victoria Road
 SALTAIRE               it. There’s clearly a demand for it, and most impor-
                                                                                         T: 01274 597818
                        tantly, residents are prepared to put a bit of effort in to
 NEWSAGENTS             achieve something which will have benefits for future         Vicars café/bistro serves
                        generations. If we can do this, there’s no telling what
                                                                                          food for thought.
9 V ICTORIA R OAD       else we can do…
                                                                                       ADVERTISING POLICY

                        Staff and Governors at Shipley College have long
                                                                                      A small number of local
                                                                                      concerns enjoy regular, if
                                                                                      modest, advertising in
                        shown their commitment to Saltaire and its history.
  RANDALL               The Salt Archive is housed there, and there is a strong
                                                                                      these pages. These are all
                                                                                      establishments       which
                        link between the Salt family and the College Principal,
   Gentleman’s          Jean McAllister, who is acutely conscious of the leg-
                                                                                      serve as outlets for the
                                                                                      newspaper. To that extent
   Hairdresser          acy of educational excellence which she has inherited.        only, there is an element
                        OFSTED reports confirm that she is succeeding.                of business in the ex-
    AND MORE !                                                                        change. Far more impor-
                        FRIENDS OF SHIPLEY COLLEGE: The College is keen
  205, Bingley Road     to discover how you feel that it can be more effectively      tantly, however, carrying
                        involved with the Saltaire community. It invites any-         the Sentinel involves an
  01274 – 597140                                                                      understanding of its com-
                        one to complete a short questionnaire about this which
                                                                                      munity ethos by which, in
                        will shortly be available for you to download from the
                                                                                      a sense, outlets advertise
 The SPA       website.
                        There is also a special group of the Friends of Shipley
                                                                                      each other. No money
                                                                                      changes hands. Advertis-
                        College who are interested in local history. It supports      ing space in the Sentinel
21 Titus Street         the presence and maintenance of the Salt Archive at           is not for sale. Other busi-
                        the Resource Centre in Exhibition Road. If you are            nesses receive occasional
  Savouries, Frozen     interested in joining this group, and especially if you       publicity through what
   Food, Groceries,     have library or archive skills and computer skills,           might be perceived as
                        please get in touch with Julie Woodward on 01274              'advertising' features. It
     Sweets, Etc.                                                                     must be stressed that the
                        327225 or email
Mon-Sat 8.30am - 10pm                                                                 emphasis here is always
                        Since Summer, 2007, the Saltaire Sentinel has been            on the value of such items
Sunday   10am – 10pm    printed at Shipley College, where John Hanslip, Re-           as news and on the bene-
   01274- 826534        prographics Manager, and Tom Lewis, Reprographics             fit, as well as interest, to
                        Technician, have worked hard to help us to get local          the community, of their
                        news to you each month.                                       subject.
SALTAIRE VILLAGE WEBSITE                                  THE GRAND SWITCH ON                                      BRACKEN HALL
Here I am - typesetting the Sen-           December 2nd 2007 saw the Grand Switch On of the Sal-                   COUNTRYSIDE CENTRE
tinel for it to go to press before         taire Community Christmas Tree Lights by Eddie Lawler’s                   Glen Road, Baildon,
the Christmas holidays - and I’m           magic umbrella. Over 200 people turned out on a wild                             Shipley
writing this piece on 17 th Decem-                                                                                       Friday 19th
                                           and wintry night to join in the carol singing with Bradford
ber, if truth be told. The Sentinel
                                           Festival Choral Society, and enjoy mulled wine and mince                    Guided walk to
will be available from 2 nd Janu-
                                           pies. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time to sup-                      Cliffe Castle
ary, so our readers will know if
it’s been a White Christmas (or
                                           port this event with special thanks to all those who con-                       (9 miles)
not!) - or if World Peace broke            tributed. A total of £809.70 was raised by the community
                                                                                                                    Return from Keighley.
out suddenly on New Year’s Day             towards the overall cost of £1026, with the remainder
                                           covered by the Saltaire Festival Arts Group who organized               Train fare and lunch re-
(pray to God). If only I had a                                                                                              quired.
time machine, I could write                the event. Gordon and Harriet Mathie
                                                                                                                    Meet at Bracken Hall
about these events. In the event
                                                                                                                    10.30am. Friday 26th
of a White Christmas - I’d tell
you that I was out with Patrick                                                                                        Family walk to
                                                LOCAL ARTISTS' CHARITY EXHIBITION                                        Hirst Wood
and our two dogs and we had
taken photos and that there was            Paula Dunn and Steve Simpson, two of the artists who                            (3 miles)
a new gallery of snowy Saltaire            opened up their houses as part of the hugely successful                   Bring along a drink
on the website. If World Peace             Saltaire Arts Trail, are teaming up for a joint exhibition of                and a snack.
really had happened, I wouldn’t            their latest work, to be staged over the weekend of Febru-               Meet at Bracken Hall
comment - no one would care                ary 9th and 10th, with a preview evening on Thursday
what I felt about it, though
                                                                                                                   10.30am. Sunday 28th
                                           7th from 7pm. The exhibition, which will raise money for                    Fungi Foray in
heaven knows, I’d be a different           the Candlelighters charity for children diagnosed with
woman to the one I am now, who                                                                                          Shipley Glen
                                           leukaemia, will be situated in the reception areas of Sal-
feels pressed with worry about                                                                                             (2 hours)
                                           taire Orthodontics at No.4 Victoria Road, generously
the future of my grandchildren,                                                                                     Meet at Bracken Hall
                                           made available by owner Sandeep Sharma. Anyone inter-
and their children to come. Have                                                                                            at 2pm
you ever heard of Medina S.
                                           ested in attending the preview evening should contact
                                  to request an invitation or tele-                          584140
Griffiths, the first Headmistress
of Salt School for Girls (1876—            phone 581375.                                                             ____________________
86)? I got to know about her
from Sally Rackham, an indirect                                                                                   SHIPLEY RETIRED
descendant of Medina’s who                       CALLING ALL EVENTS ORGANISERS!                                         MEN’S FORUM
wrote to the website from Tas-                                                                                     Meetings, with a guest
mania. Sally inspired me to find           Bradford Council has recently re-launched its Visitbrad-                 speaker, on alternate
out more about Medina’s life. I   website, which is the principal source of tourist              Wednesdays in Shipley
ended up writing a presentation            information for the District. All businesses wishing to                   Library at 10.15am
for the Saltaire History Club on           attract tourist trade are encouraged to take a look at
Medina, and co-presented it with                                                                                   New members welcome
                                              and     contact     jac-
my daughter, Elizabeth Lock-      if you would like add further                         591745
wood at the Christmas meeting.             details. A powerful new feature is the Guest Link, a facil-                ____________________
There was mulled wine, mince               ity that allows organisers to upload their own event infor-
pies, a fabulous talk on Women’s                                                                                  SHIPLEY ROTARY CLUB
                                           mation which is automatically made available on sites
Education by Hattie Townsend,
                                           such as and, as well as                  Every Tuesday 12.30 –
and thoughts of Medina, sup-
                                  Training is required to use Guest                              2pm
ported by a PowerPoint presenta-
                                           Link, but if you are interested in a future workshop in                 Lower Hall, Otley Road
tion, of course! She was an in-
spirational woman and, heck,               Saltaire contact for more
                                                                                                                     call Arthur Smith:
was Saltaire lucky to have her             information. Craig McHugh
                                                                                                                      01535 270615
input! She emphasised the im-
portance of character and kind-
ness above all else - the ability                           STORM IN A TEA MUG                                    WORLD HERITAGE
to problem solve, to think inde-
                                           January, 1890: Weavers and spinners in Salts Mill
pendently, to be honourable and
                                           threatened to strike when a notice was posted to prevent               Does NOT talk rubbish
“true in all womanly relation-
ships”, never forgetting that fam-         them taking food and drink into the Mill. They said that
ily responsibilities often domi-           it was an attempt by the firm to force them to buy food in
nate women’s lives. In one of her          the dining hall, which was run by the Bradford Coffee
speeches she welcomes her girls            Tavern Company. Mr Edward Salt intervened and said
back to school and asks them to:           that hands would be able to use the dining hall unre-
“Begin the year with increased             stricted, and that they would have every privilege which
hope, for hope is energy begun,            they had possessed in the times of the late Sir Titus Salt.
and energy - success!” And                 The notice had been posted to prevent time wasters
that’s what I’ll leave you with.           warming their meals before the bell for meal time had
Before the holiday is over, I’ll           been rung. In future, facilities would be made for hands
make sure that Medina’s words              to do everything which they used to do inside, on the out-
are published on the website.              side of the workplace. As a parting shot, the workers com-
The next History Club meeting              plained that the tea which was served in the dining hall
will be on 31 st January, 7.00             was undrinkable, receiving the reassurance that in future
pm at Shipley College, Exhibi-             only good food and tea would be provided. Roger Clarke
tion Road. All Welcome!
Wishing all a Happy and Peace-                           CONTACT SALTAIRE                                         "I always get too much
ful and Hopeful New Year.
                                           Based at the entrance to Salts Mill. Wednesdays,                       inside me over the
Pamela Reynolds                            10am to 2pm. Come and talk about community                   issues. E-mail:                            festive season!"
             The Saltaire Sentinel is written by the people of Saltaire and photocopied by Shipley College in the heart of Saltaire
             EVERY MONTH. It is not affiliated to, nor in any way controlled or influenced by any group, society or organisation.
      Sadly, sooner or later you will dispose of this copy of the Sentinel. Please do so with care for our World Heritage Site environment.

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