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									                           PROJECT REGISTRATION FORM
Project Number: RDG-08-35                           Task Force: REDGTF

Title of Project: SAIC-GM Cooperate to design/ build/ demonstrate the Roewe fuel cell Car for 2010

Lead Partner Country: China

Participating Partner Countries and Organizations: USA

Project Manager Name: Gan pin                       Phone: 0086-21-22011528
Address: 21st floor, 489 Weihai Road,               Fax:   0086-21-22011777
Shanghai,China                                      Email:
Project Start Date:                                 Proposed Project End Date:
August 15, 2007                                        the end of December 2012
Project Location(s): Shanghai, China, Michigan USA
Description of Project:
 Shanghai World Expo will be held on May 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010 lasting six months. According
  to the past World Expo Park traffic trends, the attention gradually shift to face the global energy and
  environmental problems. The Expo transportation tools always are used to display of high-tech and
  environmental protection requirements. Therefore, the Shanghai World Expo will plan to realize the
  “zero emission” at the expo park by using the fuel cell bus, fuel cell car and other new energy vehicle

 SAIC and GM as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo automotive joint partners, will be dedicated to
  provide advanced automotive products and technologies for the Expo, SAIC plans to provide 10 fuel
  cell cars fleet for VIP. It is a good opportunity to show SAIC’S idea and image on environmental
  protection, technology innovation

 The 2010 expo will be lasting 184 days. The fleet will faces the bad situations such as continuous high
  temperature in summer weather conditions. Otherwise, Expo is expected to traffic more than 70
  million passengers during the expo. To guarantee the fleet safety, reliability is the first principle.
  Consider to SAIC’S strategic partner GM fuel cell technology leadership in the world and Chinese
  potential fuel cell vehicle market, SAIC and GM Cooperate to develop the fuel cell car fleet for the
  2010 expo.

Project Objectives:
1. Complete one Proof of concept vehicle for the design certification (2007.06-2008.11 )
2. Build and optimize the 9 vehicle demo fleet (2008.12-2009.12)
3. Successful operation as the VIP vehicle for six month during the 2010 Expo
4. statics and dynamic exhibition beyond the 2010 expo (2010.10-2012.12)
Project Deliverables and Milestones:

(1) delivery of hardware
• 10 units based on the GM 4.6-generation FCPS ROEWE fuel cell cars
• Equipment, fixture, etc.
• spare parts
(2) delivery of technical documents
• Product Description Book(PDB)
• Description SOW tasks
• BOM (parts list)
• 3D Mode and drawings
• simulation analysis report (dynamic, crash, CRFM)
• Parts redesign Document
• Vehicle - Power System CIS
• vehicle & Key system specification
• vehicle assembly process documents
• operation and maintenance manual
• FCPS & Key subsystem performance data
• hydrogen safety design Concept
• high-voltage safety design Concept
• test reports
• project management documents
• FCPS 3D Mode
• Other technical documents

Project initiation                                       2007.08.22
Project review                                           2007.09.21
Envelop & Interface Freeze                               2007.10.22
Design Complete                                          2008.01.22
Full Status 0                                            2008.03.21
Ready for Shipping Glider/Vehicle parts to MK            2008.05.22
MRD for all vehicle Parts(including FCPS)                2008.06.20
Vehicle Ready for Start up                               2008.09.22
Vehicle Ready for Proving Ground                         2008.10.22
Vehicle Ready for Test and Optimization                  2008.11.21
Test Ride                                                2009.12.10
Vehicle Ready for Demonstration                          2009.01.22
Fleet Build-Vehicle 1 Complete                           2009.07.30
Fleet Build-Vehicle 2 Complete                           2009.08.15
Fleet Build-Vehicle 3 Complete                           2009.09.15
Fleet Build-Vehicle 4 Complete                           2009.09.30
The total budget for the project is 33.8 million, including 26.8 million charged by saic ,which have been
approved by BOD, plan to get 4 million support from shanghai government.

Other Information:
Second party: Fuel Cell Activities, General Motor USA
Title: GM fuel cell director
Name: J. Byron McCormick
Posts: Director
E-mail: J. Byron
Mailing address: GM R&D Center Research Administration Building, 30500 Mound Road Warren, MI
48090 USA

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