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					                                    Video-based Lesson Plan

                                Lesson Details

Topic: a video story                                Language Introduced/revised:
                                                       o An area of vocabulary or grammar,
Level and age: Elementary, 8 to 10 years                 depending on the video (see
Find a video of an animated children’s story that   Language Skills:
you think your learners will enjoy. Watch the          o Listening to get a general idea
video to identify which language areas                 o Listening for specific information
1. They might have problems with
2. You would like to exploit in the lesson          Time:

Materials Needed

   o video clip, TV and video player
   o 5 or 6 flashcards which show the main events of the story

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

   o Understand a story they have watched on a video
   o Use the new language from the video in a creative way
Lesson Procedures                                                           Arabic in Brief   Time

Warm Up     Tell your children that they are going to tell a story.                           25%
 (before    Introduce the topic of the story to get them interested. For
            example, if the story is about a family, ask them some
            questions about their families. This will also bring out
            useful vocabulary.

            Now show them the flashcards you prepared. Ask them to
            describe the pictures using whatever vocabulary they
            have. Put the pictures on the board in the wrong order.
            Ask the children to predict which order the pictures come
            in. Don’t correct them at this stage.

 While      There are 2 tasks for the children to do while watching.                          50%
watching    They can watch the same video clip each time they do a

            Task 1

            Play the video and ask the children to put the flashcards in
            the correct order. This will test their general understanding
            of the whole story.

            Task 2

            Play the video again but ask the children to focus on
            language this time. For example, they could listen for all
            the past tense verbs and write them down. Or they could
            listen for all the words in one vocabulary topic.
 After     Now is the time to focus on language presented in the                             25%
           video, and use the theme to stimulate more production
           from your children.

           In the while watching language activity above the children
           had to note all the past tense verbs they heard. They can
           follow this up by checking the infinitive forms. Then you
           can give them a word search or gap fill worksheet to

           You can use the theme or topic of the video to stimulate
           the children to do something more creative; they can act
           out the video (which they will probably really enjoy!) or
           they can make a story book or poster about the video.


After the lesson you can think about these questions to help you assess the lesson and teaching.

   o Were the children focused on a task at each stage of the lesson?
   o Did the video interest and inspire them?
   o How are you going to persuade your colleagues to do a video-based lesson?