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					             Oregon Association of Bilingual Education
               February 13, 2009 - Meeting Minutes
                 ODE – Basement. Salem, Oregon
                      4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m

Roll Call: Liliana Heller-Mafrica, Ed.D., President
Marisol Jimenez, JD., Board Member
Carmen West, M.Ed., Board Member
1. Vice President Position opens. Interim Vice President, Kim Vonheeder, has vacated the
    position. The By-Laws description of VP’s roles and responsibilities will be used to conduct a
    search to fill this key position. District administration background and experience with ELL /
    Bilingual programs is highly desirable.

2. New Post Office address: OABE, P.O. Box 8488, Portland, OR 97207. The change in location
   is necessary in order to make the mail accessible to the OABE Secretary, Fran Clason, and
   OABE President. The Secretary is responsible for all correspondence, and an Amendment to
   the By-Laws should be developed to establish a ‘mail log’ procedure whereby all mail
   received is stamped and logged in, checks received are recorded and receipts mailed. The
   Amendment shall be presented as an agenda item at the next Board meeting.

3. 501- C3 paperwork needs to be reviewed by current Board members. Updates for OABE’s
   official address will need to be filed.

4. Summer Conference. By consensus at the January 31 meeting, the new Conference dates
   are July 27-29, 2009. Professional Development sessions for sheltered instruction will be a
   major feature at the conference but may not necessarily be offered by Pearson presenters.
   More specific information will be reflected on the updated brochure.

Additional comments
       a. Ombudsman, Anselmo Villanueva represented OABE at the OALA Conference. He
           has stayed connected via phone and e-mails.

       b. Carol Shaw-Slife, Treasurer, was sick today unable to attend and provide a financial
          report as planned.

                            Minutes of OABE Meeting February 13, 2009

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      c. Hillsboro School District, ESL/Migrant Coordinator, GM Garcia has expressed interest
         in becoming involved with the organization. GM is a potential nominee for the Vice
         President position or as a Board member.

      d. Updated brochure (Marisol), followed by updating of website information (Charlie)

      e. The organization is searching for a Fiscal Agent for the Summer Conference. Marisol
         will approach Julie Brown to see if PSU is willing to act in this capacity.

      f. Current President’s Goals:
         Goal #1: Build coalitions with, and across, statewide institutions and the K-12
         Goal #2: Strengthen the functioning of the organization through the collaboration
         of professionals at all levels of the educational system in Oregon.

Next meeting dates: Saturday, March 7, 2009

                         Minutes of OABE Meeting February 13, 2009

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