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					                                Second Annual

           Pottery Expo
       Youth Art Competition
What is Pottery Expo Youth Art Competition (PEYAC)?
PYAC is an innovative, inventive and challenging look into the world of
ceramics. This event is an opportunity for all artists currently enrolled in a
northwest Florida educational institution to compete and show their work.
The culmination will be the participation of the student winners at the Fire
and Earth: 2010 Coastal Pottery Expo to be held at the City of Fort Walton
Beach Heritage Park and Cultural Center in downtown Fort Walton Beach.
The event will take place on the grounds of the Indian Temple Mound
About the Indian Temple Mound Museum
The Indian Temple Mound Museum is one of this area’s most respected museums. Its artifact gallery exhibits some of the finest
works of pottery from the prehistoric Native American Indians who once lived in this part of Florida from about 10,000 years ago
until about 500 years ago. The museum has been a leader in community public events and activities for many years.

Call for Entries
Art Teachers - you know your students and your school. We want you to help us get in touch with the best and most talented of your
students. PYAC is designed to enhance pottery and clay art appreciation and the museum would like to invite your students to enter
original works of pottery, sculpture and clay into this great event. Students – you know your talent – get involved!

The Mission
The mission of this competition is to benefit our community arts programs in Okaloosa County schools. It is further hoped that this
event will enhance our community’s tourism by creating a spring event for the panhandle of Florida that will cause visitors to mark the
festival date on their calendar for years to come. We want to send the message that organizations and local persons care about arts and
culture and are willing to take part in such an extraordinary event.

Entry Guidelines
• This is a juried competition and all entries must be original handmade work. No reproductions or green ware allowed.
• All entries must be appropriate for family viewing. The City of Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park and Cultural Center reserves the
  right to restrict acceptance due to community standards; no nudes, racism, sexism, or radical politics.
• The entries should have been created within the 2009-2010 calendar year.
• Original 2D and 3D pottery or ceramic works only. Submissions may include commercially prepared or hand-made clay. Works
  may be pit or kiln fired. Works may be glazed, painted or decorated according to more traditional Native American designs.
• Clay works that are considered sculpture must be able to be handled by one person.
• The clay work must not exceed 12 inches high and/or 12 inches round.
• Two dimensional works of clay that are designed to be displayed by hanging will be accepted only if the work has been properly
  framed and wired. No saw tooth hangers will be accepted. Two Dimensional Pieces should be no larger than 20 x 20 inches framed.
• Video or photographic images of ceramic or pottery pieces will not be acceptable for this competition.

• This competition will take place in phases. We are asking that ART TEACHERS in the local community help with Phase 1 by
  prejudging student acceptability to this competition. Any student wishing to participate in the competition should inform their
  school art teacher and receive the proper application paperwork. Students may enter a maximum of one clay work to their school
  art teacher for consideration in the competition. (If no art teacher is present at a school, the school principal/or any teacher may
  function in this capacity.)
• Phase 2: During the last week of March, the Art Teacher will choose the items that will represent their school.
• Phase 3: During the first two weeks in April, those artists chosen to compete by their art teachers will submit their application
  paperwork and fees, and their works of pottery art to the Indian Temple Mound Museum. Entries may be delivered Monday
  through Saturday between 10:00 am. and 4:00 pm. At this time teachers may contact the museum for assistance in getting the
  pieces to Fort Walton Beach.
• After April 14 @4pm no further works will be accepted for the competition.
• Pottery works should be labelled on bottom or back. For judging purposes and privacy, we recommend you do not sign your art on
  the front. Please put your name on the entry form and on the back/bottom of the art.
• If an entrant wishes to make their work available for sale, it must remain on display throughout the day of the event. Artists will
  need to make all arrangements for the new owner of the piece. Museum staff cannot be involved in the sale procedure in any way.
• Entry Fee: A non-refundable entry fee of $3.00 is charged to each artist. Payment may be made by check or cash and is due with
  the application. The museum will provide a receipt. Your receipt entitles you to visit the Indian Temple Mound Museum free of
• Return of Work: Entries must be picked up April 26 to May 1, 2010 (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Call to
  arrange for other times.

The Judging
• Upon their arrival to the museum, each artist’s work will be assigned a number. (Pottery works that are signed in the clay will have
  the name covered.) The names of neither the artists nor their school will appear with the pottery works until after the final judging
  has been made and works are ready to be prepared for display at the event.
• Items submitted will be judged by independent judge or judges who will be in no way connected to the City of Fort Walton Beach
  Heritage Park & Cultural Center Staff or the City of Fort Walton Beach.
• Judges will know the category of the entry and will award a First Place and Second Place in each category. Then from all submitted
  entries a Best in Show will be awarded.

Awards and Prizes
• THIS IS A JURIED COMPETITION. Special awards & prizes will be given in categories.
• The PEYAC is offering prizes for the winning clay works in the following categories:
  Elementary Level (First through Fifth Grades): First Place and Second Place
  Middle School Level (Sixth through Eighth Grades): First Place and Second Place
  High School Level (Ninth through Twelfth Grades): First Place and Second Place
  College Level (Adult Entries from persons currently enrolled in a college/university): First Place and Second Place
  Best in Show (From all above Categories): Best in Show
• A special award will be given by the Heritage Park and Cultural Center Staff to the best work of art with a Prehistoric Native
  American Theme.
• The winners will have a display area during the festival on Saturday, April 24th.
• If your work requires a stand or other support to display it, you will need to provide that. Otherwise the tables and display dressings
  will be taken care of by the museum staff.

All reasonable care will be taken against damage, theft, and loss for works in the custody of City of Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park
and Cultural Center, however, artists entering this exhibit assume all liability, and must sign a release form when submitting artwork.

Sample Identification Label to be filled out for your submitted work:

Please fill out and attach to back of entry.

Name: _______________________________ School/Grade: ___________________________

Title or Important Data Concerning Work: __________________________________________
Price/NFS $ ____________

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